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Where’s a good place to live? *Poll added *

By RandomGuyOffCL

3 months ago

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“Pick one”

  • Texas 17 votes
  • Idaho 14 votes
  • Wisconsin to see snow 16 votes
  • Arizona 12 votes
  • N.Cali 11 votes
  • S.Cali & go solar 17 votes
  • Georgia 3 votes
  • Asheville N. Carolina 20 votes
  • Tennessee 13 votes
  • Florida 10 votes
  • Become a distributor in Hawaii 24 votes
  • Colorado 25 votes

(182 votes)

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#166 3 months ago

Anywhere in middle Tennessee. No state income tax, skilled workers are in high demand with very competitive pay, low property tax, fairly low cost of living. You get 4 true seasons but winter is mild. Nashville offers just about anything you would want to do other then professional baseball and basketball. Lots of things for outdoor people to do if you like hiking, cycling, fishing and hunting. Easy to get to and easy to use airport that is slowly adding more international flights

#179 3 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

right to work state?????? don't really see the competitive salaries if that's the case.

That's what happens when people make assumptions about situations that they don't know much about. It's currently a hard competition to get qualified candidates for any skilled position as candidates have numerous options which results in having to pay more to get the people you want. If you suck or are inconsistent that's on you. People that have skills to offer employers are making substantially more in middle TN then they ever have and employers are aggressive about keeping their people and have to be aggressive about hiring new ones. There is a reason close to 100 people move to this area every day, and it's not so they can get paid crap and have a higher cost of living. It's because the economy is booming and there are more skilled jobs available then candidates to fill them.

#230 3 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Asheville is a very cool town, though if you don't like Bay Area politics it might not be a perfect fit.

Its reminds me of a little Portland. Great to visit and overall a great town. Not sure long term it's really my vibe. Lots of people absolutely love it though.

1 week later
#403 78 days ago

I wouldn't let gun laws really determine were I live. But it is interesting to see the dramatic difference and fear people have of guns that did not grow up around them compared to people that did (not talking about growing up around gang bangers with guns). I have a safe full of guns, I like to hunt and fish and every once in a while shoot trap or skeet. I didn't buy most of them, most are gifts or willed to me. I was raised hunting and fishing and was taught gun safety early on and have had it reinforced my whole life. I do not carry though because I don't need a gun to feel safe and honestly having one in public is too much responsibility and risk that I would never feel comfortable with. We have a good friend from Australia that is super uncomfortable around all guns and is terrified of them but he lives a happy life in Dallas Texas with few issues.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

You really need to start this 100% utter horseshit in this thread? Christ man, go shoot your guns.[quoted image]

All data like this is skewed toward the purpose of the people that make it. The real question is what is the murder rate per 1 mil people in those countries. That will tell you a lot more if there is a murder problem in general. If someone wants to murder someone not having a gun will not stop them. You could argue it makes it harder and other people are less likely to get caught in the crossfire of a crazy person. No doubt the USA has a gun violence problem. I'm all for stricter laws on certain types of weapons or the ban of them entirely and would love for it to be much harder for anyone to buy a gun. Some of the idiots I know are certainly not responsible enough to be conceal carrying like they do. But that doesn't stop the problem that the USA has more guns then anywhere else and most are not registered or are no longer with the original owner. So we can't just put them all in a box. I could get by just fine with a Muzzleloader and a shotgun and still enjoy everything I like to do out doors but I know a lot of others that at least think they couldn't. And as long as it's their right I stay out of it.

#405 78 days ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I own guns, safely locked in a safe. With that said, unfortunately, your argument doesn't hold water:
From the United Nations reports:
US 53 murders per million
The next closest from the list, Canada at 18 per million. The rest, are down in the 10 to 5 range.

Wasn't really an argument, it was more of a question. Thanks for the info.

#479 76 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

You do realize the East Bay expands far beyond those boundaries? Speaking of things that are ridiculous, I think it's ridiculous for you to make such a statement about how knowledgeable you are about this, that, and the other, and then say something like you've never been to Martinez... There's this fallacy that's been put out there, NorCalRealtor talks about it, that everything in the Bay Area is unaffordable when that's simply not true.
Yes, your area is expensive, no doubt. But to make such a blanket statement based on one generalized area doesn't make much sense.
For the rest of the country commenting on our real-estate values here, no one is disputing you can buy more (usually far more) somewhere else outside of LA/SF Bay Area. As such, you can think our property values here are as ridiculous as you want but our weather here is as close to perfect as it gets, really can say the same thing for the entire CA coast, and our proximity to high-paying jobs is unlike anywhere else in the US. Things are so expensive here because the market dictates they be, that's how it works. If no one wanted to live here and there weren't a gluttonous amount of high-paying jobs, then no doubt the real-estate prices wouldn't be so high comparatively speaking.

Weather is subjective. Some people like 4 seasons, some people like your weather, some people want it to never get above 50, other in the words of Seinfeld would like to sit in a recliner on the sun.

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