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Whirlwind Software Rewrite - The Journey

By applejuice

7 years ago

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#52 6 years ago

Yeah you could say that..... He has so much going on right now it's ridiculous!

#53 6 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Yeah you could say that..... He has so much going on right now it's ridiculous!


The whirlwind project is ongoing and has a fairly good amount of code completed. I talked about it alittle on the upcoming podcast interview with the 'this flippin podcast' guys that should be out soon on iTunes. The next items to look at are more effects based as the rules are pretty solid now. Things like the match animation and game over attract lamp show with music etc. I also need to work out what kind of wizard mode should be in place.

It's true though that there is a lot on the table right now and i am working on multiple projects at once. This is me giving it 100% I am having a blast and getting great comments from people

#54 6 years ago

Just found this thread, I'll be watching closley now!

#55 6 years ago

Very cool project. I'm a software engineer and a Whirlwind owner. It was great looking through your code. I liked seeing the way that you had it all laid out and broken up.

If you ever make it available, I'd love to test it out.

#56 5 years ago

Whirlwind, what an amazing table, my first and still my favorite I can't seem to ever finish it as it is let alone rewriting the whole game! When I got mine only about 50% of the lights worked but I got on that, rebuilt flips, leaf switches new cyls custom lighting, mirroring behind flippers, lightning pinblades mine even has the Cubs hat (ww fans know) subwoofer plastics and so on, and just yesterday I took another major step and got me a really nice like new clear coated in a fashion very similar to the factory diamond plate which we all know was just after this games birth, I am nervous as I have never done a full play field swap before, after that daunting task all I can think of it possibly needing next is this awesome rewrite! Love the BK multi easter egg,good stuff keep it comin!

I wonder what pat lawlorand pfutz think of this, must be a trip down memory lane for that whole team, its really an awesome project thanks for sharing

3 months later
#57 5 years ago

Any news on this project ... I have a fully rebuild WhiWi just missing that great piece of software !

3 months later
#58 5 years ago

Any update here applejuice? In the middle of restoring my whirlwind and would love to see what you have going on so far.

4 months later
#59 4 years ago

Any news here? Would love to see another video if there is more progress.

#60 4 years ago

Me too! This was excellent. I know he was pretty busy with other projects

3 weeks later
#61 4 years ago


1 year later
#62 3 years ago

Its been awhile hasn't it, so time for an update:

I'm Looking for a Whirlwind again (here in the uk) so that i can continue my software rewrite project. Sold my last one a few years back as had too many hardware projects on the go and the rewrite was put on hold. Now looking to get back to it in 2018.

Dusting off the code as we speak

Happy New Year Everyone

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 19.05.00 (resized).png

#63 3 years ago

Amazing news. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

#64 3 years ago

Looking forward to this being finished and made available!

1 week later
#65 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Looking forward to this being finished and made available!

Me too! Id love to be able to buy some roms and kick it up a notch! Lets do this!

1 month later
#66 3 years ago

I will be watching this one as well. Looking forword to it.

#67 3 years ago

Very cool project!

*tunes in

#68 3 years ago

applejuice did you find a whirlwind yet?

#69 3 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

applejuice did you find a whirlwind yet?

Still on the hunt for a machine, but have a couple of leads. Possibly might be able to get my old one back. Managed to re-aquire all the hardware i had before and of course the code base is as i left it.

#70 3 years ago

Bump for a WW in the UK. ...and to follow the progress of your code.

#71 3 years ago

great game being made even better.

3 weeks later
#72 3 years ago

Recently purchased a WW. Watching in anticipation.

#73 3 years ago

My work on raspberry pi usage over on my indy jones rewrite will certainly help on this project to. Getting the cost down on upgrades is one of the big driving factors. My earlier work on whirlwind 2.0 was run from a shuttleds61 and that added quite abit of cash to kit price, just like it does on indy.

#74 3 years ago

Feel free to get something going for tales of the Arabian nights

2 weeks later
#75 3 years ago

Any news? I hope this is still moving along--really looking forward to the update.

#76 3 years ago

Commenting to follow

1 month later
#77 3 years ago

Any whirlwinds follow you home yet?

#78 3 years ago

I love my whirlwind! following this!

3 weeks later
#79 3 years ago

Small update. I haven't found a whirlwind here in the uk yet, not many coming up at the mo, but i have snapped up an earthshaker that was a non worker with potential. I have this working now, so now i may only need a populated whirlwind playfield to continue this project. Gives me more options anyway, plus if a full whirlwind comes up then i'll jump on that to

#80 3 years ago

Awesome thanks for the update. Hopefully something pops up soon.

#81 3 years ago

*fingers crossed*

1 month later
#82 3 years ago

No updates on this one?

#83 3 years ago

Following this as well as I’m a recent WW owner.

#84 3 years ago

I had a thought yesterday. I think most of this is because I'm trying to get a second WW for my route. If there was a 2.0 version of this game, I'd consider having the original and the 2.0 at the same location. I think it would be awesome if one of the more artistically skilled members (not me, I struggle with stick figures) put out a 2.0 translite of some sorts. That way there would be a visual indicator that the player is stepping up to something different. I think that would be cool anyway.

#85 3 years ago
Quoted from RGAires:

No updates on this one?

When there's something to update I will post. I am still searching for a game. My code base is still here waiting

1 year later
#87 1 year ago

Between this and the Whitewater reorchestration, i'm waiting on a couple of long running projects to come to fruition. But given the amount of works that's all being done in spare time, it's no wonder they take a long time. Then kids show up and take up all of that extra time...

1 week later
#88 1 year ago

'Good things come to those that wait'. I am about to get back on the road with this project. I found a game

And, there's something new:

IMG_5872 (resized).JPG

#90 1 year ago

Hot Damn!

#91 1 year ago

Really great news--now get busy!

#92 1 year ago

Interested. A LOT!

#93 1 year ago


#94 1 year ago

100% in on this!!

#95 1 year ago

Looking forward to the updates!

#96 1 year ago

Awesome! I’m all in on this too!

#97 1 year ago

This will be super sweet if it can switch back and forth like BOP 2.0 does. Also posting to stay tuned to what happens next.

#98 1 year ago

Oh snap

#99 1 year ago

sold my whirlwind to buy a twister, just sold my twister. Is it time to find another whirlwind?

#100 1 year ago

got a github repo?

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