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'Storm Blasters' - The Journey to Create New Software & Hardware for Whirlwind

By applejuice

8 years ago

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#104 3 years ago

Holy crap. Whirlwind with a DMD? That would be amazing! The game always felt like it should have one. I need to fix my cnc router and get ready for it

3 weeks later
#150 2 years ago

For the plastic panel, you could talk to Aurich about how/where he got his shadow ones made. They are amazing! The issue might be doing an exact replica with the Williams logo's on it otherwise.

Personally, I would just want a DMD and controller if its possible. I can cnc a new panel myself, and then have some kind of panel printed (or have sticky vinyl done and attach it to plexy?).

1 week later
#152 2 years ago

If you need any testors, let me know. Id be happy to help out

2 weeks later
#160 2 years ago

If you need testors, I can even solder Would definitely be willing to assemble a board myself and test if you need it. (Im guessing you dont, but the offer is there).

Anyways, so excited for this! Such a great game to begin with, and with a DMD is going to look awesome!

#166 2 years ago

Sounds good! Once you get it tested out, I'd be more than happy to assemble my own and help out any way I can. Need something to pass this "always at home" time anyways. I'm like a little school girl screaming on the inside I'm so excited . Keep up the good work!

5 months later
#183 2 years ago

I love seeing this! Keep up the great work!

1 month later
#202 2 years ago

Im looking sooooo forward to this. Love this game!

1 month later
#248 2 years ago

I am beyond excited for this. Keep up all the awesome work!

2 months later
#277 1 year ago

OMG. You tease so much! I sooooooo cant wait for this. My soldering iron and CNC are standing by

#288 1 year ago

What are you planning on doing for releasing it? Planning on only selling kits or doing an open source(ish) DIY style also?

Personally, seeing as you are not in the states, where probably the majority of your buyers are going to be, I would be trying to keep the weight down as much as possible for shipping. I have no idea what a speaker panel costs to ship, but even from inside the US its not going to be cheap. I have a CNC I built that I can make my own on, and I could probably make some for others as well. Like my first question though, not sure if you are looking to sell a premade solution or just release everything.

So excited for this though! Might have to take my whirlwind to MGC when everything is out

#294 1 year ago
Quoted from applejuice:

The kit will be new assembled controller pcb and rgb led panel as a minimum in the same way my indy kit is. The speaker panel wood, speakers, plastic cover and auto launcher i'm still thinking about the best options, but they may be optional items or ones you can just source yourself. There are quite a few wpc replacement panels about already to and its good that wpc ones fit perefectly. Its the extra holes for the 7 insert lights thats the hard part, so a doctor who one would work best etc.

Cool! Even fully assembled, thats ambitious! Totally get it though. Since the wood panel is pretty easy to come by one way or another, could always just transfer the holes from your current one, or have a template for the holes, so people know where to cut. Shouldnt be too hard. The only thing that is big/a pain is still going to be the speaker cover. There are a bunch of options for that as well though. Cant wait to get my hands on one

#308 1 year ago

I am so in on the beta!

I also have a CNC and cut files that I cut out my other DMD games with (to make the backbox speakers the same size). All Id have to do is add the cutouts.

What is the RGB panel mounting situation? Is it the same as a normal DMD? I feel like the DMD panel itself is going to have to be shifted up a bit compared to a normal DMD game to accomodate the other cut outs. I could start playing with something if I know how it mounts.

#334 1 year ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

Where can I source the auto launcher for this project?

He mentioned it was a standard stern autolauncher and williams 23-800 coil. So anywhere you can buy those. I assume its a stern autolaunch bracket for the coil as well, but we will have to wait for applejuice to confirm that.

I was looking around and this seems to be about the cheapest way of getting it. https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/500-6092-02 then adding on the williams coil for $10.

#339 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballer73:

Thanks for posting this information. Can anyone confirm if 515-6592-00 from Marco contains all the part items required other than Williams 23-800 coil?
Comparing part numbers at Pinball Life, I'm assuming Marco is only selling the item as pictured for 515-6526-00 ?
[quoted image]
The kicker mech that slots into this coil and bracket assembly needs to be purchased separately. Either as one part from Pinball Life 500-6091-00
[quoted image]
or individually....
515-6526-00 arm weld
535-7697-00 autoplunger fulcrum
515-5338-00 plunger and link
266-5020-00 compression spring
545-5423-00 nyliner 1/4"

The link I posted is the entire mechanism minus the williams coil. Pinball life is way more expensive for some reason, not sure why. Usually they are cheaper by a lot compared to Marco.

3 weeks later
#353 1 year ago

Im definitely in for one of the DIY kits. Im so excited to get this in my Whirlwind

#355 1 year ago

Got started on mine. Im almost done right? haha

PXL_20210423_123730104 (resized).jpg

#358 1 year ago

Had the same thing happen. The paypal conversion fee has always been terrible. They like to get a piece of every action they can. Ive always just changed it to letting my CC do the conversion. As long as you have no foreign transaction fees, it should be way better. I used my Amazon card and the conversion rate was pretty much the same as what you can get from entering it in bing/google.

#366 1 year ago

You can totally 3d print one. There are a bunch of them on thingiverse.

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