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By mof

6 years ago

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#3 6 years ago

in and holding the door open for others.

#5 6 years ago

break that bottle and lets get this party started.

#44 6 years ago
Quoted from thePLAyNone:

i think the manual states that it should make the orbit as well. I am a proud Whirlwind owner myself, and it will never leave the collection. My new playfield arrives Thursday! Y'all come back now ya'hear!

the blue display looks great. I was thinking about doing this as well.

#64 6 years ago

bump, for the power of the wind.

#76 6 years ago

ok, the end of stroke switch on my left flipper broke. I replaced it and its working again. the flipper seemed a little weak so I lifted the playfield. the coil was hot! I looked to see that the end of stroke switch was not properly breaking contact. I adjusted it and it is playing fine. I turned it off to let it cool down. would the eos switch be the cause of the coil getting hot? the right flipper coils are cool to the touch.

#78 6 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

Yes. If the eos isn't gapped right your coil never switches over to the low power hold.

that's what I thought. cool. so how goes your whirlwind restoration?

1 month later
#108 5 years ago

I'm getting an adjust failure message when I power up.
I replaced the batteries and I'm still getting the message. It plays fine when I manually set it to free play in adjustments. When I turn it off and turn it back on it goes right back to adjust failure.
Help. ?? Thanks.

#111 5 years ago

Original battery holder. No signs of corrosion. Still doing the same thing.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
#113 5 years ago

Cool, I will take a closer look at it. Thanks.

#119 5 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

Question: It is the start button to change settings, correct? I cannot change any settings in my WW for some reason. I think I may have bad ROMS.

Yes, when I power on it won't do anything at the start button. I have to use the settings button to reset the games settings. Ie, free play etc. then it plays fine.

#120 5 years ago

Once I start using the settings buttons the start button works fine on mine.

#122 5 years ago

Maybe try Lloyd. If anyone knows what it is he should.

#128 5 years ago
Quoted from hootowls:

Have you looked at this? Section 3n - battery issues causing adjustment failures.

I will look at that. thanks.

#170 5 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

That left ramp is a bitch to hit consistently. I can get in a groove and hit it several times in a game and then go several games without ever hitting it.

Same here. It is one of the best jackpot shots of any game imo.
Feel the power!

#171 5 years ago

Weekend bump for awesome pinball goodness.

1 week later
#174 5 years ago

try getting the million shot lit. then set up the 3 way combo. very difficult to do but very fun when you can pull it off.

fwiw, anytime I feel like selling ww, I read a new post on this thread and then I think no way am I ever getting rid of whirlwind.

1 week later
#187 5 years ago

Most of the time mine shoots straight through back to the flippers. Sometimes it hits the lower jets. I thought that is what it was supposed to do. Any way, whirlwind is still completely awesome.

#192 5 years ago

tonight, my dad got his first 3 way combo. he was pretty excited about it.

1 week later
#203 5 years ago

I did a good cleaning on my ww Christmas Eve.
I had not cleaned it for over a month. I know, I've been really busy with work, family etc. any way, it's playing faster than ever and looks great. I am never selling it.
Even if it is my only game I ever have.

#209 5 years ago

Has anyone else noticed there are a lot of whirlwind games for sale? There have been several here lately and currently there are 3 near me for sale. The ones near me they want too much for so they are going to sit for a while.
The people who are selling are most likely going to miss them when they are gone.

#210 5 years ago

the old ass kicker. that's what my dad is calling whirlwind now. after the good cleaning she seems to be playing faster and meaner than ever.

1 week later
#217 5 years ago
Quoted from hootowls:

Apologies to WOZ people for "stealing" one of their toys but I couldn't resist grabbing one of Tim Mezel's twistnados for my WW. Trying out the lower bumper location for now - I'll try to get it lit up sooner or later.

IMG_0009.jpg 243 KB

IMG_0007.jpg 194 KB

awesome! very cool mod.

2 weeks later
#227 5 years ago

I just scored my 2nd ever 20 million game.
Me and my dad were having our nightly game together.
Playing on a 3 ball game.

3 months later
#314 5 years ago

I was playing a couple of games tonight. I had 1 ball locked and as I was playing it released the ball.
Then a few games later I had 2 balls locked and was trying to lock the 3 ball to start multi ball
And it released the 2 locked balls. The ramp went down. I kept the balls in play. I re locked both balls and them the ramp went back up and I locked the third ball and started multi ball.
Anyone know what is causing the cool to fire when it's not supposed to? Thanks.

#318 5 years ago

thanks for the tips. i will take a look this weekend.

2 weeks later
#334 5 years ago
Quoted from shoemakesmusic:

Gameplay question: Should the right flipper be able backhand the right ramp? I've played a few WWs and they seem to vary. I was re-positioning my flippers the other night because I was getting some bounce from inlane to flipper. I got the left flipper working great and then I got the right flipper working great. But I noticed that when I moved the right flipper so that it's natural resting point was closer to the lockbar, I could no longer backhand the right ramp very easily or even at all. However, this eliminated all the bounce from inlane to flipper. So then I re-tightened the flipper to where it was slightly higher with just a smidgen of bounce and now I can backhand the right ramp easily. It makes the game much easier if this backhand is available, and even when watching the tutorial on PAPA.org Bowen mentions this. So I'm just kind of curious as to what others who own the game think. Discuss.

I can back hand off the lower right flipper to the right ramp. it does take a bit of skill. I can do it about 1 in every 3-4 tries.

#337 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Are you guys able to backhand it off a trap of the LR flipper and put it under the ramp when it's up? That's what I figured he was asking about? On mine it's tough to do as you have to hit it just right. Maybe 1 out of 5.

yes, I actually find it easier to make that shot by back handing it.

1 month later
#379 5 years ago

mine is for sale in the market place. reduced to 1,800.

#380 5 years ago

Good fortune has smiled upon me. Whirlwind is off the market.
Resume playing pinball

1 week later
#384 5 years ago

If you have multi ball set up and you hit the cellar and get quick multi ball set up and start multi ball then you hit the jackpot shot it does give you 3 million on the first jackpot instead of 2 million.
It's a blast when you can set it up.

#386 5 years ago

I'm not sure on that one. I'm gonna have to try to set that up.
Cool, I have a new goal.

3 months later
#461 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballholder:

Finally, I am in! Had to leave the Comet and Pin*bot club to do it, but so worth it.

WP_20141101_16_36_54_Pro.jpg 109 KB

Awesome! Welcome to the club.

#468 4 years ago

I just played a game. 3 way combo!
I have not done that in a while.
Best game ever made.

7 months later
#699 4 years ago

Can someone take a pic of their raise/lower ramp switch?
I tried replacing the switch but still not working. The switch I got is not the same one but its very similar. I got it from frys.
Anyway, on the original switch there is a second piece with a prong and the wires and diode ran off of that and the diode ran to the switch.

#709 4 years ago

Cool. Thank you for the pics.

3 months later
#739 3 years ago

Saturday morning I was playing a game on whirlwind. first 2 balls were not good. barely over 1 million points.

3rd ball. 1 ball locked. shot the ramp several times to get the quick multiball light lit.

hit the last target for lock. locked ball 2, plunged the 3rd ball so it hit the upper pops and bounced off the drop target just in time to get the quick multiball lit. shot the saucer under the ramp to activate both quick and 3 ball multiball.
got a jackpot shot off the ball from the saucer. then scored 2 more jackpot shots. so I ended with an 18 million score.

moral of the story. even if your first 2 balls suck, play through. the 3rd ball can often be the one.

1 week later
#754 3 years ago

im having an issue with whirlwind.

I will lock a ball. the next ball pops into the shooter lane. it plays fine. sometimes during game play the ball in the lock will randomly eject back into play. when one ball drains the game keeps playing and the lock light. I can re lock a ball and normal game play resumes. I have checked the switches and they seem to be working normally. is there a short somewhere? a loose connection?
im stumped.

#756 3 years ago

I will keep hunting for a loose wire. thanks.

#766 3 years ago

Get multiball 3 times or get all of the cellar awards and get mega cellar door bonus.

#768 3 years ago

They are adjustable?
Hot dam! I need to check this out.

Thanks mof. Every time you post I learn something.

#773 3 years ago
Quoted from JohnDelNJ:

I had the exact same issue. It was the second switch in the lock lane. Check them again with a meter. I was chasing this one for the longest time. Was convinced it was a bad chip or something on the driver board.

I found the connector on the switch was loose. I snugged it down and it's working fine now. Thanks for the tip.

2 weeks later
1 month later
#825 3 years ago
Quoted from muzikman:

I'm excited to have just picked up a Whirlwind. I realized that my right ramp needs to be replaced since the prior repair job was not so good. I can't find a replacement right ramp for sale at Marco, Planetary or Bay Area Amusemnets or on Ebay. Anyone have one they will sell of know where to get one? Thanks!

here you go.

3 weeks later
#832 3 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Also check the switch that indicates when the ramp is up or down. It's got a long, bent arm and they have been known to bend or break over the years.

this. I just replaced the switch in mine a couple of months ago.

2 months later
#976 3 years ago
Quoted from PAPPYBALL:

What is the difference between the white and blue cloud topper?
Mine is white, seems like most are white? What was the blue? Aftermarket? Later prod. run? Proto?

blue is after market I believe.

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