B66 Left Ramp Wireform Being Made

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B66 Left Ramp Wireform Being Made

By cooked71

1 year ago

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#3 1 year ago

I'm WAY interested!!! I really think it only needs to be done where the plastic flap lives. Honestly, once I pitched the game to just over 7, I can't get the ball to fly off anymore, but having a powdered wireform instead of that plastic would really look better ( imho) and be functional, as well.
I've got a local machine shop that will make me anything, but I'd be willing to purchase a replacement ramp, as I can't stand having the game down too long....lmk what you find....mark

#4 1 year ago

On a related note ( sort of), I'm taking my lockdown bar to my local powder coat shop, as I have an idea to ditch that decal, once and for all!!!....will keep you posted.

I really like the game, so for me, worth the effort....

#15 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Complete replacement ramps would get the job done more in a more complete manner and could also be powdercoated in advance in any colour.

Being the black sparkle powder coat on the armor is sort of tied in, I was thinking red sparkle for the habitrail, as well as the bat emblem on the lockdown....think it would look perfect. Can I get it done locally? Absolutely. Expensive as hell for a one off small job? Absolutely.

Hopefully there are enough on here that want to finish the hardware properly, that someone will step up and offer it at a ( somewhat) reasonable price....

1 week later
#21 1 year ago
Quoted from Bonnevil69:

if somebodies got some sort of plans I can look at I will see what I can do as far as pricing out the building of those parts

PM sent....

#25 1 year ago
Quoted from Bonnevil69:

I talked with MK6PIN about it and are coming up with a plan to get these made but I cant start till after TPF because my game Doom is taking up all my time getting it ready

Yes......it shall be the proper fix.....no plastic....very excited!!!!

#27 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Could he make a new guide rail for the left orbit so it was curved more to give a better shot. It is way to straight in the middle.

Way in front of you!!!!....we have discussed several things, all of which will improve the ramp performance, while looking " factory"

#30 1 year ago

The left wireform is the biggie for me...no doubt that thing can be " finished off" the way I suspect it might have been meant to be....

#32 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Are you referring to an entirely new wireform from end to end or just a wireform addition on the top?

It has to be braced more to take the wiggle out, partial cage and pitch adjustment up top, metal at the catwoman entrance, so yep, pretty much a nice, tidy, total replacement. Very excited to get this sorted....

3 weeks later
#42 1 year ago
Quoted from Bonnevil69:

Okay. So after a test part is made I will post it I'm sure MK6pin wouldn't mind being the beta tester to get the part correct

Of course, I'm in!!!..pm'd you yesterday, late.....super excited to get started....I know this will be a must have!!!....

#43 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

If they look as factory/good as the ones that come on the game out of the box sign me up!

I believe they will look more "factory" than the originals, actually. Imagine....no plastic flapper add on....ramp pitched and attached properly so the wiggle is gone, back height corrected ( no more " shim city"). The left ramp will transform from " wiggly smooth" to " fast, solid, and ultra smooth ".

Suspect this will be the best mod that no one but you knows was added.....

2 weeks later
#53 1 year ago

Pm'd Matt on progress on his prior commitment...will let you know when it's our turn...hopefully soon...

#54 1 year ago

New ramp w new code...the best is yet to come....exciting times ahead for this pin, for sure!!!

#56 1 year ago

Matt responded, saying hes still working out CAD for his customer in front of us,so it would be a bit before he would start, but was exxited to get on the ramp project for us...

#58 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Where's Matt located?
This is awesome you guys got the ball rolling on this.....sorry, easy pun.

Chicago...and he is the man when it comes to this stuff. Very excited!!!...mark

3 weeks later
#61 1 year ago

Just heard from Matt yesterday....let the synergy begin!!!

1 month later
#66 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Any update you can share on the wireform mk6pin?

Yikes......crazy month.....I pm'd Matt tonight, actually ( was thinking about it myself, then noticed the thread posts). Will update when we get going ( I've got the measurements...going to add detail to some pics and sketches)...hopefully a fun summer mod for BM66!!!!

#68 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thanks for the update MK, in no rush here BM shoots smooth as she is this will only make her even smoother!

Agreed....I've got mine " mocked " in shape, and flows great!!!....the "solid" new one should make it really blaze....

1 month later
#69 1 year ago

Pics and notes w measurements to Matt. A great time to work on this as we wait for Code.....

#71 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Do you have any idea of the expected time frame moving forward? Are we looking at weeks or months?
Is this a total replacement ramp or just a hood?

Kind of hoping weeks ( but up to him, he's making them)...Matt has all the info, and everything pretty much sorted.

This will be full left wireform and ramp replacement.

a) No wiretie hole through the ramp
b) 2 more anchor points w proper pitch up top to make it rock solid
c) Single wire habitrail w 3 rings to replace the plastic
d) flat plate to attach cat woman plastic
e) integral ball deflector on the front edge to keep balls from getting stuck
f) Think he will offer different colors ( I'm sticking w red on my LE, but will be more vibrant

Definitely will be a factory looking piece...I'm sure Matt will chime in....

I've also been experimenting with different rubber ring configs on lower turntable to increase ball flow and eliminate premature wear on the out edge of that one damn ring to the right of the Batphone....

#73 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

On item (d) - is this a plate to attach the Catwoman Hallmark ornament? Or are you talking about some other plastic?

The original "CAT" is riveted to the plastic, which is then screwed to the ramp. We're taking the entire plastic out, so will need a flat plate w 2 holes to reattach...rivet or small screw ( I'll rivet mine).

#76 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Does it address at all the little blue nubbie rubbers that protect the ramp entrance sides?
A more elegant way of keeping that protected but not cut down on the miniscule clearances for that left orbit would be awesome

No, you will be able to flip it ( like I did mine), and the metal nubs will not be there, ao it will be clean, but not change ramp spacing/ geometry

#77 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Oh. Duh! Thanks for the clarification.
I don't know when you need firm commitments, but you have mine. I rarely commit to something before seeing it or pricing, but I'm confident enough to do so in this case.

Thanks for the confidence....this will be the best mod no one knows youve done...pretty excited....

#80 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Really looking forward to the ramp reveal, love this game even with all the problems I am having with mine its still an awesome game with tonnes of potential and the new ramp will only make it sweeter.
BTW MK are you and Matt doing replacement ramps for both or just the left side?

Just the left for now, as the other one is pretty solid. He may offer to powdercoat custom colors, but that's his call. I'm convinced when the ramp assembly is solid ( as I suspect they were going for but ran out of time) it's going to be very, very fast and clean flowing....

#81 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Also looking forward to this. Its a fun ramp and if this makes it bulletproof and smoother it'll be a must have.

Agreed....and not seeing that wire-tie hole or huge containment plastic will certainly add to the beauty of the game....

2 weeks later
#84 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Any good news to share on the ramp?

Dying myself here....getting some powdercoat done on my coindoor, shooter housing, and trick lockdown bar, so machine will be down, perfect time to pull my ramp and send for the proto. PM'd Matt on Monday...will hit his email tomorrow....mark

#86 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

You realize this means we could see a code drop soon. Thanks for taking one for the team ...

Fully anticipate it now......

2 weeks later
#87 1 year ago

Update: Ramp finally getting out the door for Matt to send back POC in short order....very excited....coin door and shooter housing already at PC for black sparkle treatment, and a potential deadly mod to replace the decal on lockdown bar underway.

This should surely get code to drop this week!!!

#90 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

What would this be???

The new ramp will be a red sparkle powder. I'm having him do the same red sparkle for the emblem, powdered in place of the decal. Also took the bat gadget sticker to a custom engraving shop...having them recreate, identically, in a thin, engraved plastic, which should look much better (to me anyway).

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Any chance you can offer all three to interested bat fans? I'm in for the ramp and would lime the other two as well.

Yep....my thought is the ramp, once completed ( engineering/testing wise) will be powdered in a brighter, sparkle red ( keeping w LE color scheme). The same red will be used to replace the bat decal on lockdown bar. The text will be identical to sticker, but made of engraved plastic. Package should really look/ function great, and not be " over the top" at all, but rather a stock looking mod. I dont like stickers on the lockdown bar.

2 weeks later
#93 1 year ago

Saw a pic of the ramp today!!!....he's accessorizing, and I should have it later in the week for testing....I'll send pics ...we're close!!!

#94 1 year ago

Sneak pic in the BM66 Club thread....gorgeous and functional!!!

1 week later
#95 1 year ago

UPDATE- wireform is shipping back to me tomorrow, I'll reinstall and start testing, along with some pics....very excited!!!

#96 1 year ago

Ok...for clarity, Matt from Doom pinball fame is actually making these, and will eventually provide units for sale once we work the wrinkles out. I've been working with him providing needed info and ideas...using my machine as the guinea pig.

Lots of effort has been put in to this, and should be a must have mod. I'll take it step by step when it shows up, explaining how to put it in, where new attachment point is, and other stuff, then play the crap out of it to insure it is wireform heaven.

Having a plastic flap put over a wobbly ramp just didn't do the game justice, imho. This should be good.....mark

#98 1 year ago

Behold.....the 1st test version of "BM ramp of zoom"!!!!!!

IMG_1784 (resized).JPG

IMG_1782 (resized).JPG

IMG_1783 (resized).JPG

IMG_1785 (resized).JPG

#99 1 year ago

First things first before I go put this thing in....

See these pics:

Being there is plastic on the other side, Ive decide to start with simply cutting the plastic back at a slight angle , but small, to " match the plastic on the right.

I've ordered a set of sample, translucent acrylics, which I will use to change both of the clears out with ( sample size is plenty big, and only $20).

Left side will definitely have the red ( as ramp will be red sparkle). Haven't decided on the right yet, as the playfield is purple, w yellow/ orange swirl, but inlanes are blue. Feel free to chime in your thoughts, as right ramp will be purple sparkle to match catwoman s outfit.

IMG_1779 (resized).JPG
IMG_1780 (resized).JPG

#100 1 year ago

Going to get at it now, and will post w pics when I get it installed. Remember, ignore the ramp...we're testing wireform flow now. He's making the ramp without the wiretie hole, and will have attachment under for wire.

#101 1 year ago

First shots of it installed ( not adjusted), the thing is already crazy solid!!! Note the reinforcement at the diverter bolt ( that loop will need to be tidied a bit). You can see switch location. I'm going to solder these, and obviously there will be holes drilled to permanentaly mount it ( suspect Matt will provide the cable to molex, as well.

IMG_1786 (resized).JPG
IMG_1788 (resized).JPG
IMG_1787 (resized).JPG

#102 1 year ago

Actually fit to the ramp. A bit of adjusting here of the wires, but looks smooth. Included shot of ramp ball travel...pretty cool...

IMG_1789 (resized).JPG

IMG_1790 (resized).JPG

#105 1 year ago

First ball fires by hand....HOLY BATSHIT!!!! Unbelievably smooth and fast....going to solder those 2 wires, and play on this damn thing....unbelievable solid, zero wiggle in ramp, and ball not coming out...current pitch on playfield...7.1

#106 1 year ago

I'm interested in which plexi colors you think might look best

IMG_1793 (resized).JPG

IMG_1794 (resized).JPG

#107 1 year ago

Left definitely red ( small one)....leaning light blue on the right....here's the game under color

IMG_1795 (resized).JPG

#109 1 year ago

I was too busy playing....... ramp is lightning quick and doesn't wiggle at all....what a change!!! No flapper here, please...I hit the ramp hard several times....never came close to an air ball....

I'll drag my son down here and see if I can get some video on his iPhone....I'm an average player....don't judge!!!!!

#110 1 year ago

Couple pics of the man behind this...BM won't mind

IMG_1799 (resized).JPG

#111 1 year ago

Ok...got my Son to use his IPhone to grab a shot. Nothing sped up, and obviously machine looks much better than this, but you get the idea:

I'll dig around ( or buy ) a camcorder and tripod, so you can watch in better action. The thing is awesome!!! Thank you Matt!!!....a couple of tweaks, and on for a colored set....

#113 1 year ago

Will do...bribing my Son to use this IPad and shoot overhead for some better pics.....

#114 1 year ago

Switch, btw

IMG_1804 (resized).JPG

#116 1 year ago

Two more looks:

#117 1 year ago

Matt making the ramps now. Wireform will be available in different colors. I'm still going red sparkle ( tiny silver flake) on left, and " batgirl sparkle" on the right. Staying w silver flake, as that's what's on the armor.

I'm not sure how Matt will roll these out, and no clue what he is charging, but can tell you he is a great guy to work with, and the design is both beautiful and functional ( you'll probably be the only one who notices, however, because it looks like it belongs in the game).

Very, very solid, and couldn't be happier. I'll send Matt an email tonight w the few finishing touch requests, and forward him the list of all who have shown interest.

I now have to pick the right side plastic color

#120 1 year ago

I think the thing I like most...doesn't look like a mod at all....Son in Law coming tomorrow...we shall thrash it, even w old code....

#121 1 year ago

Keep in mind, the install is pretty much bolt in, and plug and play, if Matt includes the switch pigtail. You will need to cut the plastic flap out of the way, however, and if you choose to change the plastic colors, you'll have to rivet the cats to the new color. No biggie, but just a heads up.

#125 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Was the blue rubber on the left side installed on the outside or the inside in those videos? Looks great by the way.

Inside, and thats how the ramp will be made to accommodate....orbit always going to be tight on this game, but ramp symetry is spot on.

Moving it over wasnt going to happen. Everything real tight back there.

#129 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Biggest improvement for my left loop was moving the cable tied wire underneath the ramp. Really don't have any problems now, and I actually moved the blue nib back to the outside. Great you're doing the wire on the new one.

Yep, I can still hit the orbut fine w a clean shot euther way, but that extra room doesn't hurt.

There will be an attachment pount under tge new ramp to secure the wire, making it tidey and out of the way.

#130 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thanks for the video Mark, ramp looks great, kept the original speed of the factory ramp but the big difference which you can see from the videos is it's rock solid, no wobble or wiggle at all

Agreed....you can grab the original and its very wobbly. Id see it everytime...drove me crazy, and has to slow the ball to a degree.

The new one you can grab and is very very solid and stable. The first video I took ( crappy one) was probably the fastest Ive seen the ball move through the form. I'd argue the new ramp is actually faster, but probably not dramatically so.

#132 1 year ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Can you post pictures for how the cat attaches to the ramp?
Please let me know cost when you guys come up with it.

Its shown on the very first pic, when I cut the flap off, leaving approx 1 1/2" of original plastic on.

The cat is screwed to an angle plate, which is riveted to the plastic, then attached to ramp w 2 screws.

I was going to eliminate the plastic all together, and replace w a small, flat piece of steel which you could then rivet the angle to.

Looking for symetry, however, the right ramp has a plastic as well ( non functional excetp to hold the cat up), so decided to keep a small, clean puece on the left.

I'll be replacing both of mine w colored lexan ( red on the left, thinking light blue on the right). This will require you to rivet the angle piece back on.

You dont have to do that...can simply cut the whole flap crap off just behind the wire pass, and screw to new ramp. This is what I did for testing.

Hopefully Matt and I can talk soon to sort pricing, availability, colors, etc. I know hes coming into his "off" Season at work in October, and said he could start building in quantity then.

#134 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Mark, will Matt also do the ramps to match the wireforms? I like your color scheme choices with red sparkle on the left and "batgirl" sparkle on the right and would like to match up the plastics as well.

Im sure he would...going to leave my ramps silver and just color the forms...a bit more standard looking for me.

As far as the plastics.....if you like the red sparkle, purple sparkle approach...the left plastic is a no brainer, translucent red. The right one is still making me scratch my head.

Batgirl purple not the same as the crane purple, and there is a definite blue hue back there from the inlanes. When you light the machine, you'll see what Im talking about...still sort of on the fence on what color that plastic should be. Given Im doing my ramp batgirl purple sparkle, opinions are welcome, as Im not a great color guy....

#136 1 year ago

I think the one feature that blindsided me ( it doesn't take much) is the new switch config. What an AMAZING idea!!!. I never thought about it, and Matt suggested " why do we need that big ass gate for the switch" and showed me some pictures. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Now it's virtually invisible, and doesn't detract from the Atomic Pile visually.

And the way he did the 3/4 rings for the habitrail look so cool in person. The whole ramp flows exactly how I'd schemed it...looks like a roller coaster turn, and the ball never offers to jump off the ramp, but rather " nestles in" for the ride.

I'm afraid this attention to detail can only come on a true boutique type effort, however. So glad we have one of those guys doing this for us.

Easily the best mod I've ever done that no one will ever notice ( except those of us that dealt with the floppy, plastic covered, ball launch original, with a wire tie in the ramp). I love this machine, or wouldn't have put in the effort...but for the life of me can't believe it wasn't finished properly ( or still running unfinished code a year later)...saddens me more than anything...such an iconic theme...( guess I'm too picky....)

#137 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Yeah, the plastics don't necessarily need to "match" the wireforms, but compliment the area . . . I see what you mean with the blue.

Thought about even going off the wall w orange...that's why I bought the swatch ( in the picture) for $20.)

#139 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Mark do all the LEs have black powder coating with silver flake/sparkle? I swear mine has gold sparkle
Will need to take a peak in the box again to confirm maybe I'm just going mad between being cooped up in this hospital ward and work

You are......yep..all LE's black w large silver flake

#141 1 year ago


Got to talk to Matt a bit today, shared some thoughts, and I got to put about 2 more hours on the machine. What I know:

a) Ramp is ABSOLUTELY faster than the original. It just doesn't move ( as it shouldn't), and the flow with the changed pitch is very noticeable. When you hit a solid ramp shot, it flies through the form.
b) ZERO air balls, and man, I was hitting it a lot.
c) Matt stated he will have some time in his schedule after expo to start building these. He will be offering the ramp, wireform, and switch assembly. He will NOT be offering the plastics, if you choose to change them. You'll only need to cut the flap off as I showed in one of the pics yesterday, if you choose to keep the original clear. Other than that, you good to go. I'm making a colored set for mine, as mentioned, and am sure someone can provide these for you, if you want to go that route.
d) I'll post the list I have of those interested on this thread by tomorrow evening. Will add/ modify over the following week or so, then give him a copy, and he'll take it from there. I've got about 20 interested right now.
e) He can speak to color options, price, etc., as everything from that point on will go through him.
f) I highly encourage you to consider this mod ( I'm not involved fiscally one way or the other), as it truly makes the game play better, with a fast, solid, left ramp.
g) I'll post pics of final end product, when everything gets powdered, etc. of my machine. Anticipating shortly after Expo.

A HUGE thank you to Matt, who brought his skills into this, making it a better game for all of us. Thanks....mark

#145 1 year ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Just an idea, would it make sense to keep the switch identical to the way it is now. Would it be better to slow the ball just a tad?
Just throwing this out there as a suggestion.

No....the goal was to get the new form pitched properly, and solid, all of which would provide for better ramp action ( = speed/ flow). The new switch clears up the visual of a huge gate assembly, plus provides even less resistance to the ball as it goes by. Doesn't affect speed that much, but every bit helps, plus now it's virtually invisible, making the game look better , imho.

Solid , fast forms rock. You will like it...a lot. Soft shots go normal ( slower), but if you nail it, very fun to watch and prepare for.

#148 1 year ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I can't wait to see the final design with the powdercoat.
Hands down, this is the best mod for any game.

I'm super excited for the final, colored package as well. Wont be too long now ( a bit after expo).

Trust me, you will like the extra speed....not dangerous like an orbit thats hit just right, because it still just drops in the flipper lane. But it can get there in a hurry...fun to watch, and now a very satisfying shot when you hit it with pace.

#154 1 year ago

Whew...long day of kids soccer...here's my first stab at the list of who is interested in the wireform/ ramp mod. No particular order, and of course, nothing committing you to buy this ( I don't even know what he'll be charging). Please PM me if I accidentally missed you, or you want to be added ( I know there are several I missed).

I'll pass on to Matt in a couple of weeks or so , and he can start sorting:


#155 1 year ago

I've already added 4 more blatant oversights on my part to the list....sorry. That's why I'm posting it.

Reminder- Matt won't be doing the plastics ( right side unchanged, just color options, left side definitely shorter, and color options). I've reached out to a couple of Pinside modders to see if they're interested, as my hope is they can be sourced and purchased separately from a single provider. Will let you know what I find out.

You have two choices on how to proceed w plastics:

Easy way- leave the right alone and just cut the left yourself ( like my pic) and you're good.

Harder way- replace both plastics with colored versions. Right plastic identical in size, left will be the custom size. You will need to drill out rivets from the Cat brackets from original, and re-rivet to each of the new plastics. Not a biggie if you have the tool.

I'll make sure to add pics when I put the final assembly in my machine. This is really not that hard ( I'm sure it sounds harder than it actually is...pics will help).

#156 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Ok, I must be blind. I don't see what to do / where to attach the CAT assembly. Will you be able to post a ramp replacement guide for dummies?

No worries....the Cat assembly attaches to a bracket w 2 screws. The bracket is riveted to the plastic. Easiest to take the Cat led assembly off, then drill out the rivets. Reverse process when installing new plastics.

1 week later
#158 1 year ago
Quoted from Bonnevil69:

I cut all my plastics with a jig saw for my from scratch custom games. It’s quick clean and cheap

Too funny Matt....we have ESP!!...literally just logged on and saw this post. I'm going to cut mine this way, using color swatches I got from eplastics. The one I cut for the demo form was done this way, and looks fine. I'll probably play w a few until the colors get sorted.

2 weeks later
#159 1 year ago

Checked w Matt today....a bit longer until he can get the ramps started.....Im sure he'll be posting soon....

#162 1 year ago
Quoted from jp335i:

I'm a little late to the party on this ... is there a pre-order thread?

Just PM me and Ill add you to the list...

#165 1 year ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

I'm on the list, right?


#166 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I would like to raise my hand but I was curious if you established even a Rough cost to purchase complete painted? Interested but I hate to be that guy that does an "Ooo me" and then backs out on the guy busting his but to make them but failed to ask the price. Interested. They look great! Thanks

Matt will be building, selling them, and hasn't shared any pricing yet. It will be a completely new ramp/ wireform to replace the existing one, so I have no idea. The proto is still playing flawlessly, btw. Just a nice, solid, great flowing ramp/ form. I've tried everything I know to get the ball to jump the rail, or even shake...hasn't happened once.

Remember, the list is simply for people interested, so he can gauge production. He has stated they will be available in multiple colors, and does not desire to use any type of "prepay" format.

Suspect once his schedule opens up (shortly) to make these, he will provide all info, and turnaround will be pretty quick.

He's shared some of the other projects he's involved with in PB land....man, did we find the right guy!!!!....mark

#168 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Great work,MK6pin,I'd like to be included also please!!!Yelobird has some great mods as well!!!

you got it....!!!

#171 1 year ago
Quoted from MattS:

Put me down for one please

I had you down already......

#173 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

can I join the list please.


#177 1 year ago
Quoted from Batman60:

MK6pin PM'd you. I see price now, just had a couple questions

Sorry man...just saw it....sent the list to Matt yesterday....I’ll pm your question responses...

#186 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Will the ramp be included in the $200 price? Or is that an additional charge or something that will be sold separately? Thanks!

Great question. Matt is deciding that now (contacted me last night. I'm sure it's not included in the price, and he might offer separately is my thought.) I'm sure he'll jump in w clarity.

I'm definitely getting one without the wiretie hole....

#187 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Have any of you guys thought about what (if anything) you're going to do with the right wire form? Leave it chrome or have it finished in a complementary color?

I'm doing purple sparkle for mine

#189 1 year ago

Matt found some great color choices for mine (both the red and purple)...I'm sure he will clarify. The right ramp is not being redone, except for powder, btw...plays fine.

I'm going to change the plastic above the scoop (identical in shape, just light blue) and create a mini plastic (red) for the new left ramp (just for looks, not function). It's going to have that cool slope form Matt added to the wireform.....should be a subtle but badass little mod...

#193 1 year ago

Too funny!!!!

#198 1 year ago

I know Matt is slammed at work still, but trust me, I’m as anxious as everyone to get this final, powdered beauty in the machine.....with all the other cool mods coming out, a beautiful, functional wireform is really going to finish this thing up, from a gameplay standpoint ( as we wait for code, of course)....

#200 1 year ago
Quoted from zucot:

Is he offering any prismatic color or a specific list? I’m interested in a blue with grey or silver flake and a red with gold flake to get the Batman and robin thing going.

Believe he is open to anything prismatic powders offers, but will let him chime in.....

1 week later
#206 1 year ago
Quoted from He-Man40:

I am interested, please add me to the list.

Will do.I heard from Matt yesterday, and stated he was committed to getting these done. His summer business has taken longer to get ramped down due to the warm Fall, but was anxious to get on these.

1 week later
#207 1 year ago

Just heard from Matt.....he is starting the support rings now, as he's aware he'll need "a million" of them.........it's happening, it's happening!!!!!

And just to throw some more fun in the mod world, my metal fab guy said he " might" be interested in doing a run of my chrome (w red epoxy lined) Batman emblem lockdown bar if there is enough interest. I would HIGHLY suggest getting a look at this one, so you have choices.....hope to have some pics on that one (installed on my machine) the week after Thanksgiving.

Next for me.....our beloved turntable and spinner assemblies need some shoring up....a bit too much play in both for me, and receive constant bashing from the ball. This is going to be the key toy in the game, and must be rock solid.....updates to come

Batman approves.......

#209 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Excited to see this moving closer. With better code on the horizon this ramp will be a nice improvement

Couldn't agree more!!!!!

#211 1 year ago
Quoted from KirboTurbo:

Awesome! Need that new left ramp wire form. The ball flies off more times than not. I want to put Doc's parachute van (so cool), in the spot where the lil metal plate is. Worried the van would get a smashed front end

Agreed....Ive got the van too, but not going to mount until my final, powdered version is in. Ive been playing w the proto ramp installed with zero problems since day one

#213 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

I am ABSOLUTELY interested in this!
I suspect this will be as much of a no brainer as the improved left ramp.

For me, it is!!! It exactly covers the stickers w proper contour, heavy chrome plating ( that will reflect the light from the button nicely), and have a nice, epoxy filled red line approx 1/8 inside the emblem, tracing the logo.

Was going for a classy centerpiece, themed in armor colors ( button insert still black), that provided a nice " frame" for all the campy colors inside the playfield.

This game deserves a true classy badge..its the perfect spot. I go bug him Tuesday...

2 weeks later
#216 1 year ago

UPDATE: Matt busy making the rings, and wireforms very soon to follow!!!! I'm very excited as I will be taking the machine down for a bit (for the upgrade process on several fronts). Hoping to have a teaser pic of the chromed lockdown bat symbol to show very soon as well. Will do my best to bribe him to make more. Also will provide a bit more detail w pics on how I lit yelobird's awesome Atomic pile....worth a look....

I don't sell mods, but do (sometimes) pretty extensive upfits, just to personalize my machines. Fun stuff to keep my wheels spinning on something besides work......

3 weeks later
#217 1 year ago

Bumped Matt last night....visiting machine shop tomorrow on lockdown emblem update. Tis the season to have family and friends, but figured I'd reach out a bit......

#218 1 year ago

Just heard from Matt...he apologized for unexpected delay, but assured me the ramps are getting done, and no way he was abandoning us. Hopefully, not much longer for the final deal!!!!! Can't wait for this killer ramp (even my proto, unfinished version looks as good as it plays)!!!

#219 1 year ago

Did some "prep mods" to the ramp areas, as this will save time when Matt's final wireform arrives ( the reality...even master pinball craftsman/ modders mostly have a day job to pay the bills, hence the delay)....anyway....

Some pics attached showing the metal bracket you will need to fab in order to attach the Catwoman plastics to the ramp. The Catwoman plastic is screwed to an angle bracket, which is currently riveted to the plastic. With no plastic flap (thankfully) needed, there has to be something to rivet to. I chose to rivet w the head up, as they look better. Not sure why Stern riveted upside down, unless they felt over time, the ball would wear the bottom of the rivet out (?)
Not complicated...nice and clean. You'll see the shape of the proto ramp behind it.

Then got adventuresome and made the right side blue plastic to match the blue inlane lights....looks great...really enhances a nice glow that is already present....disclaimer, I hand cut this so not as clean as yelobird could do w his waterjet (hint), but you get the idea.

I think someone could easily offer these as a " ramp attachment/ enhancement kit" but not me, as I don't really have the right tooling to bang these out. Possible offer it w the bracket already riveted on, so those that don't have the tool would only need a screwdriver to install

All in all, a nice productive "pre mod" session, as I (we) anxiously wait for the new ramp.

20171230_131913 (resized).jpg

20171230_142738 (resized).jpg

20171230_142748 (resized).jpg

20171230_142830 (resized).jpg

20171230_143032 (resized).jpg

#221 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Send me a picture of the bracket (s) you need and how they are assembled. Trying to sell custom ramps without the mounts might drastically stir people away. I could make 100 of these in a day out of stainless steel at low cost and sell them to you if you like to move things along. Shipping out brackets individually that cost less than shipping would prove less valued to the buyer then getting a completed kit. Let alone having them find a fab shop and rivet machine which I have both and could do this cheap. Plus I would like to look at the river area as I think most would prefer if I used a countersunk screw mount and locknut on top versus a non removable rivet should they decide to send the ramps out for powder coating or other. Let me know I think I could help with this minor issue. PM me, love to help.

Completely agree...I'll PM you with the info. Had hoped Matt would make these "turnkey" w a new ramp (without the wiretie holes), but he's only committed to the wireform, switch combo. Want to make this as easy as possible for people to deploy, and suspect you can bang out the pieces in a heartbeat (I did the countersunk screw/ nut thing on my TZ, but bought a riveting tool awhile back for ramp entrance flaps, so I agree w you there, as well......mark

#223 1 year ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

So, will this be a turnkey drop in replacement?

It's my hope that it will be. Turnkey, yes. Drop in? Not quite, but close. If everything goes smoothly, you will only need a screwdriver, nutdriver, along with about 45 minutes to install.

1 week later
#227 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

How’s the lockdown bat gadget accent coming along?

He said proto was done....Ive gotta take my lockdown over there to insure it fits right ( wouldnt leave it because Im playing the game alot.... If everything fits, he'll chrome the top, and were good.

Anxious to get over there...

#228 1 year ago

I have verbal updates on status of availability of new ramp, wireform, and lockdown emblem, but not going to post until I get firm availability dates to pass on.

Know they are coming (I've put too much effort into the damn things on my end), and will be relentless to insure these are available to the community...mark

#230 1 year ago

It's a good thing us BM66 guys are a patient bunch....can assure you this wait is going to be worth it. Keeping mine to the end, so I'll have a long time to enjoy this tricked out machine!!!!!

2 weeks later
#233 11 months ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Any word on progress?


Quoted from carbonROD:

Really hoping I'm not too late to get in on this...could I be added to the list please?

and yes. Promised Matt I wouldnt post an absolute production date until he was sorted, time wise, but these ARE getting made....

#236 11 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

MK6 will this new ramp change the shot geometry of the left orbit (open it up a little) or just illuminate the need for the plastic sneeze guard on top of the wire form?

Doesn't impact the orbit, but sneeze guard is gone, and the wireform has different pitch (not as "flat"), allowing it to "settle" in, as well as matching the steep pitch of the ramp better. Creates a very satisfying, fast return when hit with pace.

The wire he uses is a slightly heavier gauge, and is very, very solid (yes more solid than even after the bandaid fix offered). The extended plastic and brace helped, but not like this.

Bottom line - works like it should, solid and fast, not to mention beautiful in it's own, subtle way...easily the best mod no one will ever know you put on (think I said that early on in the thread once I got the proto installed). Can't wait to have a final version, red sparkle!!!

#238 11 months ago
Quoted from sepins:

I'm lost???
Can You even preorder ramp???

Matt wont take preorder $$$ period. He has a current list ( a few missing) and is going to build a substantial run, then reach out to those for the color they want, powder and sell.

Im sure he'll want the money when you place the order .

Not sure how long hes going to do the run...think there are around 50 or so on the list...havent looked in awhile.

#242 11 months ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Mk6pin, is Yelobird still assisting with this project with the manufacturing of the plastic parts for the ramps? I thought there was prior mention of collaboration,

yelobird also works with metal, so I'm sure he'll have a good solution for the needed bracket/ crosspiece.. Remember, no plastic on the new ramp/ wireform combo. A bracket will need to be fashioned to attach the cat plastic to a metal crosspiece. I made mine in preparation (and have the proto in place so had to). Posted it a few pages back. Mine was 2 pieces, but believe it can possibly be made with one......

I re-riveted the cat back, but think he may be thinking of using countersunk screw/ nut assembly. Regardless, time is getting close, and I'll insure the wireform is a complete kit that is as easy as possible to upfit.

When all details are sorted, and Matt can start cranking these out, I'll have the rest sorted

#243 11 months ago
Quoted from Sutol:

This is my effort i got done. Fits and looks great. Sure yelobird can do something along the same lines. Definitely needed as the cat above the ramp uses the plastic flap as an anchor point for its bracket.

very nice!!! suspect that entire thing can be one piece...yelobird is probably looking precisely at that....

#244 11 months ago

If I could just get the community to convince him we NEED a light blue #17 plastic for the right ramp, I'm first in line....

#246 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Lol. Absolutely 1 piece. Rivets are not an option. Sorry again between family and work it's like nobody wants me to do my fun time! I will have this done this weekend come hell or high water!!

No worries...don't have the wireforms rolling yet, but soon.....now about that #17 plastic above the right ramp...please!!

#249 11 months ago
Quoted from carbonROD:

Really hoping I'm not too late to get in on this...could I be added to the list please?


#251 11 months ago

yep (think already had you down)

#253 11 months ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

I would like one.

got it......

#255 11 months ago
Quoted from brett:

I would like one.

added to the list, as well...hoping to hear from Matt this week....

#258 11 months ago
Quoted from Bonnevil69:

Just about ready to get serous on these wireforms. The job I had to do went great. Turned a crappy pool into a nice modern looking pool. And yes this is what I do for my day job lol

Looks awesome (glad I don't have to take care of it though..whew!!)!!!!...I'll have the updated list compiled tonight or over the weekend, latest.

I know the thread is happy to hear from you....flowtime awaits!!!!

#260 11 months ago
Quoted from Budgiecougar:

Can I please be added to the list for the wireform ramp.

Will do!!!

#262 11 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Add me to the list bud

You're in, friend..

#264 11 months ago
Quoted from rlslick:

Please add me to the list as well. Thanks!

got it..done...

#268 11 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Wow, so many wireform requests coming in. New owners maybe? How many you up to now Mk6?

Good grief, I thought the same thing....added 18 more to what was already there....I think thats about 50 total....will check, verify the list this afternoon.

#270 11 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

If Matt's wireforms are the quality of that pool these things are gonna look and play incredible!

I've been playing the proto on my machine for months....night and day from original...a shot hit w pace has incredible return speed, absolute zero airballs or even lift/ wobble at the entrance. These are hand crafted. The guy is insane w detail. You will notice an immediate difference in stability and flow. He's crazy picky about doing it right, and details....

If you ever played his Doom pinball at one of the shows (I did), you'll understand he's a flowmaster......

2 weeks later
#272 11 months ago

I'm looking for an announcement from Matt *very* soon!!!!! I can say the finish line appears in site for final version....

2 weeks later
#274 10 months ago
Quoted from Dexter:

Please add me to this ever growing list! Thanks, Ryan

You are on......fellow bat pin fanatic!!!....mark

#277 10 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Any updates? I'm starting to get a little impatient.

Understood..Ive reached out to Matt this past weekend....certainly hope he posts soon....its time, for sure

1 week later
#279 9 months ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

Please count me in!!

You are......miles beyond anything posted thusfar...

1 week later
#281 9 months ago
Quoted from Sethman:

where are you hiding bat ramp!?!?! We need you!

In Matt's hands....I've sorted (sourced) the adapter plate...now just need the forms. Matt will need to jump in now w updates....

3 weeks later
#284 8 months ago
Quoted from pballjunkie:

I'm interested, please put me on the list

Quoted from Multiball33:

Count me in. I will buy one. Thx.

You're both on.....I'm having major problems getting Matt to respond.....the good news...I've got a smokin' proto in my machine. I'll be going to my machine shop, as well as local, killer powder guy later this week regarding my lockdown mod concept. These ramps are going to get made as they are needed....I can only apologize for the delay...out of my hands, but confident I can source and get these done.

I've put in way too much time getting this right, and it flows too good to abandon. Mine will be finished, and will do everything in my power to get this must have out to pinsiders......no $$$ has changed hands, but credibility of following through is big to me.....mark

#289 8 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

I want in as well. What do I need to do.

I just added you to the list...thats it for now.....

3 weeks later
#292 8 months ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Please add me in. I am a new BM66 Premium owner.

Added to the list.....

#293 8 months ago

I posted in the main BM66 thread....can't get Matt to respond. The last I heard, he had finished a "must do" pool project, and assured me he was making parts to start knocking these out starting TPF. He's been dark, has my original LE ramp (I have the proto), but can't get him to simply say he would do this or not.

He's seemed like a good guy, but the non communication, combined w the crazy long wait, has me quite frustrated. Hopefully, he will check in at some point, but this is getting a bit frustrating (to say the least)....thanks..mark

#296 7 months ago
Quoted from sepins:

Please add me in.
SLE owner.


#298 7 months ago
Quoted from lordloss:

How many people are on the list?

over 50 at this point......

#300 7 months ago
Quoted from pinjunky:

Please add me to your list. LE owner.


#301 7 months ago

Going to recompile the list next week, and make this happen.....somehow...too much interest to let it go....

#303 7 months ago
Quoted from lordloss:

To me this seems like a great oppritunity to get into the wireform business for someone. I looked into it and the home model of a wire bending machine will run you about $10k.
Assuming each person is paying $175 or so and you have 55 orders, thats nearly enough to cover the machine costs on the first run. Not counting labor and material costs, there is a real opportunity here.

The $$ definitely there. It also involves some critical welding of the rings, as well powdercoating. Definitely an "art" to it being done correctly, IMHO. Being I have the only proto ( with one minor modification to the attachment point to be made for a professional look) I'll want to find someone close, and that I can trust, as it's now my only ramp (Matt never sent my original back).

Any ideas/ names of someone who can handle this would be appreciated. I've made the custom metal bracket myself (easy) to completely eliminate any plastic need, and want to make this available as a complete kit. I also want to include the ramp, without the wireholes in it. My local shop(s) can handle the ramp, and my powdercoat guy is one of the best I've seen. Going to convince them they can make a little money on this ( as they both have pretty large operations, and have generally just done things for me as a favor to a fellow business owner.

You can go back on the BM66 thread and see the powder done for my coindoor to match my LE...Absolutely flawless ( not a job for a part timer)...his powder guy has been with him almost 20 years, and he even stated that type of large flake on the black was very hard to exactly match. Stunning..I've been spoiled ever since.

Machine shop does large work for industrial, as well as NASCAR contracts. The ramp and bracket will be child's play for them. Going to ask them if they can recommend someone that can make the wireform (they might even do it, I'm not sure).

Overall, I was so excited Matt would do this, as he possessed the skills. My frustration has hit a wall, however...e-mailed again a couple days ago. I own a small/ medium sized business (25 employees, 7 figure #'s), and simple, accurate communication is all I'd asked. Truly hope he's ok, as he seemed excited to do this, albeit at a slower pace than I had hoped even initially.

I can appreciate him not having the time or desire...can't appreciate not receiving a basic e-mail communicating as such ( seems to be the norm in this niche hobby, unfortunately).

Don't give up, Bat-fanatics, there is a way.......mark

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