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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#742 3 years ago

Glad to hear a massive KISS code update is coming. I had some family over last night to play pinball and a cousin of mine wants to buy a KISS pro or premium. Are pros around $4500- $4700 shipped NIB?

1 week later
#946 3 years ago

Sounds like the code update is coming today. I just helped my cousin this past Sunday pickup a super nice HUO KISS Pro with Pinball Refinery laser etched armor, the KISS topper (so bright yet so awesome, lol), and shaker motor. I was so impressed with the game I told him "either you buy it or I'm selling a game and buying it" haha. It's his first pin and he's having a blast with it. I'll let him know when the code drops.

#1328 3 years ago

Wait sucks but at least the update is coming and it's going to be a huge update!

I also a noticed how Stern said the update would be coming along with "a few others". Hmmmm, I wonder for what other games?

#1330 3 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Miscommunication between marketing and software
Hype to get you excited and then someone noticed bugs and say it couldn't be released
A month long April Fools Joke
I'm sure if they released buggy code, it would be all over pinside about how they suck (of wait it already is).
Would you rather have the new code and find out it was causing problems and you couldn't play? I don't think you would.

Lol @ the month long April fools joke comment.

Code comes out, its version 1.2! Let's see what features have been added

+ Additional LED affects added to topper

That's it?! Pinside explodes in anger.

6 months later
#2062 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

There's no reason why it should take so long for these code releases to drop. Everybody else in the industry evolves their code more quickly, and they all have a lower number of resources available to their code teams. I just don't get it.

Bingo. Keith Johnson has put out over 6 updates for The Hobbit within 6 months, all of which of which have been substantial consisting of new modes and features, 3 of which are multi staged wizard type modes. With Stern 6 months goes by and an update is released with a few bug fixes...I don't understand this, especially being that the Stern platform is far less complex then JJP's and that they have what 4-6 programmers?

Something doesn't add up. My guess is that Stern programmers are moved to the next project before they have a chance to complete their last game the way they wanted to. The programmers at Stern are talented, especially guys like Lyman and Dwight. However, it seems that Sterns programmers are simply not given enough time to complete their games the way they want to and at times have completed them on their own time.

Gary and the guys at the top don't seem to really care about providing a game with deep and unique rules...They do care about accessories though, especially those $400-$500 toppers. I noticed that Stern was very quick to release a code update earlier on for KISS that added support for their $400 topper...

I hope you KISS owners get a code update and a huge one at that soon. I've been following this thread as I helped a cousin of mine earlier in the year pickup a KISS pro which is his first pin.

1 month later
#2300 2 years ago

Wow. Just another form of cost cutting and way to increase profits. Same thing can be said about taking some sounds from KISS.

2 weeks later
#2365 2 years ago

The next KISS code update better be huge and heavily expand on gameplay versus just mainly being a bug fix update.

With as slow as Stern is with code updates one may think they are working on code for the first manned mission to Mars...

2 months later
#2718 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Not true. There is no proper alternative to Stern at this time - no other company puts out multiple titles a year. They seem to still own the "Actual pinball company churning out games on the reg at sane prices" market all to themselves.

"Proper alternative"? Wow. There are many other choices. Quality, feature set (value), and great code support is > quantity. The problem with Stern is that they are cranking out so many titles per year that code support has suffered as well as quality.

This wait for the next KISS code update is insane.

#2806 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It's like when the rollercoaster breaks down but they refuse to give you an estimate on how long it's gonna take to fix it. I mean what would they have to gain by locking themselves into anything?

The roller coaster though is typically down for maybe a few hours, not 6 months to 1 year. KISS owners have been waiting a year for a code update. That is ridiculous. This is pinball code we are talking about, not code for a secret government project. Stern can and should openly provide an update to owners.

1 month later
#3007 2 years ago
Quoted from Gexchange:

I did some asking around. Stern has committed to a code release this year but not super soon. But this is good because I had heard no more Kiss updates before!

Thanks for asking. Still just wow, this wait is beyond ridiculous at this point.

2 months later
#3347 2 years ago

2017 has been the worst year for Stern code support in my opinion. Stern has what 5-8 programmers on staff? Why is it that only a few updates have been released in 2017 that actually add content, not bug fix updates, to games?

Sterns programming staff is talented, no question there, but the delays with code updates are due to Stern management wanting to put out more titles per year then ever before. Sterns programmers are simply stretched too thin.

#3404 2 years ago

I guess Stern was right saying this would be a huge update...next to their 3 bug fix update type releases it is

Ridiculous that after nearly 16 months since the last update that nothing new gameplay wise has been added.

#3406 2 years ago

I noticed on Sterns Facebook page that someone didn't realize that Heavens on Fire multiball was added to the game. Stern replied back and said it was added in April...then someone replied to Stern and said "April 2016", lol.

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