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What's your favorite NON-MULTIBALL SS Pin and Why??

By Jags

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago
Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

Medusa and Paragon are both true players.

I guess I need to clarify. Yes both Medusa and Paragon are true players. Maybe even too much so. Paragon is known to be a very difficult game. Medusa has a very unusual layout also. So for me in my opinion these do not play well for an average player.

I feel what makes a pin truly great is not because it's the hardest, or has the best theme, or has great artwork, or was the pin everyone remembers playing. To me a great pin has certain attributes that make it representative of what pinball is all about.

1: It should have a plunger shot that leads to the top of the playfield that feeds 3-4 rollover lanes. Lighting these lanes should be crucial in accumulating a good score. Flipper controlled lane change is a bonus.

2: The lanes then should feed a good set of pop bumpers. Pop bumpers need to be able to return the ball to the upper rollover lanes and also assist in making other scoring shots at random.

3: Below the pop bumpers the main playing field should be presented. Playing field should have a well planed array of drop targets, stand up targets, or other scoring devices that function to accumulate points and bonuses.

4: There must be good return shots from the flippers to the top of the playfield. Spinning targets in these shot lanes are a plus. A good mix of short, medium, and long range shots from the flippers to various targets is vital also.

5: The side in and out lanes need to be well thought out. No stupid out lane drains. Some sort of ball save on one or both out lanes is a bonus.

6: Extra flippers to assist in scoring crucial targets is most definitely a bonus.

7: Some sort of well planed out bonus collecting strategy using a saucer or other collection device that must be hit with a well planned shot and can be collected during ball play. With a lot of pins you only collect the bonus at the end of ball when the ball drains. But having the ability to collect the bonus over and over again during a ball with a specialty shot really improves the scoring strategy. Some sort of bonus holdover between balls is also a plus.

8: A well thought out scoring theme is a must. Something not too simple or too difficult. The ability to accumulate points through multiple scoring strategies and possibilities is also a must have as long as it's not too complicated.

9: The pin must be easy enough to play so that a novice can have fun playing it without draining the ball every 10-15 seconds. But of course it needs some depth to keep a more advanced player engaged.

10: General play should be a combination of ball control not only off the flippers to various targets but also ball control over any randomness the pop bumpers or other playfield items may create. Randomness should also contribute to scoring in some way.

11: Good artwork is important as no one wants to play on a ugly looking pin!

12: Good theme helps make a pin more enjoyable also.

These are the attributes I look for in what I would consider a good "Old School" pin. You can see the difference in game play when you watch the following PAPA competition on a Skateball pin:

You can see that the "Old School" attributes on the Skateball pin even make the Pros approach the game with a different playing style. Much more randomness and control of randomness compared to the "New School" style of play. Very little trap and shoot and repeat. When I watch these Pros playing Skateball it represents in my opinion what pinball should look like. It's a totally different playing style compared to "New School" pin play and it is what I prefer and what I'm looking for in a pin.

I am on a quest to find what I would consider the best "Old School" SS pin. That is why I have started this and various other threads here on Pinside. I do have a set of criteria that are important to me in my quest but reading the opinions of others has helped a great deal in sorting things out. Unfortunately living in Hawaii does not give me the opportunity to go out and play various pins so that I can make my choice. It's only with the input of my fellow pinsiders and tedious research watching gameplay videos and playing computer simulations that I can hopefully find my grail pin.

Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming. It's all great stuff!!!

#53 7 years ago
Quoted from Don1:

You mention flow and control as the two things you value? So that leaves the obvious...

Skateball!! Just be sure you pick one up before CPR releases their playfields. Once that happens the supply is going to disappear as they are restored and cherished never to be removed from happy owners tight clutches The flow through the spinner feels so good you won't even notice there are no ramps anywhere. The main drop targets to advance the saucer to collect or the side targets to advance saucer pts are not sucker shots and reward the controlled aimed shot. The four flippers give you variety that can be lacking in a two flipper flat surface table. And the rules are terrific, with a good balance between risk and reward. Don't forget about the unique right and left outlanes that reward a skilled nudge, and provide a challenge for those who have mastered the standard outlanes (not me).

And that's not even talking about the awesome backglass art or the terrific playfield art!

Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

All of the above games are players and games that I love. If I only get to have one? Aaaaagh!?!

The shots are awesome. Every flipper has at least 3 shots to make that will make a difference in your game. The strobing yellow arrows at the top bank require verry accuraty aim with great timing. The saucer rarely kicks the ball out the same way from the hole and 11 drops means that you ALWAYS have something to shoot for. Ripping the lit spinner is satisfying as well. The build & collect bonus scoring scheme means that this game never completely gives you a win. You are ALWAYS working towards a higher score. 100k + 69k bonus multiplied by 5x in one shot will make you grin like a cheshire cat.

Thank you Don1 and Caucasion2Step for the great presentations on Skateball. This along with my own criteria presented at the top of page two of this thread has brought me to the conclusion that Skateball may be my first choice to become my favorite non-multiball SS Pin!! I've watched all the videos I can find on this pin and have spent a few hours playing the Pinmame version. I really like what I see!!!

Skateball seems to bring together all the best attributes of what I consider "Old School" Pinball. Great layout, great features, great rule set, great playability and flow, and great theme and artwork. If I could only have one pin, Skateball may be just the only one I would need!!

So now all I got to do is find one in good condition and then get it over here to Hawaii!! I have some good shipping options and I have a great offer on the table for a two week free stay at my Vacation Property here in Hawaii for anyone that can get me this pin!!

PM me if you have one or have some ideas in getting one. Thanks!!

#54 7 years ago

I agree with Vegas and also love my Pool Sharks, great flow, great game.

2 weeks later
#55 7 years ago
Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

Warlok (with a nod to Blackout). Great shots and another build & collect bonus scheme that is a sniper's dream.

After 3 weeks I finally decided to check out Warlok. Didn't do it sooner as I though it was just a rehash of Blackout. I do like Blackout but the ruleset isn't very good. But now that I've checked out Warlok I find that it's ruleset is far superior than Blackout. The slight playfield changes makes Warlok a lot better also. I now add this pin along with Skateball as being one of the best single ball SS pins. Too bad that only 400 were made. I'm hoping to find one at a somewhat decent price. If you know of anyone that is selling a Warlok please let me know.


#56 7 years ago

From this thread, looks like Cyclone (~14 votes), EBD (~7 votes), Bad Cats (~5 votes) are tops.

#57 7 years ago

I have many non multiball games. All my zacs are non multiball. So i'd have to vote for any Gen 2 or Gen 1 zac is the top of my list.

#58 7 years ago
Quoted from mof:

From this thread, looks like Cyclone (~14 votes), EBD (~7 votes), Bad Cats (~5 votes) are tops.

Hadn't seen that thread. Thanks for bringing it up. Pretty much the same line up as we have here.


#59 7 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

Another vote for Cyclone. A great package.


#60 7 years ago

Based on your comments at the top of this page, my limited collection and playing experience, I'd say Bad Cats is pretty great. Pretty much everyone that comes over and plays anything goes to it. The art is great, callouts and music are fun, it's got drop targets, ramps, a nice shot worth 5 million loaded with the linear.

I'm getting ready to bring an EBD in the house (project) but the couple times I played it I liked the play. Not the fastest but strategy and challenge out the wazoo. Also pretty straightforward goals though I think it has lots to offer (lots of drops).

I've said it since picking it up, but I like Hulk a lot. 7 bank drop targets, non-slingshot design. It's a challenging game that I find myself putting lots of games on once it's turned on. Now that I've got the original sounds back (instead of the operator chimes install to replace faulty sound board) it's really great.

1 week later
#61 7 years ago

Cyclone has to be adjusted with the ruleset to be a real challenge. The incrementing jackpot makes this game less than ideal for tourney play, but I still love it. Oursler (tm) outlanes will always keep you on your toes.

Bad Cats is a game that I owned and sold relatively quickly as I didn't care for the 20 million shot on ball 3. Why play the other 2 balls unless you just shoot the center ramp over and over and over and over and over... Granted the theme, sounds and the butterfly tattoo make this game a fun one, but it is just not for me.

#62 7 years ago

Frontier -

Skateball -

Both games have very similar rulesets with perfect risk/reward attributes. You've gotta build bonus/bonusX then qualify and collect bonus. The games never feel like they top out, because once you've maxed bonus, you still have to qualify and re-collect, which is dangerous on both machines. The shots and rules on both of these are perfect.

#63 7 years ago

got to go with Cyclone....great game even though its one ball

1 month later
#64 6 years ago

+1 on all the Cyclone suggestions. I'd also second the Haunted House ideas.

Ill throw one more out there, some of the best flow I know off. Extra ball is hard to get, and there is no multiball, no locked balls, no slow down at all...Hardbody. Not a popular pin by any means but you can get a real nice one for $400 to $800 depending on condition and where you are located.

#66 6 years ago

Hard to believe that no one has mentioned Joker Poker, the best System 1 game, just a great player.

#67 6 years ago

Alien poker, you deal.

#68 6 years ago

I like my Space Invaders but must agree Paragon is a beautiful game to play

#69 6 years ago

Oh and Empire Strikes Back is on my wish list, very cool to play

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