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What's your favorite pinball podcast?

By Rockytop

8 years ago

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    #1 8 years ago

    I have a long commute to work (2&1/2 to 3 hrs total) and just started listing to The Pinball Podcast to pass the time and I really like the show.


    I saw there were several other podcasts about pinball, and I'm just curious what others like.

    #2 8 years ago

    I found the TOPCast podcasts always interesting. They were one of the first. I like the new shows as well.

    #3 8 years ago

    Gameroom Junkies for current podcasts. TOPcast for an older archive.

    #4 8 years ago
    Quoted from jeffc:

    Gameroom Junkies for current podcasts. TOPcast for an older archive.

    Is game room junkies about arcade and pinball or just pinball?

    #5 8 years ago

    We need a poll .

    All are great.

    #6 8 years ago
    Quoted from rad:

    We need a poll .
    All are great.

    Cool, I want to make sure I get the main ones in the poll.

    Pinball podcasts
    Game room junkies
    Coast to coast pinball
    Pinball soul
    Spooky Pinball


    #7 8 years ago

    Coast to coast pinball is great and there is usually 1-2 episodes a week. Not as long as the pinball podcast but they are still great.

    #8 8 years ago

    I look forward to spooky pinball podcast every month.
    As well as the pinball podcast with don and Jeff.
    I also enjoy coast to coast every week.
    Clay's podcasts are great to listen to. He had some great interviews over the years.
    I enjoy them all.

    #9 8 years ago

    There really are no bad ones. Each has a different take on things.

    #10 8 years ago
    Quoted from Jokercyclone:

    There really are no bad ones. Each has a different take on things.

    Awesome. I have plenty of time on the road to hear them all.

    #11 8 years ago

    1 - Coast 2 Coast Pinball
    2 - The Pinaball Podcast
    3 - Pinheadz
    4 - Spooky Pinball

    #12 8 years ago

    TOPcast should be renamed Pinball University. It was very informative for me when I was new to the hobby. The entire archive is available. Do not judge it by the first few episodes. After they figured out how to use the recording equipment and turned it into an interview show, it's was outstanding.

    Silverball with Rob and Steve was also good, but no longer in production.

    I find gameroom junkies the most engaging. Good chemistry between the guys.

    The pinball podcast is good, but I have not kept up.

    Spooky has great guests, but I don't care for the format. It's a little too unedited for me. The Stern Christmas special was a recent favorite of mine.

    I have not listened to the others.

    #13 8 years ago

    Top cast is like a history lesson, great interviews with legendary pinball people. No longer produced and not on itunes, do an interview search for them.

    The Pinball Podcast is great, informal but at the same time has its topics it does every week. A fun easy listen that I always look forward to and usually listen the day its available.

    Spooky Pinball is awesome, but some don't like how goofy or off topic it can get. Lots of innuendo as well as heavy family involvement from Charlie and crew, try the episode the just put out at Christmas for your first one.

    Gameroom Junkies do often talk about Vids, but even though I am not a collector its still great to hear. They have excellent chemistry and really know how to conduct an interview. Every episode is stellar.

    #14 8 years ago

    I like Don and Jeff's show a lot. I found them just before Christmas, still need to catch up.

    Yeah the old shows Topcast were real good with some great interviews, there was another one RGPradio that did not last I think there was a lot of drama, haters, and backstory i did not know about but was on a time while working 3rd shift and getting to listen to "live" was really cool. Where is that Gary guy these days?

    I can not seem to play the Aussie one at all. I tried to let them know but they say everything is fine. If someone has a working link pm it to me so I can try and see if it is just me.

    The one show i can not seem to get into is spooky.

    Oh and prayers for Steve. Rob and Steve's The Silverball Podcast is really cool. I like a lot of the format, remember when, the ebay winning price quiz kind of game show like so you can listen and mentally play along. Once again hope you get better soon Steve! Maybe doing another show to lift your spirits!?

    They are all a lot of hard work I am sure. ALL deserve a high five for giving there time so others can enjoy.

    #15 8 years ago

    I Liked Topcast the best, but they have stopped making new episodes long ago. Spooky podcast is the best now.

    #16 8 years ago

    Nate at Coast2Coast is a great show, good news takes and he does a nice job w current news...

    #17 8 years ago

    They're all great. Just depends on what you want. Gameroom Junkies talk about collecting and fixing, love the Gameroom Updates, ( pins and vids )usually have an interesting interview and some updates on SFGE.

    Coast 2 Coast keeps you up date on day to day pinball news and has great Trip Reports for locations across the country. Nate can break down a game top to bottom and really explains the rules and layouts.

    The Pinball Podcast give you updates on their collections and have fun segments like Buy, Sell or Part Out and the Top 5 and featured game of the month.

    Spooky Pinball usually has a cool Pinball Star interview, words of peace and tranquility from Bryan Kelly, the EM Dungeon that goes in depth into fixing EM games, and a variety of fun from Charlie & Co., you never know quite what to expect.

    Pinball Soul is on a break it seems, but Gene's interviews are now coming through at the end of the Pinball Podcast. Come back soon, Josh.

    Try one from everybody and see which ones you guys like best.


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