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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#2034 2 years ago

Just ordered my first NIB Stern today...a KISS Pro! I never liked the band but loved playing the machine out in the wild. As I was shopping for the pin, a dealer did tell me that he has recently visited the factory and learned that the code is now being worked on by Lyman. While I am happy with the game play today, it was nice to know that maybe there will be yet another code drop in some point. After watch the PAPA tutorial for KISS, its clear that there is a LOT to do on that machine. Bottomline, when I play KISS I seem to like it more than the other Sterns in the room and that's what counts to me.

#2046 2 years ago

Not a KISS code question but does anyone know where I can purchase these pinblades?

KISS Pinblades (resized).jpg

#2056 2 years ago

I was told by a distributor who frequently visits the factory that the KISS code is being worked on. I think it would be hard to predict when that drop will occur but it seems likely that we will at least one more code drop. Just have to be patient I guess.

I wish Stern would go to a more agile model of software release. Smaller releases, more often. If a new version introduces some bugs, great! It could help Stern with testing, incorporating user feedback/ideas and the pin owner can easily roll back to a more stable version if needed. Plus, wouldn't it be cool to get a new feature or mode update every 3 months instead of some big code drop at some far off, unknown date?

This is the model that many software companies are moving towards. What do you say Stern? Why not give it a try.

#2076 2 years ago

As we are patiently waiting for new code to drop, what do you guys find missing from the KISS code? Can you walk up and breeze through the modes and into the wizard modes every time? I find the 1.28 rules to be challenging and fun. My question is what rules would you suggest that Stern add? How would you interweave the cities into the rules?

I would make the cities into timed, mini-modes and require completion in a linear sequence. This linear approach would simulate KISS going on a world wide tour - start the tour in LA and end in Tokyo! Maybe collect the KISS guys and their instruments to start the tour. Then add a God of Thunder wizard mode for completing the tour.

I summarized the existing rules so that everyone has a minimalist picture of what's there already.

8 Songs Modes
- completing 2 songs awards a 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x PF multipliers

2 Multiball modes
- Demon and Love Gun Multiball

3 Wizard Modes
- Heaven's on Fire Wizard Mode, KISS Army Wizard Mode & Rock City Wizard Mode

Pop Bumper Awards
- Left orbit lights pop bumper inserts and awards progressively larger bumper awards as indicated by different colors. I believe this is a NEW and unique rule system to KISS.

Bonus Grid
- Fill the grid twice to enable Heaven's on Fire wizard mode

Front Row Kickback
- Ball Save for the left outlane by spelling K-I-S-S

Inlane Target Combos
- Quick complete of K-I-S-S and A-R-M-Y targets
- Followed by progressive hurry-up combo shots

Backstage Pass Semi-Random Mystery Award
- Add-A-Ball, Super Ramps, Super Spinners, Super Targets, Super Pops, Deuce Scoring, Fast Scoring, Bonus X, Double Scoring, and Hold Bonus

Single Shot Multipliers
- Combos
- Completing a song causes the next shot to be 2x for the rest of the ball

Playfield Multipliers
- Song 2x/3x/5x/10x
- Demon 2x/3x
- Double scoring 2x

Shot and Playfield Multipliers can combine for up to 60x scoring (I think you could actually go higher then 60x but I'm not even gotten close yet.)

Collecting Instruments
- 4 instruments gives extra ball, 6 enables KISS Army wizard mode, 12 enables Rock City wizard mode

Collecting KISS Character Design inserts
- each character requires a unique method to collect as flashing to enable KISS Army and then solid to enable Rock City
- Starchild: Collect 6 instruments, then 12 instruments
- Spaceman: Start Love Gun Multiball, the collect the Super Jackpot
- Demon: Start Demon Multiball, then collect the Double Super Jackpot
- Catman: Light all four bumpers red, then light all four bumpers to green then to purple

1 week later
#2122 2 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

This video is so confusing. You can see Metallica's everywhere. Ummmm... maybe that's because the code is great. I don't get how Stern doesn't see this or doesn't care. Seems like there's a pretty obvious correlation between having great code and selling a lot of games. It's like a catch 22, well we'll update the code if we sell x games, but we don't sell x games cause the code sucks. awww jeeeezz.

I don't think code translates into sales. People are pre-ordering games based on theme. Unfortunately, theme trumps everything. Just look at the initial negative reaction to Dialed In and the positive reaction to Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is a game with a lot of flaws that will never be fixed by code. Every review and podcast laments about how terribly unfair the drains are, how the outlanes suck, the flipper gap sucks, the airballs suck, and most shots are brutal if you're off by a millimeter. I've played it a lot but I find it frustrating for a player of average ability. In my opinion, KISS is way more fun in its current form.

But that damn Ghostbusters "hand drawn art, would you just look at the hand drawn art. Oh my frickin Gawd. I think I'm going to pee myself! Best game ever! Best game ever!" I think a lot of Pinsiders must be bipolar.

I think the video is very clear. He said "big code update" for KISS. It confirms what I heard from a distributor in Chicago that visited the factory and spoke with Lyman. We ARE going to get a code drop. Who knows when... could be 2017 for all we know. Can we at least be a little thankful that Stern still has KISS on the radar?

Happy Thanksgiving

3 weeks later
#2190 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Shockingly, it does GREAT on route.

Expectations and perceptions. It seems that Pinsiders, in general, have pretty high expectations for code complexity. Casual players will find a lot of depth to KISS rules. It appears there are Pinsiders who can blow through the KISS modes in 15 minutes and then they're bored. I don't think that is the average player's experience.

There may be some "group think" going on. Pinsiders love to bash KISS code. I have my doubt's that many have ever played the 1.28 code. Pinside is an echo chamber ... people start parroting that KISS code sucks. I think if there were a way to objectively score the complexity of code, KISS would rank in the middle of the portfolio of modern Sterns.

If KISS does well on route, then I think that correlates with my theory that Pinsider's have higher expectations than the average player and perceptions that don't always match reality.

#2211 2 years ago

Thanks for the positive posts on KISS code guys! The shots are challenging and the modes are a blast. The code is way better than people give it credit for. Not every game is going to be GOT deep.

Glad I didn't let the Pinside KISS code haters change my mind. I'm thrilled with my purchase and play it every day. Because I'm not a big KISS fan, I replaced 5 of the songs with Sammy Hagar, Boston, Ratt, Ted Nugent and Blue Oyster Cult. I added two sound activated, rotating head concert lighting as a topper and it's a complete heavy metal assault on the senses! It freaking rocks!!! No regrets here.

3 weeks later
#2335 2 years ago

Just noticed that on Stern's Facebook page, Bowen Kerins stated "Kiss code is already in terrific condition" to someone complaining to Stern about KISS code.

Look, I wanna see a KISS update badly but I gotta agree... KISS code is pretty good today. It could be EPIC with another layer of depth.

#2344 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Noticed the other day that there's no way to increase bonus multipliers. Is that true?

I'm not sure there are bonus multipliers. There are:

Song multipliers (do those apply to the bonus???)
Shot multipliers
Playfield multipliers
Combo multipliers
Demon multiplier

There are also 2 mystery awards:

Playfield 2x
Bonus X

Bonus X looks like a bonus multiplier but I don't remember ever getting that as an award. The end-of-ball bonus doesn't seem to result into big scoring opportunities.

#2349 2 years ago

I'd say Pinside pissing and moaning is destroying this games reputation, not the code. Of course the code needs more polish but it still a blast to play with the current code.

#2350 2 years ago
Quoted from gawcol:

Anyone has a link to a "How-to-play" or ruleguide? Thanks

The PAPA tutorial on Youtube is an awesome guide to the rules as well. I've watched it several times. Highly recommended.

#2398 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

I played KISS on a location in Oslo last week, and yes, while they have "fixed" the sdtm by adding the ball saver...its a joke! as long as the ball goes 100 % straight into the trough it works, but if the balls delay 0.25 second because it hits the apron wall before going into the trough..No ball save! Jesus christ, It really pissed me off

Oh my freaking word! First of all, a NIB KISS game just needs to be adjusted like every other freaking Stern NIB game. My KISS Pro NEVER does a SDTM (well maybe 0.05% of the time). Second, ALL pins have an element of sending a ball SDTM. GB is WAY worse that KISS with the drains, airballs and such and people just overlook those facts on GB. Third, the ball save time is adjustable!

#2404 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Good to know, and also that this is a non-issue after setting it up Just a pity that the operators dont care enough about to set it up, playtest and adjust enough before placing on location.
That said, I still think its lazy not play testing it enough at Stern and maybe just adjusting the kickout angle with a small margin.
Anyways, a fun game to play from time to time


I'm not trying to give Stern a pass as they've not always done their job on the quality front. However, pinball is a small boutique industry making a few thousand units that are VERY complex to test. Realistically, can they afford to pay someone to test play every game for a couple hours? You can't automate testing on a completed pinball machine. Even if they do catch a mis-alignment, it gets ram-jammed around during storage and delivery.

I've heard the old-timers in this hobby say that all machines needed to be adjusted on delivery since the dawn of the industry. Hell, it took me an hour to go through the all tests and tasks that Stern wanted me to do before plunging the first game.

#2408 2 years ago

My KISS that came with instructions that seemed to anticipate problems from shipping. It instructed me to push all connectors together and tighten screws. Then to go through the test for every switch. Again, I'm not excusing Stern for obvious quality issues but really doubt they ship pins with no testing.

1 week later
#2431 2 years ago

In the entire history of Stern KISS, has anyone at Stern ever indicated that the cities where supposed to do more than just callouts from Gene and Paul? Could the cities just been a bad idea with no plans for enhanced rules?

#2471 2 years ago

I assumed it was designed to softly kick out. If the ball gets kicked back hard into the STAR area every time it would get stuck up there. Achieving the Love Gun MB would be too easy. Mine occasionally kicks out hard enough for me to nudge it around and keep it up in that area. Usually it arcs down and out of that area back into the main PF area as I'm sure it was designed to do - otherwise Stern could easily shoot the ball at a higher velocity.

#2479 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Just curious if all you Kiss owners got your code update yet. How is the game now? Still need more to make it better or are you happy where it is?

No code release yet. Rumors abound that it is coming but we're losing hope.

Overall, I'm VERY happy with KISS code but it could be better. There are a lot of minor bugs that need cleaned up. Of course, people want the cities to do something. I went to a local arcade today and played an hour on a Ghostbusters Pro. Glad I bought KISS instead of GB. KISS is more fun for me than GB.

#2526 2 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

I disagree - the majority of pinheads I know barely scratch the surface on the rules of the game. Most people just suck at pinball. I'd honestly be curious to see how many people complaining about the Kiss code that have actually seen everything in the game. I know I haven't.

I agree that the average Joe doesn't scratch the surface of any rule set. I studied KISS rules for weeks before I was able to absorb everything that was going on and it wasn't until I watched the PAPA tutorial several times that I really understood the complexities of the rule set. Even then, I had to tweak the settings in order to complete the grid with some regularity.

So I call BS on the those that whine about the rules being shallow. Perhaps these people are among the few pinball prodigies that are so good that they can become so bored with KISS rules after a few plays. But for the average pinballer, the rules are reasonably deep.

#2528 2 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

Most modes in games have a timer or other ways to finish modes. With kiss, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you need to shoot through the pops to complete a mode, and cannot make the shot... You are stuck in jail. Cannot choose another song, cannot finish the mode another way... Cannot time it out.
I don't see this being an issue with great players but it puts a big gap of fun between the great players and above average players.

You don't need to shoot through the pops to complete a mode. Each mode requires about 8 shots and the patterns are pretty varied so there is very little chopping wood in comparison to something like RBION where you have to hit a bunch of tokens, or a bunch of spinners, etc. Some of the KISS modes are easier than others so you start with those such as Deuce and Lick It Up. You do need to hit the scoop to start a new mode but that is fairly standard.

As to the lack of timing out of modes. You're damned it you do and damned if you don't time out the mode. It's frustrating as hell to time out of modes when learning a new game such as on GB. On KISS, you get to explore all of the modes without the frustration of timing out. But, it can be frustrating to complete a mode. Both approaches are going to frustrate the new player at times. Personally, I like the lack of a time out. If you want to get out of a mode on KISS, hammer on the Demon to get Demon Multiball and you have a reasonably good chance of completing the orbit by happenstance.

#2578 2 years ago

Another piece of evidence. When I purchased my KISS Pro back in November, the distributor (GAP) told me he visits the factory often to pick up machines and he was told by Lyman that KISS code was being worked on.

#2585 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Notice that he dialed back the "big" from his statement made before to John's arcade? Mind games from Stern to manage expectations?

Actually, he was responding to the Facebook question in real time which asked about the "big" KISS code update. He then responded that the team was working on it but he was not sure how big because he didn't really seem to know. That was how I interpreted the comment.

#2590 2 years ago

Congrats! I'm jealous. I just have a lowly KISS Pro. You're gonna love it.

1 week later
#2629 2 years ago

Moving head lighting is the ultimate mod!

If you are not a world class champion pinballer and just want to have a freaking blast (and a chance to get to Heaven once in a blue moon) try these settings.

9: first number of grids lit for grid MB: 1
29: reset shot mulitplier at ball start: NO
31: reset playfield multiplier at ball start: NO
32: song completion for playfield multiplier: 1
36: instrument rule difficulty: PWR-ON=LIGHT ALL
37: instruments carry ball/ball: YES
38: 1st instrument extra ball: 3
40: instruments to blink spaceman: 4
41: instruments to light spaceman: 8

Have fun!

#2649 2 years ago

People still ask for KISS code on Facebook without getting banned...you just can't be a dick about it. I suggest people keep the pressure on. When there is a code update or announcement about another product then make a post saying "Heh, that's awesome Stern. Looking forward to the KISS code update as well! When is it coming?"

I would also quit being a dick to Lonnie on here as well. I'm sure he and the other coders read pinside. I wouldn't want to finish the code when reading the little digs and insults that are hurled at the Stern coders not named Lyman, who probably have little influence on the coding priorities.

#2660 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Its a fun and nice looking shooter with zizzle level code. There's nothing to it other than 'shoot here because points!'
There are no mini objectives, wizard mode is half baked, cities do nothing and there are a handful of bugs that need fixing.

I agree that the wizard modes could be better!!! I also want to see cities do something more. I especially want the bugs fixed.

But... it is hardly "shoot here because points."

* 4 mini objectives: Starchild Multiball, Demon Multiball, Catman (collecting bumper inserts), and Spaceman (collecting instruments)
* 1 major objective in the Bonus Grid matrix
* 8 modes that are distinctly different from one another
* 3 wizard modes
* 5 multiplier rules that stack (combo, song shot, song playfield, demon playfield, backstage)
* Huge scores on a single shot (up to 60x)
* Progressive pop bumper values (which I believe may be unique to KISS with the RGB LEDs???)
* Settings that provide significant variations to the rules that you can explore

Plenty for the intermediate player to do. Just needs some polish.

#2689 2 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

It's basically done! And it's fun!

Amen Brother! I love it and have absolutely no regrets buying it NIB. I'd love a code update but there are still a lot of challenge to it and I usually have an epic game every night. I'm very fortunate to have a lot of newer Sterns on location close by and I think the only game I like as much as KISS is ST.

#2690 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

myself and many people i know arent buying another stern till this code gets finished.

Stern can't keep up with demand. You need to recruit more friends into your boycott.

3 weeks later
#2787 2 years ago
Quoted from sepins:

I have a friend locally that wants a KISS Premium or LE and will be his only game.
I keep telling Him to wait and make sure they do code right.
He thinks I'm BS'ing Him about not being done yet as He's not a pinhead...LOL
It is hard to understand how code could be so incomplete for that long!

You're doing your friend a disservice in my opinion. Tell him to go play and make up his own mind. The game shoots great. It's a great Borg design. The rules are not GOT deep. I think it's freaking a blast and everyone that comes over and plays it loves it.

Here's the deal that a vocal minority on this forum don't seem to get. Newsflash, not all games are designed for you.

1 month later
#2890 2 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

In KISS it doesnt end until you hit enough shots
So you can be stuck in a mode forever - and unlike ST, which makes more shots available if you are taking too long....KISS will keep that same shot lit.
So if you are in a mode where ONLY the shot through the bumpers is lit, or ONLY the right ramp is lit.....if you cannot make the shots you are stuck.

That's exactly why it's more playable than GB!!! Most people tend to start with Duece or Lick It Up. The hard shots tend to be a choice not a requirement. Kiss modes move the shots around or strobe them. So youre not stuck. BUT if you want a challenge you can select Black Diamond or Shout It Out Loud which forces the nasty orbits. You've got modes that randomize sections of the modes like Hotter Than Hell or Black Diamond. Lots of variety. If you enter a tough mode to complete there's a risk you'll be stuck. But that's only like 2 modes that are that hard.

1 week later
#2938 2 years ago

Im going to temper my expectations. I'll be happy with a bug fix.

1 week later
#3019 2 years ago

I would say I'm an average player who's had KISS for about 6 months and I'm not close to mastering KISS. Even with relaxing the rules it still a challenging game for me. I think it's a rush to play and plenty deep for a player like me. Go check out the rules on tilt forum. I think you'll find they're plenty deep.

There are bugs that need to be fixed but nothing super serious. It just need a good polishing. It's just about 80% complete - missing animations and depth in the wizard modes. I think the modes could be more creative and tie into the theme better.

I replaced some of the KISS songs with songs that completely rock out so it's quite an experience.

#3044 2 years ago

This whole KISS vs AS code is kind of stupid. Depth doesn't equal fun. And fun is in the eye of the beholder. I think the KISS code is fun. I think KISS got a bad rap early on and maybe deserved the bad rap like every other modern Stern. I think us KISS owners that love the game are just a little weary of the KISS-code sucks group-think, echo-chamber. At the end of the day, it really only matters that we like it.

As for the cities... who gives a f@#* about the cities! My city is not in there. I would rather have bugs fixed and the existing modes cleaned and enhanced. I would take better theme integration and animations over doing something half-assed with the cities. Didn't Stern recently say that they never planned to do anything with the cities other than callouts? That is more believable than not since NOTHING on the playfield supports the notion of cities or touring.

#3070 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

It costs anything up to a million bucks to develop a game and yet they then don't finish the code which must be one of the least expensive parts of the process.

Code is very expensive to produce! One of the most expensive components.

I think the question is "when is code truly done?"

The answer is never, but at what point does it make business sense to say stop. I think it is Sterns best interest to at least support bug fixes from a customer satisfaction point of view.

The problem is that people keep buying NIB games from a company the doesn't have a great track record on completing code to the customer bases' satisfaction. Until people quite throwing money at Stern this situation continues.

#3103 2 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

I quite like Lonnie's games. Are the modes similar to Transformers ? I REALLY like Transformers by the way.

I've never played Transformers but the KISS rules on Tilt Forum compare the modes to transformer modes. So yes!

1 week later
#3139 2 years ago

Mine certainly doesn't do that. That is strange because it is tripping the sensor for locks. Has it always done this on Lick It Up?

Actually, there are 2 switches...a vertical up kick (mechanical) and demon entrance (optical). One must not be working.

#3140 2 years ago

Thinking about this a little more. The vertical up kick switch is probably working because that should be checking the "lock" position of the ball before firing it up with the coil. The optical is probably the one used to satisfy the shot. Tee up the situation with Lick It Up and slide something in to the demon entrance to block the light and see if the optical is getting tripped. Then check the connections going to the optical sensor.

#3157 2 years ago
Quoted from RayGun:

Quoted from thedarkknight77:
The update will only be a bug fix!

Any speculation is total BS...Blacknight doesn't know any more that anyone here. We've all been through this. Last fall, my distributor in Chicago told me he stopped by the factory and talked to the coders and that a release was coming. We've had the comments made in a couple Stern videos. We had someone recently tell us a release was coming that week and we could take it to the bank. All the predictions are fell flat and been replaced by an equally bad information. We can only wait and hope. With every new release by Stern it becomes more improbable because that just one more machine competing for completed code.

3 weeks later
#3206 2 years ago

I think it we're finally starting to see a small effect of poor code with the sales with Star Wars. Make no mistake...SW will sell a bunch of units but the general sense is that a lot of people are buying DI instead and waiting for other options like Houdini and maybe even Thunderbirds. A sizable number of buyers are starting to get a little more gun shy about dropping their cash on NIB Sterns after KISS and BM66 and now a SW with a barren playfield and blah art packages.

#3208 2 years ago

If you could load a new set of code (not from Stern) on your KISS would you do it? Let's say someone could and would recode KISS and add a new rule set with more modes, more songs, new visuals, etc. New code releases would be common until polished and complete. What if it meant replacing the DMD with an LCD and some new hardware to interface with spike system? So let's say the total cost would be somewhere between $300-$600. And be completely reversible to original KISS. Would you be interested?

1 week later
#3270 2 years ago

TNA looks freaking awesome. What a great price too. Damn, this could elevate Spooky to a much more mainstream manufacturer.

#3287 2 years ago

Not sure if KISS will stay forever but it's not going anywhere soon. I'm not close to mastering this game yet. Plus it's turning into a project as I'm recoding it from the ground up.

#3293 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Including dots? Do tell...

I'm using the Mission Pinball Framework. My laptop is interfacing with the Spike board. I sometimes take the laptop and slide it into the backbox so the screen is essentially the LCD in the backbox with the translite off. So far the basic table is up and running. You can complete the grid. The instruments and pop bumper cap insert collections are essentially the same rules. Since this is complete new code, the attract mode is new and some of the rules work a little differently (improvements I think). There are a handful of songs, videos and callouts in the game. I'm not using any of the assets from KISS because if I want to share this code someday, I can't use Stern's assets.

I'm using videos for the animations which are HD quality. I have a new song selection mechanism that select from 4 mode ladders. So far only the first mode in each ladder is working and they are very basic modes. I'm finding out that the basic code is 10% of the work and the callouts, animations, tweaking, etc. are 90% of the work. Mission Pinball Framework is amazing complete. There is no doubt that you can build a complete commercial game using the framework.

I'm not sure how I'm going forward with the project. I really did this as a proof of concept. So the answer is YES. It can be done. It's a lot of fun to work on but so many problems yet to solve potential ways to go with the display and audio.

I'm tempted to replace the DMD with an LCD. Currently, switching back to Stern code takes 2 minutes. Mission Pinball Framework doesn't yet support the Stern DMD. I think it is planned. If I go forward with replacing the LCD, that's a big commitment in a new set of display hardware. That's why I asked the question about what interest would there be in a new code solution if it meant replacing some hardware a couple weeks ago. I said it was hypothetical, but I was lying a bit since I already have my KISS Pro running new code. By new hardware I mean a completed solution would be something like:

* Raspberry Pi running Linux $60 or a Windows solution like an Intel Nuk $250-$500
* 15" LCD and mounting bracket $125
* Amp and speakers ?? $100
* Cable and SD Card $50

So $350 plus. But it would be one hell of an upgrade if we could pull it off! Maybe we could crowd source it and get it done before the next Stern code release. Mission Pinball is free and my code on top of MPF would also be freely available.


#3296 2 years ago

Yes, the KiSS content gets tricky which is why I'm loading my own songs and callouts. This only becomes an issue if I want to share. I'm not using any existing content from the software. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this aspect.

#3302 2 years ago
Quoted from jabdoa:

I can give this a try soon.

BTW, Jan is one of the awesome brains and muscle behind MPF. He is has been providing me with massive assistance, bug fixes and enhancements to MPF for Spike and support the KISS re-write.


#3303 2 years ago

I created a new topic in the Homebrew section called KISS Remastered so as not to obscure the call to Stern for new KISS code. If you are interested in this project, that's the place to go. Let's go make this happen.

#3311 2 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

I am all down for some home brew updates...but it needs to include the Prem/Le and especially it it's reversible.
One way to get around any license issue is to simply include in the "Kit" is a copy of the Kiss CD and pick a DVD or 2 that contains the video clips you want to use. If you include the actual licensed copies that must be purchased with the kit then there is no issue loading those into your personal game in this scenario.....now if you provide support or instructions for modifying/editing clips and people have their own source material to insert then that's on the end user.
Now I truly think that only a handful of people would really want to go this far on modding the game....so I think privately between a few people each buying the stuff for the mod would be fine if it stayed private and not "for sale" and you could do pretty much what you want. That's probably the best way to go.
I am very interested and full of suggestions on things that could be added or should have been in the game to begin with.

I would need someone with a Premium to assist in the coding effort or someone could loan me a KISS LE

Yeah, I really like your kit idea. Great suggestions.

#3382 2 years ago

I appreciate the bug fix release but I am a little disappointed that we didn't get anything really new. At least they fixed the Demon Lock ball save. That was very annoying.

#3383 2 years ago

I also wish that if this is the final release, they'd just tell us.

3 weeks later
#3472 1 year ago

I've looked with Pinball Browser as well. The only thing I've seen is half baked imaged and not much of it that's not being used.

2 weeks later
#3496 1 year ago

My must have mods...

Moving head rock concert lighting topper and then changing songs with Pinball Browser. You will freaking love KISS. The crap about crappy code is just crap. I'm an average player with reasonable skills and its very challenging and has reasonably deep rules.

#3497 1 year ago

BTW, if you haven't watched this yet... this is the PAPA Kiss Pro tutorial with one of the world's best pinball players playing through the rule set.

3 weeks later
#3536 1 year ago

That's cool Rotordave. Love the drawing!

1 week later
#3557 1 year ago

I think the same tweaks that have been discussed. Carry over the instruments, set power=all, 4 instruments to SpaceMan, etc. I haven't really noticed a lot of difference after the last code update. Perhaps a couple annoying bugs are gone.

3 weeks later
#3634 1 year ago

I posted a status and first glance video of my recoded KISS Pro. Covers some of the new design of modes and features in the new code.


#3640 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

the right ramp ... is SO HARD to hit reliably.

I hear this a lot and yet on my KISS Pro it is easy to backhand from the right flipper. I cradle the ball and as soon as the ball starts rolling I flip it up the right ramp. It has just enough gas to get up the ramp. I'm an average player at best and I can hit that right ramp shot 80% of the time.

First thing I do after selecting Deuce is to nail the center ramp 4 times to lit the pop bumper caps and go for the right orbit on the 5th shot. Occasionally, I can complete the Catman insert in 5 consecutive shots. Then I go for the right ramp to start the instrument collection.

#3641 1 year ago

I think KISS is a fairly hard game. I rarely complete over 2 modes in a game. My out lanes are evil.

#3649 1 year ago

Pinball browser just allows you to replace game assets like music and video. Won't allow you to add or change code. You would have to recode the machine to add that.

#3652 1 year ago

I'll be adding various champions to my new KISS code including a KISS Army rank system. So players can achieve certain ranks like sergeant, lieutenant, corporal, captain, etc.

My current thinking is that for every time you complete KISS ARMY, you get a hurry-up at the scoop to collect your next rank. Each rank awards you some minor playfield multiplier.

#3653 1 year ago

Got some test code working with the DMD today!

IMG_2814 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#3713 1 year ago

Theory on upcoming KISS code. On the "This Flippin Podcast" on Dec 1, they interviewed Zach Sharpe... currently rated 1 in the IFPA rankings and director of marketing at Stern. Zach was asked which games he plays in the Stern arcade at lunch time. He answered that the only game he is currently playing is KISS.

So my thoughts....

1. He loves KISS a lot
2. He is testing KISS code

Later in the interview he went on to talk about his favorite Stern games and he didn't list KISS as a favorite. So I'm inclined to think he's testing KISS code.

1 month later
#3762 1 year ago

BTW, there is a separate thread for KISS code ideas. Stern has already stated that the cities were never meant for anything other than just a call out. Very, very unlikely we're going to get new code around the cities.

I would hope that they have another song licensed in their back pocket and we get a final wizard mode for completing all of the modes.

4 months later
#3864 1 year ago

I've found the City Modes! They're in Houdini. New York, London, Paris, Sydney, and Chicago jail escape modes. Basically, they are hurry-ups in Houdini. Something this simple could have been super easy to add. How sad.

3 weeks later
#3910 1 year ago

The scoop shot is easy from the left flipper and requires no luck. Is there a cliffy getting in the way?

It’s also hittable from the right flipper. I do it all the time... usually by accident.

1 month later
#3965 1 year ago

Does your spinning disk really do anything? My disk seems to have no affect on the ball.

2 weeks later
#3986 12 months ago

According to people in another thread, Stern will replace a node board for free even though it's out of warranty and even though you are not be the original owner. I think that is horse shit but if dozens of people stated it, it must be true.

2 months later
#4102 9 months ago

I bought a KISS Pro and I am NOT a KISS fan at all. I've told this story a couple times in this thread but I was in the market for a NIB and I went out a played as many of the Sterns that were available at the time... MET, ST, and GB. I played each for hours. I kept having the most fun on KISS than any other game. It fit my skill level, looked bad ass and, most importantly, I could understand the freaking rules.

I still love it. Although I replaced most of the KISS songs with RATT, Scorpions, Sammy Hagar, etc... still have 4 KISS songs. When Stranglehold comes on to start the grid multi-ball it freaking rocks!

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