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Whirlwind Club... Members Only!

By mof

6 years ago

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#2548 8 months ago

I will be joining your club tomorrow...

Not sure if this is been brought up yet... but I was thinking of a mod where I would put in a stronger motor for the backbox top fan. Not too strong but just enough maybe to blow your baseball cap off or something.

Has anybody done this yet?... if ..so how did you go about it? Thanks !

#2557 8 months ago

Is there a good way to prepare ww for transport? Should I do anything with the topper? Thanks

#2559 8 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

As with any game, just make sure the wires don't pull tight between the back box and cabinet while folding the head down. The topper is fine.

Thank you very much.

I did notice there were a few plastics that need to be replaced. I didn’t see the ones I needed on eBay. Does anyone have these individual plastics or is it best just to buy the set from Marco? Thank you

727DF398-DE78-46E5-BCCE-CBCAE4F969B9 (resized).jpegC9F55AD3-F91D-4759-BCC1-0E9667EE530A (resized).jpegE94D032F-2AB5-4346-8E2A-84A4399C6632 (resized).jpeg
#2561 8 months ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Whoa, strip 'er down, she/he (i don't judge gender needs a deeeeeeep cleaning!!! Good luck. I would buy individual plastics if there's only a couple.

Yeah, The playfield needs cleaning. I’ve always wanted to do a shop job on a few of my games but it seems so overwhelming.

I think I will try to take off a few parts in 1 section at a time ... clean/wax it up & see how that goes. I’m a little worried about the ramps & hard to get areas.

#2565 8 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

You're probably doing more damage to your game in the long run if you don't strip her down and give her a good cleaning. Tracking around all that dirt and grit will accelerate wear on the playfield, ball, and rings.

Thanks for the info & encouraging words.

#2566 8 months ago

I have a few questions for this one post... hope that’s OK.

I’d like to do that lightning top or mod at some point. I’ve seen several different ways of doing this & most of them are from 5-6 years ago. What is your way of doing it now? Frost led strips or regular LEDs? Which colors? Do new/different sockets need to be installed.

My topper seems to be more of a cream white yellow. The new 1 from Marco is blue?

There is some normal wear that is above the spinners. How do you guys go about fixing this? Or... do you just leave it alone & try to protect it with wax etc?

This is been gone over a zillion times... do you remove the mylar from this era of game?

What’s your favorite way to clean the playfield after you remove the parts? Orange cleaner sprayed on old soft T-shirt’s? Then a good carnuba wax?

Thank you

62F7AD55-D3DD-4EF5-A087-C0BCA0D062DE (resized).jpegA0EF6E59-70E6-4B6F-BCED-77064A724795 (resized).jpeg
#2575 8 months ago

Hey, thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it.

I think I will leave a Mylar as is since it’s not too bad. And for the topper.... When you paint...do you use a flat white spray paint?

Where do you find those colored rubber posts?

Thanks again guys!

#2578 8 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

All of the plastics you have pictured were just listed together on eBay in a collection. They are new. BIN $68

Thank you but I’ve seen some other plastics he sold that didn’t look very good.

I may just wait and get a full set from Marco when I get close to having it all cleaned up.

Did you guys choose any colors for the posts or just kept them black?

#2580 8 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

No worries. I have bought some from him before for my T2 and I thought they were fine but I’m sure not all reproductions are the same.

Do you know if he makes them himself?

#2584 8 months ago

My ROMs say 2 for the version. Where do I find the latest version? Which is 3 correct?

#2586 8 months ago

gonefishinlvmsg ... thanks so much for the link. I really appreciate it.

Did you notice much of a change with the version 2 compared the 3rd?

#2589 8 months ago

I see now that Marco is out of stock of the Whirlwind plastics set. Does anybody else sell this set? Thanks

#2599 8 months ago

I am replacing the flashers with LEDs.

Are the flashers with the red caps different than the ones that are in the rear of the playfield? Thanks

05C6C12C-065B-4A2C-AD56-8497D7945B4F (resized).jpeg
#2603 8 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

The LED flashers in the red domes and a couple underneath playfield will flash when you hit the flippers. It has something to do with how the system 11 power is routed to those. The fix is to put diodes in.
I had red LEDs in my dome flashers. Instead of installing the diodes for now, I took them out and put regular bulbs in. Make sure to go into settings and set flashers to brightest setting if you go incandescent.
The LEDs in the back panel do not behave in same manner and I have LEDs back there with no issue. Put a couple of purple in that piece you are holding ... middle and one of the ends. Really good color to compliment the game sounds when they go off!

Hey.. thanks for your post. Would you know which type of led/incandescent would go under those red caps & behind that plastic back panel?

#2606 8 months ago

I’m still wondering which type... of flasher goes behind the plastic & underneath the red caps. Thanks

3 weeks later
#2639 7 months ago

I’m checking out some titan competition rubber colors & am trying to figure out what would look good.

What colors have you guys chosen?

I may go with white for the rings & do light blue for the flippers & posts.

#2640 7 months ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

I’m checking out some titan competition rubber colors & am trying to figure out what would look good.
What colors have you guys chosen?
I may go with white for the rings & do light blue for the flippers & posts.


5 months later
#2933 64 days ago

I've never seen this happen.

After about 3 minutes the fan & spinners stop or I think it would have stayed there quite a long time.

1 week later
#2956 52 days ago

Does anyone happen to have an extra Whirlwind manual for sale? Thanks

#2958 52 days ago
Quoted from jhanley:

I don't but there is one on Ebay.

Thanks... I saw that 1 but I'm pretty sure it's a re-print.

2 weeks later
#3008 36 days ago

I'll be putting in Comet Comet LEDs but have read some things about using incandescent bulbs for the flashers. Is this a good idea & why? Thanks

1 week later
#3065 23 days ago

So.... to make it brighter... would you use the super bright 4 smd's instead of the warm white for the GI.... like people usually go for?

#3081 20 days ago

Are you removing the mylar even if it's in pretty decent shape? If you are removing it... is this era of game better using the freeze or heat gun method?

1 week later
#3106 8 days ago

I predict Spooky Pinball will be making some sort of a Whirlwind remake.

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