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By mof

5 years ago

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#482 4 years ago

I want in the club! Looking for a whirlwind, any condition, in Texas or nearby. PM and let me know when and where to pick it up!!

4 months later
#649 4 years ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

When I fell into the pinball rabbithole with Space Shuttle last October, one of the first discoveries of "other" machines was Whirlwind... and from the theme, to the art, to the little easter eggs (Chicago Skyway / I-80 / crashing minivan / hillbilly callouts / color scheme) I knew I HAD to have this one... little did I know what a great game it is to boot!
So I put out a APB a couple weeks ago for it and a couple other titles... a great pinsider in southern Indiana said he was the 2nd owner of a WW and was getting ready to shop it a bit, but could let it go to a good home... perfect timing...
...so here it is now in our living room, wife getting schooled... much more to come... once I dial in the flippers and a few other things, should be a beast!
LucidArcade.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
Ironically enough, after setting up WW I turned on Shuttle and promptly had my best game ever on that one. Pinball gods are fickle, or she needlessy worried about pending neglect? That's juct crazy, ha ha...

I wish my wife would let me put pinball in my living room! great scores.... on both the games and the wife!!!

1 month later
#689 4 years ago

I'm in the club!

2 years later
#1870 1 year ago

Sneak peek eye candy......HUO Whirlwind!

A8ED9EED-3F17-418C-A688-4628E0DBC895 (resized).jpeg

6E01E293-BA80-4710-A463-72593C408A2A (resized).jpeg

5C24E63A-8738-40E7-9C2F-BCAB143F5E5D (resized).jpeg
F50D38B2-5EE0-47CE-BC0D-5F0730BE45BA (resized).jpeg

#1876 1 year ago

Officially back in the club! Might be for good this time....

It’s a true HUO game. Picked it up from the daughter of an 86 year old lady who passed away recently. She bought it and Lights Camera Action brand new in 1991. Family kept that one.

Couples of questions:
1) LED?
It’s totally original. Just needs a shop job and deep cleaned. I’m a big originality guy, so it’s pretty cool in its native glow. But will the heat cause issues later?

2) cliffys?
the balls were original and dirty. Thus, there is some ever so slight in the cellar hole scoops. Should I install cliffys? Mantis doesn’t make inside hole protectors. Other option to protect? Cliffys on the switch slots? Cliffy on ramp?

3) slow drop targets
All drop targets move verrrrrry slooooww, if at all sometimes. How best to lubricate?

4) code
What is latest/best code to install?

5) other
Any other words of wisdom?

Notice the shine on the Mylar on playfield that shows the reflection of the wireform from above.

The scratch on the top of the backbox is the worst mark on the game.

When the fan blows, it smells like old lady house! Lol

681BF1A1-9246-4465-93D5-E28E7E9D196B (resized).jpeg

C1E0F27F-6AB0-4F68-B4DF-21201BB27AF5 (resized).jpeg

B8623C34-F012-481C-91C7-C491BCA78A63 (resized).jpeg

9AB342BD-53FB-4F58-9D7A-ECC9153DC715 (resized).jpeg

0AAB88D2-2D26-4DD5-9A0B-B6284F9524C6 (resized).jpeg

C9216290-124F-4EB0-89E3-FEBAD998021D (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1903 1 year ago

Need some tech advice. The game I picked up is perfect in nearly every way, except one...the R RAMP UP error is present and the little red coil fires randomly during game play. There are no mechanical issues binding it up. Put in a new spring and coil sleeve. Switch tests properly during switch edge testing. All other switches work perfect. Just the little red coil that releases the ramp firing for no apparent reason. Any advice from WW tech/owners?

2 weeks later
#1928 1 year ago
Quoted from ptrav1:

Did You figure this out? Had some electrical issues on mine (coils and flashers activating when switches for other coils were activated, A side and C side)and turned out to be the relay on the aux power driver board. Can discuss more if that sounds like your issue.

Still haven’t solved it. I tore apart the whole assembly under the playfield..put all back together. Still doing it. It’s the little coil that fires over and over. I have noticed that the quick multiball doesn’t raise the ramp at times. Have not seen the issues like you describe. Which relay was your fix? I guess I could look there. I just haven’t had much time to dig into it lately.

#1929 1 year ago

Has anyone put LED and and LED OCD board in their WW? Impressions?

3 weeks later
#1966 1 year ago

Inlane questions:

Right Inlane; Super Cellar Door
The Super Cellar Door is lit solid to begin the game. After that, when the ball travels through the right inlane to light the Super Cellar Door, the Super Cellar Door light flickers and then goes away shortly after that. Is this a timed shot after the first one?

Left Inlane: 2 Tolls
When the ball travels through the left inlane, I notice that sometimes it awards 2 tolls. But if I hit the right ramp shot consecutively, like 3 or 4 times in a row, I am only being awarded 1 toll. Shouldn't the left inlane always give 2 tolls when ramp is hit after travelling through it?

2 weeks later
#1979 1 year ago
Quoted from Jeroen:

Cool Dutch beer sign you got there cheers to that...

Thanks! Good eye....love me some Grolsch. And Dutch women’s field hockey, too! For good measure, I also have this neon to cover top two Dutch beer producers:

872909DE-0553-4D29-9DCE-E0FD3C26DEF0 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1993 1 year ago

I went with Comet 2smd Sunlight Frosted in all GI and am very pleased with it.

3 weeks later
#2081 1 year ago

When does the ramp flap go up and down during a game? I’m trying to understand the rules better.

#2088 1 year ago
Quoted from jhanley:

It does on mine.You shoot it in to raise it.Then it pops out and you shoot it up the Millions ramp to light the right ramp.Then shoot the ball in the right cellar to light up the Super cellar door value and repeat 7 times to get the bonus.If you are doing this and you shoot the ball in by mistake in the cellar the ramp closes.

I’ll test mine with the glass off later this afternoon. This sounds about right to what has been happening during play for me

#2093 1 year ago
Quoted from orangegsx:

Right cellar will toggle the ramp up or down except for when the lock is lit, it will stay down until you lock a ball.

Ok. Just played a bunch of games (more fun than taking glass off and testing!)... so the right scoop definitely toggled the ramp up and down, and it didn’t matter if it was lit or not. Game starts with ramp down. First hit to the scoop, ramp goes up. Hit again, ramp dropped down. Until the lock is lit, then it stays down or drops down.

Maybe there is a setting in the game or different ROM versions of other are not seeing the same?

4CD2296C-5D34-405E-B1E2-5A00AD977B80 (resized).jpeg
74EFABF0-FCDE-4B5A-9D33-58370A0EF521 (resized).jpeg

#2094 1 year ago

P.S. where can a guy find out what the most current ROM version is?

1 week later
#2116 1 year ago

Got the switch replaced under the ramp and been playing Whirlwind like there’s no tomorrow....damn thing is kicking my arse! My other games are sitting very lonely these days....and they aren’t exactly slouches. Lol

F8363357-8C82-49F3-AD0B-F27F7361A0C9 (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#2179 1 year ago

This game is hard...

#2184 1 year ago
Quoted from orangegsx:

Yes, It can be. Some days I'm off my game and have trouble breaking 20m.. some days I average 50m... feels so good to get a good run going though!

I can’t even break 10M most games and my highest score is only 23M. I either really suck or I’m not playing it right.

#2188 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

I’m in the same boat man, I am scoring the exact same as you. I need to research and rethink how I play

I have hard time controlling multiballs. Can’t seem to get comfortable with it. The highest scores I’ve achieved were when the ramp switch was broke and the flap wasn’t going up and down correctly. I made it to super mega bonus that game, and also collected a few extra balls. So I know those are a key part to high scores. But when I look at the Pinside high scores list, it’s hard for me to fathom how those guys score so high

#2189 1 year ago

What should I be seeing when I get “Drop Target at Maximum” award?

#2191 1 year ago

orangegsx: thanks for the pointers. I also watched Bowen video last night to pick up some extra strategy nuggets. I usually don’t watch them because a) I like to try and figure out games myself, and b) watching him makes me realize how poor of a player I am, but I digress. Played a couple of warmup games this morning and I was able to put up 15M score. Game is still tough and gotta hit that side ramp consistently, for sure. Now back to playing to see if I can top my all time best of 21M....

2 weeks later
#2213 1 year ago
Quoted from groffdaddy:

I picked up a working Whirlwind yesterday. Unfortunately it is missing the cloud dome topper. If anyone has one they want to sell let me know.


#2216 1 year ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

Actually shows out of stock at Starship

Sorry. The NO after “in stock” wasn’t picked up by my colorblind eyes.

1 week later
#2224 1 year ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

OK, I'm considering a full LED set, anyone have a favorite vendor?

Pinballbulbs sells great sets

#2227 1 year ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

I was also thinking about just doing the GI has anyone ever done that?

Most games, that’s all I do. Playfield and backbox GI. Saves some money and easier on the eyes.

1 week later
#2245 1 year ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

Some changes made to the list based on discussion with Comet and some bulbs being discontinued - what do you guys think?
Bayonet FROSTED:
2 - Warm White - (Middle Standup, Shoot again)
1 - Green - (LOCK (Right Ramp))
6 - Natural White - (2 TOLLS (Right Ramp), RELEASE (left Ramp), SHOT (Skill Shot Right), SKILL (Skill Shot Middle), SUPER (Skill Shot Left), Spinner)
3 – Red - (MILLION PLUS (L Ramp), NE (R Standup-R Ramp)) (Left Cellar Sign)
3 - Orange/Amber - (MILLION (Left Ramp), SE (Right Loop), SE (Right Standup Target))
1 - Yellow (Right Cellar Sign)
Bayonet, CLEAR:
2 - Warm White (NW (Left Standup), NW (L Standup-R Ramp)
18 - Natural White (Top Drop 50K, Top Drop 75K, Top Drop 100K, Top Drop 150K, Toll 1, Toll 2, Toll 3, Toll 4, Toll 5, 2X, 3X) (All Backglass Awards (Up Jets On, 250K, Ex. Ball On, 3-Bank 100K, 500K, Lite Million, Low Jets On))
7 - Orange/Amber (Top Drop QUICK, SE Compass Arrow, Toll 30, Toll 20, Toll 10, 4X, 5X)
1 - Warm White (NW Compass Arrow)
3 – Green (SW Compass Arrow, SW (Left Loop), SW (Inner Loop Arrow))
7 – Red (SPECIAL (Left Outlane), SPECIAL (Right Outlane), Top Drop Ex. Ball, NE Compass Arrow, NE (Left Return Lane), 6X Lites Ex. Ball, 6X Lites Special)
6 LED 6.3V AC/DC BRILLIANT CRYSTAL FAN SHAPE LED http://www.cometpinball.com/product-p/6smdfan.htm
3 - Red (Right Top Jet Bumper, Left Top Jet Bumper, Lower Top Jet Bumper)
3 - Warm White (Left Bottom Jet Bumper, Top Bottom Jet Bumper, Right Bottom Jet Bumper,
4 SMD 6.3V AC/DC SUPREME BRIGHTNESS NON GHOSTING *EXCLUSIVE* http://www.cometpinball.com/product-p/4smd3528-ng.htm
4 - Natural White (S Compass Arrow, W Compass Arrow, N Compass Arrow, E Compass Arrow)
LEDs needed for GI LIGHTS:
Bayonet, Frosted:
58 - Natural White (21 playfield GI, 35 Required for Backbox GI, 2 Required for coin door)
Wedge Frosted:
5 - Natural White (behind lightning cloud in back of cabinet)
10 - Natural White (3x Lightning Cloud in back of cabinet, Million, Compass, Spinner, Upper Jets, Lower Jets, 3-Drop Target, Middle Target)
5 – Red (Bottom Rt, Ramp Top, Ramp Upper Middle, Ramp Lower Middle, Ramp Bottom (inside domes)

Comet should have this togehter as a Kit to order.

I used the 2smd frosted supreme bright sunlight from comet on my GI and I think it looks really really good.

#2248 1 year ago

Best game to date. What a thrilling game!!!! Whirlwind just keeps pulling me in more and more.....late night mano a mano and I walk away on top with new Grand Champion score! Drop the mic....

CB458CE6-6076-403F-97D0-9E6F3B74C16B (resized).jpegEE07DEB8-B74A-4CA9-A6C6-25FE2484D689 (resized).jpeg
#2251 1 year ago
Quoted from GoneFishinLvMsg:

Odd seeing a dark TZ next to it!

I planned a couple quick games to finish my beer, only turned WW on. Haha!

#2255 1 year ago

WW better than TZ....bold statements!

2 months later
#2353 11 months ago

I have used pinballbulbs kits in the past and I like what they do alot. Customer service has been top notch. Buy with confidence from them

2 months later
#2458 8 months ago

I put LED flashers in tonight. When I hit the left flipper, the lowest left flasher “ghosts” everytime. I have all of the OCD boards en route. Will this fix that issue, or do I have something that I need to investigate further?

#2460 8 months ago

What LED bulbs work best for the flashers in the backbox?

#2463 8 months ago
Quoted from pencilneck:

I've been sticking with kits from Coin Taker. If you go to replace the control lamps, get the non ghosting type.

Cointaker makes some great kits! This go around, I used the list someone posted in this thead (pretty sure) and ordered from Comet.

Just trying to figure out what the bulbs are for the flashers in backbox as they are smaller round bulbs that I haven’t experienced before.

#2466 8 months ago
Quoted from zene10:

Are you talking about the 545 blinking bulbs?

Yes. the ball shaped ones that blink. 6 of them.

C38501B0-169F-4DE4-A5A6-3DAFE3528A19 (resized).jpeg
#2467 8 months ago

Where is best place to get plastic protectors? I bought the pinbits set, but the sling plastics are huge and stick way out from the plastic. Don’t like the way they look.

#2468 8 months ago

To cliffy or not? I have the full set of cliffy’s and the two cellar holes are very minimally worn (HUO game). Will the cliffys cause more damage than prevent? In other games, the cliffys make the shots harder to hit. What about on Whirlwind? Any playing difference?

#2473 8 months ago

Ok...OCD boards for the inserts and GI. I’ve heard that the only way to replicate the fade of incandescent bulbs when changing over to LEDs is by installing the OCD boards. Now I have one of my best techs telling me not to install them...that it’s just one more thing that could cause game issues. What are pros and cons when it comes to Whirlwind?

#2476 8 months ago

The inserts OCD looks to be plug and play. The GI one requires a number of modifications. I’m not sure I want to start hacking on my game if the effects aren’t worth it.

#2477 8 months ago

Shop out eye candy!

05638746-75B5-4F22-8A1C-B8A924B5A04D (resized).jpeg2A10608B-BF90-46DE-91D7-203B0892FF45 (resized).jpeg2E8009F7-03C2-462F-95F2-D213EACC5AFF (resized).jpeg
#2485 8 months ago
4A347D19-27A5-4710-B64B-449A8E7B8263 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#2500 8 months ago

00A402A1-25D5-47D5-8427-22F0622CA334 (resized).jpeg

Full LED with LED OCD on the inserts and PDI glass installed. Also put color cliffy posts in. What a beautiful game!

986618DB-535B-471F-BCDD-2E376BCCE447 (resized).jpeg
#2504 8 months ago
Quoted from Thunderpants:

Ready to join the club. I've been a happy owner for a few months now.
I solved lots of little issues on my "Players grade" machine so far, but i've been wondering about the lock hole under the right ramp:
The ball seem to pop out of the hole again often when i hit the shot clean with the left flipper.
Is there a way to adjust my way out of that, or would this just be the way it is supposed to be?

Does the piece of metal that backstops the hole have a blue rubber stuck to it like the square blue rubbers at the ends of the right ramp?

#2522 7 months ago
7F8FD7C3-9B01-4228-8414-B3442A8C190B (resized).jpeg
#2525 7 months ago

Here are the best pics I could get with glass on. Same material as the two big squares of blue rubber at bottom of right ramp. A guy could also cut one of those sizes in half.

05035728-AFDD-470C-AFDE-73AC5861FCF3 (resized).jpeg65A06E76-CE84-448F-8179-A34532E97454 (resized).jpeg89DA9DAF-98BD-459A-9C6D-A73A737CBF58 (resized).jpegC51089E5-3A24-45EC-B06C-60E1DAAEEFFC (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#2593 6 months ago
69056323-AD38-4DE5-B2D6-BDD067C09A85 (resized).jpeg
#2602 6 months ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

I am replacing the flashers with LEDs.
Are the flashers with the red caps different than the ones that are in the rear of the playfield? Thanks
[quoted image]

The LED flashers in the red domes and a couple underneath playfield will flash when you hit the flippers. It has something to do with how the system 11 power is routed to those. The fix is to put diodes in.

I had red LEDs in my dome flashers. Instead of installing the diodes for now, I took them out and put regular bulbs in. Make sure to go into settings and set flashers to brightest setting if you go incandescent.

The LEDs in the back panel do not behave in same manner and I have LEDs back there with no issue. Put a couple of purple in that piece you are holding ... middle and one of the ends. Really good color to compliment the game sounds when they go off!

#2604 6 months ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

Hey.. thanks for your post. Would you know which type of led/incandescent would go under those red caps & behind that plastic back panel?

I ordered everything from Comet. I followed someone else’s recipe somewhere in this thread, I believe. Here was my order:

48D34434-9BA1-4D8D-8053-EBBB339D5BD1 (resized).jpeg
#2608 6 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

My LEDs do not do this. I don't think anyone has added any diodes. Could it be the brand/type of led?

I used Comet LED. There are posts somewhere here on pinside that describes the issue. What brand did you use?

1 month later
#2676 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Ok first question, any ideas on this Failure message? Left display is garbled, right says Failure. I replaced batteries with fresh ones so it isn’t dead batteries. Where to start?
[quoted image]

Go into adjustment menu and “restore factory settings” then exit adjustment menu.. see if that works.

1 week later
#2692 5 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Holy hell..... I'm thinking I just live with the flicker, or put in incandescents if it really bugs me

I put the incandescnets back it. The flicker annoyed me

2 months later
#2882 78 days ago

The 2smd frosted sunlight give a cleaner white than the cool white, imho

1 month later
#2888 44 days ago

Ok...an interesting scenario happened with my Grand Champion High Score last night. Maybe some other members can explain how this works.

Previous Grand Champ Score was 55,337,020 set on 12.9.18. When I got that score, the entering of initials timed out and initials were blank. Only the Grand Champ Score showed that Score.

Last night, had another epic game and scored 55,390,130. I entered my initials this go around, and the 55,390,130 is showing for both the Grand Champion Score AND the number one score.

The previous high score from December never showed as both the Grand Champ and the number one score. The previous Grand Champ Score is now gone completely. I thought it would drop down into the Number One Score, but it did not.

I do recall adjusting settings for the game after I set the Grand Champ Score in December, and I think I reset game scores while doing that, but did not reset the Grand Score at that time.

Does anyone know how the score settings work and has anyone else experienced this? Why is the Grand Champ and number one score the same, when previously it was not?

Any feedback is appreciated.

CB10B11C-9E94-4452-A8F8-0F167117EEA2 (resized).jpegA0991078-054B-4A19-B0D0-0A64F7BF39D2 (resized).jpeg5F598813-083C-42E4-A2E4-5EBFA4469040 (resized).jpegF93A6D28-181A-4650-A5E5-98C1D564E272 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#2907 18 days ago
74D7149E-477F-4937-B723-EF2B0C09EBEA (resized).jpeg
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