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Where’s a good place to live? *Poll added *

By RandomGuyOffCL

86 days ago

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  • Texas 17 votes
  • Idaho 14 votes
  • Wisconsin to see snow 16 votes
  • Arizona 12 votes
  • N.Cali 11 votes
  • S.Cali & go solar 17 votes
  • Georgia 3 votes
  • Asheville N. Carolina 20 votes
  • Tennessee 13 votes
  • Florida 10 votes
  • Become a distributor in Hawaii 24 votes
  • Colorado 25 votes

(182 votes)

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#158 85 days ago

Pretty challenging to find a place that has great weather all year around .... here are my thoughts on the Bay Area:

The Pros

1. Best weather in the world
2. Close to beaches and Mountains (best of both worlds)
3. Sports, concerts, shows, restaurants, activities
4. 3 international airports within an hour of each other
Great job market

The Cons

1. Taxed to death in California....the left wingers are running people out of here
2. Traffic and crowds
3. Cost of living - when you have to pay $1.3M+ for a small house on a busy street its safe to say its a little out of control. Its even crazier to think you have to spend $2M+ to live a nice area with good public schools (which are hard to find)

#164 85 days ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Great subject and very hard to answer honestly due to some rules of this site. Before I get rolling let it be made clear I am a tolerant person. I believe in respecting someone's beliefs even though I may not agree. I simply ask for tolerance be reciprocated. I saw one person mention where I currently live. Oregon. I dont care where you live the #1 thing that can make or break a place is politics.
The bad: (as a whole this part matters)
This state as a whole is mind numbingly out of control. (Blanket statement alert) People are vicious and down right rude. The city of Portland is a straight up shitfest. Homeless issue out of control, needles laying all over the place, after dark the real "prize winners" come out. Should your political beliefs differ you WILL be attacked "at a minimum verbally". It's completely intolerant. Traffic is beyond ridiculous. Rent/home prices are ridiculous.
Run by a mayor that encourages violent protests and restrains the police from doing their jobs. Judges that slap wrists... repeat offenders get back on the street in a matter of hours.
The good:
Pinball scene is really big here. About an hour from the beach. About an hour to the mountains. Hiking and general outdoor activities. Hunting big game. Dunes for avid ATV enthusiasts.
The neutral:
Weather depends on where you physically live.
You can drive 15 minutes and be arsehole deep in snow or simply get a dusting of snow. Drive an hour or so East and be in desert and a COMPLETELY different political ideology.
In closing, if you enjoy large crowds with crap attitudes, barely being able to afford to live then you will adore Portland Oregon. If you don't then look at Eastern Oregon. Less snow, more tolerance
For me, Idaho is on my radar as I enjoy freedom, heat and blue skies. I've also looked at New Zealand however super expensive to live, dual citizenship allowed, must possess a skill they find worthy to gain citizenship.

I love Idaho. I'm looking at buying some land soon.....the good news is its cheap (compared to the Bay Area), and awesome during the spring, summer, fall..the challenge is its cold a fuck 5 months out of the year....so yes could live there April - October, but Nov-March are really rough

#174 85 days ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

What part ?
I've been looking

I've been looking in the Jackson Hole/Swan Valley/Idaho Falls area....I'm big into fly fishing and its close to the South Fork and a bunch of other rivers....that being said u need to be relatively close to services i.e. grocery stores, medical, etc....theres a lot of factors

#181 85 days ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Exactly, i was looking Idaho Falls area as well.
I'm a big skier, but the eastside of the state is really cold. Really cold.

The entire friggin state is cold in the winter....I like the fall weather, but the winters are brutal

#190 85 days ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

You all live in an uninhabitable climate. The poster child for waste and pollution. I cannot disagree with this more.

Im sick, I love winter. I like to hunker down, have fires, cuddle up. Makes being in the basement for hours on the weekend much more tolerable when it isnt as inviting to go out. Also makes me appreciate the warmer times even more. ALSO NO BUGS IN THE WINTER.

sounds like you've adapted well....for me I'm always outside working, playing so living through cold ass winters sucks ass....especially now that I've gotten a little older I've become a complete wimp in the cold weather.

#196 85 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Bay Area has prettygood weather, but I think San Diego has better weather. Sunny 75 year round. Something like that.

I love the coastline from San Clemente down to San Diego...if I was forced to live in SoCal that would be my choice. That being access San Diego lack of access to mountains, rivers, etc is a big downside for me....9 months out of the year we have perfect weather...the other 3 months its a little colder (low 60's during the day, 40's at night)...I can live with that for the time being.

#289 84 days ago

I live amongst many bleeding heart liberals in my area...most are good people, and the topic of politics doesn't really come up. I will say this that many are starting to realize that we are getting taxed to death and its getting out of hand. The other problem is our great Governor is such a left wing whack job that its getting worse (I know hard to believe)...if I was looking to move to an area of "likeminded" people it would probably be Utah....although that comes with other pitfalls like shitty beer, cold winters, and religious impacts.

#323 84 days ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

I live in the Bay Area which sucks. I hate it here. Here for the kids and job.
Goal is to move to our vacation home eventually. It is in California but is relatively inexpensive, homes can be had for 300k, no traffic and on a lake. Get all the joys of California (weather, scenery, etc) without the insane prices.
I have tried to find some place better (visit a different state every year) but nothing compares for our life style.
Only 14 more years to go!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Other than the cost of housing its relatively cheap to live in the Bay Area....that being said a shit box by my kids school just sold for $1.4M....it was 1900 sq ft, built in the 70's, needed work, and on a busy street...its ridiculous ..

#325 84 days ago

utility costs, and property taxes are low here....private school is expensive anywhere u live....not sure about the other stuff, but yes I agree were taxed to death in this state....blame the left wing liberals .... gas is the worst by the way...we pay almost a $1 more a gallon than Idaho/Utah....for what?

#335 83 days ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

I do believe California has good qualities. Where I want to eventually live is more conservative than anywhere I went in Texas or Tennessee plus no humidity. You can find one stop light towns in California, you just have to look.
Sure some things are still more expensive (gas) but the trade off of scenery, weather are are worth the added costs for me and I have built that in to my retirement. If I find somewhere better I may jump ship but I don’t see it happening.

I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life, and for all its problems i.e. taxes, crowds, traffic, liberals, etc....the Pros still far outweigh the cons for me although I've been blessed to live a nice area with great schools, jobs, etc....what many people don't realize is the cost of housing is directly related to quality of schools, and jobs.....the other driver is its very difficult to obtain approvals for housing in the Bay Area...activists, and City governments (entitlement programs) fees paid to build a house are off the charts. Its not uncommon that a developer has to pay $250K+ per lot just to get approvals (this is before starting to develop infrastructure and build). So as much as they complain they are their own worst enemies. I'd love to move to Idaho, Utah, Colorado but all those places come with their own set of challenges.

#341 83 days ago
Quoted from usandthem:

That's neat if you can do it. Move to a dream location with all your loved ones. It's probably highly impractical or near impossible for most to pick up roots like that. What about established careers, churches that you attend, doctors, etc.?

There seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance on this thread. I see a lot of people saying that they love a particular place (except for the liberals) or except for the diversity and all sorts of nonsense like that. The desirability of a location is the sum of many factors. Did you ever stop to think that much of the success of the Bay Area and the fact that a 1000 sq. ft. home costs more than a million bucks is largely because of those awful liberals and their terrible tech companies that pay a median salary of 250K a year? You know those liberals who value education, parks and rec services, a clean environment (well, the best that you can make it with so many people packed into such a small area)? Be careful what you wish for. If the Bay Area were more conservative, it might look more Mississippi instead.

conservatives care just as much about quality education, diversity, parks, and the environment..your rhetoric is typical liberal propaganda...

#348 83 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

The rich/highly educated demographic in the US now leans solidly democratic. Pinside’s userbase leans conservative and probably has higher than average income given it’s an expensive hobby, so maybe that’s throwing you off. But your stereotype doesn’t match up with reality anymore.

I would guess polling would bear you out on some of these issues (education) but not on others (diversity, the environment). Unless you meant that some individual conservatives care deeply about all of these issues even if conservatives as a whole rank them below other issues, in which case fair enough.

we all care deeply about the environment, and to say we don't is ignorant......I live possibly the most liberal area in the world, and trust me most of the radical liberals love to paint conservatives with a broad brush...we don't care about the environment, poor people, education, etc...its total BS

#367 82 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You're the one who gets moderated? Wow
Good post by the way. Right on point.
Seems like nobody has mentioned Hawaii. I've read Hawaii is the #1 Happiest State. Arguably prettiest state as well. No love here?
Great thread if we can keep it on track.

I don't mind...I couldn't help myself..drives me nuts when people paint either party with a broad brush. I love Hawaii by the way although not sure I could live there full time...I spent three months there for work about 20 years a go, and couldn't wait to get home....its the perfect place for a one or two week visit

1 week later
#410 72 days ago
Quoted from SimpleSam:

Yes, no gun laws would be best but our recently elected governor is not as freedom oriented as his predecessors.
I wrote about five different cities I had lived in and you focused on three words. Those three words may not be important to you but they are to me as well as many others who are fleeing CA for greener pastures which is why I thought it relevant. I don't want to get into a gun control debate, you can always try Democratic Underground (for an echo chamber) or AR15.com (for well researched opinions different than yours) if you'd like to discuss guns.
Back on topic, I wish I had moved out of CA when my children were young so we could have been established in an area where they might have stayed. The main economic problem with CA is that there are two extremes; places that are affordable with few jobs (Central Valley) and places that are incredibly expensive but with good paying jobs (Bay Area, LA). The house in San Jose that I grew up in (60 years old, 1,500 square feet, ok neighborhood) just sold for $1.5 million. Even in the tech industry, the kind of salaries needed to afford that are rare and would require two highly compensated people to afford it. Of course people just spend half their income on their housing or live in hovels but what kind of life is that? Average income people end up living in lower cost areas (like Modesto) and commuting into the areas with lots of jobs (like the Bay Area). Spending several hours per day commuting is common in CA. I sure hope my sons end up in some place where they have opportunities and I can afford to retire to.

Theres a lot of truth in your comments. I've lived in the inner bay area my entire life....I've been fortunate to be in a position to live in a really nice area, with great schools, but worry that theres little chance my kids could have the lifestyle they deserve in the Bay Area....Once they graduate we'll probably sell out and move out of state, but the problem is its either too hot (i.e. Arizona summers) or way too cold in the Winters (basically every where else)...hopefully we can afford two places to retire.

#436 71 days ago
Quoted from Methos:

I've never been to the Bay area, but those that I know that liked it. Why are you concerned that your kids won't experience the same there anymore?

The Bay Area (in my opinion) is the greatest place in the world to live for a number of reasons...close to the beach, Sierras, great weather, great jobs, great Universities, restaurants, sports, etc.....with that of course comes its own set of challenges....i.e. traffic, crowds, and the cost of living (mainly housing)....a shit box of house in my area costs $1.5M....so yea a little worried that they can afford the lifestyle....

#437 71 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Still plenty of houses in the East Bay for $600k-$800k. Condos <$500k. Depends on the city. Still not cheap. SF, Silicon Valley, fuggetaboudit!

maybe in not so nice neighborhoods with not so good schools.....what really drives values (aside for good paying jobs) in the Bay Area is the quality of the public school system...some are great, and some are really poor.....great school districts demand a big premium, and they vary greatly by city

#454 71 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Actually not true. This is my business. You dont NEED $1M+ to get a good house/neighbood/schools in the Bay Area. It's easy to make generalizations about housing in the Bay Area, but not every city and town here is outrageous. Most simply don't know the entire area.
Anyway, despite all its charms I don't wish to retire here. Where else can I get good weather , not too hot or too cold, no harsh winters, low humidity?

Not my experience, but my expectations might be different. I've been developing land in the inner Bay Area for 25+ years, and if u want to live next to good jobs, be a great school district, low crime, live in a nice home, and not have to commute for hours yours paying well over $1.5M+ .... yes in some areas u can find half way decent 25+ year old track homes for close to a $1M, but their not great places to live.

#457 71 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

Only much of what you call out here is subjective... I live in Martinez, in a house built in this century for less than $750K. My sons school is awesome and our area is safe. So I'm confused by your post...

Its certainly subjective, and thats great u like Martinez (never been there), but in my area Danville, Alamo, Pleasanton what u describe doesn't exist...in general the costs in these areas are $1.5-2M for something thats nice...its ridiculous....

#464 71 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Gotta agree with Jeffro here. You're basically telling everyone here in the Bay Area who lives in a <$1.5M property that their home & neighborhood are sub-par, which is false and a little offensive. Even for "your area", where my offices are located, I don't concur.
Here's an example of a property I sold in your area for around $1M (see photo). Good condition. 4-bedrooms. 1/4 acre. Wasn't Brand New, hence the nice-sized lot. Most of the new home developments have postage stamp lots where you can pass the Gray Poupon to your neighbor through the window and smell each others' farts. And they cost at least 30% more than the resale homes. I generally don't recommend those.
New custom home on large lot? Sure. Big bucks. $1.5M-$2M+.
I just don't like this false narrative that you've got to be loaded to own a decent property here. Way too many people hear that and believe that and never even try to become homeowners, which is sad because they're getting bent over on rent and missing the boat.
[quoted image]

I wasn't trying to offend anyone, so sorry if u took it that way....my original comment was that the cost of housing in the inner Bay Area will most likely be out of reach for our kids, which is pretty sad. By the way large homes on big lots are well over $2.0m+ .... Just around the corner a new house that was 4800 sq ft on an avg size lot just sold for $3.2 M.....my guess is the house in the photo above was 25+ years old and needed a shit load of work....so yea u can convince yourself its affordable, but in reality its not even close....u take that $3.2 M house and put in Salt Lake City and it would be under a $1M.....postage stamp houses on tiny lots in Dublin sell for $1.5M....its a joke, and unless your trading up or have a bunch of cash your not buying a new house in the Bay Area.

#465 71 days ago
Quoted from SimpleSam:

You do realize that the $1 million house you are showing is $200K to $400K in big chunks of the country, right? While people in the bay area, if they are in a high demand field, make more money, they don't make five times as much. The reality is, outside of people in highly compensated professions, most people are better off with a lower paying job in a much lower cost community. The only catch is that they can't ski and surf in the same day.
This is what a million bucks buys in Reno. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/14501-Quail-Rock-Ct_Reno_NV_89511_M21978-63653?view=qv[quoted image]

Thats exactly right.....without knowing the details that house would probably sell for well over $2M in the Bay Area....what people don't realize is one of the key reasons its so expensive is obtaining permits is very challenging, and once you get the permits the City fees are out of control...in some cases their well over $150K before u put a stick in the ground...city governments have gotten out of control.

1 month later
#496 39 days ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

You know nothing Jon Snow.
SoCal has everything including the best pizza places. It’s got the best food in the world, the best weather in the world, the best entertainment in the world. Try Lamppost pizza and their wings. Best ever. Sure our homeless problem has gotten pretty bad the last few years, but that’s because homeless are being dumped here by the jack booted nazis that plague many of the other states. Would you rather deal with the homeless, or all the religious racists? That’s what it comes down to.

Its pretty easy to ignore someones opinion that hides their location....especially on this topic...

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