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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#1483 3 years ago

Would someone be so kind as to start a new "KISS code is released" thread once the code drops. Not so interested in reading through the 100+ posts of banter everyday, 1/4 of which is from the same person.

9 months later
#2495 2 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

I am a huge KISS fan, but the game sucks as it is. Let's be honest. It's boring as hell.
I will never buy another Stern until they clear this sh$t up. This is pathetic.

Dude, if you think the game "sucks and is boring as hell" no code update will change that. Sell it and move on. I think it's a pretty solid title. Needs a few bugs taken care of, of course, but nothing is really missing and they surely aren't going to completely reinvent the game with the final update.

#2511 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Does the game have high scores for each song on the leader boards like AC/DC? I think it doesn't....
This REALLY needs to be added

The scores in each song mode aren't nearly as variable as they are in AC/DC where you can play a song mode as long as you'd like, potentially cashing in on a major song jackpot. In KISS, you just finish the mode or you don't. I'm not sure song leader boards would be worthwhile.

The rules to KISS aren't as interesting as Met or AC/DC but all this talk of "unfinished" doesn't make much sense to me. The multipliers with the last release really added a needed dimension to this title.

3 weeks later
#2656 2 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

So what's actually wrong with the code? I played it last week at Pincade and throughly enjoyed it... And before I thought it was a shit fit and didn't like it...

Just a bug or two, that's it. A few folks feel code is unfinished and garbage if Stern doesn't include every one of their ideas or make each game as "deep" as the "deepest" game they've made. Ironically, that would probably be AC/DC and people cal that unfinished too. Some of these same people rate Iron Man as one of the best games ever despite system 11-depth of code. Strange.

Stern: please fix the ball save out of the demon head during multiball (or at least turn of the ball save indicator if you're not going to save the SDTM ball).

3 weeks later
#2741 2 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I'm readin so many people upset at the "incompleteness" of KISS. I've said it before I'll say it again KISS is done and you should be happy! It's come a bit since early code. Yes cities do nothing but it's better than MetallicA's songs do nothing so you've got one up on a great game!

It needs a bug or two fixed. I honestly feel that the screaming for every game to be completely overhauled every year keeps them from addressing the few bugs and moving on. The game is complete. The cities change the call outs. WTF do you all think is going to be added to the game at this point? Every code release for every other Stern title is now a reason to demand "where's the KISS code???". If you don't like the game now, it seems impossible that a final code update will make you do a 180, so why not sell your KISS machines if they are so terrible and move on?

1 month later
#2875 2 years ago
Quoted from cantbfrank:

Can someone explain to the me the city option. I really do not understand it. Is there any rationale for having different cities?
Besides not unbderstandig the city modes, I really like my Kiss Premium. Did not like it when it first came out. But the code updates have helped. I also moved both Outland post in by name one hole. It completely changed the game. Before this, I had too many outlane balls. Especially coming off the pops and straight into the right outlane. Besides TWDLE, which is my all time favorite, I play Kiss more than any other Stern pin I have.

Choose a city at the beginning of the game and the callouts from the band will reflect that. "Hello Pittsburgh.....".

#2881 2 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Set grid completion to 1 for HOF multi ball. Lit instruments carry over ball to ball. Light extra ball at one instrument collected. You have to collect like another 48 instruments for a second extra ball so it's not like giving a ton of extra balls in a single game. I also changed the play field multiplyer to 2X at one song completion. Second song will give you 3X etc. etc.
That's all I have changed and it's a ton of fun like that. I have not changed the posts or anything which still keeps it very challenging.

Why not just set it to 5 balls per game instead of these changes? Close up the outlanes if you need to.

#2888 2 years ago
Quoted from Chuckwebster:

Because you're really not changing the ball time by making these changes - in some ways you're actually reducing it because the strategy changes. No longer is good score dependent on multi balls. You're rewarded heavily for completing songs, making shots around the playfield and forced to hit the dangerous scoop much more often. Until you've played a few games with these or similar settings its hard to understand how much more fun the game becomes while not increasing game length. The risk reward of trying to collect play field multipliers is a blast. On my own game i've set playfield multipliers to one song, Grid completions to two, instruments lit on 1 ramp.

Giving an extra ball at 1 instrument is the same as making it a 4-ball game. Closing the outlanes lengthens ball times, it doesn't shorten them. I'm quite familiar with the game and I guess I don't find all the shots as hard as some people. It seems like these super easy settings would have folks accomplishing everything in every game (1 grid for HOF, 1 ramp shot lights ALL instrument shots, extra ball at 1 instrument, etc.).

It's great there are adjustments available and the idea of playing pinball is to have fun so it's all good. Another way to see more code is to increase the number of balls per game and leave the software settings at factory is my only point.

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