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Where’s a good place to live? *Poll added *

By RandomGuyOffCL

85 days ago

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Topic poll

“Pick one”

  • Texas 17 votes
  • Idaho 14 votes
  • Wisconsin to see snow 16 votes
  • Arizona 12 votes
  • N.Cali 11 votes
  • S.Cali & go solar 17 votes
  • Georgia 3 votes
  • Asheville N. Carolina 20 votes
  • Tennessee 13 votes
  • Florida 10 votes
  • Become a distributor in Hawaii 24 votes
  • Colorado 25 votes

(182 votes)

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#20 85 days ago

I've got a shed behind my garage.

No really it's New Zealand FTW.

#22 85 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Following this thread. Leaving the SF Bay Area & California someday is always on my mind.

None of the shit we have had to put up with over the last 40 or so years...

Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Summer Blend Gasoline
Ban On Oil Base House Paint
New Yorkers Moving Here
You Name It...

Has made me think I really need to get out of here, until they started talking this mandatory flu shot bullshit.

#27 85 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

The only thing Cali has going for it is Odin, NorCalrealtor, Robt and my buddy Nimblepin

You forgot all the Mexican food!

Hate to say it but Texas is one of the biggest shit holes I've ever driven through, but I do like the people there.

#35 85 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Texas is pretty F ing big, i'm quite sure you haven't "driven through" my Texas!

I was going 90 MPH all night and it still wouldn't end.

The most majestic place in the USA I have seen runs along the Rogue River.

Google it if you don't know where that is.
c852ada308efbdbab9c30eba7c386b28 (resized).jpg

#42 85 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Oregon I think?

Yes. I took a short cut and drove quite a long way along side of it, and it was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Spellbinding. And there were towns.

I told myself if I ever got the hell out of dodge and didn't go to New Zealand, that would be the place.

#47 85 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Life it too short, live wherever makes you happy

So far I've learned to be happy right here again in my own little space. Traveling is great, but as time goes on there is no place like home. As long as I never have the need to drive into LA ever again, I'm good.

#49 85 days ago

FYI San Angeles is somewhere about halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles.

Given the choice, for me San Diego would be way better than anywhere near Los Angeles.

#54 85 days ago

Unknown (resized).jpgOK then. As Dorothy said "there's no place like home"

#56 85 days ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

How bout New Mexico?

I had to take a big roundabout off the highway because of a fuel spill and ended up in the neatest little town and ate the most flavorful steak I ever had.

Wish I could remember the name of that town, but i'll never forget that steak. Super nice people too.

#59 85 days ago

Tasty werewolf!

The town was very surreal.

#64 85 days ago

You don't make this easy. With all your stipulations and don't want cold, crowds, but still want a decent income.

Are you OK with bugs? Lots of bugs?

#69 85 days ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

This isn’t easy at all which is why I turned to the smartest people in the world...

Well, I've been looking my whole life for what you are asking except I like to be close to an ocean.

Anywhere that is nice and still warm in the USA where you can make a decent living, the secret is out and will cost money. You don't want cold leaves only the most southern states. You don't want bugs eliminate Texas and east of that.

So all that's left is

#78 85 days ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Wife wants Hawaii bad...I’m too much of a car nut, got transmissions and engines everywhere...damn tire machine in the corner...would have to give all that up

Not at all. Once you get inland a little bit there is plenty of cheap farm land with rusty old cars everywhere.

It's called living the dream.

12316034_web1_junk-sea-180613-P2 (resized).jpghawaii807050318AR_b (resized).jpg
#85 85 days ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

I've often thought about escaping California as well, but to where?

Unknown (resized).jpg
#86 85 days ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Repulsive isn’t it?
Pacman isn’t joking about that...


#89 85 days ago

I'm just going to say it's getting time to make this a reality and leave it at that.

Unknown (resized).jpg
#93 85 days ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Forchristsakes you guys

Meet the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss.

Unknown (resized).jpg
#103 85 days ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Who is that?
Christopher Walken?

His name is Cal Uber Alles.

#105 85 days ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

I didn’t quote it, but pac man summed it up pretty well. I rarely disagree with his views things.

He does tell it like it is in fewer words than I can.

#108 85 days ago

I'm going to go watch a few more episodes of House Hunters and I'll get back to you.

#114 85 days ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Lots of gangs and murders in Riverside and neighboring cities like Moreno Valley, Hemet, San Bernardino

Similar to the guy that posted pics of those lovely hills over Los Angeles.

#118 85 days ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

Not sure about the crime stats but I felt safe in the area I was in. That mountain I posted is about a mile from my motel. I walked there and there were lots of families walking up the mountain to watch the sunset.

It's too easy to generalize. There are going to be good areas and bad areas wherever you go. Glad you enjoyed your stay and took in some of the local culture.

The only problem I have with Riverside is it gets so darn hot out there blocked from the ocean breeze we sorta get.

#185 85 days ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

. The "progressives" in charge of CA schools are trying to indoctrinate our kids into thinking this crap is normal. But really its just brain washing

92ba82be4fc7eede29b2567bc01890c9 (resized).jpg
#186 85 days ago
Quoted from jamesmc:

"All I need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine". Spicoli. Words of wisdom. If you have enough money San Clemente is paradise for most locals.

download (1) (resized).jpg
#189 85 days ago

Since I've had all night to sleep on this.

Leucadia-sign (resized).jpgTwilight+Aerial+5 (resized).jpgfunky_leucadia_encinitas_homes_720 (resized).jpg
#193 85 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

San Diego has better weather. Sunny 75 year round. Something like that.

San Diego. World's finest city.

I like north county coastline. Too bad the secret's been out on that for a while. Wasn't long ago it was dirt cheap relatively speaking.

#198 85 days ago

If we are going that far, see you in San Tropez!

#202 85 days ago

I think I'll bookmark this thread, come back in a few months, and share a pic of two of So Cal beaches in January.

#204 85 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well from what I hear you'll need to sleep on the beach or get woken up by leaf blowers every morning.

If sleeping under a lifeguard tower is good enough for Scotty Palmer, it's good enough for me!
B004LAGZUE_Hardbodies_UXSY1._SX1080_ (resized).jpg

#206 85 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Make sure you get Fat Sam's in the frame.[quoted image]

I'll even get The Big Kahuna!

maxresdefault (resized).jpg
#209 85 days ago
Quoted from Goronic:

However, I really do need to have seasons (all 4 if possible)

We just go up the mountain when we want snow.

#213 85 days ago

I'm not really trying to sell California as a great place to move to, in fact I'd seriously advise against it.

Back in the day we were ready to toss any new people out as they came here, as they don't accept our culture, set up mini versions of their own country or state, build up any undeveloped land, and wave their perspective flags around like they all own the place now, with no respect whatsoever to those of us that were born and raised here. Now they are telling us that WE have to conserve water.

Some of them still act like we are just holding up progress and should get out of their way. And some of you wonder why Ca. gets a bad rap.

#221 85 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Seeing lots of votes for NC.

Carolinas are beautiful. They have cool city names like Winston Salem and Hickory.

#224 85 days ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Every time Idaho is mentioned I think of Napoleon Dynamite.

It's famous for more than just that.

download (4) (resized).jpg
#229 85 days ago

Here's a little spot I picked out while visiting New Zealand called The Bay of Plenty.

I've got Rotordave over there building my hotel now.

tauranga (resized).jpg
#241 84 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

That being said TX is really two different states, rural vs urban.

I like both kinds of their music, country and western.

#243 84 days ago

I'd rather move to Indiana and hang out with Gryzzz anyway.

#248 84 days ago
Quoted from Backyardace:

Indiana is okay, but the roads here suck!

I take it you've never seen the roads of Compton.

pothole-compton-1 (resized).jpg
#362 82 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:Good with living here
A cold beer and nice sunset. What else do you need![quoted image]

A lot the size of yours so I can supersize the noone lagoon.

Quoted from rotordave:

- small - only 5m population in a land mass the same size as the UK (which has 66m people)
- really laid back
- great lifestyle
- you can drive from any house in NZ to a lake or a beach in 30 minutes.
- California style beaches on the East Coast and wild, rugged beaches on the West Coast

Unknown (resized).jpg
1 week later
#384 73 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Good with living here
A cold beer and nice sunset. What else do you need![quoted image]

Looks like a great place for fishing and other watersports.

huffingtonpostdotcom22 (resized).jpg
#387 72 days ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

That looks awesome having a 7-11 you can drive your boat right up to the pumps!

Texas's own Venice has to be one of the best kept secrets in America.

#390 72 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I think someone needs to do some serious earthworks ....

When we get a serious earthquake, he can put it right back on me.

But for now, it was a warm Santa Ana day with only a slight breeze, and a chance of our first showers of fall by the weekend.

I don't think I'm going anywhere.

#392 72 days ago

What has made So Cal much more bearable for me is at least where I'm at the smog problem is history. Used to be the more people, the worse it got.

And there were many days with smog alerts where kids at school couldn't even go out and play. Or surfing back in the 80s there was a brown layer that would block the view to Catalina and we were gasping for breath after a few minutes. All gone now unless you are in downtown LA or near there, but still not as bad.

Clear as can be most days in OC now.

I guess I've been doing my job.

#394 72 days ago

Sung to the rhythm of Age of Aquarius by the 5th Dimension

When the sun is blotted out of sight.. and both your eyes begin to burn... and you can't even see the freeway... to make that left hand turn!

You know you're driving in..

the smog of Los Angeles

the smog of Los Angeles

Los Angeles! Los Angeles....

Forgot the rest but came from Mad Magazine in the early 70s.

#429 71 days ago
Quoted from nvu4prod:

when we retire and move elsewhere in
a couple of years!!

That honestly doesn't look like the worst spread to retire in. Just gotta ignore most of the outside world and stake your claim to what is yours.

In So Cal, all that is going on outside is irrelevant to what I do on my property. Plus everything I need is close by, so I rarely have to deal with all the idiots on the freeways. Can't beat the year round weather either.

#432 71 days ago
Quoted from nvu4prod:

cheaper homes but still close to Oceanside, Carlsbad and Dana Point.

I remember when all three of those beach communities were cheaper than many established inland cities. San Clemente too.

Back in the early 80s a little more than $100k could get you an older house with a nice size lot a couple blocks from the ocean, where inland that was enough for a condo.

I looked hard at all four and ended up with a big three level condo with three garages in San Clemente two blocks from the ocean for $150k in 1987.

Those days are long gone now, but if I had held onto that place and rented it out over the years, it would be all payed for now and a nice weekend getaway place. Probably worth close to a million now.

I wanted to go on safari though so sold it in the mid 90s for a decent profit.

#442 71 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Where else can I get good weather , not too hot or too cold, no harsh winters, low humidity?

New Zealand (resized).jpg
#446 71 days ago

I hear Guam is beautiful this time of year.

#449 71 days ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Didn't I read somewhere NZ only lets you in if you possess useful skills? I'm guessing they don't need any more salespeople. Maybe they'd made an exception for someone with a nice pinball collection?

Yep. My plan is to be Rotordave's pinball tech.

And on slow days after I'm done surfing and eating a nice breakfast, I will wax his car.

#452 71 days ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Sweet plan - unfortunately I already have a sucker who already does all that stuff for free, dedicating his life to fix old clanger pinball machines. Oh wait. That’s me. Lol!

Of course you are always welcome to come and hang out and help! Just yesterday NimbleNuts was telling me of his plans to drag you to Pincade next year ...

It was a better plan than what I came up with 20 years ago when I visited the place.

Load all my tools in the back of my truck, put it on a boat, and fix Datsuns when I get there.

There is one other way.

When I was at the airport ready to depart a pretty young lady asked me if I wanted to marry her. Quite surprised I said " really"

She said "you like it here don't you? $10,000 is the going rate"

#463 70 days ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Everyone has a different definition of “awesome.”

cabana-12-ft-w-x-8-ft-d-wood-storage-shed (resized).jpg
#470 70 days ago

Fricken 7:00 AM this morning!

#477 70 days ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

Let’s get back on topic!
Where we want to live!
Be there in two hours![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


Got me thinking about one place in So Cal where you don't have to worry about traffic or smog, and hopefully not leaf blowers either.

1558114430499_charles-phoenix-kodachrome-collection-catalina-1957 (resized).jpg
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