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When Will Stern Pinball Machines Be Online?

By HighProtein

1 year ago

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    “When Will Stern Pinball Machines Be Online?”

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    #10 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Someone actually explain what “Head to Head gameplay is” and how it would even be remotely satisfying. Or why high scores matter when every game is set up differently. Anyone wishing for online pinball has a case of the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs”. Pinball companies can barley get or games that are finished with fully tested think they’re going to bother with online play? Pinball isn’t a video game. It’s not Fortnite, where you actually see people in real time and what they’re doing. Pinball is “man vs. machine”. That’s what it is. Don’t try to wish it into something it’s not “cuz it would be cool”.
    Only reasons pinball could use online functions:
    -To notify operators of problems & allow them to remotely change settings
    -To notify the public of a location
    -To notify the public of a unit’s ongoing Tournament setting
    -To auto-code update.
    That’s it. Online play makes zero sense..if anyone actually attempted it, you’d see how stupid it was and would wonder why they bothered.

    Online play sounds like a total nightmare.

    I think we’ve been over this before in another thread... but I can’t imagine dialing up an online game only to drain out, then sit and wait for an opponent to play their balls.

    Snooze fest.

    When I have time to turn on my pins after a day of work, I’m looking for some time to live in my own little world. A distraction. I really have little desire to watch someone else play.

    #52 1 year ago
    Quoted from drfrightner:

    Well we'll totally disagree there... look at JJP screens they're so giant you could be playing four of your buddies, showing their face, hearing them talk, its about FUN! No one is saying have online tournaments just finding people to play against connecting the World of pinball to all across the World.
    There are zillions of games now that do the same exact thing from dart boards to racing games and well everything XBOX.
    Tons of people will embrace this and look forward to seeing their pinball buddies from across the World while they shoot a game of Batman against each other.

    If this “be with your friends online while you play” thing is so important... you can do that right now. It’s called FaceTime (or whatever the Android equivalent is). You can prop your phone up against the backbox and talk and laugh the night away.

    Game over? Pick up the phone and show everyone your score.

    Want to play with others that have the same game? Start a thread here on Pinside and make a “playdate”

    The only, IMO, linked gameplay would work is if it two players start a game at the same time and work together to achieve objectives. Example, WOZ: player one has to lock a ball with monkey. Then, as a game play continues, player 2 is the only one able to open castle door and release locked ball.

    Something like that. Ultimately tho, something like TNA’s co-op or 2v2 Mode wouldn’t be nearly as fun because the fun of that game’s head2head battle is contained on one table.

    But “battling” others is just a terrible idea. If I have 1 hour to play pinball in my gameroom... I’m not going to spend 1/2 that time standing around and waiting for my opponent to drain.

    #58 1 year ago
    Quoted from Potatoloco:

    Online pinball needs to show up, but not in the form of true "head to head" play. Before getting deep into pinball, I grew up playing console videogames prior to online and my late teens and 20s saw the rise of online gaming. The reality is pinball is not equipped to be a solid "multiplayer online" experience by its very nature. Online gaming is designed to keep the lifespan of a game going and to create more revenue through microtransactions as a result. At its core, this would be near impossible for a game of mechanical nature to do. Once the newness of a game wears off, the online community for a game shrinks considerably. There are so many factors that go into an online community for a game to stay healthy, namely the ability to provide consistent year-long content updates along with "events" etc.
    I think the way to go would be for a company to create their own "online community" throughout all their games. Similar to how Sony and Microsoft do, a company could charge a yearly membership for an online profile. From here "achievements/trophies" could be sought after different games. Scores or lifetime stats could be recorded and saved into a personal leaderboard database. Tournament players could have a statistical analysis break down on each game they play similar to how the audits play out. A version of "head to head" could happen on here as people could compete for leaderboard ranking on a particular game. This could either be through posting a challenge or challenging others and posting a score. A win or loss can be recorded afterward. Tournaments, leagues, and regional pinball communities could benefit from this imo.
    The real question is, is there a deep enough player base to justify the upkeep of an online component?

    Your last question - spot on. Answer: No

    These games are so damn expensive... that kind of community will never exist. You sell a $40 video game (hell... or offer a free app), you get millions of users that allow for a head2head experience nearly any time of day.

    Stern might sell a few thousand of any given title. You’ll never have any sort of interactive online community that aligns with the immediacy that online video gaming presents.

    #69 1 year ago
    Quoted from ausretrogamer:

    I dread the day these companies realise they should start charging for new firmware or additional modes/software features.
    So the consumer will have to have a paid subscription and then pay for DLC to get a better experience out of their very expensive box with lights. What happens when you sell the pin? Does the DLC stuff your purchased with your account get transferred to the new owner or do you have to do a total factory reset before selling it?
    As much as online sounds great (update without the need of a USB stick is my favourite part), there are way too many variables where manufacturers can start charging us for “online” stuff we get for free right now.

    If this pinball renaissance actually survives more than a few more years, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll see pay-upgrades happen. Look at Stern. They’re already digging for more cash with their insider program (pronounced: pro-grim )

    #80 1 year ago
    Quoted from Micky:

    How many of the new generation are actually buying pinballs? Does anyone really think that someone is going to buy a 7 grand plus pinball so they can play against their mates instead of buying a $50 game on their PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC?
    For the record I'm in my early 30s and I wouldn't even do this let alone be able to convince a friend my age or younger to buy a bloody expensive pinball just to play against me.

    “Mom, Dad... I know what I want for Christmas. It’s a Deadpool LE. I know it’s $9,000, but Jimmy’s mom told him he could get one. And Bobby’s parents bought him one yesterday. I promise I’ll keep it in my room. Please can I have one?? We really want to play each other online.”

    #128 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    You don’t like pinball. You like video games. Again - you’re comparing two entirely different types of games. Black ops is DESIGNED to be people vs. people see each other running around in real time, reacting to each other. Pinball is already designed around the concept: you vs. a playfield. Another player on another machine is playing against their playfield. You can’t be playing “each other” on separate playfields. It literally makes no sense.

    Greg, ever consider running for president?

    #145 1 year ago
    Quoted from stantman:

    I hate the show Family Guy, but I don't care if you keep making it, even though I strongly suspect you won't ever make an episode I enjoy. I just choose not to watch it.

    images (resized).png

    #164 1 year ago
    Quoted from drfrightner:

    I think you meant to say you make no sense. Pinball has been using video screens since the late 80's. Multiple games listed in Pinside top 100 have video game elements to them... games as recently as Houdini have video elements, as does Pirates where you can play liar's dice. We need to bring back some of those features because it adds to the game. You can call yourself a pinball purist that's fine but you're just one person.
    Pinball companies don't live or die based on people like you buying a game. They need customers well outside the realm of pinside, they need casual players to put coins in otherwise entertainment centers won't buy the games.
    Anything that improves the game is a bonus adding wifi to the games opens up the possibilities to what is possible. Your line of thinking is dead wrong, because that keeps pinball in the stone ages. With time everything gets old, which is why every few years the corvette gets a new design.
    Speaking of which now Corvette is on an all out change going mid-engine, wow over 50 years of Corvette and now there is finally mid-engine. I wonder why?
    Pinball is going to add WIFI and once they do they'll open themselves up to all sorts of possibilities, and fine new players, owners and fans.

    No offense, but pinball companies aren't searching for casual players to put coins in... where have you been? Pinball companies are 100% focused on the home buyer. Not ops. They've even publicly acknowledged that. The age of players "on location" keeping the industry afloat are DEAD. Has been for a long time.

    Pinball is in the stone ages. That's actually a draw for me... and one of its most charming aspects. Need proof? Come over to my house and live with teenagers and the revolving door of friends that come over.

    #180 1 year ago

    I find it amusing that everyone's always looking for the "next great thing" to save pinball.

    Pinball is what it is... and it's beautiful because of it. But, geez... you all gotta realize, basically no one cares about it outside of some random interactions. And the next generation? They are off to things that are completely different than pinball.

    Perhaps video pinball will, someday, utilize the internet. But true physical pinball? Highly doubtful.

    #192 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lamprey:

    I guess using Alexa or a Smartphone to turn the machines on/off could be better/easier than trying to reach under backbox for a switch... But, I'd think it'd be cheaper to move it back near the front so it's more easily accessible (again).

    You can achieve that right now... Lutron Caseta. Cheap, easy to install, works with smart home systems.

    #195 1 year ago
    Quoted from jrockne:

    It could be nice if there was a support feature where a stern tech could remotely access your game to help diagnose/troubleshoot issues. But part of the fun of pinball is hunting down and fixing things right?

    It seems like the better idea would be to not put a bandaid on old tech... rather develop new tech that doesn't require such intensive maintenance. For my dollar, that would trump WiFi

    #196 1 year ago
    Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

    And interest is growing. Why? It's not because EMs are being produced and sold by the thousands to home buyers. It's many factors.
    We don't know what implementations will be produced. Maybe Scorbit will really take off like Color DMD has. Maybe some new methodology no one knows about yet.
    It doesn't take even a majority of users to make a successful product. Billions of people don't watch Family Guy. Still a successful show.
    I don't use Amazon Alexa or Dots. Some people love them. The connectivity gives those people something. Some people WANT to turn on their lights with their smartphone.
    Stern pinball connectivity is coming eventually. Time will tell what people use it for.

    ->Simple WiFi connectivity for firmware updates: GOLD. So many basic (and relatively inexpensive devices) have – and have had – this feature.

    I'd be onboard with that.

    ->Menu Systems transferred to an App environment: GOLD. That would be so nice... especially when it comes to turning up and down volume. Hell, it would be great if I could ask Alexa to turn up the volume on my WOZ. OR, select all of your games and turn volume up and down as a group... get status updates on game batteries... number of plays since balls were changed... rubbers were changed... those things, while not essential, could definitely be very handy.

    ->Trying to play someone head-2-head on Star Trek or Shrek: FOOLS GOLD!

    #203 1 year ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    So if true, why is JJP coming out with a pro model at a lower "stripped" price point for operators? Where have they acknowledged home only focus, I would like to read/listen to it

    100% might have been exaggeration, but they have acknowledged the shift to the home market.

    Coast 2 Coast live interview with gorge Gomez several years ago.

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