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(Topic ID: 149373)

Where is the KISS code?

By TheRave

4 years ago

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#489 4 years ago

Kiss code is dropping this Friday.. Just in time for the weekend... Yeah!!!

#535 4 years ago

Today is code day!!!!! Please drop that code Stern!

#639 4 years ago

YES!!!!!! Kiss code is coming..... Oooooh Yeeeaaah! Ooooo Yeaaaah! Well Allllriiiiigth!

1 week later
#1014 4 years ago

I think Paul is coming.. He's comin down to see ya people! Wwoooooooooooo!

Straight from Stern's FB Page!


#1238 4 years ago

Paul hurt his shoulder playing the old code.
Please drop the new code


#1307 4 years ago

I'm happy they're delaying it a bit more to get the bugs out. 1st Class move updating the owners... Thank you for that Stern.
I'm totally psyched and would rather wait for completed awesome code to come than to have bugs.. I think this will be a huge reworked code. Patiently waiting!

#1563 4 years ago

The code is not bad. It's now a playable game for sure. I'm looking forward to the next. I'm hopeful. The in lane sounds need to be louder.
Could hardly be heard. Hoping for more songs, graphics and definitely cities update.

#1571 4 years ago

I'm sure Stern just released this temporarily until most bugs are fixed. Lots more code to come I hope. It is a bit disappointing.

1 month later
#1690 4 years ago

Code update Stern.. Please

1 week later
#1695 4 years ago

Kiss code - new updated needed please!

#1697 4 years ago

I will never buy a new in box again. Totally agree with you The_Dude_Abides

3 weeks later
#1722 4 years ago

OK. So I looked at my sales receipt. I received my Kiss in August of 2015. We are reaching a one year anniversary of receipt of this pinball machine with only one update. Stern... Please update the code and finish the cities. This game has a lot of potential and needs to be completed right.

1 week later
#1750 4 years ago

Where's the kiss code? One year since release!

3 weeks later
#1830 4 years ago

I think it's time for Stern to come forward with this code. It's over a year now and barely any updates.

#1834 4 years ago

I think what's happening here is Stern is sinking. By giving attention to other titles and not finishing code on existing titles, it's a sign of
struggle within the company. The assembly line must run for everyone to get paid. While it is good for business and is necessary to keep the assembly line running, you're hurting your business by not finishing code and not making the collectors, home owners and possible vendors happy. Home owners are investing money into machines equivalent to some used cars. The code should be close to finished when the game is released and finished up within 6 mos. A year is way to too long and looks like Stern cannot keep up this pace. I would caution anyone
buying a machine to think twice. Hold back, let them sit until the code is completed. I'm sure code will roll along quickly when there are less sales.

2 weeks later
#1855 4 years ago

I think they removed that post.

1 week later
#1905 3 years ago

I'm ready to trade mine. This is taking too long and the fun factor is starting to wear on me. Anyone have an ACDC to trade?

1 week later
#1929 3 years ago

Come on... Where's the code!

#1948 3 years ago

very shameful if you ask me. I know of no other industry that gets away with not completing product, stiffing it's customers and in the
process screwing up a relationship with it's distributors. It's hard for a distributor to want to purchase $10k - $15k machines when others
are not completed. It's quite embarrasing.

#1950 3 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

If JJP #3 is the kind of hit that it could be, they could really steal Stern's lunch money .... hopefully that will be enough of a kick up the arse to make them improve matters across the board. So many of their recent games, even ones that are good now, have been in a dire state at release, left for ages, and / or not finished. Metallica, maybe Mustang and arguably TWD are the only titles they've really finished in recent years.

Very well said. If this next pinball is what I think it is, I believe we will all start making moves to Jersey Jack.

#1982 3 years ago

I wouldn't spend another penny on Stern games until code is fully completed. More attention to ghost busters code and game of thrones than kiss. Totally unacceptable.. those that buy batman 1966 be careful . That's a lot of money for a pretty machine you did not play and don't know if the code will complete

#2007 3 years ago

You know, it all depends on the assembly line and if it's running and profitable. If not, there is no code coming my friends.

#2018 3 years ago

Stern Kiss Code! Where's the code already or an update for it?

#2025 3 years ago

Awful.. Just awful business practice.

1 week later
#2058 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

They dropped the GB fix code today, maybe Kiss is coming soon?

I don't believe it till I see it. There is no rationale for any of Sterns actions anymore.

#2059 3 years ago

Psssssssst......... Now that GB got their code release today............. Where's the Kiss code?

#2061 3 years ago

Bump! Where's the Kiss code?

#2064 3 years ago
Quoted from wontwa:

They deleted that post a day or two later.

100% true. I saw the post and they removed it!

#2067 3 years ago

How about the bullshit update wait. The heaven's on fire picture. Also let the show begin. It got us a 1/2 assed code update

#2073 3 years ago

How about just an update as to when we can expect the code to drop? That's what we want to hear.

#2087 3 years ago

I don't know about you guys but this turns me off completely. Stern takes a ton of money from the sales of these machines and they give two shits about you after they got your money. I'm sticking with the #1 pins in the industry Williams/Bally.

#2089 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Jersey Jack has demonstrated repeatedly that they support with new code and features WAY past what they need to. That's more code support that you'll get from Stern OR Bally/Williams.

This is true. I would not be opposed to a Jersey Jack Pin at all. He has shown remarkable quality in the pins produced, updates the code
to deliver a finished product and is top notch when it comes to customer service. Fellow hobbyists I know have Jersey Jack pins and have nothing but good words to say about the quality of the pins, service and game play.

#2098 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

If you want to sell directly to the home, you have to mold your product to that cause. Incomplete code might work in a bar or arcade, but for the home buyer, it won't fly.

I couldn't agree with you more. We all have deadlines to complete. Production is just as important as a finished polished product.

#2108 3 years ago

Honestly, there should be zero excitement going forward with Sterns marketing campaign. The attitude for every game going forward
should be "meh who cares". When the code's done and we can play the game in it's polished form, we'll buy. It's getting ridiculous now.
With higher price tags and unfinished code such as kiss, it's quite embarrassing on their part to be honest. With every new title, they need
to advertise "Now with completed code" and then people will listen.

#2111 3 years ago

Hmmmmm. I only saw all the games turned on except for Kiss which is off.

#2117 3 years ago

There is no mention of Kiss code.

#2119 3 years ago

OK.......... So there is some hope here! Looks like code is being updated. I'm hoping some way, this is coming out this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks later
#2143 3 years ago

Let's get the Merry KissMas Code Going..... Yeah!!!!

#2165 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I won't preorder a game anymore. I absolutely love my GBLE, but the hassle it's been has scared me away from preorders going forward.

Finally, a very smart move. Rational an sane mind. Thank you for your comment. I think everyone should stay away from music pins until
the codes are completed for Kiss and Aerosmith if it is released. Otherwise, let Stern sit on them.

1 week later
#2181 3 years ago

Ok....... Time to ask again.. Stern? Where's the Kiss code?

#2195 3 years ago

I wouldn't say that it's a loser in any way. Fun game, great layout and a large code update is coming as indicated by Stern.
Even Gary Stern stated a code is coming for Kiss. I'm hopeful for Christmas, but we'll have to see.

#2219 3 years ago

Wait till the code hits. Price increase for sure on the LE's.

#2234 3 years ago

Yes!! Looks like Kiss is being worked on!

#2237 3 years ago
Quoted from Kingpin22:

What did you here?

If you look at Stern's page, there is a Pinsider who asked the question and Stern responded "Stay Tuned!"

#2252 3 years ago

Lonnie is watching how to code videos...

#2258 3 years ago

2017 - Where's the Kiss code!

1 week later
#2319 3 years ago

How much does Paul still have to wait? Please hurry up so Paul can play the finished product!

Paul Stanley (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#2422 3 years ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

Could you imagine taking delivery of a brand new Chevy Cruz (a couple thousand more than BM66 SLE with discounts) and having to connect the exhaust, find a place for missing fasteners and troubleshoot why it won't start?

I just laughed my butt off! This is so true! What the heck!!

1 week later
#2440 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

i will never buy another stern till kiss is finished.
bought a very nice ss yesterday.

I took the same road as you. After sitting on my $7000 Kiss, since receiving it in August of 2016, I got disgusted at looking at it. I too dumped several Stern titles and went back to good old, code finished, work horse Williams/Bally machines. I used to have 8 Stern titles.
I'm down to 3 and no way am I buying anything until Stern shows dedication to finishing code and improving quality of their machines.
The quality is inferior to Bally/Williams by far. I lost confidence in the brand. Williams/Bally are still living well with completed code and look absolutely stunning in the game room compared to Stern titles.

1 month later
#2695 3 years ago

Hey..... 03/17/2017 - St Patty's day! Where's the Kiss Code?

1 week later
#2708 3 years ago

Well, you really can't blame the programmers. Let's stay clear of them. They are workers just as we are in our positions. You can blame
"Stern" for not allowing programmers to finish the games though. I too purchased this game for over $7.5k and wasted $400 on a
topper for an incomplete machine. Let' s not forget mod purchases to add to this. So yeah, maybe this doesn't hurt Stern. Buyer confidence has definitely been affected. That's long gone in my opinion. Releases such as WWE, Kiss, Batman, Xmen, etc.. are quite disappointing when you shell out that kind of dough and expect it to be finished. The amount of time to wait for updates has taken a toll on all those who purchased machines with unfinished code.

I hope things get better soon. But by the wait history, I doubt it.

#2711 3 years ago

It truly is a fun game for sure. Very nice layout. Nicest hand drawn art package out there in my opinion. Hopefully this title will be
completed shortly. It's such a masterpiece otherwise.

#2790 3 years ago

Game play is very good. Layout is awesome. The playfield art is beautiful. It just needs some more integration, bug fixes, songs.. It needs
a nice cleaning up like ACDC needed years ago. Once complete, this game will be awesome!

#2826 3 years ago

No code today... It's coming!

#2831 3 years ago

No code today... Tomorrow!!!!

1 week later
#2857 3 years ago

It's coming...... The skies are opening soon!

3 weeks later
#2868 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

sold off my kiss le
i am done with stern, got myself a monster bash and alien le on order
wont be another stern nib purchase from me
id rather buy a dialed in and stare at that hideous artwork all day!

So so true!!!!!! Ditto for me.

1 week later
#2921 3 years ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

T-minus 7 days or less. Take that to the bank.

How do you know? I sure hope so.

#2937 3 years ago

Save that saying for Achieving the Final wizard mode!

2 weeks later
#3086 3 years ago

Will be totally worth it. Stern won't let us down on this one. I see what they did with Ghost Busters and wow. I could only imagine what the Kiss update will bring.

1 week later
#3135 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Well, Stern are in danger of making hay while the sun shines but come hard times, people are going to remember this kind of stuff, and then they will be in a drought and it will be too late....

This is like the famine back in Egyptian times. It's coming Stern... Famine and misfortune!

#3136 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Thinking about this, if Stern had any integrity why can't they officially say 'Kiss code is being worked on and there will be an update in 2017'.

Is it really that difficult to do?

Totally agree! But the corrupt business antics continue and people keep buying the games which are incomplete. Truly ridiculous. I can't wait to see what happens with Star Wars.. Some stupid crap like... Oooh we have beta code 0.17 ready!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for our next release in the meantime! WTF?

1 week later
#3180 3 years ago

June 30 - Stay tuned message...It's coming.

#3194 3 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Yeah....the Paul, Ace, and Gene guitars are cool for sure. There is even a place you can send your guitar to and get the smoking mod like Ace.

Cool to play the smoking guitar around the Kiss LE when someone is doing well.

1 week later
#3199 3 years ago

Nah, it's coming. I'm confident within the next 30 - 60 days max. Stay Tuned!!! One of the greatest music pins will be born!!

#3201 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

So you're saying we'll have the last KISS update before the next Batman '66 update?

I believe so. I've heard from some distributors that Kiss is being worked on now and being tested. I can't name them, but it's going to happen.

1 week later
1 week later
#3320 3 years ago

Kiss is sold. Sorry guys.. Good luck with the code. I've moved on to better things. Just couldn't wait any longer.

#3322 3 years ago

Honestly, Stern has kinda ruined pinball for me going forward. I kept Metallica pro, Tron LE and Star Trek Premium. The remaining Stern machines are gone. I loved the Kiss LE I had but honestly, it left bad taste in my mouth when I realized I had the game for 2 years and the game is
incomplete. Very shameful for a company to be able to get away with this kind of unsatisfaction level. Anyway, good luck to all the kiss
army fans! I did keep my trusty 1978 Bally Kiss with completed code though!

#3326 3 years ago

I seriously doubt code is coming anytime soon with Star Wars' release. But, I hope you guys luck out and the code is awesome!

#3374 3 years ago

Guys, I think this is it. Kiss is now complete. I don't foresee another update at this point. But, I'm rooting for you guys

#3377 3 years ago
Quoted from Hashman:

Also anyone find it strange that Stern did not announce this update on Facebook?

Um yes..

#3384 3 years ago
Quoted from konjurer:

I also wish that if this is the final release, they'd just tell us.

Well then... Wish away....

#3397 3 years ago

Just remove the cities already. It's the dumbest thing added to the game. There is no purpose. There will be no deep rule set to
coincide with the cities. Kiss is now a finished product to enjoy.

#3401 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Or to finally give up on and sell to fund a spooky or JJP.

This is my plan after selling my Kiss Le. But, I will b playing Spooky's TNA game first. I"m intrigued but need to play it before pulling
the trigger.

2 weeks later
#3452 3 years ago

I think kiss is now done. I don' t feel this will be revisited again unfortunately. Too many games have already been produced for them to go back. Enjoy it as it is. It's a great game that had so much more potential but Stern blew it.

#3465 3 years ago

I think Kiss is still a good game. I don't miss mine anymore since I sold it and I moved on. Could have been much more but unfortunately, it's just not a keeper for me. The lackluster of not having code completed and bugs was not appealing to me any longer. But I am hopeful all Kiss owners will get the code this game deserves. I've been a Kiss fan for years. It's a bummer to be disappointed.

#3470 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

I own a Run-DMD and there are SO MANY animations that I have never seen on the actual game that my Run-DMD cycles through.

Post a youtube video.. Let's see!

4 weeks later
#3531 2 years ago

When sales hit the pocket, updates will come. It's inevitable. Finally the message came across. I hope you guys all get your code updates. I gave up and sold Kiss. It's such a shame that this title suffered so much.

1 week later
#3540 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Hopefully Stern are going to make more effort coding as just look at the code base in POTC.
105 modes

Don't hold your breath on this one. JJ just kicked Gary, but good. What did Gary bring to the show? Batman... Nuff said!

#3543 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

At least KISS was mentioned in the Stern talk yesterday.

Oh yeah, what was mentioned? How disappointed all the fans and purchasers of this machine have been since it's 2+ years of release
and the complete lack of respect to Stern's loyal customers? An apology perhaps? Bet not...

2 months later
#3738 2 years ago

"AINT" No Merry Kissmass this year! But in conciliation, it's Christmas! Play dat Pinball yeah!

3 months later
#3834 2 years ago

Kiss is done. Iron Maiden is now the new focus. I've moved on a year ago and glad I did.

2 weeks later
#3851 2 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Future actions of Stern will tell if they are serious about finishing code on older games that can use it or if they are left for dead.

They are left for dead. If anything, they have moved on to the great money grab. If they do anything further on Kiss it will be a very minor bug fix.

5 months later
#4040 1 year ago

There's an interesting word for this topic!

1 month later
#4117 1 year ago

It will drop for Kissmas for sure.

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