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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#38 3 years ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

Stern can issue code whenever they feel like it.......but I have chosen to shy away from NIB and stick with nice used machines on the market when code is to my liking. Seems like they are missing out on several NIB purchases, but what do I know.

Yeah it is pretty bad. So much so that when I buy new again I think I'm going to try Heighway. I'm hoping they will be better at providing finished code in a timely manner. Maybe wishful thinking but in truth it was/is Stern's lack of timely code support that drove me to this point. I would most likely have stuck with buying pins from Stern if they had better code support.

1 week later
#88 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

As this point I don't think code will help this game. KISS is nothing but eye candy imo. Just turned it on for the first time in a couple weeks. Its getting to the point where I no longer finish a game and either keep restarting it or turning it off during a game and walking away. The constant drains from those stupid pops, Genes head and the boring ass code are killing it for me. Plain and simple this game SUCKS!! Which is a shame cuz for several reasons it's the only pin I own currently. I find myself at other places to get my pinball fix. My buddy has a GOT and it's hard to believe they're made by the same company. I love playing that thing! And I know -10 about anything to do with the show. Other than the midget guy I've seen in a bunch of other movies etc. If something doesn't happen to save this machine it's soo outta here. I can think of 10 other machines that I'd rather have in it's place.

I couldn't disagree with you more. While code does need an overhaul the layout is exceptional, looks great, sounds good. To each their own. If new code rocks this will be among my favorites for sure.

1 week later
#221 3 years ago

The only thing worse than not having new KISS code is having to read negative back n forth exchanges by pinball addicts. Please guys lets keep this one on topic. If you'd like to argue semantics please do it via PM from this point forward.

#227 3 years ago
Quoted from joekiss:

Its a gorgeous game and looks great next to my 78 Bally in my KISS room. Playing wise? Pretty much a dud. The STDM Gene head. I have adjusted it and its not 100% every time like it was about 50%. Just an awful feature. Mine has automatic drain lane slingshots. In similar fashion to TWD it has the shoot the ball hit the bumpers then STDM feature. The scoop is just almost unmakeable. Just bounces off of it. I can kind of get it to roll in. people come over play a game or two then usually move onto something else.

Couldn't disagree with you more. The design & flow is absolutely killer. SDTM is an easily fixed. Only downside for me at this point is the code.

#229 3 years ago
Quoted from joekiss:

How do I fix it? Can you make the right ramp easier to hit?

I wouldn't want the ramp to be easier to hit the point is for it to be difficult to make by design. You can adjust the power and slightly bend the guide inside Genes mouth (on right hand side). I made the adjustment took about 15 minutes and never had another problem with it going SDTM.

#232 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

It just came to me this weekend, but I don't like the kiss layout. I have never really been against the game until I sat back and thought, there just aren't a lot of "fun" or "rewarding" shots on the game.

To each their own. Plenty of rewarding shots for me. Right ramp is tough, left loop is tough, scoop is tough. The games that tend to bore me are the ones where every ramp/shot is easy to hit. KISS has just the right mix of easy and tough shots for my liking. IMO the reward in a shot needs to be solidified by coding which right now is just not up to par. I totally get that some will love it and some will hate it just pointing out a few things I like on the field.

3 weeks later
#341 3 years ago

Hate to be a downer on the day that GB is announced but must say I'm pretty disappointed that it has taken so long for a substantial update on KISS. I was thinking of going in on GB but given my experience with KISS I think I'll wait until the GB code is solid & fun. I guess it's a good thing for me that Stern has eliminated my impulse buying by taking so long with the code support.

#346 3 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

I think it's all relative. I waited 2 years to be able to earn an extra ball on Tron Pro.
Plus, the rumour is its not a code update, but a code rework. I think it will be a lot different than the rule set is now.

Sure hope the rumor is right love the pin (art, sound, layout) the current code not so much.

#353 3 years ago

Been 8 months since any update of substance. I dont think it's unreasonable to be getting impatient at this point. No one said I wouldn't buy Stern again. What was said is it prevented me from impulse buying GB NIB.

Hope they sell well I love pinball but certain things are important to me on such an expensive toy code is high on the list. Plenty will be available on secondary market likely cheaper than NIB after code is complete so I'm good waiting.

#358 3 years ago
Quoted from Khabbi:

Meanwhile, GB has a price increase and no color dmd /lcd.

I'm not in on GB so not following the threads. What models increased in price and by how much?

#362 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Sure, everyone can vent all they want if it makes them feel better.
But it won't make the code get written or playtested any faster.

I think it does and has helped in the past. As always to each their own..

#369 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Code has to be coded, then bug tested, and finally play-tested to try and find every exploit.
After each bug and exploit is reported, the code has to be re-written and recompiled. The new code has to be tested to see if it **broke** anything, or created any new exploits or caused scoring to become unbalanced.
No amount of Pinside bitching will cause any of the above to happen any faster.
But if it makes someone feel better to bitch...then have at it.

The point is when does the process of providing another update begin. Everyone knows it takes time & is a process. What we are asking for is for that process to start sooner on new releases.

I think it does make a difference and won't stop expressing that view. Not sure why you think it's your job to quiet buyers complaints on code. It's valid and is asking for support from the maker of the pin.

#381 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I like to think of the code on TZ.
The old code was boring, and I could never really get into the game.
It took 7 years to actually be rewritten to the code you and I love.
This new code introduced a bunch of bugs that were not in the original released code, but it does make the game enjoyable to play.
Now, any current Stern game has code much deeper than those old B/W titles.
And we KNOW it will take 2-3 years for final code to be released. There are 10000s of posts reminding us that the game WON'T be finished for 2-3 years.

I don't care about the past now is a different age. New age toys new expectations. I guess I've just learned a lesson. I change the lineup frequently and don't always keep a pin for the year it sometimes take to get solid code. Stern has made some of my favorite pins and I'm thankful for them keeping pinball alive during the tough times. I'm a fan and think they have talented people working at Stern. Lesson was that I need to be okay with it taking this long or just not buy NIB. I was trying to point out that it was one of the only things that prevented me from buying GB instantly. It's hard using the restraint and I got pissy about it. I shouldn't of my apologies.

I agree that the new code is deeper and I think a big reason for that was Stern listening to their buyers/fan base. I hope the team hits it out of the park and makes the wait worth it. That happened with XM where the last major code update was so awesome it made me forget the wait.

#395 3 years ago

I think the next KISS update is going to be a great one. Being optimistic I know but I have a feeling that us KISS owners will be very happily surprised with the next update. Hoping the team has a kick ass update in store for us!

2 weeks later
#574 3 years ago

Yeah have to disagree there. To each their own we all have our own likes. IMO it's a great layout with huge potential.

#590 3 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I don't own Kiss but I have played it a lot at our local arcade and I think the layout is fun to shoot. I think with good code this game could be fantastic. Kiss as a band does nothing for me, but if the code turns out really good I wouldn't mind owning a Pro.

Yeah I am not a KISS fan at all so I was not interested initially. However, after playing the pin I liked the layout enough to buy it. It surprised me. I totally agree the code is not where it needs to be but I have faith that it is being reworked and will end up being solid. I know some will not like it as much as I do that's just the nature of pinball.

1 week later
#886 3 years ago

My KISS is not getting much play nowadays. Just not enough there to keep my interest with the current code. Layouts nice but man does the code need an overhaul. I'm hoping the new code shines and the pin finally reaches its potential. I learned my lesson finally. Im gonna try to hold off on NIB Sterns. I'll gladly wait a year and buy with near finished code and likely at a cheaper price point HUO.

1 week later
#1209 3 years ago

Crazy to me it has taken this long to get adequate code support for a pin that sold so well upon initial release.

#1212 3 years ago

It's a shame that it seems like we need to pick and choose which pins we should buy based on software lead.

#1280 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Unreal. They actually posted that.

The truely funny part is that they are probably posting and laughing about it losing customers in the process. Never been a fan of their marketing efforts. Not real hard to see why that is.

#1295 3 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

I agree that the situation sucks but this is far from the truth, plenty of people have been bitching about KISS code since the game began delivery...

With good reason code as it stands now is bland.

#1299 3 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

I agree, I'm not defending stern...its just that the statement made me chuckle when I read it

Yeah no doubt we are a group that likes to complain especially when the flame is being stoked by almost 10 months of stagnation.

#1428 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I own 3 of the titles he was lead on. Transformers came out fine. Star Trek LE NIB, that even Steve Ritchie in an interview said was broken (this was after several updates) and Dwight fixed the code. Now look at the KISS code fiasco.
I've purchased several expensive LEs...2 of them experienced broken code...those 2 have 1 thing in common...
Glad I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the matter.

You have stated how you feel very clearly here as documented above. Please let's not beat a dead horse here and let it be. I know we all get frustrated but we need to try and not harp on things and tirelessly ridicule those that help create the pins we love.

#1532 3 years ago

Okay all no more off topic posting from this point on please. Lets keep this focused on the KISS code and hopefully at some point in the near future we will get the update and it rocks.

#1579 3 years ago

On limited play I have to say (flame suit engage) I thought the game played much smoother. I thought it put the project on a nice trajectory. Lighting was improved the lock hold during Demon was a very nice touch. Demon kick out power was much improved. The ability to light multiple instruments was a welcome addition. Not saying more improvements aren't in order but rather I thought this was a good step forward.

I'll get some more play time this weekend for a better feel. However, I'm not down on the update as some seem to be. Game seems much sharper to me and I'm thankful for that.

#1581 3 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I can't play the new code for a while, so I'd love to hear more thoughts on how it plays. Is HOF a selectable song or only available in a mode?

Only plays during end wizard mode as I understand it. Definitely not a selectable song as it is now.

#1589 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Our LE just failed the first attempt...trying again now

Did the screen go directly to node update verification after first reboot?

Quoted from mnpinball:

FYI: I will not make anymore comments on new Stern products from this point moving forward. Done with the drama.

Oh come on man don't do that.

#1593 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

No, just said "update failed, hit select to try again". I did this once and it failed again. I formatted a new stick and re-downloaded the file and the third time it worked.
Still having MAJOR issues with our gene head that this update did not fix. It is constantly trying to kick a ball out of his head that isnt there. You can start a game, play, but if you lock a ball in his head he just kicks it out, no physical lock. Then if you drain, his head keeps kicking every few seconds until a new ball is kicked out and it treats it like a ball save. VERY FRUSTRATED.

Hmm sounds like it could be an opto issue in the head. Have you contacted Stern regarding this? Definitely should not be happening can see why you would be frustrated.

#1595 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I hit up the place that sold it to us first. I will call stern after that.

Okay I'm sure they will help you get to the bottom of it. Please keep us posted on any fixes as it may help others with the same problem in the future.

#1613 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Turned out the first set of optos was out of alignment in the head. Little bendy action and were back in business.

That's exactly what it sounded like glad it was a pretty easy diagnosis n fix. Hope now you can play some KISS. Such a fun layout.

#1629 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

My pro stayed clean, but my friends new-ish premium seems to be puking black gunk from the disc all over the game. I could see big black spots on the pinballs.

I haven't noticed any black spots from spinner on my Premium but it's home use so the play is limited.

Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Anyone with a PRE/LE having issues with the love gun magnet not 'dropping off' the ball? Mine takes the ball, brings it to the drop spot and then brings it back to the right top of ramp without actually dropping it off...
Does it every time...Makes the game unplayable...

As mentioned above first thing to do would be to replace pinballs see if that helps. If not check connections & see if the magnet turns off n on how it should via test menu.

3 weeks later
#1660 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

when the game offers to 'change the song' does that mean you've 'completed' the song you're on?


1 month later
#1696 3 years ago

Just takes too much time for these updates to come to fruition. Lesson learned though cheaper and more complete code buying Stern's on the secondary market.

#1705 3 years ago

I still think it's a very fun pin as is now and will only get better. I have no horse in the race as I don't own it anymore. Just don't like waiting on code so will wait in future before purchase.

3 months later
#1979 3 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Stern is committed to code!!

Yeah price keeps going through the rough while quality and ability to get pins to us quickly have declined. With KISS they also showed us how much they care about the code support...

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