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Whirlwind Club... Members Only!

By mof

5 years ago

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#252 5 years ago

Can I join the club? and so is there some sort of proof of ownership needed in the form of a photo?
I also own an Earthshaker pin so they pretty much fit together....

#254 5 years ago
Quoted from zippydapinhead:

I finally made it into the Whirlwind club! Been needing one to go with my ES for a while and scored a clear-coated one today. Playfield is stellar, cab is a bit rough but hey, you don't play that.

IMG_0009.jpg 350 KB

Nice topper on the Earthshaker! pin. Is this an aftermarket piece or a personal arts & crafts project?

1 month later
#328 5 years ago

not quit shure on the position of that metal part.
If it is on the inside of the plastic ramp its more or less bend and it will scuff and scrape along the inside of the plastic ramp, making it less likely to drop (gravity) for a 'lock' ball or just ramp miles. I'll have to check my gam at home...

As it sits right now in th picture it doesn't look that wrong to me.

4 months later
#411 4 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

I'd check to see what coil you have vs. the manual. Obviously sounds like you have one that's too strong!

Might also be an alignment problem. check the coil is hitting the ball dead center.

3 months later
#540 4 years ago

Hi all,

does anyone have a close up picture of the interconnect pcb, specifically J7 to the backboard inserts lights?
i have only the upperleft lights on; the logo and rightside are out. Might be because i have only 5 wires into the J7 plug with a lose wire (brown with blue band)in the loom close to the plug. Looks like this lose wire is suppose to go on as well but i'm reluctant to do so in case I damage something. This lose wire connects to the small pcb on the insertboard and looks to power the relay switch...

any help welcome

#542 4 years ago

looks the same on my game. So no wrongs on that one. Still wondering what that brown/blue loose wire is for. It connects to the pcb on the inside of the backboard.
On your game where does that wire connect on the interconnect? (if it connects somewhere at all?)
i'll post pic in a minute or so...

#543 4 years ago

Here are two pics. First one shows connector plugged in. Second one shows better view of loose wire in the same loom from the insert light backboard which connects to small pcb with realy on it...

#546 4 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

I believe that goes on the far right pin on J11. Does it come from the display/speaker panel? If you look at the pictures Pinballholder posted you'll see it there. Mine came loose on mine during my restore, so I'm familiar with it.

You mean pin 1 on J11 where it says 'to insert f/lamps' on that connector. Actually, pin 1 is the only occupied pin on that connector, right?
Where you said "display/speaker panel" you meant insertpanel? Because the other end of that wire goes to the small pcb on the backside of the insertpanel.
J11 goes to the relay that controls the flashing lamps on the insertpanel...

#551 4 years ago

just went home and squeezed the wire into j11/1. No respose from the machine. Maybe relayboard is kaput..
How can I easily check for broken relay board. How is this board powered or controlled? What voltage should I measure and see on my multimeter?

can anyone tell me what that relay board does for the game? Is it just blinking the lights at random, or is it interactive with gameplay?

#554 4 years ago

I saw that on J11/1 a small piece of the brown/grey wire was still left in there. After prying it out, I reconnected it and switched it back on. No light flashing whatsoever...
I think i'll start testing the board itself by jumping 25V directly onto the board terminals. Just have to figure out where to pick that from...

If the relay switches then the problem lies deeper....

1 week later
#568 4 years ago

Found out that relay pcb on the inside of the backboard works. It clicks and clacks wildly when I enter the the right ramp for miles.
Its just that the lamps are still not flashing along. Think now that printlanes are maybe faulty or just bad connections on the connectors...

to be continued..

1 week later
#587 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Decided to do the same for Whirlwind.
Who'd be interested? Looking at about $30/set plus shipping.


i'm in as well...

where to deliver funds?

4 weeks later
#604 4 years ago

Looks very nice Zip...
Especially along that Earthshaker machine...

1 year later
#1056 3 years ago

For anyone that needs plastics from shops in Europe I can/might be of help to you...

Since i'm going for a weeks holiday to NYC/Manhattan in the second week of June I can bring stuff over for pick-up or further US transport. For details about date and possible sizes/weights you can PM me. I'll try to get back to you asap.

2 months later
#1224 3 years ago

CPR (http://www.classicplayfields.com/order.html) has our new playfields in production...


#1226 3 years ago

Not really...sorry...

I ordered a backglass once including plastics for my Earthshaker and that took about two months or so.... The proces was already underway when I glanced upon it so I dont know exactly... And that was a backglass and not a playfield...

maybe some one else has more detailed info...

#1231 3 years ago

@ Pmaino
PM sent

#1236 3 years ago

Nice cards in the apron. Custom or something you buy somewhere in the net?

5 months later
#1372 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Anyone hear when CPR will complete new WW playfields?
I'm on list from earlier this year but no email received or update.
what is typical average timeline?


9 months later
#1834 1 year ago

Sooo. today I finally got my CPR WhirlWind-Trilogy delivered... Can't wait to unbox and see the beauty...
Luckily import taxes en VAT were stupid low due to minimal value described on the bills haha

But first have to finish my Earthshaker project which has been lying around for way too long now

WWtril1 (resized).jpeg

WWtril2 (resized).jpeg

2 months later
#1920 1 year ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

I'll be doing mine over the course of the next week.

Please document your swap for your fellow WW owners Like them, I'm also planning on doing a swap with my newly acquired CPR playfield.
If you film or photograph directly from above your old and new pf, your swappingorder ( 3x word value at Scrabble) can exactly be copied. And you are able to add in extra info...

#1923 1 year ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

Working on it as we speak.
Can anyone with a new CPR PF tell me if their PF is dimpled and or drilled on the topside for the wood screw sections (post, screws, etc). It appears my topside is missing all of those. I have all of the through posts, but any area with wood screws is blank. No dimple do divet, etc.

You missing the dimples for screws might be for placing issues where you need to slightly deviate from standards to comply with the small differences between topside parts.
I'll see if I can check my new pf any time soon to check...

#1931 1 year ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

I have installed the LED OCD board and I think it is a great upgrade. Highly recommend.

Would you be able to share a gameplay vid with the LEDs and all working? Or just a vid with the game in attract mode?

2 weeks later
#1955 1 year ago

Nice looking pf. What kind of protective plastic sheet do you have on there...?

1 week later
#1973 1 year ago
Quoted from twoplays25c:

Just joined the club.
Had 4 get past me over the years, but no more.
In nice condition, all LEDs, with a DiamondPlate playfield.

Nice looking example...
Did she have the LED's already, or did you put them in yersel'?

#1974 1 year ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Officially back in the club! Might be for good this time....
It’s a true HUO game. Picked it up from the daughter of an 86 year old lady who passed away recently. She bought it and Lights Camera Action brand new in 1991. Family kept that one.

Cool Dutch beer sign you got there cheers to that...

3 weeks later
#1982 1 year ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Thanks! Good eye....love me some Grolsch. And Dutch women’s field hockey, too! For good measure, I also have this neon to cover top two Dutch beer producers:

Very nice too. I love those good ol' neon signs... the soft glow takes me back to when there was no LED or tube light signs.

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