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What's Your Best Joke, Pinball-Related or Otherwise?

By Dooskie

4 years ago

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#1101 5 days ago

LeBron is a whiner….wouldn’t be surprised if he had you moderated!

#1102 5 days ago

Back in the day we might just say ,"too soon" and then circle it and move on. Groucho Marx said,"you can't have comedy without tragedy". Everyone's sense of humor is different,I for one like dark comedy. It's the shock value that makes me giggle. I get that there is a time and a place to use a filter but a joke thread shouldn't be one of them. So tell your jokes people, and if you read someone's joke that offends you... Don't laugh at it. Give it a thumbs down and scroll to the next one.

#1103 5 days ago

Knock knock...
who's there?

Ike who?

Ike ant say,I might offend someone.

#1104 5 days ago

Just like the Kink's lyrics, "It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world".

#1105 4 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

It is grown up to show the cancel culture that exists today.
I had to speak up for the few who don't.

Sorry Gilligan, it is whining to complain to everyone in this thread about being moderated.

This is Pinside. They have moderators.

#1107 4 days ago

What did the turkey say to the hunter on Thanksgiving ?

Quack Quack

LTG : )

#1108 4 days ago

What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children ?

If your father heard you he'd turn over in his gravy.

LTG : )

#1109 4 days ago

One Thanksgiving, a man walks into his house with a turkey under his arm.

He walks up to his wife with it and says, “This is the pig I’ve been having sex with.”

His wife says, “That’s a turkey.”

The man replies, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

#1110 4 days ago

This woman was lonely as Thanksgiving was approaching. She didn’t want to celebrate alone and fancied a bit of adventure, so she posted an ad in the local newspaper that read: “Looking for man to share Thanksgiving with these qualifications: Won’t beat me up, won’t run away from me, is great in bed.”

She got lots of phone calls replying to her ad but none of the men who called took her fancy.

Then one day her doorbell rang. When she opened the door, there was a man there with no arms and no legs.

He said, “Hi, I’m Bob. I have no arms so I won’t beat you up and no legs so I won’t run away.”

So the woman asked, “What makes you think you’re great in bed?”

Bob replied, “I rang the door bell, didn’t I?”

#1111 4 days ago

"I am Officer Harrison. Face Time message for Mrs Jones".
"Face Time message? Can you sing it to me?"
"I am afraid Mrs Jones it just won't be appropriate."
"Please, I am an elderly woman and I just need some joy in my life."
"Okay. Tra la la, tra la la, your daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren were killed in a car crash."

#1112 4 days ago

At boot camp the Captain came over to Sarge.
"Sarge, you have a private in your company named Jones who's father died of cancer. You need to break the news to him gently".
"Yes, sir."
Sarge assembled the troops.
"I want all of you men and women who have a living father to step forward - not so fast, Jones."

#1113 3 days ago

My wife came to me and said she wanted bigger breast and it will cost around 7 thousand, I said to just get toilet paper and rub it on your chest once a day. She asked "how can that make my breast bigger?" I said, "I don't know but look what it did to your ass!"

#1114 2 days ago
#1115 2 days ago
#1116 2 days ago
#1117 2 days ago
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