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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#1682 3 years ago

And with Color DMD now supporting Spike we need the code to be complete so eventually it may get full color.....it is screaming for it.

2 months later
#1832 2 years ago

While everyone is gawking/bitching/moaning over Batman 66 I was playing Kiss last night. Still loving it. Well overdue for a REAL code update so hope we get it soon.

While Kiss may not have tons of features what I like about it is that it is full of tough shots and very rewarding when you hit all the shots. Metallica is fun but overall it's easy to get all the multiballs even for new players. Kiss punishes you for bricked shots and really makes you learn to keep the ball in control. If it were an easy game I would lose interest.... I enjoy the challenge but I know many others that feel the exact opposite. They get frustrated because it is so difficult and lots of drains.

Some things I think they left out but should have included are you have to earn a ticket to the concert. Shoot the scoop to get a ticket perhaps. A US/world tour mode would be nice. Add a Hotter Than Hell multiball....something to make this mode more lucrative to play. A ton of things they could do to make it a fun players game. Stern is missing a ton of sales due to unfinished code on this game.

#1839 2 years ago
Quoted from J-drum11:

Hey everyone! I'm new to this and really want a kiss LE preferably Nib
But after all this research on codes and genes head vuk and stern play field problems , I'm getting very discouraged to buy anything at all !!! I have an oppurtunity to buy An LE. Within first two hundred #s
And 400 and after! I'm looking for an honest helpful answer here on what numbers souls I lean to for maybe less issues if any at all .
Low # or higher ( maybe probs resolved on higher? Don't know)
Anyway , love this site ! Very informative ! I apologize if posted in wrong thread but I read all this one and all of you seem to know what's going on? Thank you

Kiss is not selling right now so NOW is the time to buy. As far I know Kiss is not having too many playfield issues like the new games rolling off the line now. Either find a HUO LE for $7K or less as a few have sold for under 7K. If you go NIB you should still get a great deal. I have a feeling with the new LCD's and price increase many people will be priced out and Kiss, GOT, TWD will be in demand soon. I wouldn't worry what number LE you get. Everyone seems to have had a little issue with the Demon lock VUK but it is not that bad so don't let that prevent you from buying if its what you want.......you can always sell it later.

1 month later
#1928 2 years ago

It's dangerous to feed the trolls....they are like Gremlins.

This hobby has too many secret handshakes, cliques, etc. Such a shame it's worse than insider trading on Wall St. Nothing about it is life changing. It's only pinball folks....people afraid they will be put on double secret probation and lose there source of info.....it's like high school all over again.

Leaked info is good and companies do it all the time. Silence is bad. Would rather Stern leak info directly rather than secret squirrels coming on here dropping hints/rumors and refusing to reveal sources.

Anyways...all credible reports indicate Kiss code will be updated....only question is when will it happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so let's keep bumping this....Stern may not post but they follow pinside.

#1944 2 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

It's hard to figure Stern out at times. They go to all the trouble of designing, prototyping, sourcing parts, commissioning art and play testing a new game and then cripple it with half arsed code. Surely they realise that shit code hurts sales ?

Well it has taken a long time for the market to change and Stern to admit that home buyers/collectors are now becoming the market share. There are some collectors that never play them and then you have others that play them and enjoy local league play with friends. When the home buyer market wakes up and quits buying games from Stern because of poor code, lack of updates or no fixes for bugs in the code only then do I see Stern addressing code as a priority. It has not stopped them from selling pins in the past. With each new title announced people keep lining up to buy.

We can't even get Stern to fix Metallica call out for coffin multiball.....you only have to lock 3 balls but the call out says "Smash 4 balls for multiball". It's sad they don't fix that. Stern tries to make you think they take pride in what they do......I have always believed if you can't do something right then don't do it at all. Good companies do everything they can to prevent defects in their products. Stern doesn't....and for the money we pay for TOYS we should demand and expect more as consumers.

Though there are new manufactures Stern still has the market share. Until someone else releases 3-5 titles a year with better quality/value and begins to gain market share only then do I see Stern addressing quality. Good things will come from competition among manufacturers.

#1952 2 years ago

72310346 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#2026 2 years ago

Stern has bitten off more than they can chew.....they have no reason to rush updating code....BM66 and Aerosmith are priority at this point along with other 2017 releases are planned.

It completely sucks..........It really shows they are truly committed to rolling out new pins/new sales. Code for pins is not hard.....it's simple logic. Does it take time to write, sure it does but this not like complex video game or operating software developed from the ground up. That is complex by comparison......game designer should only have to write the rules.....any programmer worth a damn should be able to write the code. if writing code was that hard how the hell do all the phone apps get done so damn quick.....

There are some very talented people that write/develop software/apps/programs etc.....so it is extremely evident that the code could EASILY be worked on but Stern is not making it a priority. People need to complain MORE to Stern that incomplete code for games is not acceptable.

I know it gets old to complain about code over and over but the squeaky wheel gets the grease...........

Stern is becoming a joke.....poor QC......RIDICULOUS PRICES......long waits for code updates.........

Most companies run this way would be ou if business.....

4 weeks later
#2131 2 years ago

Yeah....we are all wanting a code drop for Kiss and others....holidays have usually been times when code has dropped. Guess we can still hope for a Merry Kissmas code update.

It's such a shame that Stern cannot find balance to complete code for games in production and new titles as well.

3 weeks later
#2214 2 years ago

I feel the code is not as bad as people have made it out to be as well. It's got some tough shots but keeps me coming back for more.

Now the cities need to do something....hopefully add a US tour and a world tour mode perhaps. There is a ton of call outs that could be added to make this game so much better...will see what happens with the code eventually.

It is just unfortunate how long code updates are taking.....that's the turn off to new Stern games in general.

It would be nice to have a Merry Kissmas with a code update.....

But I have a feeling BM66 and Aerosmith are the focus for now.

4 weeks later
#2341 2 years ago

It's wishful thinking we might get a code update soon. In the meantime I saw Ace tonight. He looked good and really sounded great.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#2483 2 years ago

In the past we have known Stern to drop code on holidays...Valentines day would be as good as any for a Kiss update.

Now some quick Kisstory....after the the initial release of the first Kiss album a promotional gimmick was quickly thought of and Kiss sponsored or appeared at several Kissing contests. Kiss also recorded the song Kissing Time and it was added to later pressings of the first Kiss album.

So...while we are waiting for Kiss code to drop I thought I would ask folks to share their rarest or coolest Kiss collectible.... or perhaps music related collectible...show us what ya got!

So...a piece I will share as it relates to the Kisstory lesson above.....it's not mine but I know the guy that owns it and is the rarest piece I have seen I believe. It's the acetate single of Kissing Time signed by Ace, Gene, Peter, and Paul.

image (resized).jpeg

#2571 2 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

And the Devil sat in the passenger's side
Of Delorean's automobile
He said, "Hey Frehley, Frehley let's not be silly
There's a life out there to steal"

#2572 2 years ago

if this is a call for Rock Soldiers I am reporting for duty...

image (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#2593 2 years ago

I agree if anything needs to be updated its the animations. They are not the best and need to be cleaned up. Many of the current animations look incomplete or just very odd. This is one I would really like to see cleaned up and color added.

Overall the basic rules are OK. But there are a ton of things they could do to make it better. There are some tough shots and I think most players cannot consistently make those shots to get to HOF, Kiss Army, or Rock City. I like that it's not easy to get those modes. But for the average player it gets old just getting Demon and Love Gun multiball. And the factory settings make it very hard for average players to earn an extra ball.

A good code update with the right tweaks could make this better for average players and challenging enough for skilled players.

Stern has really dragged their feet on this one and probably missed a ton of sales.

I just wish Stern would be HONEST and communicate openly on what games are being updated and WHEN updates are scheduled.

It seems any question asking Stern "When is (fill in the blank here) going to happen the answer is always STAY TUNED.....

I think the next time my boss or my girlfriend asks me when something is gonna be done I am going to answer with Stay Tuned.....I am sure that would go over real well

1 week later
#2639 2 years ago

Yeah, my Cliffy took a beating. I emailed Cliffy but did not get a response back. If there is an updated one I may try it.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#2646 2 years ago

Well I think we are coming close to 1year since the last update for Kiss. All we have heard is its coming stay tuned! I think it's fair to call out Stern and see when it may be coming.

Stern or should I say Gomez really put his foot in his mouth saying BM66 would be updated every 2 weeks. I think people took it as a promise and think he meant it more as a goal but they are getting updates.


If we quit asking it might never happen

#2672 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

KISS is like chopping wood.
People say that about Transformers, but there are clear objectives in Transformers. KISS is all about points. I could've saved 5k and just bought an EM.

Kiss is not like chopping wood. Metallica is like chopping wood. In Kiss you can complete a song and move to the next one. In Metallica you have to bash at Coffin, bash at Sparky, bash at the Grave drop targets, bash at the Snake over and over. That's chopping wood. And you gotta you got

In Kiss there is more to complete than just songs. All the people that say Kiss needs more I would like to know how many of them have gotten to HOF, Kiss Army, and Rock City and if they do it consistently....I seriously doubt it. How many people can complete 6 or more songs consistently let alone 3 or 4.

Now there is some polish, and clean up of the code/ rules that should be done for sure. The animations could use some clean up as well.

Bottom line is we like different things. Kiss is not for everyone and no amount of code is gonna fix that. But there are plenty that want to like it and feel with a few tweaks they may enjoy it more. That's with a lot of games.

#2675 2 years ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Theres that word Polish again.... is there a problem with the Earths gravitational pull ?

Whoah, now if Kiss code dropped that would be heavy and then I could understand your concern about the Earth's gravitational pull.

To polish means to clean up and shine....that's really all people are asking for is to fix a few bugs and a couple features to make it "Complete". That's all we mean by polish.

You want to really confuse people learn Cockney Rhyming slang.

#2684 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I agree with everything except the claim that MET is like chopping wood. The coffin is the only thing you have to bash multiple times to get to a CIU (7 or 8 times if you use the inlane double hits). The other items you only need to hit 2 or 3 times to get a few inserts lit on the spider lanes. I wouldn't call hitting Sparky or the snake 3 times each bashing.

If you are going for CIU I agree but not if you are going for the multiballs. 10 hits to Sparky for the first MB. Snake you have to hit 10 times then lock it again. Coffin takes a lot of shots to lock all 3 balls. Cross takes the least hits but has the most risk of draining usually for me. Stacking of the multiballs is great but once you complete them you are back to "chopping wood" to do it all again. It's quite a workout when you have a monster game going.

#2686 2 years ago

I agree with Sparky that they could and should add some rules for the cities. At the start of the game allow you to choose US tour or World tour perhaps. There are a number of shots/combos needed to complete a city. Since there is no insert to easily tie this into a call out and simple animation would be enough to alert a player that a city is complete and each city could have a different shot to collect a city completion bonus or jackpot and once you make that shot the game automatically advances to next city. It would certainly add depth for people wanting another layer of rules/strategy for the game.

2 weeks later
#2701 2 years ago

So...I had a chance to talk to George Gomez alone on Sunday morning at TPF. I asked him directly if there would be an update for Kiss. He said they have to find a way to make it happen as it has demanded and asked for constantly. I feel he was honest in what he said. So that tells me it is not really being worked on but it needs to be done.

Stern has too many irons in the fire. I get that they like to push new projects along but as buyers we should demand and we should expect MORE when it comes to code. There is no reason to settle for any game to have unfinished code.

Looks like we will be waiting a while.

#2713 2 years ago

The fact is Stern has too many projects at once. Programmers are tied up. I don't fault them. Management has made poor decisions and lost lots of sales but gained just as many with each new release.

I don't regret buying Kiss at all. Great theme for me and it's still a lot of fun. Now it could use a good update to fix bugs, tie in the cities, etc.

Bottom line is Stern has shown code is not priority and they have proven if they can sell on theme alone. BM66 is complete proof of this. They unveiled a game that was not even playable and people jumped at the chance to pay $15K for one. They have no incentive to change what they are doing.

I don't think getting upset and breaking out the pitchforks is the right approach. Stern makes some fun games. But being vocal and the community continuously asking for code updates is something we need folks to do. They read this stuff.

They need to wake up and realize there is true competition coming and going to take some of the market share. We have choices now. We didn't before. And if the new guys survive we will have more choices every year. If Stern is going to be number one they have to improve what they do. Expectations are high and as soon as a manufacturer nails it all with quality, code, price, and timely delivery they will earn a lot of sales.

#2720 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And I think they are selling a ton of Aerosmith pro right now as the game has gone down a storm.

What part of "Competition coming" did you guys forget to read. If Stern does not step it up someone is gonna figure it out and take a huge share of Stern's market.

It takes more than a fresh coat of paint to win Thunder Road and that's is all Stern is doing with each new release.

It only took them how long to get rid of the DMD display.....just one example. I am not here to bash Stern....I just want a code update as do many others for several titles and we can't get that.

Competition is good and that should drive Stern to improve what they do.

#2722 2 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

That's a complete crock of crap. How long would it take someone to update the code? A week? Maybe two? Is the world short of competent programmers all of a sudden?
From one of my favorite westerns, don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining ok?

LOL!!! I agree...they need to hire more programmers but they haven't. I think timelines are little off as even Lyman has had a couple months now on BM66 and it's no where near complete.

We can't even get them to fix the lock 4 balls for multi ball on Metallica...how hard is it to fix a call out.......and you expect code to be updated in 2 weeks. I guess you take that literally from Gomez.

#2723 2 years ago

Levi, you are obviously trying to troll this pretty hard. The market has grown. New companies are starting. Some have failed and others are succeeding. Spooky is growing. Anyone that fails to see this is asleep at the wheel. Not saying Spooky is taking down Stern but with each company selling games people have choices and that is cutting into Stern's market share. Simple economics. If someone gets it right they can earn ALOT of business. Stern is in a position to stay number one or lose market share slowly and erode their business over time. That's all I am saying. Enough on that.

Since #where's the code is not helping today it's time to # a beer....or two...and play some pin.

#2789 2 years ago

Let's be real. The current code is not bad. It just needs a few big fixes and lets integrate the cities with a US tour/ world tour mode. Real simple. No need for a big overhaul. But please add in the call out "you wanted the best. You got the best..." The game deserves that at least. It's a staple of EVERY Kiss concert for crying out loud.

I am just an average player but played 3 games today and hit 300 mil on my first game. Not my GC score but a good game. Have been close to Rock City several times so gonna get there eventually. If I am that close to getting to the final wizard mode maybe it does need to be deeper. Maybe adding tour modes could add that extra depth. The only reason I say that is compared to Metallica you have to complete 4 CIU's to get to EOTL . The only complaint is why put something in a game if they are not gonna add rules for it.

But just to be clear I enjoy Kiss so anyone that thinks I am one of these whiney MFrs you are wrong. A couple simple things is really all it needs

Anyone on the fence on buying one needs to just play it. If you like it get it. If you are waiting on a final code update it may not be the game for you.

#2837 2 years ago

This may not get us a code update today.....but did you know Gene Simmons fathered James Franco?

#2838 2 years ago

We may have a better chance of getting James Franco to finish the code for Kiss than waiting on Stern.

It would just be nice to get the whatever final touches they gonna do done....then we can start the request for color DMD

#2839 2 years ago

When it comes to Kiss code we got robbed!

#2842 2 years ago

When it comes to Kiss code...

IMG_0065 (resized).JPG

#2844 2 years ago

The sad thing is it really just needs a little clean up to fix a few bugs....tons more that could be done but a final polish would go a long way. The animations need to be cleaned up as well.

Then we can start hoping for color DMD....I trust Color DMD could figure something out and make it happen down the road.

3 weeks later
#2880 2 years ago

Set grid completion to 1 for HOF multi ball. Lit instruments carry over ball to ball. Light extra ball at one instrument collected. You have to collect like another 48 instruments for a second extra ball so it's not like giving a ton of extra balls in a single game. I also changed the play field multiplyer to 2X at one song completion. Second song will give you 3X etc. etc.

That's all I have changed and it's a ton of fun like that. I have not changed the posts or anything which still keeps it very challenging.

1 week later
#2925 2 years ago

In Minneapolispin we trust
He called it on the AC/DC vault edition. We will see what happens in the next week or so.

#2932 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

KISS is not just getting an update and bug fix cleanup, it's getting a HUGE rework. This is why the delay. Once the code drops it will be a substantial update !

So wonder how big the update will be?

#2942 2 years ago

A good clean up of animations would be VERY NICE so we can look forward to color DMD. Some of the current animations are real bad.....needs some work for sure.

#2950 2 years ago

I am with Thundergod on this once Gene and Paul are done the ride is over. If they bring in hired guns to keep the novelty of the live show for new generations to experience it I get it but for those that got to see the original line up that can never be replicated. It has been fun over the years collecting oddball kiss crap. I don't have the most extensive collection but back in 89 or 90 I stumbled across a Kiss pin. So when I was 15 I had the most desired piece of a Kiss collection. Only thing more valued is original used costumes/instruments from the band from actual tours.

Now hearing the possible drop of new code is coming any day I am trying not to get my hopes up....less disappointment if it is delayed or does not happen at all. Enjoying the games as is for sure. The only downside about the new code is no matter what changes are made some are not gonna be happy and it will be the same bitchfest....all over again.

#2951 2 years ago

Not getting my hopes up too much but if the word on the street holds true this could could be the week....and Stern has dropped code on holiday weekends in the past....

#2955 2 years ago

There is a chance......but not gonna cry about it like the BM66 code update thread if doesn't happen in exactly the next 2-3 days.

It's still worth bumping this thread so Stern knows at the very least a final polish and big fix would be nice.

#2957 2 years ago

I hear ya. Hopefully they continue the updates. At least they are coming while Kiss and others games linger for a year or more. Hopefully BM66 gets finished without years of waiting

#2966 2 years ago

Trying like hell to not get my hopes up.....less disappointment if new code does not drop this week.

But if we get code I sure hope it's worth the wait...been over a year already

#2969 2 years ago

Keep hope ALIVE!!!

IMG_0116 (resized).JPG

#2976 2 years ago

IMG_0117 (resized).JPG

#2982 2 years ago

3 hours....hmmm.... let's hope so.

#2988 2 years ago

Gonna have some drinks and play tonight anyway.....let the pissing and moaning about code start this time tomorrow if we still don't have code

#2997 2 years ago

So will today finally be the day code drops....????

It's been over a year. We have been told stay tuned, it's coming and a number of other things over the last year. Stern's excuses for code on all games are wearing thin. It's the same crap over and over. Hence why I am not having high expectations when/if code for any Stern game will be updated. Every other manufacturer at least communicates if code is being worked on and gets updates out. Not saying they update quicker but at least you know it's being worked on. With Stern it's a crap shoot.

Now I enjoy Kiss but a clean up/bug fix is very least we should expect so we can call this game done and move on. It's what they should do for ANY game considering the stupid prices the games cost.

I get delays happen but a year to update code???

#3028 2 years ago

To be honest we all hear inside info and there is always a grain of truth to every rumor. But plans change and delays happen. That's why when ANYONE posts something I don't get excited until it happens.

I didn't get my hopes up that code would drop so nothing to be disappointed about.

But when people post stuff saying "inside info" it's like a cock tease and people love to troll threads and get people worked up. Bottom line is time and time again code on Stern games is lacking and full of bugs they don't fix. If code issues bug people enough they need to wake up and give Stern the big Screw You and quit buying the next shiny NIB pin that comes out. Why support a company that refuses to change, seems to have QC issues as of late, and continues to charge more?

No incentive for Stern to change until we as consumers quit buying. Until that happens expect more of the same.

#3075 2 years ago

Like Kiss LE a lot. Very challenging if you are trying to get to Rock City. It's a much better game than its reputation. Most people agree the shots are smooth. The Demon lock and drain issues some experienced can be corrected with some minor tweaking. Once that's done it plays great. Some minor bug fixes/polish with the code would also go a long way. The art work is a great throwback to the original. Really more good things about this game than negative. People just love to hate on Kiss I guess.

#3079 2 years ago

Yeah...it would be nice for code to drop. All I can say is at least we have working and playing games. Not lost deposits and no guarantee of a game that may not even ship. Sad to see history repeat itself with HP and DP.

We still need to demand complete code. No excuse for lack of code at the prices we pay. It's frustrating how many games could use a good code update- GB, BM66, Kiss all need updates. Stern has been very aggressive in realeaing new games. A lot on their plate. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. I don't get how Stern prioritizes projects but it seems Kiss is the most complete and would be the easiest and quickest to give an update/ polish and call it done and move on. Then GB. BM66 seems to have a lot left to code and will take a while. They should knock out the low hanging fruit. That would free them up to focus on BM66, clean up Aerosmith, and code SW and work on future releases. Why they don't do that is beyond me.

#3087 2 years ago

Well if they ever drop the code we can discuss if it was worth the wait.

Until then all we will hear is stay tuned....it's coming.

There just comes a time when you have to piss or get off the pot. Either call it done or commincate to customers it's actually going to get updated.

#3089 2 years ago

Post a full pic of the yellow when you are done....looks cool with the yellow

#3110 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Sharp!! I need to take apart my Starchild area to clean on my Pre and not looking forward to it.

Time to do mine to. If anyone has tips on how to tear down that area please share.....

#3111 2 years ago

All the talk about a code update for Kiss is why we don't have color done for it yet. I am sure if we ever get an update color will be worked on. The request has been made plenty to the folks at ColorDMD. They have done a great job to get many of the new titles done.

2 weeks later
#3154 2 years ago

I ran into a bug a couple days ago that really sucked and pissed me off. I had completed 2 songs and started Shout It Out Loud and was either on my first or second ball...anyway I had hit the lit center ramp shot, the right orbit, and had the left orbit lit. I started Love Gun multiball and during the multiball I hit the left orbit and it never gave me another lit shot to advance for song completion. I eventually drained. And I was playin a 2 player game with a friend and when I drained with no lit shot his ball came up to his correct song he was on and he had lit shots as normal. When he drained it changed back to my song with no lit shot. So no stuck/broken switches etc. that's the only song I have seen that happen on.

It doesn't make the game unplayable but it sure sucks when it happens.

#3181 2 years ago

It would be nice if they incorporated the cities....so much potential to go for US/World Tour modes...could be really deep rule set.

At the very least they MUST add the call the call out "YOU WANTED THE BEST. YOU GOT THE BEST...."

Thanks to Thundergod I have it added for now along with the classic Bally Kiss sounds. Still digging it....played a few games and put up 368 mil...not my best but pretty good for me.

It's just a shame that In general Stern makes some fun pins but the way they manage code is complete garbage. I don't fault the coders. They work on what they are told to work on. If they were told to update Kiss code I am sure they would come up with some great additions...look what they have done with Metallica, AC/DC, and Star Trek. All great games. BM66 is a work in progress but needs so much help I don't think good code can make it "great". But they half assed that game anyway.....use an old design, slap some cool art on it, tweak a few things and there you have it. It's basically a reskin/retheme. No different than some of the homebrews that have been made over the last few years.

We may see an update for Kiss at some point but I don't think it will be this HUGE update we have been told. Stern has moved on to the next new game. And each new game is "Uncle Gary's" favorite game because it brings him more money. Money is the bottom line these days for Stern.

#3183 2 years ago

Unfortunately Stern's FB page is a joke and you can't read much into what they post. They post random crap from past games from time to time. They ban and remove posts of legit questions or anything negative. I can't remember the last time I looked at their FB page to be honest.

Keep demanding code for all games....I know people are sick of hearing people bitch about it but gotta be loud for what you want sometimes.

Stern has just become pump and dump with each new title...and there seem to be no shortage of people lining up to buy. It's about the money for them. And they recognize the market has shifted to home buyers. Look at all the aftermarket mods they now sell....ops don't care about that stuff.

Enough about Stern....it's holiday weekend so time to relax and enjoy some cold beverages.

#3185 2 years ago

Only played DI once so I need more time on it. Theme is horrible but it may be fun as hell....don't know yet.

As soon as someone else can step up and produce multiple titles in a year, and show they have high build quality, good code, and true Customer Service they can gain some market share from Stern. Right now Stern has better than 90% of the market.....Spooky runs are small. Hieghway and DP are unknowns at this point. American Pinball is working to bring their first title to production so we have no idea if they can produce quality games and how quickly. If JJP can start producing 2-3 titles a year they could gain a huge market share.

Until this happens expect little change from Stern. They will continue to pump and dump and thrive because they can deliver today what others take 2-3 years to do.

#3189 2 years ago

This long wait for a Kiss code update sure is making me hungry....waffles anyone???

IMG_0278 (resized).JPG

#3191 2 years ago

Was a Bday gift I got today. I must be the easiest person to find a gift for.


#3193 2 years ago

Yeah....the Paul, Ace, and Gene guitars are cool for sure. There is even a place you can send your guitar to and get the smoking mod like Ace.

2 weeks later
#3217 2 years ago

Its funny how the only throwback art missing on the new Kiss is the Love Gun girls....I added those as well.

If and that's a big IF someone could add code and LCD to Kiss that would be awesome.....Should have had an LCD to begin with. Count me in for sure!

#3228 2 years ago

Stern is the master at marketing by doing the least. They create all kinds of buzz when they hint something COULD happen....they get the sharks swarming with a drop of blood and then they feed the sharks......look at BM 66. People had to beg Stern to take their 15K. People need to quit buying into this gimmick marketing by all these pin manufacturers as they are doing no one any favors.

No need for pitchforks as that does no good. Now I suggest a slick person do what works best....take Gary out for "A night on the town" and we may get him to give us some code updates. That's how sales used to get done LOL!

#3234 2 years ago

So at this point which is more likely to happen first....color DMD or a code update?

#3241 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Colorizing this title won't be possible until the concert footage that stern used is found.

I don't think that is true at all....I believe many colors can be guessed and played with to make something that looks good and correct

#3257 2 years ago

Glad to see we are still bumping this thread.....I had to chuckle at a comment on the BM66 code thread that it has been 6 weeks for a code update....would hate to see the meltdown if they had to wait over a year for an update

#3260 2 years ago

Wow....from all the hype of BM66 you would think they would be working quickly to get code complete but it's the same old Stern. Updates will come but it seems to take 2-3 years to get close to completion on code after release.

#3284 2 years ago

Same boat as you Tempest.

I restored my original and this was a must have for me too. Fun as hell....not going anywhere.

But there are bugs and would be nice to clean up the animations so we can get color DMD sooner.

I have played SW and not impressed at all. Another overpriced cookie cutter stripped down game....maybe the Prem/LE will be a little better. But not interested in any NIB Stern, overpriced with quality issues and who knows how complete code will ever be at any point. Stern better wake up as there are new people entering the hobby but not as many as you think....and just as many exit the hobby as well.

#3298 2 years ago

I am all down for some home brew updates...but it needs to include the Prem/Le and especially it it's reversible.

One way to get around any license issue is to simply include in the "Kit" is a copy of the Kiss CD and pick a DVD or 2 that contains the video clips you want to use. If you include the actual licensed copies that must be purchased with the kit then there is no issue loading those into your personal game in this scenario.....now if you provide support or instructions for modifying/editing clips and people have their own source material to insert then that's on the end user.

Now I truly think that only a handful of people would really want to go this far on modding the game....so I think privately between a few people each buying the stuff for the mod would be fine if it stayed private and not "for sale" and you could do pretty much what you want. That's probably the best way to go.

I am very interested and full of suggestions on things that could be added or should have been in the game to begin with.

1 week later
#3378 2 years ago

This is typical Stern. This is not the rumored big update we have all been hearing about. This appears to be basically a bug fix and not much more so why announce it and be flamed for not dropping a big update.

Now what they will use this is to look back in time and throw it out there that they did update the code...it was not abandoned.....then they will say WOW!!! Look at all the code updates for 2017....BM66, Aerosmith, Kiss, SW, and what ever hits before the end of 2017.
Stern is the master of making hype out of nothing.

1 month later
#3508 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

That's Ace's Les Paul. Shame on you!! Have you thought about getting the lighted amp from Mezel Mods? Its a good one!!

Guess I shouldn't have had Ace sign my back glass.

IMG_3196 (resized).JPG

#3510 1 year ago

And since mods are being mentioned here I will also give big props for the Love Gun MB light mod......it really adds to the start of LG MB. A must mod for the Prem/LE.

So how long before we should start asking for the next code update??? A bug fix at the very least. Way too many bugs to Be left as is.

#3512 1 year ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

That's definitely Ace on that backglass and not Tommy. Signature looks awesome!

Yeah...there are plenty of Bally Kiss BG's signed so I figure there won't be too many LE back glasses signed so caught him when he was here a while back.

1 week later
2 weeks later
#3553 1 year ago

So how long are you or others willing to wait for a final update if there is even gonna be one?

Stern has really been full of "empty promises" regarding code updates. The last Kiss update was OK but definitely did not fix known bugs and complete the game.

If Stern is serious about turning code around they need to focus on one game at a time. Pick a game and give dedicated time to fix it in 1-2 months....then the next game and so forth. Rather than work on all games at once a little at a time. It's really simple when you break it down that way and can be done. The list of games that could use code updates is getting quite long.

Will see if Stern can turn this around but until they do it's all talk and more of the same "Stay Tuned" BS.

2 weeks later
#3605 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing RD. Even though it was very brief you got a book personally signed and will be something you will always remember.

I have met Ace twice. And probably the hardest one to meet is Peter Criss. I got to meet him once.

#3608 1 year ago

That’s awesome RD.....wish I had the jet setting lifestyle you have LOL!

Met you at TPF earlier this year..hope you make it back next year. Always enjoy hearing of your travels.

2 months later
#3755 1 year ago

Yeah, but a world tour mode would be nice....complete all the songs and another mode or multiball or some award. Sounds like it would be easy to give you credit for a city when you complete a song. Then have it choose a new city when you choose the next song. Something simple so you know the cities are used for something

Still need the call out “YOU WANTED THE BEST. YOU GOT THE BEST.....” when you hit the start button. That is a no brainer that should be on this game.

#3757 1 year ago

Well since there is US cities and International cities there could be a US tour and a world tour mode. At this point don’t want suggest anything to make it complicated....keep it simple to work with what is there so there could be a chance it could be added.

2 months later
#3827 1 year ago

Oh no....this thread needs to be bumped...squeaky wheel gets the grease. Stern is listening but it will happen at their pace. If people quit asking it will get dropped for whatever people are screaming for at the time...game just needs a few bug fixes and some polish. Clean up the animations so Color DMD can do their thing and all will be right. #WHERE’S THE KISS CODE!!!

3 weeks later
#3850 1 year ago

Look...I would like to believe it’s coming also but I have little faith in anything about Stern. The only thing guaranteed is the next title will roll off the line. Other than that all bets are off. The Stern of the Union is a joke of an attempt to provide updates.

Future actions of Stern will tell if they are serious about finishing code on older games that can use it or if they are left for dead.

But bump this anyway...let Stern know we want code updates to polish/ finish a game at least. If we don’t speak up it won’t happen that’s for sure.

#3860 1 year ago

Yeah....that’s the whole thing with Kiss. I think most agree the shots are good. The rules are a little shallow....it’s just missing the wow factor that may be improved with some polish and tweaking of the code....and some god awful animations need to be fixed. But it is really the pin I enjoy most. The throwback art is awesome.

But I am gonna say this....Stern won’t even fix the fallout on Metallica....”Smash 4 balls for multiball!” so if they won’t fix that there is little hope any minor fixes will be addressed on any game....pretty sad.

3 months later
#3994 12 months ago

If color DMD released Kiss a code update would for sure happen.....

I get that Stern is a business and they make money by selling games....but for the price They charge we expect bug fixes and some minor tweaks to at least make it complete for any new game.

Get it done or be real and tell us it is not happening. Enough stringing us along with this Stern of the Union garbage.

#4000 11 months ago

Personally think if the code is not done why release a game.

They don’t give a shit....put a cool theme on a box of flashing lights and the sheeple will buy it. Plain and simple.

#4004 11 months ago

And Vid made my point...people are lining up to throw money at the next game..some serious FOMO in the pin community.

Look at The Munsters thread....people are drooling over some mock photos. There’s also at least 2-3 threads guessing what the next release is gonna be.

Stern has NO incentive to invest a lot in code for any game. They will hit their target production # on these titles and move on.

If they do the super LE on the Beatles I can’t wait to see the shit show of how Stern selects those buyers.....that should be entertaining.

#4013 11 months ago

When the new code drops it better include this call out:


Kiss has a lot to offer as is but it could really pop with a few tweaks

Make the cities into a US/world tour mode. Now cities have a purpose. Complete the song change the city and the song. Simple.

Add the classic sounds from the Bally version....perhaps as an option like the spinner and when you get the colossal bonus. You made the game a throwback to the original so add a few simple things to tie it in together.

That right ramp is tough....need to be able to light and collect instruments during multiball. Currently you cannot which totally sucks. Also if you have lit 4 instruments you have to collect all 4 before you can light the next one....it should always light an unlit instrument any time you make the right ramp. But I agree you should have to collect at least one of each for an extra ball which it currently is coded for.

I get the issue with songs royalties but how can you not have God of Thunder in there for crying out loud...not likely to happen.

Time for everyone to start refreshing Stern things we would like to see added or fixed!!!

#4015 11 months ago

I second that...clean up those animations for sure!!! Some of the current ones will be a mess for Color DMD to complete. Needs to be addressed. There is so much footage Kiss could approve to be used.

1 month later
#4082 9 months ago
8C9408F0-7449-4154-8333-93FD668320DB (resized).jpeg
#4089 9 months ago

And for crying out out loud can we PLEASE get this call out either when you start a game or the start of a multiball perhaps...

“You wanted the best. You got the the best. The hottest band is the world! Kiss!!!”

That has to be in the game....no brainer on that one.

#4092 9 months ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

I was told that it will not be done because Stern owns the live footage that's on the DMD.
They would have to make it available to whomever does the color.

That never stopped the other Stern games from getting done. All the images in Ghostbusters, AC/DC etc would not be done if that is the case.

I am confident it will get done but it will be a lot of work to figure out the best colors.

1 week later
#4104 9 months ago

Just a lot of Kiss haters out there so theme and music kills it for them. For many of us we have been bombarded by Kiss everything for over 40 years so people have had their fill of Kiss.....most people like the shots and agree it’s a fun game....needs a few bugs tweaked and some polish on the rules/animations and this is game is probably one of the best recent Sterns. The art is kick ass and I appreciate the elements of the original Bally Kiss thrown in.

So why the hate people ask....several reasons
Theme- you either like Kiss or like to hate on Kiss.
Poor code support/updates.
Questions about Spike reliability.
No color animations- big let down for many. If this had been the first with color animations imagine how different people would feel about this game.
Demon lock issues....

It’s really a combination of issues and add in that Stern releases a new title every 3-5 months people have more choices so it’s easy for people to move on to the next game.

Bottom line is it’s definitely underrated. Looking forward to the update.

#4113 9 months ago

Look... SQUIRREL!!!

I see what ya did Stern...now give us the code we really want.

1 week later
#4129 8 months ago

Damn....time see if this has been worth the wait!

#4146 8 months ago

Hell no....party is just getting started as everyone is loading code....gonna be an all nighter!!!

#4158 8 months ago

Been working so much finally taking some me time....just updated code on Kiss and Metallica....so Hell Yeah!!!

Only 2 games on Kiss and some subtle differences right away....scores should be much higher......can’t wait to see what else they changed.

Gonna be hard to pull me off Kiss and get time in on Metallica but gonna have to as it sounds like EOTL is much easier....closest I have been on old code is completed 2 CIU and 3rd was lit on the old code.

#4159 8 months ago

For those that have not got the Lovegun/Starchild area plastic protector get it. I never had an issue before the whole time I have had this game.....load new code and after 3-4 games the ball got machine gunned by the drop several times into the plastic. I know there was something added to the code to help with this issue but just know it can still happen....get the protector....lucky for me I quit procrastinating and installed one a couple months ago.

@capguntrooper for anyone needing it.

#4175 8 months ago

As far as the You wanted the best intro I just double checked and it seems the game alternates between the intro from Alive and Alive II...notice one voice is high pitched which is Alive and the lower pitch is Alive II. Kind of neat. So for anyone that is hearing a difference that is why.

#4181 8 months ago

I couldn’t justify the $400 for the topper.... total cash grab...$250 tops.

But it is cool.

2 weeks later
#4193 8 months ago

That’s odd...I hear it every time I hit the start button.

#4195 8 months ago

Any other issues besides that? I would download the new code again and install. I can’t imagine there is a game adjustment for it but who knows. It definitely is not right.

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