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When to move on from a game (if at all)

By iloveplywood

4 months ago

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    #1 4 months ago

    Sorry, this post is mostly meandering drivel but sometimes posting something like this helps me make a decision. I have had a BM66 for about four years now. It is a theme I love with great theme integration and deep code. I still enjoy it when I play it, but I just don't get the urge to turn it on much anymore. I've been down to one pin for a while now so occasionally I think about selling it and getting a different pin. The problem is that it is really a grail theme for me that a part of me wouldn't mind taking to the grave. I worry that six months to a year after getting the new pin I'll be in the same place but with a pin/theme I like less. I might be able to swing for a second pin, but honestly with how much I play, it makes more sense to only have one pin in my basement.

    My thoughts on replacing it are either to go with an Elwin or maybe stick with Lyman and get an EHOH.

    Anyone here move on from a "grail" pin and been happy with the decision or did you end up regretting it?

    #2 4 months ago

    This sounds like a financial decision, in the end. Because if you like it like that, it doesn't make sense to ditch it. The 1 pin rule, if not a space issue, ends up being financial.

    If you have the capital to buy a new game, get a good deal, then it's an easy decision.

    If you bought it for a steal, that makes the decision easier. Keep it, as you will always be able to recoup your costs.

    I don't look at the pins for what I've spent, I look at the delta between what i've put out and what the fire sale market price would be.

    So I have 6 and 2 projects. I would love to have 30 as I love the games, but for me the limiting factor is the amount of time i can spend with each one, and the amount of time i have to spend messing with any one of them.

    #3 4 months ago

    That’s tough in a 1-pin situation. I’ve sold quite a few “grails” & pins I love, purely because I just never played them much anymore and wanted something new….but if I had 1 pin that was my grail? I dunno! I generally believe in having “functional” possessions…so if you’re legit bored of it, get a different game that’ll be exciting to play. Is B66 your grail cuz you love the show? I’m guessing you have the complete series on Blu-Ray…you can still watch and enjoy it any time you want.

    #4 4 months ago

    I'm down to 4 pins, mostly due to space and also my hobbies are going elsewhere. However, my Space Shuttle will always be here. I made a mistake decades ago and sold it, bought another one and sold it. Now that I'm old and maybe wiser now, I really enjoy it. I was in 10th grade when the Columbia made its maiden flight. I skipped school to watch the launch, only to be caught and also, the launch was delayed 2 days, due to a glitch. I digress, but the theme and history are huge for me. Plus I love playing it.

    #5 4 months ago

    I feel the struggle. I collected pins for over 20 years before selling my first one (which I just did). One pin collection is not exactly the same. But I reached the conclusion: life is short and I want to experience many more pins. My new litmus test: if I don’t feel excited about playing, if it’s like a chore, obligation, or just a novelty once in a while, it’s time to move on. It will hurt to let a pin go: but you can drown your tears in that next amazing game you get to have.

    PS- get more pins if you have the means.

    #6 4 months ago

    Do a temporary trade for a different machine with another hobbyist who you know and trust.

    #7 4 months ago

    It's just a pin, it's not THAT special. Get a new one. They ALL get old after awhile. That's why people end up with 20, 40, 60 etcetc

    #8 4 months ago

    If you only have room for one, I'd swap it out with something different whenever you think it's time. When I started getting into pins in the 90s, the first game I had, I had it for 5 years. I was excruciatingly bored with it after all that time. So, I sold it and bought another. If I didn't already have the room, I would have just bought and sold games rather than letting them pile up like they eventually did.

    #9 4 months ago

    Don't sell your pin and buy another one. Make a really good add for your game and list it for sale with "trades welcomed+/- cash". See what comes in over 2 weeks and take the best offer if it speaks to you where they come to you. Don't ship it. Someone MIGHT buy it, but by and large it is 10x easier to get a trade than a cash offer. I've had up to 40 trade offers on certain pins (mostly crap offers) but in the end there is always something that really speaks to me. If there is not... keep it for 6 months and try it again if its not speaking to you.

    I've had people talk me out of my keeper pins before and I don't regret it. I personally really enjoy trying out new pins. Now, you currently have a Batman 66 which you could trade for about any pin (excepting maybe 5). Keep that new pin a year and do the same trade again. You can absolutly have someone show up at your house with a new pin, leave you something you are excited to play, take away the old pin and leave you with a stack of cash.

    You could also try a temporary trade. My Elvira is out on a temporary trade for a Monster Bash right now, but if you were closer I'd absolutely do a temp trade on your BM66 for my Elvira if you were closer. You have a desirable machine in short supply and could temp trade it back and forth for pretty much any game you wanted if you find willing partners.

    Good luck!

    #10 4 months ago

    I have one that I will always have. The others will get the boot if I get something else that I like more than the previous ones.

    #11 4 months ago

    43CDF86E-F8CA-4CB1-8747-AC74B11592D6 (resized).jpeg43CDF86E-F8CA-4CB1-8747-AC74B11592D6 (resized).jpeg

    #12 4 months ago

    You have already gotten a lot of good suggestions. Glad you raised the topic, something we all struggle with. Sounds like you don't need the cash, just losing interest in BM66. You really don't have that much to lose if you offer a trade and see what offers show up. That saves you from competing with others to buy a new game and you won't have an empty space between pins.
    There is a lot of great pinball out there..

    #13 4 months ago

    If space isn't an issue, try a SS game. Sometimes that's enough to get your pinball fix and then when you're craving a deep code game you can fire up your grail. That way you're not "breaking the bank"- relatively speaking.

    #14 4 months ago

    And to follow up I've sold a grail before... years later when I tried to replace it I've wound up with an upgrade from what I had. So I turned out lucky. Although the work to replace it wasn't as much fun!

    #15 4 months ago

    No disagreements with all of the above.

    BM 66 was my first pin- have over 5000 plays-HUO. Set up a little hard (I still have yet to play the minor villain wizard modes!). Since I have not experienced all of the code- keeper for me. My son and pinball buddy both borrowed it and were each finished with it after 3 months or so.

    I had a Demolition Man and High speed 2- loved those games- especially in league. However shallow code “made” me sell them.

    I’m in my mid 60s- hopefully will be in this hobby for another 10-15 years. So all of my games will go some day. Finally running out of space, time, and $.

    I temporarily trade games with my son and pinball buddies-great way to try out titles. (Had TS4, Wonka, and GF in the house without having to purchase them!). Still have 30+ games at my house…not recommended.

    #16 4 months ago

    Your pins are temporary. Sell or trade them as you please! If you make a "mistake", you can always undo it. You may also find that once you sell it, you don't miss it. I miss every pin I've sold...a little bit. But I'm glad I have their replacements, and am content knowing I can always get them (or something extremely similar) back.

    I know when it's time to sell a pin almost overnight. One day I love it, the next day I think "Oh...it's time."

    #17 4 months ago

    I have sellers remorse every time I sell a game, even if it's one I wasn't crazy about. They all have SOMETHING i liked or I wouldn't have bought them in the first place. Plus I love how a roomful of games looks - I get to be a teenager every time I go to my basement.

    Having said that, the only "grail" game I've sold is AFM. I love the 50s sci-fi theme, the campy vibe. Yes I miss it, but I owned it a long time (15 years or so) and there are a lot of them around to play or purchase. I've sold 4 games in the past 2 months, paying off a divorce, and have a more couple to go. Friends and family ask which ones I sold, and inevitably I hear "Oh, I liked that one", and then feel like damn it, shoulda kept it...but in the end, it's all down to you and how much you like it, how much room you have, and how many you can afford to keep. The games I'm shedding right now are probably all grail games to someone, but not me. Not anymore, anyways.

    #18 4 months ago

    When the truth is found, to be lies
    And all the joy within you, dies

    Don’t you want to move on from a pin?

    Don’t, you need to move on from a pin?

    You better move on from your pin!

    #19 4 months ago

    Definitely trade it or sell it. No sense keeping it if it's just going to sit there unused.

    #20 4 months ago

    Don't fall in love with any objects. They don't love you back.


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