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Changing the game.... or is it a game changer?

By MrBigg

35 days ago

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“What was the hardest part in your homebrew build?”

  • Playfield layout, and cutting 4 votes
  • Cpu repurposing, and wiring 8 votes
  • Finding items for your build 2 votes
  • Theme, and design 0 votes
  • Graphics for you cabinet, playfield, and back glass 5 votes

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#51 21 days ago

Today's update is flipper buttons installed, mp3 player/line Amp installed in scoring back (tiny screen on middle right), new rottendog scoring displays installed, power wiring, and grounding lugs installed, fan installed, and rgb lighting between back glasses installed. Making some good progress, just a slow process.

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#52 21 days ago

Great progress. You've really got me intrigued.

#53 21 days ago
Quoted from RonSwanson:

Great progress. You've really got me intrigued.

Thank you, I'm just winging it as I go. Absolutely no clue what I'm doing, but I'm doing it anyway!

#54 21 days ago

I'm really enjoying your thread, thanks for all the pictures and info. Didn't know really what to vote for in the poll.....
I've done 2 full rethemes now not full homebrews but halfway there. What did was find a game readily available for parts etc and then make the playfield and movie work with the game.
Like on Mad Max redline mania is the final scene to hunt down the Toecutter Jaws, the 3 Jackpots are the 3 main characters Hooper, Quint and Brody etc.
I'm addicted to customising pinballs!
Next project is a solid state era machine.
I'd like to look at a full custom build after this and need to look at the options previous people have pointed to. But I'm with you on the...sit down to read it all!
I'm a big fan of Pinsound gear so looking at the XL system for sure.
The biggest hurdle for my builds were the dmd changes which I paid other guys to help me with. It's a very long and ongoing process. All the other aspects are pretty easy.
Thanks again for the thread!
Guitars...I have my beautiful rosewood maton acoustic I bought when I was 18...34yrs and it sounds better each year.
Bikes...dad put me on my Uncles RM80 c when I was 8 and nearly killed myself lol!

#55 21 days ago

KJS sounds like you've got some cool stuff going on. I'm a huge fan of mad max, especially road warrior, so that sound excellent. Thanks so much for the kind words, and I'm really into this process. Just gotta take my time on the playfield, and get it right. Been a super fun project so far.

#56 20 days ago

Started working on the layout, and mocked up a "guitar pick" upper level, and ramp. Will make it look like my business pick logo. Took an antique nurse call light from a hospital, and an old quaker oats bowl, and made an alarm/special lit light for the top. This part is a bit intimidating, but I'm just taking it slow.

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#57 19 days ago

Worked on the white board layout some more today. Guitar necks are penciled in to mark the lights, and just basic stuff today.

20220905_104921 (resized).jpg20220905_104953 (resized).jpg
#58 18 days ago

I race with a guy who does graphic art, and he sends me a message that he can help with my backglass art. So quite simply I said, colorful, my logo, and just some random graffiti, kinda old school. Not thinking it would be very impressive, 30 minutes later this comes across my phone... once I picked up my jaw, I was stunned by how accurate he saw in my mind what I wanted. Nailed it, killed it, just take my money, and send it to me already! I was so worried my scoring glass would be crap, and ruin my build. That's a win I'd say?

Screenshot_20220906-163759_Messenger (resized).jpg
#59 18 days ago

Cool build! Following

#60 15 days ago

Started cutting holes for different items on playfield, and picked up a couple new Milwaukee tools. Both are as fantastic as everything else they make, and the saw is smooth, and controllable as butter. Great addition to my kit.

2330 (resized).jpeg2339 (resized).jpeg
#61 14 days ago

Today was another layout day, and working the ramp, the new launch loop, and cut a bunch holes.

Finally got the left side laid out for a faster flow, and a continuous loop for the ball to come around after its launched from the plunger lane.
Kept a few items I liked, and changed a few others.
It's still moving along.

20220910_165535 (resized).jpg20220910_165740 (resized).jpg20220910_172710 (resized).jpg
#62 14 days ago

Great progress so far. I just found this thread, but I’ll be following along now.

#63 12 days ago

Test fitting the back glass before I cut the scoring out, and install the lettering on the back for game over, etc. I'm very pleased by how well it turned out, and how great the coloring matches up.

20220912_171336 (resized).jpg20220912_171329 (resized).jpg
#64 9 days ago

It's nice to not have a deadline like I do on guitar builds. I get to take my time, enjoy the structure, jump around if I want from area to area, and relax while I build.
Working on side art, much more to go.
Working on playfield art, much more to go.
Have to cut scores out on back box, but front and rear glass are in. (Not happy with front, that's gotta change)

20220914_121035 (resized).jpg20220914_145301 (resized).jpg20220914_172516 (resized).jpg20220915_130109 (resized).jpg
#65 9 days ago

I like your color palette so far

#66 9 days ago

Few more pieces installed to check spacing, and design. Checking upper level clearance.
More plexiglass came today, and I can do the whole back in one piece now instead of 2 halves.

20220915_181509 (resized).jpg
#67 8 days ago

Playing around on the field today, checking spacing, and working on my ramp, and upper area.

20220916_142416 (resized).jpg20220916_174116 (resized).jpg
#68 5 days ago

The pick playfield is pretty cool. Can't wait to see it setup a little more.

#69 5 days ago

Inserts came in, and I started my decisions on where they will stay, and change based off the Space invaders.
Simple enough, and the yoppsicles will really set these inserts off.

20220919_163736 (resized).jpg20220919_163747 (resized).jpg
#70 5 days ago

Your game is looking awesome.

#71 4 days ago
Quoted from RyanStl:

Your game is looking awesome.

You guys are very kind, and I appreciate the feedback so far.
A little nervous about this next step of drilling, but I have a couple ideas to ensure my depths are OK.

#72 2 days ago

Almost finished drilling, and routing all the holes finally. Someone asked why I painted it so nice first, but honestly I physically needed to see the scheme to decide my lighting spots. So I go backwards a bit, but I paint a lot of guitars, so no Bigg Deal, lol. Only holes left are pops in pick for upper area, then I'll start inserts, sand, and repaint with more details.

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