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When Will Stern Pinball Machines Be Online?

By HighProtein

1 year ago

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    “When Will Stern Pinball Machines Be Online?”

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    #21 1 year ago

    Connecting the games online is the way to go... if you go to a show like IAAPA you'll see tons of games connected online where you can play other people across the World. That is a great feature.

    Furthermore the game should tell you there is an update, and boom it does it.

    All this would be great for pinball just like XBOX live.

    Who wouldn't want to see your friends, and play them for fun?

    #40 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    Nobody will want to do this, it'll be an expensive novelty that nobody will use. Playing pinball "head to head" online would not be fun so it would not be used.

    Well we'll totally disagree there... look at JJP screens they're so giant you could be playing four of your buddies, showing their face, hearing them talk, its about FUN! No one is saying have online tournaments just finding people to play against connecting the World of pinball to all across the World.

    There are zillions of games now that do the same exact thing from dart boards to racing games and well everything XBOX.

    Tons of people will embrace this and look forward to seeing their pinball buddies from across the World while they shoot a game of Batman against each other.

    #41 1 year ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    Aren't those real expensive to buy, and expensive to operate ( have on line )

    No not at all this isn't new technology, as long as you have a camera, screen and web access you're good to go. Tons of games are incorporating these features into games now. Lets put it this way every single person on here bashing this idea, well guess what is it going to hurt pinball? Is having that ability going to something bad? Give me a break, people will embrace it fully. It really doesn't matter what people say pro or con its going to happen I've been told already by every pinball company they're making the games wifi ready, with cameras.

    Its not going to take away anything. People will have fun connecting with buddies and playing pinball. I think some people are drastically over thinking this concept.

    #120 1 year ago

    Just the point that you're discussing it means its going to happen. Stern has already announced their games would have wifi access by 2020. So rather than talk about why this is such a horrible idea, which it's not, why don't you talk about all the cool possibilities. Obviously one is automatically update games. It's going to happen so focus here on the future not looking backwards. Once the games have wifi anything is possible, which right now with no wifi its just a stand alone game.

    #157 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    It literally makes no sense.

    I think you meant to say you make no sense. Pinball has been using video screens since the late 80's. Multiple games listed in Pinside top 100 have video game elements to them... games as recently as Houdini have video elements, as does Pirates where you can play liar's dice. We need to bring back some of those features because it adds to the game. You can call yourself a pinball purist that's fine but you're just one person.

    Pinball companies don't live or die based on people like you buying a game. They need customers well outside the realm of pinside, they need casual players to put coins in otherwise entertainment centers won't buy the games.

    Anything that improves the game is a bonus adding wifi to the games opens up the possibilities to what is possible. Your line of thinking is dead wrong, because that keeps pinball in the stone ages. With time everything gets old, which is why every few years the corvette gets a new design.

    Speaking of which now Corvette is on an all out change going mid-engine, wow over 50 years of Corvette and now there is finally mid-engine. I wonder why?

    Pinball is going to add WIFI and once they do they'll open themselves up to all sorts of possibilities, and fine new players, owners and fans.

    #160 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lamprey:

    I don't HATE video modes, but I don't particularly care for them. When I'm playing pinball I want to, you know.. play pinball not a video game. I have a bunch of arcade machnes, consoles and PCs for video games.

    And I can respect that opinion but no one is talking about turning a pinball game into a video game despite that its already been done. We've seen those games you buy and its nothing but a video screen. We're talking about making pinball games have wifi access so you can get online and play friends anywhere in the World. We're talking about adding wifi so you can update your machine without all the hassles of doing as currently done.

    As for adding mini video games within the game, nothing wrong with that and if you're not into that feature don't buy it. I think most of the big time collector games from the 90's have these features so its nothing new. Adding WIFI to pinball is a good thing not a bad thing.

    #197 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    It won’t move the needle or make anyone who isn’t interested in pinball magically become interested in pinball.

    Wrong again. You're so negative it blinds you to the reality of the day you live! Technology is changing everything around you, its moving so fast, you either keep up with it or ultimately you die off. Who's to say pinball won't die off, that we're seeing a phase, which will come and go? The video game industry as a whole suffered several years back due to games going online. The video business had to adapt, and mostly it changed its direction to redemption, it had no choice but to reinvent itself. Pinball can't sit back and rest of what has been for decades, it must look to the future and keep any and every possibility open.

    Pinball companies are trying to sell games, and get customers to drop money into the machines so operators will buy them. Pinball must appeal to a wide audience not a small few with small thinking minds like you! Pinball is to survive and thrive it needs more players not less so anything you can add to a pinball that opens more doors is a good thing not a bad thing. You talk like pinball is just made for you, and you only.

    I will say it once again pinball companies survive not because of the small few who post on Pinside but the millions of people around the world who visit FEC, bowling centers, sports bars, arcades, and appealing to the consumer market for home game rooms. I can promise you the mass majority of Stern games are not sold to pinsiders, but people outside that realm.

    You're thinking closed minded and thoughts like that will keep pinball in the stone ages. If you want pinball to thrive they must keep up and compete against other types of vending machines. If they become to expensive pinball loses, if non-pinball owners stop putting in quarters sales will drastically drop.

    Having the ability in a pinball like a racing game, or dart board to compete against other players, win tickets, or anything like that keeps pinball going.

    Sad you can't see thru glass!

    #199 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    You type a lot and say nothing...other than insulting me when you can’t intelligently debate this issue. I’m not negative. I’m a realist.

    Dude seriously you know nothing, you don't type facts, you clearly do not understand the industry at all. You're not giving facts, you're giving a narrow opinion. Have you ever been to IAAPA, Bowl Expo, Amusement Expo, Consumer Electronic Show the tradeshows where all of these games are really bought and sold, where deals are made? There is also major amusement tradeshow around the World, Europe, Middle East, Asia, but for some reason you think only your thoughts matter not the billions of dollars spent by facilities. Do you understand the overall competition for all vending machines, do you understand why an FEC will or won't buy a pinball machine? No you don't.

    You think your world is the pinball world you're wrong and basically everything you've said nothing but an uneducated opinion not facts. You have no facts.

    Facts are that pinball companies want to sell more games to distributors who sell into location, every pinball company wants their games in a FEC, bowling center, major amusement center, that promotes pinball, their brand, and pinball in general. A new Stern game sitting inside your home doesn't move the needle brother, having 10 pinball games in Punch Bowl Social does.

    If a pinball company needs to add features to attraction more people to drop dollars at a bowling center that is exactly what they will do!

    You might be the single narrow minded pinball person I've ever discussed things with.

    #202 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Make your point without insults & assumptions, or I’ll just play your game and call you Dr. Fuckleberry...I’ve been to plenty of trade shows, CES, E3, etc. I understand technology. If you want to discuss this with me, drop the “you must be old and out of touch” bi

    Honestly its pointless to debate with someone who doesn't understand the coin op industry. Secondly I haven't insulted you or made any assumptions. Nor have I said you're 'old and out of touch'. What I said was you're a narrow minded thinker who thinks pinball should not evolve, change, or even attempt to think outside the box. I also said you clearly do not understand the business side of this industry outside of pinball shows because apparently that is true.

    I asked you have you been to IAAPA, Bowl Expo, or any major amusement tradeshows in Asia, Europe, Middle East, India anywhere outside of some pinball show? I have been to some pinball shows as a fan of pinball, however I never saw Gary Stern there, when I went to IAAPA he was there every day.

    Pinball needs and can change, improve, and strive to find new players, buyers, and they get that feedback from people who buy hundreds of games a year, not so much from you thankfully.

    Despite all your negative comments, all pinball companies will start to add more features including WIFI, Camera's, Mics, and probably video modes.

    If it increasing sales they will do it... if it doesn't they won't. This industry isn't for your amusement its to make money sell machines or go out of business. It's simply math if locations are saying we need this or that guess what that is what you'll start to see.

    #205 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Then stop. But you won’t

    I think the person with the problem at stopping is yourself. No one has posted more on this thread than you... take your own advice.

    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Mics: Whats the practical application of a mic in a loud arcade?

    Okay c'mon here... you know there is another feature all pinball games can have but should have is a mic plug. But getting back to WIFI pinball games should also be BLUETOOTH ... then it doesn't matter does it? Your point is pointless. You can walk up with your headphones and either plug in or bluetooth.

    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Video Modes: They’ve existed since T2. Some like, some hate, some are neutral...they don’t move the needle,

    Video modes do move the needle it adds more fun to the game. Why do you think it was added in the first place because pinballs where fading, so video modes tried to bring pinball to the 21st century. Video modes didn't get added for no reason, and when video modes come back in a big way it will be to add more elements of interaction with the game.

    Man its easy to debate with you because you made points that are easy to refute. 1) You tell me to stop yet you've made more posts on the thread than anyone. 2) You say something really dumb because the whole thread is about tech, so if you can add wifi you can add bluetooth, so then finally you can for example enjoy the music of the next generation of music pins. I think when you made that comment you forgot about the point behind the thread. 3) Video modes got added to improve interaction and draw in more buyers. Your point is pointless.

    Just so you can take your own advice you're up to nearly 30 posts on this thread. I think I've had 10. So when you tell someone to stop maybe you should look in the mirror long and hard.

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