Which game should I sell??

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Which game should I sell??

By brucipher

9 months ago

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“Which game should I sell?”

  • Scared Stiff 69 votes
  • Twilight Zone 27 votes
  • Medieval Madness 17 votes
  • Wizard of Oz 63 votes
  • Dialed In! 16 votes

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#1 9 months ago

Hey everyone. I see a lot of threads asking for opinions on which game to buy, but I am struggling with which game to sell.

I only have room for 5 games at my house, and I am feeling the itch to swap something out. The only problem is, I really love my current collection and can't decide what I want to let go of (a nice problem to have!). Here are my current games in order of how long I've owned them (longest owned to most recently bought):

Scared Stiff (2011)
Twilight Zone (2013)
Medieval Madness Remake - LE (2016)
Wizard of Oz - Standard (2016)
Dialed In! - LE (2017)

There are two in this list I am almost sure I won't sell...but I am not going to say which two those are .

Look forward to seeing the poll results and hearing opinions of which one I should let go of!

#2 9 months ago

I'm not a fan of WoZ at all, so this was an easy choice for me.

#3 9 months ago

Sold my ss, tz and mm. Dont really miss them at all (tz the most) but id sell ss bc its been a pretty hot pin and u cld get a nice chunk of money for it. Im also luke warm on woz.. got a,rrwoz few months ago and while its beautiful and well done in most areas...the gameplay is just ok for me especially compared to how great di plays.

#4 9 months ago

I'm sure there is a friend who likes pinball who wouldn't mind pinsitting a game while you decide which one it is. You could always rotate it around. I have 4 on loan because of space reasons.

#5 9 months ago

Sell TZ & WOZ both boring. Just my opinion.

#6 9 months ago

Scared Stiff, in my humble opinion.

It’s a great game with tons of humor and character, but I’ve always felt it was pretty lackluster on rules and mode completion.

I.e. Completing 3 rollovers or hitting the pops a bunch of times really shouldn’t count as completing a “mode.”

#7 9 months ago

scared stiff

#8 9 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Scared Stiff, in my humble opinion.
It’s a great game with tons of humor and character, but I’ve always felt it was pretty lackluster on rules and mode completion.
I.e. Completing 3 rollovers or hitting the pops a bunch of times really shouldn’t count as completing a “mode.”

I agree. It’s worth more than I think it should be. Because you gave DI I’d say get rid of WoZ.

#9 9 months ago

i vote sell scared stiff.

#10 9 months ago

Wizard of Oz. Easy!

But I say the best option is to find another place to put more pins or make space by building an addition

#11 9 months ago

Not a fan of WOZ either. It's a beautiful game but you have DI which is the best JJP game. If not WOZ, then Scared Stiff. Okay game but not worth the big bucks imo. Thing is it will be hard to find again if you ever miss it.

#12 9 months ago
#13 9 months ago

WOZ or Dialed In

#14 9 months ago

Reset game audits, then wait 6 months. Then look at the audits played and sell the one with the lowest plays. May be the only way i could pick one from that list.

If I had to right now it would be WOZ.

#15 9 months ago

Why DI? I think it’s one of the best games.

#16 9 months ago

SS because it's not deep
WoZ because it's pretty but not in love with gameplay

#17 9 months ago

tough choices. for me, its a toss up between TZ and WOZ. good luck with making your decision

#18 9 months ago

All of them. Set yourself free.

#19 9 months ago

Actually when it comes to thinning the herd and you don’t know which to sell I would set a price on all of them and see which one sells first. Let the market decide then move onto the next acquisition. My collection is full of games that I don’t want to sell but unfortunately my space is limited to 26. So I put 5-6 up for sale and see which one sells first then pull the other ads. Takes away the agony of the pinball Sophie’s choice. But sell the WOZ DI is the best JjP in my opinion.

#20 9 months ago

Scared Stiff.

I sold mine after a few years of ownership. It became too predictable and wasn't fun anymore.

#21 9 months ago

I was always intrigued by Scared Stiff. See so much praise, and the pics look amazing.

Then I got to play one...

It shoots real well, looks fantastic in person, and then after 2 poor balls, I get to Scared Stiff twice on ball 3. This was maybe my 3rd game on it. It was super fun to play that day, but I can't ever imagine having that in my collection given I'm also limited to 5 games. My $0.02.

#22 9 months ago

well that sucks......I couldn't sell any if I had to choose

#23 9 months ago

I think you're asking the wrong question.

I'll gladly store your DI for you indefinitely, at the low low cost of letting me play as much as I want. (I'm even pretty close by if you just want to visit)

#24 9 months ago

Hey Bru, I'd recommend WOZ as first to go.

#25 9 months ago

Sell whatever will disapoint you the least not being there. The answer may suprise you. Many of my friends have sold games and regretted it only to never find as nice an example again for price paid.

Keep what you love and you will never go wrong.
Nice collection by the way. Tough choice. Sorry, no help at all. lol

#26 9 months ago

Sell the old hag machine. Ss got to go!

#27 9 months ago
Quoted from mrossman5:

Why DI? I think it’s one of the best games.

Well I think you can still get one new and he has a great line up otherwise. I do like Dialed In .. its a great game.

#28 9 months ago

I'd take into account what I was replacing it with. If I was getting JJPOTC, then I'd let go of the WOZ. If I was getting another Lawlor title, then maybe TZ. If I was going for a Monster Bash then I'd let go of the Scared Stiff. Not sure what situation I'd let go of Dialed In under since it's so new. Might get rid of MM if you're planning on an AFM or some other game with a central bash toy or maybe even a similar kind of theme (fantasy like GOT or LOTR).

#29 9 months ago

I'm an analysis/numbers guy - I'd make a chart with all factors that are important to you (art, how much you play it, how much your friends/family like it, how hard it is to sell, how much $ you will likely get, etc.) This should knock out 2-3 you most likely want to keep. Then decide between the other 2-3. Don't sweat the decision that much - you can always buy it back later (there is a good thread on here - "which game did you own more than once") - although if you have a really nice version of an older game it may be harder to obtain the same condition. Good luck!

#30 9 months ago

Woz easy.

#31 9 months ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

I'm sure there is a friend who likes pinball who wouldn't mind pinsitting a game while you decide which one it is. You could always rotate it around. I have 4 on loan because of space reasons.

We need to become better friends.

#32 9 months ago
Quoted from Monk:

We need to become better friends.

You need to move much, much closer

#33 9 months ago

SS. Great game. Too easy. Worth a ton of money for what it is.

Although if you have a WOZ with the old style lights I'd sell that instead of dealing with it

#34 9 months ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

You need to move much, much closer

I just might, if I could babysit pinball machines.

#35 9 months ago

SS. I find that one boring, the original EATPM was far better.

#36 9 months ago

Yeah, I wouldn't have trouble getting rid of those. Nothing to really get overly attached to there.

Just start at the top, and work your way down.

#37 9 months ago

That's a tough call. Nice collection! I've thought about selling a few myself but can't decide either. I get more attached then I should. lol. I vote for Scared Stiff, I never thought it was all that great.

#38 9 months ago

I would take SS or TZ

#39 9 months ago

My initial vote went to SS. Scared Stiff is a pin I love to play from time to time, but would not own in a small lineup.

Still...the reason to keep it would be to have one for newcomers: it's relatively easy to understand, and simple to achieve something. And Elvira rules!
Add to that it is your oldest pin in your lineup: I bet it's one of your two keepers!

So... need to find another one. MM is cool for sure, but it would not be a long term keeper in my lineup. And MMr should be relatively easy to buy back. MM would go!

#40 9 months ago


#41 9 months ago

What's wrong with WOZ?

#42 9 months ago

Thanks for all of the comments and poll voting! I've been enjoying reading everyone's thoughts.

Interestingly enough, the two games I decided I am definitely not going to sell (prior to putting up the poll) have the least votes: MMRLE and DILE.

I am intrigued by the idea of having a "pinsitter". I may give that some serious thought.

Scared Stiff is definitely my least played pin at this point, but I have a sentimental attachment to it, plus my other half loves it. I am also a big Elvira fan. It's nice because I tend to buy deeper games, and it can be a change of pace from my other machines.

I did have a mild breakthrough last night which I thought I would never ever happen. I was talking about selling Scared Stiff, and I got a tentative okay to put a 6th game on the first floor of the house. This was after several glasses of wine, so I am taking it with a grain of salt, but it would remove the need to sell something! I still might consider selling one of the 5 anyhow to really mix things up.

#43 9 months ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

What's wrong with WOZ?

Audio, layout, lighting....

#44 9 months ago

If you sell Scared Stiff I might have to put you on Ignore!

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