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#644 4 years ago


When I fell into the pinball rabbithole with Space Shuttle last October, one of the first discoveries of "other" machines was Whirlwind... and from the theme, to the art, to the little easter eggs (Chicago Skyway / I-80 / crashing minivan / hillbilly callouts / color scheme) I knew I HAD to have this one... little did I know what a great game it is to boot!

So I put out a APB a couple weeks ago for it and a couple other titles... a great pinsider in southern Indiana said he was the 2nd owner of a WW and was getting ready to shop it a bit, but could let it go to a good home... perfect timing...

...so here it is now in our living room, wife getting schooled... much more to come... once I dial in the flippers and a few other things, should be a beast!


Ironically enough, after setting up WW I turned on Shuttle and promptly had my best game ever on that one. Pinball gods are fickle, or she needlessy worried about pending neglect? That's juct crazy, ha ha...

#658 4 years ago

So amusingly enough, I saw the T-Shirt promo offer on attract mode last night, which I surmise to mean my WW has the original release game ROMs. What was changed on later ROMs, and is a replacement a worthwhile upgrade? I'm just getting started with this title so it's not like I feel I'm "missing" anything per se... but I *am* curious as to what if anything is different? If it's not much for gameplay's sake, to be honest I kinda like the T-shirt ad as a nice throwback of sorts. Kinda marks this game as a true original survivor, too

#667 4 years ago

Dang Toyotaboy, that looks awesome! Put me down for a set...!

But, since you ask... it is actually kind of hard for me to tell what the orange stuff on the right of the image is: is that a debris field, or a contrasted afternoon light effect?

If you're going for realism, my experience storm chasing by proxy via my brother, and watching hundreds of videos, is that in general a debris cloud from a "cone" tornado is not as far out, especially at the distance implied by the scale of the wheat field in your image. At closer range, a cone might have a debris cloud seemingly attached to it. A monster Wedge-style obliterator can sometimes be hard to separate from the debris field at any range.

I'm not meaning to pick on semantics, because your image is awesome and really fits the pin well. I like the lightning strike and in fact, one of the DVD's my brother produced and sold has a very similar image (cone funnel with a bolt) on the cover. The precip wall looks awesome as well. Just thought I would share some observations, since you asked. Either way, you can count me in as a buyer.

What does the other side look like? Might be neat if it was another view, or a different storm... maybe something more "urban" to tie into the tollway ramps on that side...?

#670 4 years ago

Can you guys check your backbox speakers and see what they are, or at least confirm if mine are correct?

I was all set to do the in-cab subwoofer upgrade described on this thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/how-to-add-a-cheap-sub-under-40-that-sounds-awesome-to-your-wpc-game

Everything in the instructions makes sense, based on the assumption that the BB speakers are each 4ohms. Others in that thread mentioned Sys11 with no issues.

But to my surprise, the left backbox speaker is the same 8-ohm woofer as in the cabinet! Which means I may need to replace it as well. Should have checked that first, but either way I'm wondering if it's the original one to begin with?


Oh, and does anyone know what ohms that flimsy tracing-paper wafer tweeter (right speaker) is...?

#672 4 years ago

Thanks for checking!

What's interesting is, the manual lists it as a 4 ohm speaker. I wonder why the change or discrepancy, and if they are all this way?

#674 4 years ago

OK, I have a very odd problem that comes up occasionally, let's say once every 5 games or so:

After draining a ball, the machine will kick two into the shooter lane. (FWIW, most of the time this occurs, it happens to be for the start of Ball2). This seems like a free, cheese multiball, but obviously the game thinks there should only be one in play... the scoring is as per one ball, and when the first of the cheese balls drains the game gets confused (since it only detects two in the trough); while that second ball might still score in play, you pretty much have to drain it to restore the game logic. Tellingly, it all only counts as "one" drain and Ball 3 will start as normal.

I've tried to "cause" this to happen but haven't been able to discern a pattern as to when or why or how it happens. Just every now and then it's "SURPRISE two balls in the shooter lane!" time. It's kind of amusing when it happens, as it lends its own odd gameplay challenge element to the situation, but obviously that's not right. What could cause this to happen so sporadically?

#675 4 years ago

TO ADD TO THE ABOVE: Went home for lunch to introduce a friend to the machine. Played about a dozen games, and the "surprise double shooter balls" issue only happened once: after a Ball 1 storm lock. So the "trigger" is not exclusive to a drain.

Is there a sensor for the eject kick-out I need to look at? I've noticed the kickout linkage is fairly worn (more so than on my Space Shuttle) but I can't recall what it's connected to for logic.

6 months later
#791 3 years ago

Can anyone with Cliffy's on the Cellar Scoops comment on any changes in performance, or adjustments that may be necessary?

Not long after acquiring my Whirlwind, I installed the Cliffys. The left cellar is fine, but the right one became an order of magnitude more frustrating, probably only a 20% "success" rate for shots that seemed likely to go in. It seemed like the ball would "bounce out". I tried everything I could think of: making sure the cliffy edge was flat against the pf... eventually tried to bend that edge "down" to make sure it was flush when installed... adjusted the cellar beneath the pf... adjusted the spinning discs to make sure they were as level as possible and thus not causing the ball to jump... fixing the target adjacent to the scoop so it was not loose and able to move (as it was when I got the machine)... AND of course working on my shot aiming skills.

Finally while doing some maintenance before a party, I just went ahead and removed the Cliffy. Holy crap, what do you know, I can nail that shot over and over and even with a backhand from the left flipper! I just don't understand why the Cliffy would cause so much trouble, especially since the one on the left causes zero issues.

I'd really like to preserve my playfield if possible... but meanwhile there's no doubt the game is much more fun without the cliffy.

Anyone have any ideas?

3 months later
#933 3 years ago

So that looks like the utility/service panel inside the cabinet... I can see what looks like the AC outlet and fuse line, and the wiring is appropriately colored. If I recall correctly the power cord should feed into here before it reaches the transformer, and it should be easy to wire back up but I don't have a reference in front of me. I think the AC line filter varistor is contained in here as well, and would definitely be "missing" in that photo. You'd want that varistor to blow in the worst case before a line surge takes out the transformer or other parts.

1 month later
#1092 3 years ago

You folks who've installed an LED OCD board: where did you mount it? The backbox is so crammed the only safe place I could find was the top of the backbox. Unfortunately it's no easy to connect the USB cable and then I worry about it soaking in all the heat rising up there.

The right side seems open, but potentially able to interfere with the lightboard latches and such and I didn't want to risk a short. Some factory labels were also in the way and I didn't want to obscure, damage, or move them since my WW is a very clean all-original.

Anyone have any insight to share?

I will say the LED OCD made a HUGE improvement... way more than when I had it on Space Shuttle!

1 year later
#1627 2 years ago

Hmm, I got the confirmation email in Feb 2016 but haven't heard a thing since.

I understand communication has never been CPR's strong suit. How long should I wait before getting nervous?

1 week later
#1651 2 years ago

Got my notification Monday.

Things are tighter than I'd like thanks to being stupid since I reserved, but it's ze grail so gotta do it. Plus I figure there will always be demand for these if things get tighter before I get around to installing and have to sell, and/or the one I'd be pulling out is actually not too bad and might offset it some too.

Now the question: to add plastics or not? #firstworldproblem

#1664 2 years ago

Did the previous CPR whirlwind re-run have the issue? Are all the new ones identically affected?

Haven't pulled the trigger yet, got a couple more days to sleep on it so I'm glad this was pointed out first. It's kinda one of those "might not be a big deal" things, but coming from a company that bathes in its own hyperbole, it's more than a bit disappointing.

I wonder what caused the issue because it does seem like an improbable oversight given all the work that goes into recreating art and gradients.

#1668 2 years ago

It looks like there is a 1/8" hiccup in the halftone dots, as if a mask got split and mis-aligned.

The left outlane would be hidden by the ramp exit to an extent. In fact, comparing to my game at first I was like "well sonuva, there IS a line there..." but that turned out to be the edge of a mylar square protecting the drop zone.

I could forgive that. But the area between the slings is quite a bit more bothersome.

In the long run, is it as bad as ball trails and other wear issues on original pfs? Maybe, maybe not. A blown-out pf replaced with this will net a significant improvement. But others that are relatively decent, won't. Mine is nice: pretty clean, no bare wood, but some trails and mylar edges and a couple mylar-ghosts over inserts, etc.

So in my case the best I can hope for is to trade one distraction and blemish type, for another. Given the expense of $$$ and further outlay of time and effort to swap in for a net wash, that's really frustrating. I suppose the clear might play faster than the mylar?

CPR should have acknowledged this somehow.

#1673 2 years ago

Got a response from CPR within a day. Here it is:

"Didn't really notice it until you pointed it out. Not a flaw, just the way the dither printed. Exactly what is on the film(s). I suspect that there are two dither sets, one above and one below, that happen to meet along that line. They end and start ever so slightly different, and thus the eye can pick it up in the "pattern" of the crossfade effect intended down there.

Yes, every single playfield is the same."

Take that for what it's worth, and don't shoot the messenger...

1 month later
#1799 1 year ago

I opted for a CPR Silver since I couldn't justify the Gold price for something that would never be perfect given the halftone flaw. So it arrived yesterday and I must say I am pleasantly shocked at how nice it is. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it looks better than most of the golds shown here: there's no rippling in the clear, no drips, no bare wood in the insert points, and no major distractions. I'm struggling to see why it was classed as Silver.

Now there IS a weird green mark in the white mask that would go under a return lane plastic... so you'd never see it. I also found two tiny pin-prick white spots (in the paint, not the clear) in the nearby orange. But that's it as far as I've been able to tell. The registration is off by maybe a nitpicky hair in a few places but CPR isn't lying when they say OEM was often worse.

As critical as I was over the halftone foulup, I have to say it's very bizarre in person. Pictures arguably make it worse. I mean you can obviously see it when you "see" it... but from a few feet away it totally disappears. It's way more subtle than I expected, and usually stuff like that drives me crazy.

I dunno... maybe I'm dazzled by the clear shiny smooth right now and next week it'll piss me off. Mistakes happen, I get it, I still don't think this is something CPR should be brandish as God's gift, but it would certainly be an improvement over the one in my machine. At least the colors are correct on this run!

Biggest problem now is I don't want the unplayable downtime, ha ha.

1 year later
#2538 7 months ago

Awesome: After having this game for almost 4 years I *finally* paid off the skyway! 102 tolls!

Lessome: so, um, yeah... when they said it plays a "little ditty"... THAT "little ditty" is *it*?!?! HA HA! At first I thought something else happened or broke and barely glanced up in time to see the message

So I've done both and to be honest I'm not sure what's easier: paying off the tollway or making the 3-way combo...

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