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Which of your EMs get the most play?

By cpiel

3 years ago

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    #51 3 years ago
    Quoted from Vic_Camp:

    When I have the large pinball gatherings of around 35 people. I notice that the C-37 get a lot of plays and the King of Diamonds. I write down the game meter total plays before the gathering starts and then recheck at the end of the day. This gives me an accurate rating. These ratings change all the time. Sometimes its the newest addition to the collection at the time or someone can't get enough of a certain machine etc....

    Vic, I always love seeing pictures of your collection!

    #52 3 years ago

    Small collection: Sing Along, King of Diamonds, Nags, Heat Wave + '66 Williams 'Pitch and Bat' and '68 Williams "World Cup" arcade games.

    For me it's usually whatever game is newest in the group but overall I probably lean to Sing Along.

    For visitors it's probably the Pitch and Bat - easiest to understand and fun even if you are brand new to it.

    #53 3 years ago

    Me: Fast Draw
    Guests: Fast Draw

    #54 3 years ago

    My Space mission. and Super straight are faves.
    8-Ball, and Buccaneer run close seconds.
    The best one to play, is the one that is NOT kickin my butt that day.

    #55 3 years ago

    Kick Off. Never played an EM so addicting, and I've played many. Even better than Surf Champ.

    #56 3 years ago

    Melody got the most play before it left to rejoin its permanent owner. These days, I'd say North Star.

    1 month later
    #57 3 years ago

    I currently have 3 em's..the 1 that probably gets played most is top score, since she's the newest 1 in the lil collection. Disco is a close 2nd, but I still go back to royal guard..I love the loud knock on that game!

    IMG_1408 (resized).JPG

    #58 3 years ago

    Target Alpha

    Cause it's the only one currently working...

    #59 3 years ago

    Fireball is getting heavy play at my house right now....

    #60 3 years ago

    Old Chicago, followed by High hand

    #61 3 years ago

    Whichever ones are set up. People love playing them.

    Currently Bow and Arrow, target alpha, and jungle princess. They all kill and get constant play.

    #62 3 years ago

    Guests go the p&b, manikin golf, and the Skill Roll. I do too a lot of the times!

    When they get to the pins... Golden Arrow, Surf Champ and Buckaroo have some magical powers to attract.

    #63 3 years ago

    From our small tournament Saturday evening-

    Pit Stop (as usual)
    Eager Beaver (gaining in popularity fast)
    Jolly Roger (three can play at the same time)
    Big Deal (it really is)
    Arrow Head (just a great playing woodrail)
    Frontiersman (ditto)
    Heat Wave (no explanation needed)
    Coquette (new kid on the block)

    #64 3 years ago

    I tend to play my Gottlieb 2001 more than any other EM. Before I sold it, my '69 William's Suspense was my most played game.

    However, nearly all my guests gravitate towards my Captain Fantastic. They love it.

    #65 3 years ago

    The EM I play the most is Gottlieb Atlantis. A true player if there ever was one. Always challenging, you can never take any ball for granted!

    #66 3 years ago

    Right now, it's Wizard! and Atlantis. A year ago it was Spin Out and Sky Jump. Two years ago it was probably Sing Along and Dodge City. Next year, maybe Whoa Nellie. Who knows?

    #67 3 years ago

    Currently it is GTB Astro and WMS Jungle

    Got to get the others tuned up and playing better
    before they get more play.

    #68 3 years ago

    4 Square, game I played most at the skating rink as a kid. First one I bought, and is a never sell. Love it when get the special lights lit.

    #69 3 years ago

    gottlieb mini pool..only because i have just finished shopping it out..awesome backglass art.

    #70 3 years ago

    I just checked and .. I have 29 operating. had to count. right now , im playing my old Chicago a lot more than anything else. I had an old Chicago on loan about 7 or 8 months ago and really liked it. I was able to pick one up and I was just saying to a friend that .. the scoring bonus isn't counting for the bonus .. just a single for each end of ball. so .. if I get O-L-D-c-h it should give me 5 thousand bonus but I only get one. I actually like the game better that it does that because it was just too easy .. before.

    I have been playing my Williams touchdown a fair bit too. it was a recent .. steal of a machine. it is rather simple but I have been working myself to enjoy it very much .

    my riverboat ive been playing quite a bit too, one of these days ill get all 3 jokers.

    guests usually go more for my one ss game that I have supersonic.

    I notice a lot that , females always seem to love my 1959 batting practice the most or my CC baseball champ. A lot also like my Williams cute tee

    im having a few Christmas parties and I haven't had many around to play lately been busy with work but some of the machines since I have had guests. So ill be ... fascinated which holds interest.

    zaccaria supersonic
    Williams triple action
    Williams Apollo
    Williams riverboat
    CC twin skeet
    Williams touchdown
    Gottlieb Big Shot ( althought I once owned a Hot Shot)

    My el toro ( thanks odin for the schems and ted for fixing) and abracadabra will maybe here for the .. parties if I can go pick them up.

    #71 3 years ago

    Right now it is Bally Quarterback.

    #72 3 years ago

    Me: Vulcan
    Others: OXO

    #73 3 years ago

    Around my place Triple Strike gets most play. Its very challenging, most people say out loud--get in the hole!! meaning for the ball to drop in the top eject hole as it can add up to a bonus carryover. Kinda sounds like a golfer saying 'get in the hole'. Spanish Eyes is also a favorite and Expressway seems a bit too hard for most in spelling Expressway.

    #74 3 years ago

    You all notice the great variety of unlicenced titles and beautiful fun playing games listed here. This is real pinball folks.

    #75 3 years ago

    December 2016:
    Me - Bally Gator and Williams Heat Wave
    Visitors - Gottlieb Atlantis


    #76 3 years ago

    1. Atlantis
    2. Strato Flite
    3. Rogo

    #77 3 years ago

    Me - Gtb "Far Out" (and Gtb-SS Joker-Poker, Gtb Surf Champ)
    Visitors - Wms Fun Fest: http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=972&picno=45245
    greetings Rolf

    #78 3 years ago

    By me: All of them!

    By guests: El Dorado

    IMG_2031 (resized).jpeg

    2 weeks later
    #79 3 years ago

    For me Gottlieb Atlantis and Spanish Eyes. Friends tend to play Dealers Choice and Capt. Fantastic the most. I've noticed that most like to compete when a group is over which may be the draw to the DC and CF.

    #80 3 years ago

    For me it has been my new Hit the Deck game as well as Neptune. Sweet Hearts and Abra and Diamond Jack still hold my attention.

    So close to rolling HtD.

    And anybody a fan of Neptunes novelty mode, the same thing (roughly) can be achieved on HtD by moving the 1000 pt chime wire over to the knocker, you get the "knock knock knock knock knock" for the 5K rollovers when enabled. Very fun! Neptune is 50K rollovers but HtD is 5K.

    20170106_101710_resized (resized).jpg

    #81 3 years ago

    Guests: Night Rider, hands down, followed by Space Mission and Triple Action.
    Me: Teacher's Pet, Skill Pool, and now Heat Wave.

    #82 3 years ago
    Quoted from fireball2:

    Teacher's Pet, Skill Pool, and now Heat Wave.

    Those get quite a bit of play here as well. At least two of them...

    1 month later
    #83 3 years ago

    Atlantis and Quick Draw get the most play here, followed by Lucky Hand and Bank-A-Ball. I may be picking up a Super Spin soon that I plan to shop/restore and keep for a while before selling--always wanted either a Super Spin or Jet Spin.

    #84 3 years ago
    Quoted from goldenboy232:

    Atlantis and Quick Draw get the most play here, followed by Lucky Hand and Bank-A-Ball. I may be picking up a Super Spin soon that I plan to shop/restore and keep for a while before selling--always wanted either a Super Spin or Jet Spin.

    Mark -
    How is the availability of project pins in Texas compared to the PNW?

    #85 3 years ago

    Right now, it's been 'dis one.
    Me and my friends find it a very challenging and tough game/layout to get ahead of!
    That upper PF is something.

    TP- in row-c-web (resized).jpg
    TP-pf down-c-web (resized).jpg

    #86 3 years ago

    Me: Kings & Queens. ice Show, Astro

    Guests : Neptune, Dimension , midway sportsman rifle game

    #87 3 years ago
    Quoted from dasvis:

    Mark -
    How is the availability of project pins in Texas compared to the PNW?

    Well it seems to be pretty good actually, but I find I have to do more leg-work to find them. But they're there. I picked up a Quick Draw project today, and am working on a Cow Poke project for a friend. There are definitely project pins here -- moreso in Dallas, Austin and Houston it seems, but San Antonio has them for sure.

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