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Which of your EMs get the most play?

By cpiel

4 years ago

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    #1 4 years ago

    Two part question. Which EMs get the most play by you? Which EMs get the most play by guests?

    Always interesting to see what the standouts are. For me it's Grand Slam, Bowling Queen. Guests it's Big Hit and Sittin Pretty.

    What titles are the magnets in your lineup?

    #2 4 years ago

    Old Chicago - everybody loves the mid 70's Bally pins!!

    #3 4 years ago

    I only have a few but Surf Champ usually ends up with the most play, though Spanish Eyes always gets a lot of attention too (but doesn't have the same "play it again" factor).

    #4 4 years ago

    Sky Jump gets a ton of play!

    #5 4 years ago

    Slick Chick, North Star, Gusher and Thunderbird.... Great games, all of them.

    #6 4 years ago

    By me: Super Star or Fast Draw.
    By other people that play pinball: Royal Flush or Pop-A-Card
    By other people that don't play pinball: The ball bowler

    #7 4 years ago

    Atlantis and Quick Draw.

    #8 4 years ago

    world beauties. I like the pin girls

    #9 4 years ago

    Jacks Open get the most play from me.
    Guests seem to play Centigrade-37 and Atlantis the most.

    #10 4 years ago

    Guests tend to Strike Zone...even though it is the cosmetically the weakest game in my line-up. Few people try Dealer Choice..which is my favorite.

    #11 4 years ago

    Me: Aztec, Slick Chick, Hula Hula
    Guests: Aztec, Hula Hula

    Don C.

    #12 4 years ago

    I have been playing the crap out of Majorettes. Guests are always drawn to try the Chicago Coin Pro Basketball.

    #13 4 years ago

    Once I did some flipper work and a killer waxin.
    My 68 bally op pop pop is addictave and fast o
    Play..I love this game..
    Also the first machine I ever owned .

    IMG_20161107_180348 (resized).jpg

    #14 4 years ago

    Its,my only em... but people love it..

    #15 4 years ago

    Sky Jump and Atlantis. It's all about the drop targets for me right now. Hope to get King Pin up and running soon.

    #16 4 years ago

    My 1976 Gottlieb Surf Champ.

    Everyone gravitates towards it as the go to machine as it is the only one I have working right now. LOL!

    #17 4 years ago

    Big Brave is popular. I liked it for a long time and guests like it. ( Almost 3k plays in 9 years)

    Now, I usually play the newest EM to the collection.
    Currently Space Mission, just before that Sound Stage.

    Rifle game gets a few goes when non pinballers are over.

    #18 4 years ago

    My most played: '52 Genco Springtime, '57 Gottlieb World Champ, '50 Gottlieb Bank a Ball.
    Pinhead guests: '65 Gottlieb Pleasure Isle, '54 Gottlieb Daisy May, '48 Gottlieb Barnacle Bill
    Non-pinball enthusiast adults: '50 Gottlieb Knock Out, '75 Gottlieb El Dorado, '61 Gottlieb Oklahoma
    Teens/kids: '65 Midway Flying Turns, '65 Gottlieb Bank A Ball, '57 Williams Jig Saw

    Ask me again in 6 months, and it will be different

    #19 4 years ago

    C37 and Atlantis split my time.

    Grand Prix is the favorite guest pin.

    They all pale compared to the play the bowler receives during parties.

    #20 4 years ago

    I only have two, and Old Chicago was just picked up a month ago and replaced Fan-Tas-Tic. I suspect it will outperform Alladins Castle. I may add another to the stable, but these two aren't going anywhefe.

    20161022_190156 (resized).jpg

    #21 4 years ago

    Currently playing the most recent purchase the most.
    DSCN1055 (resized).JPG

    #22 4 years ago

    I own three: Spanish Eyes, Triple Strike and Expressway. Just finished restoring the Triple Strike so its getting the most play. Man is it fast for an EM and lots of fun too.

    #23 4 years ago

    My Quick Draw gets a ton of play. I have it set up in my school band room. Some of the kids forgo lunch just to get in some games.

    #24 4 years ago

    Royal Guard. Was forced to buy it to get the Slick Chick I really wanted but honestly play it more than the Slick Chick. Deceptively simple, maddeningly frustrating game. Love it.

    #25 4 years ago

    I have only one running : My Canada Dry !

    P1010311 (resized).JPG

    #26 4 years ago

    Me: Pat Hand
    The rest: Wizard!

    #27 4 years ago

    I've got 10 70s EMs up and running at the moment - GTB King Pin and Jungle Queen top the list, followed by Jumping Jack and Royal Flush

    #28 4 years ago

    I have quite a few EM's and I go in streaks as to what I find myself playing. Play favorites do change back and forth !

    Newest additions of course get more play when they are added to the collection. Some of my favorite games though if I had to make a list are Ship Ahoy, Flip Flop, Little Chief, Boomerang,Bow and Arrow, Mustang , Top Score.

    Guests like them all and some go to my High Score Boards (two chalkboards with all the games listed with current high scores) and try to get there name up there by playing a machine with what appears to be a lower high score or beatable number.

    I think the guests like Flip Flop, Gulfstream, Sure Shot, Top Score, Ship Ahoy and Mustang and some others when they first come in and look for a machine to play.

    Guests if they have time want to try most of the games. If they do well on one on the first try they will play a few games on that machine and then go to another game somewhere near it in line. Appeal to personal preference in backglass theme or art draws people in to what they try of course.

    #29 4 years ago

    Jig Saw, at the moment. Can't fully light up that darn puzzle, must..try..again!!

    Surf Champ gets another high vote here too, though.

    #30 4 years ago

    I own 29 EM Gottlieb.

    IMHO :

    single player : Centigrade 37 & Atlantis

    Multi-players : Surf Champ & Sinbad

    #31 4 years ago

    Fun thread....I thought I knew most EMS, but never "Canada Dry"...how cool is that! Have to find one and play it!

    I can say I've sold a lot of games these last few years, but my keeper...Abracadabra!

    #32 4 years ago

    I just checked out Canada Dry....it's Eldorado with Canadians!

    #33 4 years ago

    I did play some
    Aztec last night. It is my only E.M. That makes it number one.

    #34 4 years ago



    #35 4 years ago

    Since most of you guys have a lot of EM's in your collections, and/or seem to be familiar with a lot of them, I was hoping you could help me out.

    There was a pinball machine that my buddies and I played in high school at a local sandwich shop. About the only thing I can remember about it is it had a red thing on the left hand side of the playfield that you had to knock down so you could hit a target behind it. We played the game in 1976 and 1977, and I don't remember it being a new game. Can't remember if it was a 1, 2 or 4 player game.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    #36 4 years ago

    I play Sweet Add A Line the most as one day I will hit the elusive jackpot, complete the game and hear the knocker go off 26 consecutive times

    Guests - Sluggin Champ.

    #37 4 years ago

    They all get played, but some more than others

    Pit Stop
    Heat Wave
    Big Daddy
    Magic Clock
    Arrow Head
    Fashion Show
    Struggle Buggies
    Buccaneer (1948)
    Jolly Roger
    Trade Winds

    Are ones that always get played.

    #38 4 years ago

    World Champ Daisy May Frontiesman Stagecoach Capersville Jungle Princess and Expressway by me. Abra Ca Debra and c37 too. Mostly Played on Saturday and Sunday mornings to get me going for the weekend easy peasy style. Guests play the Sterns. Gble is a big hit now. Pinball rules all other hobbies drool

    #39 4 years ago

    Actually it's pretty close between Sweet Add A Line and Diamond Lill.

    No jackpots with Diamond Lill, just a pure players game with a gorgeous light show. Always taunts me to do better so maybe this game is the most played at the moment.

    Shooting loops never gets old and the reverse flippers keep me on my toes at all times!

    IMG_8950 (resized).JPG

    #40 4 years ago

    Guests like Star Action.
    My wife has been playing Melody non stop since we got it.
    My favorite is still Bank Shot.

    #41 4 years ago

    Triple Strike is a big favorite of family and friends, followed by Strato-Flite and '77 Big Deal. Funny thing is whenever someone new comes over, they all go for the Aztec, after losing 5 balls in about 1 minute they want to move on. Many non-pinball people call my Aztec "Evil" and will avoid it the rest of the night. Nothing special about, it just plays like an Aztec.

    I personally play my Triple Strike and Big Deal often, and when I want my teeth kicked in, I'll play the Aztec.

    #42 4 years ago

    El Toro's been gaining in popularity. Especially for hard fought, close games.

    DSCN5124 (resized).JPG

    #43 4 years ago

    When I have the large pinball gatherings of around 35 people. I notice that the C-37 get a lot of plays and the King of Diamonds. I write down the game meter total plays before the gathering starts and then recheck at the end of the day. This gives me an accurate rating. These ratings change all the time. Sometimes its the newest addition to the collection at the time or someone can't get enough of a certain machine etc....

    basPin3 29 16 005 (resized).JPG
    basPin3 29 16 040 (resized).JPG
    basPin3 29 16 013 (resized).JPG

    basPin3 29 16 025 (resized).JPG

    #44 4 years ago

    4 Sqaure. Bought it on a whim, and I still love the game.

    However, I just hosted my league and someone lent me a Lucky Hand. For the few weeks that was in my house, it was almost all I played. It was setup so you were nervous at every shot going out. Wonderful stuff.

    image (resized).jpg

    #45 4 years ago

    Cool - nice playfield shot DaveH.

    Vic is right - favorites or games that get played vary with guests or maybe just a change to the next time they are played. Somebody gets hot on one game or they get challenged they might play one a whole bunch. Or they might try to play every game once.

    #46 4 years ago

    By me, Atlantis, followed by JO. Or, to amend that statement, anything that I've just bought or restored, but over time, it tends to go back to those two the most.

    By my kids/future son in law, they tend to gravitate more to Grand Prix, so much more that I moved it to my daughter's house so they could enjoy it more.

    When I owned Pinball Pool, the younger generation seemed to like the electronic game over the EMs, but when it's all EMs, GP seems to be the most popular.

    #47 4 years ago

    Wms AZTEC. Its wifees favorite and is played every day. We also regularly play
    many of my EMs. A favorite of visitors is Capt Fantastic. And believe it or not
    most visitors enjoy playing the bingos I have set up. Especially pinheads, many
    of who have heard of them or may even own one that doesn't work.

    #48 4 years ago

    My personal favorites right now are my Williams Jive Time and my Gottlieb Fun Park.

    Jive Time is one of those games that kept me coming back even after the "new game" rush of playing a few games in a row. I played MANY games in a row and even kept playing more than one game in a row on it days later. It still keeps me coming back more than any other game. Such a unique game. I remember I got tired of the score reels sticking a few weeks back so I stopped playing, rebuilt them, then went back to playing with nice snappy reels!

    Fun Park is a great player, I'm so glad the add-a-ball version found me instead of the replay version as the add-a-ball version has one major feature that the replay version doesn't have it all, and the basis of the game and earning 1 or 2 extra balls (or just 500 points) is an amazing goal and one of my favorite rulesets. I also found this game in MINT condition, with one of the nicest playfields I have seen on any game even including very high end collections. Pure perfection. A great player as well. I also like how you have to press the coin return button instead of the start button as it lacks one like the rest of the Gottlieb add-a-ball games, a cool change of pace. (This very common method is used by collectors: Add-a-ball games only took coins as a "start" method, so you move the coin switch leads over to a switch you place on the coin return button, but it was already done for me)

    IMG_2461 (resized).JPG
    IMG_2462 (resized).JPG

    IMG_8845 (resized).JPG
    IMG_8780 (resized).JPG
    IMG_8844 (resized).JPG

    #49 4 years ago


    IMG_20161104_095953152 (resized).jpg

    #50 4 years ago

    300 followed by Royal Flush. Both great games !

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