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Where’s a good place to live? *Poll added *

By RandomGuyOffCL

89 days ago

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Topic poll

“Pick one”

  • Texas 17 votes
  • Idaho 14 votes
  • Wisconsin to see snow 16 votes
  • Arizona 12 votes
  • N.Cali 11 votes
  • S.Cali & go solar 17 votes
  • Georgia 3 votes
  • Asheville N. Carolina 20 votes
  • Tennessee 13 votes
  • Florida 10 votes
  • Become a distributor in Hawaii 24 votes
  • Colorado 25 votes

(182 votes)

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#135 88 days ago

I'm biased of course, but I have traveled all over this great country, and experienced a lot of places. Raleigh, NC has been fantastic for our family. We live in the County (no city taxes), we're 10 minutes from a growing downtown, 1.5 hours from the beach, 2.5 hours from the mountains, and the business climate both for large and small businesses is stupendous. Raleigh is routinely voted top 10 places to live and has won the US World and News rankings twice, I believe. NC gets a bad rap for education, and it's not always unwarranted, but Wake County (Raleigh) is one of the best school districts.

We do have mild winters, and brutally humid summers for about 1 month (mid July to Mid August). If you have bad allergies be aware of pollen season every year, which turns everything a hazy yellow for about 2 weeks. But from March to June and September to November, it's always very pleasant.

As an unbiased opinion, of all my places of travel, some of the nicer places:

Texas (But brutally hot in the summer) - Best political atmosphere for me
Florida (But brutally humid in the summer and hurricanes) - Best climate for me
Arizona (Also hot) - Best people
New Mexico - Prettiest Scenery

#140 88 days ago

I'd rather live in Mianus than Uranus.

#168 88 days ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Great subject and very hard to answer honestly due to some rules of this site. Before I get rolling let it be made clear I am a tolerant person. I believe in respecting someone's beliefs even though I may not agree. I simply ask for tolerance be reciprocated. I saw one person mention where I currently live. Oregon. I dont care where you live the #1 thing that can make or break a place is politics.
The bad: (as a whole this part matters)
This state as a whole is mind numbingly out of control. (Blanket statement alert) People are vicious and down right rude. The city of Portland is a straight up shitfest. Homeless issue out of control, needles laying all over the place, after dark the real "prize winners" come out. Should your political beliefs differ you WILL be attacked "at a minimum verbally". It's completely intolerant. Traffic is beyond ridiculous. Rent/home prices are ridiculous.
Run by a mayor that encourages violent protests and restrains the police from doing their jobs. Judges that slap wrists... repeat offenders get back on the street in a matter of hours.
The good:
Pinball scene is really big here. About an hour from the beach. About an hour to the mountains. Hiking and general outdoor activities. Hunting big game. Dunes for avid ATV enthusiasts.
The neutral:
Weather depends on where you physically live.
You can drive 15 minutes and be arsehole deep in snow or simply get a dusting of snow. Drive an hour or so East and be in desert and a COMPLETELY different political ideology.
In closing, if you enjoy large crowds with crap attitudes, barely being able to afford to live then you will adore Portland Oregon. If you don't then look at Eastern Oregon. Less snow, more tolerance
For me, Idaho is on my radar as I enjoy freedom, heat and blue skies. I've also looked at New Zealand however super expensive to live, dual citizenship allowed, must possess a skill they find worthy to gain citizenship.

We were just in your fair city, stayed a week at an Airbnb in the pearl district. We did see a lot of vagrancy and sleeping on the street, tent cities, etc., but for the most part, they weren't aggressive panhandling. Might ask for a Donut as you exit Voodoo It was a little disconcerting early in the morning on our walks to breakfast, the sheer number sleeping on the sidewalks. We did get into some semi spirited conversations in the taverns, but tried to stay well clear of politics as we had been warned about some of the intolerance of opposing views. Overall, tho, we had a nice time. Oh, and we were there during the Oregon Beer fest, so that was a pleasant surprise.

#270 87 days ago
Quoted from cjchand:

In short: There's pockets of places to settle regardless of where you live on the blue/red spectrum.

It's a bit sad to think that the two political parties in the US have become so diametrically opposed that we can't even live together anymore.

#286 87 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

My part of Central PA is really starting to grate at me. The cost of living is rising, but wages are not. Real estate taxes keep going up. Affordable housing is non-existent, so most people are increasingly becoming more house poor. The amish are buying all the cheap housing up and becoming slum lords. We are becoming a suburb of philly, where people are openly proud to be an asshole...while many natives are proud and open about being racist assholes. Neighbors are not friendly any more due to the small town lifestyle being killed off by sprawl. The state and local government (commonwealth) is bloated, corrupt and impotent. Unemployment is low, which means that good service and good employees are very hard to find at the wages most companies are wanting to pay. Pennsylvania has shitty workers rights laws, which put us well behind some other states like Maryland. We have become one of those places that is nice to visit, but crappy to live in.
That being said, I haven't figured out where I would want to go yet if I do. But this thread is helpful!

We can always use good latex salesmen in NC

1 week later
#404 75 days ago
Quoted from jgentry:

All data like this is skewed toward the purpose of the people that make it. The real question is what is the murder rate per 1 mil people in those countries.

I own guns, safely locked in a safe. With that said, unfortunately, your argument doesn't hold water:

From the United Nations reports:

US 53 murders per million

The next closest from the list, Canada at 18 per million. The rest, are down in the 10 to 5 range.

#431 74 days ago

1600 sq ft homes in my area are starter homes...I just cant wrap my head around a home like this costing 500k to 1M in California. Are the wages for the average middle class that much higher? For a family of four, where a mom is a school teacher and the dad is the manager of the local McDonalds, how are they affording housing? Honest question and no detriment aimed toward CA.

#468 73 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Gotta agree with Jeffro here. You're basically telling everyone here in the Bay Area who lives in a <$1.5M property that their home & neighborhood are sub-par, which is false and a little offensive. Even for "your area", where my offices are located, I don't concur.
Here's an example of a property I sold in your area for around $1M (see photo). Good condition. 4-bedrooms. 1/4 acre. Wasn't Brand New, hence the nice-sized lot. Most of the new home developments have postage stamp lots where you can pass the Gray Poupon to your neighbor through the window and smell each others' farts. And they cost at least 30% more than the resale homes. I generally don't recommend those.
New custom home on large lot? Sure. Big bucks. $1.5M-$2M+.
I just don't like this false narrative that you've got to be loaded to own a decent property here. Way too many people hear that and believe that and never even try to become homeowners, which is sad because they're getting bent over on rent and missing the boat.
[quoted image]

I'm amazed that the 1M home pictured is in your mind reasonable. As someone else mentioned, that's a 300k house in my area. We're in the RTP area which is dubbed silicon east so plenty of tech jobs that are making the aforementioned 150k a year. But School teachers, government workers, police officers, small business owners, retail managers, etc can still afford these types of homes. I dont understand how the regular middle class of people in service industries in California have any opportunity at home ownership. Seems like a huge bubble that has to burst at some point. All those tech people arent going to teach their own kids or cook their own food.

#473 73 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

You do realize the East Bay expands far beyond those boundaries? Speaking of things that are ridiculous, I think it's ridiculous for you to make such a statement about how knowledgeable you are about this, that, and the other, and then say something like you've never been to Martinez... There's this fallacy that's been put out there, NorCalRealtor talks about it, that everything in the Bay Area is unaffordable when that's simply not true.
Yes, your area is expensive, no doubt. But to make such a blanket statement based on one generalized area doesn't make much sense.
For the rest of the country commenting on our real-estate values here, no one is disputing you can buy more (usually far more) somewhere else outside of LA/SF Bay Area. As such, you can think our property values here are as ridiculous as you want but our weather here is as close to perfect as it gets, really can say the same thing for the entire CA coast, and our proximity to high-paying jobs is unlike anywhere else in the US. Things are so expensive here because the market dictates they be, that's how it works. If no one wanted to live here and there weren't a gluttonous amount of high-paying jobs, then no doubt the real-estate prices wouldn't be so high comparatively speaking.

Dont think anyone is disputing that CA is a beautiful place to live. And for those with the high paying tech jobs, it's great. I'm just trying to understand how all the non tech people in the service industry that provide services for all those tech people are able to afford housing. You cant have a city entirely of tech people....you need grocery workers, gas attendents, fast food workers, teachers, police, etc. How are these people able to live in the same communities? Renters only?

#474 73 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

But then I'd have to live in NC where I personally don't want to live. The weather there doesn't remotely match up to the weather here on the CA coast for starters. Furthermore, there aren't plenty of tech jobs in NC paying 150K+ per year, I know, I've looked... I've been recruited several times by companies in NC, and TX, and neither can hold a candle to the salaries paid for equivalent work in CA...

Take into account that CAs cost of living is 1.6x NC, and I think youd find there are as many high paying jobs here than in CA. I give you the weather...hard to beat CA...we have mild seasons but brutal humidity in the summer.

1 month later
#495 42 days ago

From pizza to religious racist....that devolved quickly.

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