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Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

3 years ago

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#438 3 years ago

Why does Gary wear those goofy ass glasses? Usually old guys like him stick to jean shorts and black tube socks with dress shirts. Come on, Gary!!

#452 3 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Kiss LE is a major disappointment. I sold that machine along time ago. Even when the code comes out, due to the layout, this game will never be a top game in my humble opinion. The star child area reminds me of Stern Indiana Jones - total waste of space and has almost zero value for ball flow and strategy. I hope I'm wrong but I feel this will compete with WWE in being one of their biggest misses. Mustang LE or Boss is better than this machine. I'm a huge supporter of Stern and I don't understand the whole code thing but I let go my LE specifically because of the layout. The giant Gene head and the star child area turns this machine into a big gimmick. Not trying to offend anyone, I really wish it turned out better. Just an opinion and you all know what those are worth. Still love Stern though.

I used to think the same of AC/DC pro. Release code was not good. But look at the game now.

Oh, and Ironman also.

Say what you want, but it's way too premature to write this game off. Easy to jump on the hate train because of the code though...

4 weeks later
#1172 3 years ago

I haven't been following this... but I'm a little surprised by what I am reading. Stern has been waiting 9 months to release the new code, they get to the point of announcement, and it's still not right (after 9 months)?!?!? So they've been adding code, just not making sure it makes sense or works. NICE.

#1222 3 years ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Stern Pinball - The show is about to begin! Please take your seat!
Who in the hell sits during a KISS show?!?!?!

They're referring to the Kiss pinball buyers... take your seat, it's going to take a while. Grab a snickers while you're at it.

#1316 3 years ago

Kiss code had been neglected more than any other machine in recent memory, THAT'S why everyone is pissed.. not because it's "not complete".

The launch code was a joke, and it's remained that way without even a few little tweaks or anything... but they sure as hell found a programmer to make the $400 topper flash with the game so they could sell more of those.

Dealers that have inventory have to be pissed, or at least pissed for the customers they sold to, yet I haven't heard of any dealers standing up for their customers when it comes to this. They probably don't want Stern to take them off the LE allocation list for the next machine (where the money is).

I get the sinking feeling that this next code release is going to be disappointing like the X-men christmas debacle. Hope I'm wrong.

#1320 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Ummmm .. Avengers?

Ummmm .. XMen?
You KISS guys have had it sweet compared to us owners of the above two machines did.

Avengers was mostly complete on launch.... as a matter of fact, way more advanced at 9 months of release also.

X-men- the code that would have forever gone down as taking forever to do something with.. until Kiss. I would have considered X-men code more fun at 9 months out than Kiss code FWIW.

#1334 3 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Miscommunication between marketing and software
Hype to get you excited and then someone noticed bugs and say it couldn't be released
A month long April Fools Joke
I'm sure if they released buggy code, it would be all over pinside about how they suck (of wait it already is).
Would you rather have the new code and find out it was causing problems and you couldn't play? I don't think you would.

Or Stern just doesn't care about it's customers as long as their cashflow is coming in?

#1392 3 years ago

A "slight delay" in Kiss code, being that a first update took 9 months, means 2 months delay.

#1605 3 years ago

Is there any new video or DOTS in the new code? I don't notice any.

#1610 3 years ago

I'm not recognizing any new dots, I thought there would be way more new graphics and call-outs but I am not recognizing anything.

7 months later
#2183 2 years ago

This just in- Stern is raising prices! But they could care less about code! Now you can pay even more to have your shallow-coded pinball machine! Better buy that LE at launch, they are going to sell out fast!!

#2207 2 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Kiss is done, sad, but true. Heck Stern couldn't even sell the LE's, why would they invest in finishing the code now. This game will go down in Transformers history as the second biggest let down in pinball.

A little dramatic, don't you think?

Gary already stated that there is more code to come for Kiss, including a month or so ago at Freeplay Florida. Stern sold a ton of LE's, problem is they made 799 of them and THAT's why there are so many left over.

Kiss is not like transformers in any way- it has classic John Borg flow/speed and with the proper code COULD become an awesome game. Transformers (Gomez) layout does not offer the same player experience with flow and speed no matter what.

The world's coming to an end theory on Kiss is ridiculous. It' just that Stern is taking too much time to do what they need to do.

1 month later
#2367 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Really? I have a hard time believing that. And most critical is the stupid SDTM from Genes mouth, thats almost game breaking.
I played KISS on a location in Oslo last week

If you actually owned Kiss, you'd realize this is a non-issue and easily fixed.

As a matter of fact, my KISS LE NEVER had this problem or any problems right out of the box, and I've never had to adjust it.

But just like everything else, the negativity on the game goes on with those that don't know better, unfortunately.

4 months later
#3082 2 years ago

This is not a priority for Stern as it will not make them any money.. their new business model is about pinching dollars out of sales, and this does nothing in that department for them. It's been over a year since the last update, so the chances of just starting to work on Kiss code again seems unlikely.

Gomez mentioned that Lonnie is assigned to other projects beyond Kiss. What's the difference between Lonnie and Lyman? Lyman will work on code on his own and is proud of the masterpieces he has done. Lonnie doesn't have the same passion as Lyman (and perhaps energy level) to work on code on his own time. So I have the feeling we are stuck.

Wish it wasn't this way, just my take on it.

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