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Where are you buying balls from?

By mrgregb123

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Looks like PBL is no longer carrying their premium balls, Pinbits is sold out of theirs, and I can't use Silverjets because my games all have magnets. So where are you guys going these days for shiny premium balls?

    UPDATE 1/18: BallBaron.com has the shiniest balls on the planet at this time. Chrome (Ninja) and Carbon.

    #6 3 years ago

    Guys saying Pinball Life....the nice shiny premium ones are not sold there anymore.

    1 week later
    #23 3 years ago

    After PBL stopped selling their super shiny ones recently, I bought the shiny ones from Titan. Comparable quality (polished to grade 16!), very affordable ($1.16), and they shipped waaay fast. Anyone know of any vendors actively selling balls better than grade 16? (For newbs, lower number is better). I'd be willing to check them out too.

    3 weeks later
    #34 3 years ago

    Guys - I've had "don't use these with magnet games" chromium balls in my Metallica for 6 months now. This game magnetizes the ball every Sparky hit and holds it for 15 seconds at multiball start so it's a good candidate to see if its a problem. The balls have not become magnetized. I don't doubt that a routed game that is played much more might develop this magnetization issue over time but for a home user, very doubtful. You will likely change the balls out well before this ever occurred.

    9 months later
    #70 2 years ago

    Anyone looking for the most insanely shiny balls they've ever seen.....

    I just got my order in from The Ball Baron. Purchased from this listing: ebay.com link » Pinball Replacements G10 Mirror Finish 10 Ten 1 1 16 Premium Chrome Balls

    I've purchased from PBL, Titan, Marco, etc. etc. and these are easily the shiniest balls I've ever gotten. They are rated as G10 so that isn't surprising. Titan's were the highest rated I've used prior and those are G16 (lower # = more shine). These are burn-your-eyeballs-off-shiny.

    I don't know this Ball Baron guy but I can vouch for them. 10 for $1.39 ea shipped free and I got them in 2 days. Hope that helps anyone looking for shiny ones.

    1 week later
    #90 2 years ago

    Hey guys -

    I decided to call The Ball Baron and had a very long convo that you might be interested to hear about....

    This guy is the real deal, a ball expert. Has been in the ball bearing industry for many years supplying balls for many businesses for non-pinball applications. He explained how the balls are formulated, etc. Interesting stuff. In a nutshell, these chrome G10 balls I linked to are as close to the gold standard as you'll find. They are within 1/10,000th of the 1-1/16th spec. The amount of polish needed to get the ball to that tolerance is how they come out so damn shiny. He said it would be very difficult to find a ball shinier than these. If NASA or the Hubble telescope needed ball bearings of a specific size within a micron level of tolerance, they'd use these.

    He is in the process of formulating carbon steel balls that are as shiny as possible without the magnetic issues than can occur with chrome balls. He made the disclaimer that due to the lack of nickel in carbon steel balls, it is impossible for them to polish as shiny as chrome steel balls - it is just physically impossible. But he is quite confident his carbon steel balls will be the shiniest out there. He's going to let me know as soon as his carbon steel balls are finished and I'll post here when that happens.

    #93 2 years ago
    Quoted from MK6PIN:

    Completely agree...just received 20 from him, and they look amazing. I'm now panicked, however, thinking these were carbon steel (most of my games have magnets of sorts). Are the one's he's selling now Chrome?

    To be totally honest with you, I use chrome balls in all of my machines and the only time I've ever seen retained magnetism is when a magnet happens to catch and hold two balls during multiball. After the magnet turns off they 'stick' there and you just gotta bump the machine and they come down. Other than, never noticed any issues with chrome balls in magnet heavy games like Metallica, TAF, etc. Try em out first and see what happens.

    #100 2 years ago

    I don't have any skin in the game but a couple things...BC is rating those balls as g500 which is not remotely close to the more precise balls you'd get from Titan, Marco, Ball Barron....pretty much anyone. That is a very low grade for a shiny pinball.

    Second, Dave (Ball Barron) told me he got the chrome balls he sells a while ago as a very large bulk purchase and to his knowledge are not being sold by that supplier right now. If you can find a deal on the same exact balls that's great. But be sure you are in fact getting the same balls.

    #102 2 years ago

    Hey all - spoke to Dave and quick update on Ball Baron balls....

    He only has 1,000 of these super ultra shiny balls left. They were purchased several years ago from Hoover Precision in a closeout-deal (someone earlier in the thread said they were from BC. He told me BC is a competitor not a source). Hoover now wants $7.00/ea for the same ball so he is pretty sure they will not be sourced from there going forward. He now wishes he bought more when they were offered - he didn't take the whole lot. Oh well.

    The eBay listing has had the pricing changed - they come in a little higher now. Only 3 sets left on there. Don't buy them on there, those last 3 sets are just for any random person looking for that size bearing.

    He now has them on his website at the same eBay price as before: https://ballbaron.com/products/pinball-chrome-1-116-g-10-superior-mirror-finish-top-quality

    #109 2 years ago

    David (the Ball Baron) asked me to post this.....

    "Hello to all of you who follow this thread. I'm David - Ballbaron.com and I wanted to say thank you for the OVERWHELMING response to my top tier G-10 ball offering. I'm taking time out from packing your orders just to write this. First, I'm sorry to say my stock of the G-10 was finite and will soon be gone (had 1,000 or so yesterday, now down to 400). I bought these several years ago, on spec, just because they were so pretty and the price was ridiculously low. This is not the case now. I didn't even consider them as pinballs back then. Since that time, I've begun to get quite a few orders for my 2nd tier ball which I offer at a very competitive price. Once these top tier balls are gone I hope you give me a chance to show you what the surface quality of my economy ball looks like. For you U.S. buyers, the ballbaron.com site is perfect and you help me avoid the ebay fees when you buy there. For those outside the USA (Steve in Australia - G'day Mate!), use the eBay listing because ebay's Global Shipping Program takes all the hassle out of customs and shipping charge variations - you will see the additional costs as you check out.

    I am in talks with a manufacturer right now to develop a high polish Carbon ball to address the magnetism issues some see with chrome balls and will do what I can to solve this problem and offer an avenue for purchase. Greg (mrgregb123) will be my liason here and will be the first to know of any breakthroughs or special offers so he can post them here. Again, thanks to you all for making this a banner week in sales and even though I'm not a one stop shopping emporium for all things pinball, I hope you'll continue to take advantage of my stock and price point.

    Kindest Regards,


    #113 2 years ago
    Quoted from smacks:

    Just went to order 2 sets and they are now "Out of Stock."

    No worries. I called him and he said he set the inventory on the website a bit lower than what he actually has to account for any phone or eBay orders. They should be back "in stock" now but there truly aren't many left.

    He wanted me to add "These balls were actually made in Japan by Subakimoto. That company bought Hoover, here in GA back in the 90s."

    #122 2 years ago

    "Hey Greg, I ran into a huge problem with Godaddy and have spent the last hour getting nowhere. I had to delist the pinballs until I can solve the inventory update and shipping fees, which mess each other up somehow. I'm a one man shop and I have to leave the house to take care of other business but for all of the folks out there looking and wanting - I will get the problem solved today in one fashion or another, do a new inventory count and post up what is left. My apologies to those who have been inconvenienced and I will try to serve as many of you while the rapidly dwindling supplies last. They aren't listed anywhere right now and I will post a notice here when I'm ready to list them again."

    #123 2 years ago

    Balls are back online for sale. He said about 140 left to sell.

    #127 2 years ago
    Quoted from FatPanda:

    These will work in games with magnets?

    This is just my anecdote - but I use chrome (these type) balls in all my games...

    TAF - No evidence of magnetism. Likely because the only magnet that touches the ball is Thing and it's only for a moment and not very often.

    Metallica - Only sign of magnetism is if Sparky or Grave area happens to freeze two balls at once during multiball - when magnet turns off game sometimes needs a small tap to unstick the balls from the magnet. No big deal.

    Dr. Dude - No evidence of magnetism even though magnetic personality does have exposed magnet that touches ball pretty frequently.

    Dialed In - Only 80 games in but no sign of magnetism despite extremely heavy use of magnets in this game. Could be because all the magnets are (idiotically) mylared over so the ball never actually touches them.

    Your mileage may vary.

    #181 2 years ago
    Quoted from jibmums:

    Has anyone ordered any of the G100-G200 balls from Ball Baron on Ebay? Curious to see a photo of the surface, and to see how the quality of the finish stacks up against their amazing G10 balls.

    He included one of these "economy" balls in the last 10-15 orders of the G10 balls so people could see. He's sending me one too. Couldn't tell ya how good it is yet.

    On another note, he's been testing carbon steel formulations and said it's going to be tough to deliver something close to his chrome G10s. He said the stored magnetism is definitely much less than on the chrome ones but: "The carbon ball loses it's luster very rapidly and almost requires polishing before shipping to the end user. They polish up nicely but I think even a few days in storage will see a measured slip in the polish. Carbon is much more susceptible to tarnish (light primary corrosion) than the chrome ball but the chrome retains more magnetism over time. I tested it out myself."

    Will keep you updated on anything new.

    #196 2 years ago

    I've owned both Ball Baron and Titan. Baron's are shinier....in fact the shiniest pinball I have ever seen. But not by enough that it's a big deal. I bought Titan's before these and they were reasonably priced. I searched far and wide for the ultimate pinball, found it, but they are all gone now. Titan's will be fine.

    I received Ball Baron's "economy ball" from him today with my shipment and while it's no Titan or G10, it's definitely better quality than any regular ball sold by the usual suspects. Hopefully a few folks on here can chime in when they get theirs. He said if this is acceptable quality he will be quite aggressive on price.

    On the other hand I picked up one of these big boys from Ball Baron. Of no use in a machine but figured it might be fun to have. It has a shine arguably as good as the sold out G10 balls he sold, but it's 2.5" in diameter and weighs like 3 lbs. It's a beast of a ball. Cool novelty. It's on his site here: https://ballbaron.com/products/giant-pinball-2-12-inch-chrome-novelty-ball-no-tax-or-added-shipping-charge

    20819330_505835403082471_8713785943205847480_o (resized).jpg

    #201 2 years ago
    Quoted from 85vett:

    To bad Hercules flipper and bumper strength is so weak otherwise those would be perfect for that game (instead of the queue ball)

    Funny you said that. Last night I was playing with that big ball and wondered how nobody has attempted to make an outsized version of a modern pinball machine. Like say, an easy one with no subways like High Speed, with everything scaled to match the larger ball. Would be pretty fun. Not sure if the electrical requirements would be insane. But I imagine the coils would be quite loud.

    #207 2 years ago

    Some good news. Had a conversation with David (the Ball Baron) today. He's been working nonstop to procure a polishing mechanism that can match the shine and quality of the G10 balls he sold out of so quickly. He believes he's found it and will be sending some sample balls to myself and a few other pinballers who bought the G10s to get feedback on how they compare. He told me he personally cannot see any difference with the naked eye.

    Sit tight, and I'll update you on how these turn out.

    #211 2 years ago

    No, these are chrome. He's working on the carbon ones still, but demand has overwhelmingly been for the chrome balls so he has prioritized that.

    Quoted from zh2oson:

    Dare I say, the G10 of bibs.

    It is. My son can fit his entire meal in it. Which is better than it being on the chair and floor.

    1 week later
    #235 2 years ago
    Quoted from Psw757:

    I figured, just wasn't sure if there were any other differences such as weight or density of the ball being carbon core that would be different than say a std steel ball.

    Carbon steel balls are not nearly as shiny as chrome steel balls and tarnish more easily. I suggest only using carbon balls in games with magnets and take advantage of chrome's better look for games without them. I use chrome in all my games, even those with magnets, and haven't experienced problems. Your mileage may vary.

    #237 2 years ago

    Ball Baron's top-flight balls will be back soon folks. Being made a different way but should have the same shine. Stay tuned.

    #239 2 years ago

    All pinballs can rust, that's why many vendors coat them with oil. I've had plenty of chrome balls with pits, rust, etc. from various vendors.

    1 week later
    #256 2 years ago

    Ball Baron's official release of a -chrome- core ball that matches his G10 quality is imminent. Carbon balls simply cannot: A) be shined like a chrome ball B) stay shiny and hard like a chrome ball.

    Chrome balls that get magnetized generally do not affect gameplay....most of the issues lie when they fall into older dimpled troughs, they don't roll to the end and tend to stick in the dimple. You can solve this problem by replacing your older busted trough with either an OEM replacement or Mantis' much better version: https://mantispinball.com/product/williams-wpc-95-trough-upgrade/

    Stay tuned for chrome ball announcement.

    #258 2 years ago

    Alright I just got in the final version of Ball Baron's upcoming "Ninja" ball, which was designed to be as close to the G10 balls that sold out as possible. We went back and forth with many sample balls until he nailed it. I can tell you with 100% confidence that these are indistinguishable from the G10s with a naked eye. You'll be thrilled with the quality.

    I went ahead and did a 4-ball comparison for the ball connoisseurs out there. LOL

    I should point out that all of these balls in the test appear shiny to the naked eye. None of these balls would be considered "crap" by anyone's standards. Upon closer inspection, you can see the difference between the two on the left and the two on the right, for sure. But good luck telling the two on the right apart without a zoom lens.

    This photo uses what I call the sun reflection test. Basically, the more the sun's reflection is refracted across the ball, generally the less smooth the surface is. This test, again, brings out flaws the naked eye can't see as easily so the two on the left look much worse than in person.

    IMO, I put the Ball Baron standard on par with Titan's super shiny. The G10 and Ninja are in a league of their own. The Baron tells me both the standard ball and the Ninja will be priced fairly with great pricing in orders of 10+.

    Expecting the Ninja to go on sale in the coming weeks. The standard ball is available right now at ballbaron.com

    balls-compare (resized).jpg

    #260 2 years ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    Those look awesome!
    All my games have magnets, so I have been eagerly waiting to see what the ball baron comes up with to see which magent friendly ball is the best and these look very nice.
    I appreciate the time and effort you have spent going back and forth on these mrgregb123

    I know I've beaten a dead horse with this, but unless you've actually had issues with magnetism, give chrome a try. I own TAF, Metallica, Dr. Dude, and Dialed In - all have magnets. All have either Ball Baron's or Titan chrome balls I had left over. I have never experienced any issues with magnetism. I believed the stories too about avoiding chrome balls, then decided to give it a try - worse that can happen is I wasted 3 or so balls. Hasn't been an issue.

    1 month later
    #269 1 year ago

    Agreed - he's a good guy. Myself and many others on here can vouch that he's done everything possible to earn our "ball" business. The Ninja balls are due to arrive in mid to late November and I believe he will have 10,000 units at launch. His "regular" chrome balls are certainly better than a lot of the "premium" balls you find elsewhere. The advantage to the chrome balls is they are not only shinier but they are harder so they hold up to pitting and scratching better than the carbon balls. Carbon balls are also more prone to rusting.

    Having used the G10s from his prior batch for over a month+ now, they definitely hold up better than other balls I've used. They retain their shine longer and have little scratching.

    1 month later
    #272 1 year ago

    I'm his website designer so I can tell you we may open up for preorders soon so he can gauge demand and prepare packaging before they arrive but looking at December for shipments. They are already en route from overseas...but it takes awhile. I have 5 of these balls (part of the prototype batch) in my Dialed In and they hold up VERY well. Not only are they super shiny but the don't get all pitted and scratched easily. You'll love them.

    #277 1 year ago
    Quoted from DANGERTERROR:

    I'm an operator, so I ordered 100 and now I guess I'll just have to throw them away. Marco and Pinballlife balls have always been absolutely trouble free, and I admit I haven't paid much attention to balls. It's no one's fault but my own for not understanding the various qualities of pinballs when it comes to magnetism and chipping, but I guess I learned the hard way.

    Ball Baron's chrome balls are 100% chrome. A ball from any other supplier that is 100% chrome will behave and accept magnetism exactly the same way. The balls you got from other vendors had to have been part carbon, which would explain how they didn't magnetize. However, chrome balls also resist scratching and pitting far better than carbon balls....so something seems off there.

    Having said that I run Ball Baron's G10 and Ninja balls in all 6 of my machines including games with heavy magnet use such as Dialed In, Metallica, and TAF. The only time I've ever seen any magnetism effect is if the Sparky magnet (Metallica) or the Theatre magnet (DI) capture two balls at once. They will remain on the magnet after it turns off. A gentle nudge breaks them free. I'm fine with that trade-off which happens once every few weeks in exchange for super-shiny balls that hold up longer.

    3 weeks later
    #282 1 year ago

    After months and months of waiting....great news guys.

    The Ninja Pinball is now in stock and ready to ship!


    #285 1 year ago

    I use them in all of my machines including Dialed In, Metallica, and TAF....I have never had issues with magnetism. Some people report it as a major issue, but it's never come up in my games.

    #287 1 year ago

    Dialed In? 350. Metallica? 500+. TAF, 300. Before the Ball Baron balls I used Titan's chrome and before that Pinball Life's ooooh la la balls. Going back about 8 years now. Only magnetism glitch I've ever noticed is if DI theatre or Metallica sparky grabs two balls at once, once the magnet turns off they stay there sometimes. Just a gentle nudge breaks them free. Gladly accept that rare occurrence for balls that are shinier and hold up far longer than carbon. But I'm not here to pressure anyone into buying chrome if they are worried about magnets. Doesn't cost much to try them out in your machines to see for yourself though.

    #291 1 year ago

    From what I've read, the majority of people who report magnetism issues indicate they get stuck in the trough. WMS games with the 3 or 4 ball trough are not affected by this because there is a steep hill that forces the ball to the kickout. For newer games with the gravity fed trough, it mostly affects machines with divots in the trough from years of play. Also, Stern games can be problematic because they use switches instead of optos which can make it easier for balls to stick in position. But there is good news - Pinbits makes a cool little piece to solve this issue: https://www.pinbits.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=449

    No carbon ball on the planet, no matter who makes it (including Ball Baron), is going to be shiny after 100 games. Carbon balls are much softer than chrome and so they wear much quicker. They also cannot be polished as shiny as chrome. If carbon is what you want, get them anywhere really. The shiniest carbon balls will look like average carbon balls in 100 games or less. If it were me I'd try everything I could to be able to use chrome balls. Once you see these Ninja balls in person, I think you'll agree.

    #298 1 year ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    When is the Baron bringing his ball for games with magnets to the market? Thought he was working on a super shiny ball for games with magents?

    Already tried. But there really is no super-shiny carbon ball. He found it impossible to polish any carbon ball to a shine he was satisfied with. Additionally, he found carbon balls lose their luster very quickly and are too soft. He sells a carbon ball for a good price, but the level of shine isn't close to the Ninja ball.

    #302 1 year ago
    Quoted from Zitt:

    I personally wouldn't put any chrome balls in a magnet game as I had problems with Chrome balls in Stern Star Trek.
    I understand the OP wants to minimize the impact to help his friend out; but I had definite problems.
    Chrome pinballs are nice; they just don't work in Magnet games as has been stated numerous times.
    So; if you want chrome steel to try - go ahead and buy from the ball baron in a small quantity. I think you'll find that YMMV but you'll likely have problems.
    If the Ball baron isn't interested in offering a highly polished carbon steel ball; then others should and will step in to fill that void.

    There are a lot of pinball myths that many continue to follow without testing it for themselves. For example, people still recommend putting Milwax on their playfield and using Novus 2 with every cleaning. Both bad ideas, but people suggest them all the time on here. Point is, find out for yourself. Don't go by some guy making blanket statements who doesn't even own the balls in question. There are many balls out there with varying levels of steel makeup. They will perform differently. But a few things are absolutely true:

    1. Carbon balls cannot be shined like chrome balls. No super shiny carbon ball exists and never will. Ball Baron sent me numerous carbon balls that were professionally shined in the same manner as the Ninja ball. They just don't come close. If you want shiny balls in your machine, carbon is not in the conversation. The balls that come with new Dialed In machines are literally perfect carbon balls. But they aren't shiny.

    2. Carbon balls rust and tarnish very quickly. They lack the protection chrome balls offer. Chrome balls are not immune to oxidation but take longer to show its effects than a carbon ball. Tested this myself.

    3. Carbon balls pit and get scratched quicker than chrome balls because they are made of a weaker material. Find the best top of the line carbon ball you can find. Play it for 50 games. Look at it. You'd think the ball was on route for months.

    4. I've given my personal experience with chrome balls in magnet games. If they didn't work right and caused chaos in my games, I wouldn't be sitting here putting my reputation on the line to lie about it so some guy I've never met can sell more chrome balls. He sells carbon balls for the cheapest price anywhere and plenty of people buy carbon balls from him. Buy the carbon balls if that's what you want to do. But I feel it's important to know that chrome balls in a magnet game are not a guarantee of disaster.

    If you have the G10 or Ninja balls in your magnet games, post your experience.

    1 week later
    #317 1 year ago

    Just an update - Ninja balls now collectively have 2,000+ plays in a host of magnetized games with no magnetism issues to report. Can't speak for other balls, but hundreds of games in, the Ninja balls are not affected by magnetism in these games: Dialed In, Metallica, Star Wars Premium, The Addams Family, and The Shadow - in addition to any game w/o magnets. Ball Baron continues to solicit and monitor for reports of issues with these balls and magnetism but to date none have been reported.

    If you experience issues with the Ninja Balls and magnetism, definitely post here with the game in question and how it occurred. If you use the balls in a game not listed above that uses magnets and have experienced no issues after at least 100 plays, I encourage you to post here so it can be added to the 'safe' game list.

    2 weeks later
    #322 1 year ago

    BallBaron.com is offering a Pinside exclusive > FREE giant pinball when you buy some super-shiny Ninja balls.....

    Buy 25 Ninja balls, get a giant 2" chrome pinball FREE (it's about 6x larger than a regular pinball by volume)
    COUPON CODE: bigball25

    Buy 50 Ninja balls, get a super-giant 2.5" chrome pinball FREE (about 13x larger than a regular pinball by volume - weighs over 2lbs!)
    COUPON CODE: bigball50

    Visit ballbaron.com (add the Ninja balls -and- the giant pinball to your cart, then add the coupon code)

    #325 1 year ago
    Quoted from enjoyvelvet:

    Cool I guess but why would I want a giant ass pinball?

    I thought the same thing and then I got one. A big ball of chrome is just cool to play with for some reason. It's gotten a great response from those that bought one but they are a pricey novelty so I believe that's why he did this deal.

    1 month later
    #331 1 year ago

    Titan's shiny balls are $1.50 vs. $1.95 for Ball Baron's Ninja.

    Titan's regular chrome is $0.92 vs. $0.95 for Ball Baron's standard.

    What's the nearly double the price?

    #339 1 year ago

    You guys want a promo? OK....you'll get one. Let me speak with The Baron and see what I can do for you...

    #342 1 year ago

    OK guys - the BIG PINBALL promo is back!

    Buy 50 Ninja chrome balls, get the giant 2.5" pinball FREE.

    1) Visit ballbaron.com, and add at least 50 Ninja pinballs to your cart:
    2) Add the 2.5" giant pinball to your cart:
    3) Apply coupon code "bigball50" at checkout and the giant pinball becomes FREE.

    Promo runs all week through Friday, 3/9/18 or until the giant pinballs run out!

    #354 1 year ago

    Games that magnetize balls are primarily those where the ball is rubbed across the magnet rapidly (modern Sterns, Dialed In). This causes the magnetism to transfer to the ball. Games like TAF and DM where the magnet only picks up the ball and/or the ball never actually touches the magnet (power magnets) do not cause any noticeable magnetism retention.

    #356 1 year ago
    Quoted from tonyf1965:

    Says coupon expired for the 25 deal for the bonus 2" ball.

    It did back on 1/31. Current promo running through tomm is for 50 Ninja, free 2.5" ball.

    #360 1 year ago
    Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

    I am about to get a Star Wars Premium and was wondering if I can use the Ninjas in it or will they get magnetized....

    As far as I know, the only magnet in SW is the Supercharger copycat effect, and this feature is not easily activated. I'm pretty confident it would be a long time before balls got magnetized in this game.

    1 week later
    #364 1 year ago

    ^ Yes, the carbon balls Ball Baron sells are certainly shinier than most others on the market, they just aren't nearly as shiny as the Ninja.


    #366 1 year ago

    Not at the moment....he says he doesn't because the shipping prices to ship balls outside the USA are so expensive that he doesn't think anyone would pay it.

    #381 1 year ago

    If anyone ever gets a nicked or in any way defective ball from Ball Baron, please tell him and he will take care of you. His customer service is 2nd only to the quality of his Ninja ball.

    1 week later
    #387 1 year ago

    *HEADS UP*

    Ball Baron is running a free shipping promo through Sunday 4/8.

    1) Order a minimum of 10 Ninja pinballs: https://ballbaron.com/product/ninja-super-shiny-chrome-pinball-g10/

    2) Use coupon: freepinside

    3) Get free shipping no matter how much your order weighs! Anything else in your order qualifies for free shipping (including the super-sized pinballs) as long as there are 10 Ninja pinballs in there.

    #388 1 year ago

    Last chance bump. Expires tonight.

    #389 1 year ago

    The BIG BALL PROMO is back!

    Buy 50 Ninja chrome balls, get the giant 2.5" pinball FREE.

    1) Visit ballbaron.com, and add at least 50 Ninja pinballs to your cart:
    2) Add the 2.5" giant pinball to your cart:
    3) Apply coupon code "bigball50" at checkout and the giant pinball becomes FREE.

    Promo runs all week through Monday, 4/16/18!

    2 months later
    #517 1 year ago

    There is a night and day difference between the Ninja and the carbon. Very obvious. That's why the Ninja has a name and the carbon ball is just "the carbon one"....it doesn't deserve a name.

    1 week later
    #535 1 year ago
    Quoted from Monk:

    Tried 2 sets of ninjas in my newly acquired Theater of Magic and sadly all eight balls magnetized within, I'd say, 20 games per set.

    WOW. I figure ToM and TAF have very similar magnet usage. The trunk magnet is used for the same duration and in the same manner as the Thing hand magnet. The Hocus Pocus inlane magnets, which never touch the ball, are similar in style and usage to the Power magnets in TAF. I have 630 plays so far on my TAF since I restored it, and last time I put new balls in, 3 Ninjas. Crazy how much variation there is between games.

    4 months later
    #557 10 months ago

    It's likely the flippers. Either the coil sleeve is dirty or with recent games from JJP and Stern, the coil power is modulated via software and may be varying a bit on your machine.

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