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Whirlwind Club... Members Only!

By mof

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Williams Whirlwind (1990) -- one of best System 11 games ever made.

Great original theme.
Two awesome toys: spinning discs, and a powerful fan. The element of randomness that the discs add to the game is mind-blowing.
Great music and sound effects.
Funny call-outs: "Feel the power of the wind." "Well looky here!"
Good multi-ball.
Challenging skill shot when set up correctly. Or you can skip the skill shot and go full power to set up a million shot. Options!

I wanted to start up a Whirlwind club so that other Whirlwind owners can share the crazy love for the machine as well as: repairs tips, restoration tips, part requests, topper ideas, custom instruction cards, LED advice, and other upgrade suggestions...

Inner Cab Artwork

Color Matching

Topper Light Mod (see recipe below)

with "how to" here: http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/shanetastics-whirlwind-2

Moving tips:
unplug the fan/discs before you put the head down (top middle inside of head)

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#4 6 years ago

Awesome... Just want to make sure there isn't some well-used thread already open that should just "become" the Whirlwind thread instead... If there are no objections tomorrow morning, we'll christen this one as the official thread!


#19 6 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

If you pull the shooter all the way is the ball suppose to go up and around the left ramp.

I don't believe so, it should "set up" the million shot by taking the inner orbit. Mine does that 3/4 shots on full strength, and sometimes just donks out on a post. I've adjusted mine to achieve this, since it was hitting the post between the ramp and inner orbit 4/5 times before the adjustment.

Please to enjoy!

#30 6 years ago

Where is that awesome thread on the topper w/lights? -- that was so beautiful.
I'll add that to resources up top, so more people can find it quickly.

#84 6 years ago

Just added a lit up shooter lane. I thought it was important so that it's easier to see the skill shot in low light situations. I just had to drill one tiny hole, and link into a GI bulb. I'll likely make a new post on it. I realize it's the wrong bulb type, I just wanted to see the blue come through... I have the flex in white only right now, which would be much brighter and I'd have more control over the direction of the light.

Good fun. I think I need to make the hole a little wider. I think this one was 3/16".


20130915-WW-shooter.jpg 20130915-WW-shooter2.jpg

#88 6 years ago

Amazing work...

1 month later
#135 5 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

Got a couple of Q's for the more experienced WW players.
I just got a WW as my first pin. Having never played one before, how do you tell if the flippers are getting weak? For example, if I trap a ball w/ the left flipper and then try to get it up the ramp to stop the storm, the flipper doesn't seem to have enough power to get the ball up to the top of the ramp from a dead stop. Is that normal?
Secondly, how difficult is re-building a flipper? I am fairly handy w/ construction type projects, but have obviously never done anything like this before.
Third, If you were going to rebuild a flipper, are their different brands of rebuild kits and if so, is one better than another?


See my post regarding flipper rebuilds and the list of parts required.


#144 5 years ago

Hope you get it back some time...

4 weeks later
#177 5 years ago

Thanks to the virtual competition -- I just got my best game ever @ 22mil. Stoked.

#185 5 years ago

Not sure what you guys are talking about and adjusting for -- can someone draw a diagram?

1 week later
#204 5 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

Quick Q for other WW owners. Does the ball come out of the cellar on your game at a consistent speed? Mine seems to be all over the place. Sometimes when it ejects it comes flying straight down towards the flipper. Other times it kind of dribbles out, hits the top of the triangular bumper below it and then takes a funny angle to the drain hole. It's definitely not consistent.
Is the game supposed to be that way, or is the solenoid weak and in need of repair? I've never played another WW before to know if they're all that way or not.

Mostly same for me.

3 months later
#287 5 years ago
Quoted from shoemakesmusic:

Upon further review, I found that Fuse 5 is blown and none of my coils are firing. Should I replace it and see what happens? Do I need to check more closely to see if something obvious caused this?
Also, can these fuses be bought at local hardware store or online only?
thanks for the help.

A discussion about fuses here...

They are about $1 a pop from Radio Shack when in a pinch, but they won't have every one in stock there. They have slow blow fuses there too. I tend to buy them online from the various pinball retailers.

2 weeks later
#320 5 years ago
Quoted from shoemakesmusic:

Question: is it fairly typical to have some bounce from the inlane to the flippers on WW? I've installed the "cliffy" inlanes and that did help some but it's still not a smooth transition from inlane to flipper. Maybe that's just the way the game is, and that's fine, but I just wanted to hear some other opinions out there.

Negative. Never.
Unscrew all 6 hex screws underneath the flipper assembly, and re-position it so that there's a nice drop-off from the frames to the flippers.

2 weeks later
#345 5 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Anyone run lightning flippers on their Whirlwind? i'm loving it, I think it leaves a bit more room for the center post to bounce it back in play.. I also like quicker games in general.

No, I find WW challenging enough, but I'm strongly considering lighting on my Sorcerer when John G. gets done with the PF re-do.

4 months later
#419 4 years ago

Looking for help with setting up the full plunge shot from the shooter.

#423 4 years ago

Here's an easy question:

How do you increase the bonus multiplier in Whirlwind?


#425 4 years ago


#441 4 years ago

Just put up 27mil. Still not the 35m I have to put up to regain GC. I've come to appreciate this game much more in my quest to regain GC.

I recently declared WW my "desert island pin" even though I don't consider it in my top 5 -- since it has so much packed into one pin. It's really a masterpiece pin right up there with TAF and TZ.


1 month later
#462 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballholder:

Finally, I am in! Had to leave the Comet and Pin*bot club to do it, but so worth it.

I guess the secret is out on this game...

2 weeks later
#488 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Put a towel on the lockdown bar area of your cabinet, slide playfield towards you a little, let the coils rest on the towel. About the only way you can access without taking the playfield out entirely.
Make sure you check for any loose wires before and after.

"If you're ever gonna work on a pinball machine, be sure and bring a towel!"


2 months later
#581 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

So I made some sideboard decals for EATPM in the past that turned out pretty good:

Decided to do the same for Whirlwind. Here's a photoshop of it installed:

Who'd be interested? Looking at about $30/set plus shipping.

eatpm_sideboard_decals.jpg 97 KB

whirlwind_sideboard_decals.jpg 196 KB

Oh yes, well done!

btw -- before you install these beauties -- do three things:

1. Check the current swing of your PF and learn where it now already scrapes occasionally with the sides of the cabinet.

2. Consider installing felt along the sides of your PF.

3. Examine all components that "can" rub the edge, and ensure they are all bolted down and bent the way you want them.

Last thing you'd want to do is install these neat things, and then scratch them.

#590 4 years ago

Another set of blades here. Tough choice between the two options.


8 months later
#760 3 years ago

Here's a question:

Has anyone ever heard the spinner make a sound?


#762 3 years ago

What is the value of the cellar other than the "end" of multi-ball.

#763 3 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Yes, it makes a sound as it changes the lit cellar reward.

Ok, I have a faulty switch, it's intermittent. I've never messed with this switch type before for a spinner. Is there anything I can do to improve performance, or do I just replace it?


#765 3 years ago

How do you earn special for the outlanes?

#767 3 years ago

What's the best position for the outlane posts on WW?

There are two adjustable posts on both sides.


#770 3 years ago

What is the value of the cellar other than the "end" of multi-ball.

2 years later
#2177 1 year ago

Quick tech bulletin for anyone moving a whirlwind:

Unplug the fan/discs before you put the head down (top middle inside of head) -- I moved mine for the first time, and found out the hard way -- bent pins!


#2182 1 year ago

Anyone have a plastic for just left of main ramp? Used is fine...


1 month later
#2241 1 year ago

Anyone have a spare used long skinny plastic for just left of (the right ramp entrance)?


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