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Whats the most modded game?

By Mr68

4 months ago

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    #1 4 months ago

    I will nominate, Twilight Zone as the most modded game of all time, but that's mostly due to longevity.

    And from what I can tell, Stern's Godzilla, is making a serious run for the title these days.

    Of course with today's modding community standing on each corner, there are a lot of choices.

    And for the record, I'm blown away by some of the creativity and talent we have now, but I'm definitely a minimalist.

    I remember a time when Cliffy was the only game in town.
    Look at what he has inspired.

    #2 4 months ago

    WoZ? Numerous mods and still going ...

    #3 4 months ago

    TZ for sure.

    #4 4 months ago

    1. Twilight Zone.
    2. Simpsons Pinball Party
    3. Godzilla
    4. Star Trek TNG
    5. Lord of the Rings

    #5 4 months ago

    Likely tz but if the quality of the silliest mod of a game is an indicator TAF is up there. Someone was actually selling MOSS for that game.

    #6 4 months ago

    All of the above but I’d add Stern Potc to the list. People have gone crazy with that.

    #7 4 months ago

    I vote Metallica

    #8 4 months ago

    Tales from the Crypt has lots of modes in the game.

    #9 4 months ago

    Tron Pro is up there

    #10 4 months ago

    Gotta be either Twilight Zone or Godzilla

    #11 4 months ago

    TZ for sure.

    My Godzilla Premium is going to need thicker legs if it gets many more mods. Rush is catching up too.

    #12 4 months ago

    I agree w/ you 100%. TZ has a stupid number of mods available over the years. Some are crap. In fact, many are crap.

    Godzilla is quickly approaching, though. The mods are generally cool. Some leaving me wondering why bother like the towers that break during game play.

    #13 4 months ago

    Oh, mods. Not modes.

    Modded is the correct spelling

    #14 4 months ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    Oh, mods. Not modes.
    Modded is the correct spelling

    I've corrected my post. Thanks for the heads up.

    #15 4 months ago

    Agree TZ due to longevity.
    GZ has been the recipient of 3-D printing which has caused the numbers to soar quickly.
    Absolutely appreciate the creativity from the mod makers.

    #16 4 months ago


    #17 4 months ago

    Anything licensed that has other toys/trinkets available.

    I think Godzilla is coming up close, but TZ still seems the one with both the most mods available, and those installed. It's just been around longer. I've also seen some godawful STTNG mods!

    #18 4 months ago

    Any game where you can zip tie 10+ action figures to it...

    #19 4 months ago
    Quoted from Triplecdad:

    WoZ? Numerous mods and still going ...

    This cracks me up because that game had too much shit on it to begin with... people still wanted more?

    #20 4 months ago
    Quoted from Elvishasleft:

    This cracks me up because that game had too much shit on it to begin with... people still wanted more?

    Too much as in interactive toys and mechs? Yes, it makes most modern games look empty, not to mention overpriced, by comparison.

    #22 4 months ago
    Quoted from pokerag2:

    GZ has been the recipient of 3-D printing which has caused the numbers to soar quickly.

    3-D printing coming on-line is a great point I hadn't thought of. That explains a lot of where we're at with all of today's mod choices.
    That and all of the new people that are buying them.

    #23 4 months ago

    T2 - chrome parts, chrome edition decals, backglass art, playfield skulls galore, a ton of hunter ship mods, helicopter mods and I'm sure I'm missing more. A lot of these mods are classy mods, not just zip-tie toys.

    #24 4 months ago

    I forgot about Tron that’s the king.

    #25 4 months ago

    TZ is the biggest, but CTFBL really has a ton of mods for it also.

    #26 4 months ago

    Getaway has seen a fair amount. Not topping any charts though.

    #27 4 months ago

    I do not usually go for mods, but i did add a few to mine

    #28 4 months ago
    #29 4 months ago

    years ago could of easily said TZ but these days I would add CFTBL, Godzilla, Tron

    #30 4 months ago

    Idk, but I have around 4k in mods in my tron pro. So tron is my vote.

    #31 4 months ago

    You have a few ways to measure this:
    - Most number of mods available for a game
    - Most costly game to mod (may be only a few mods or many)
    - Games where people apply the same mod(s) most often

    Personally, I offer over 30 different mods for Getaway (many extremely popular), and that's not even counting major things by others such as color DMDs, PinSound with shaker and othe accessories, alternate translites, alternate plastics, etc.

    Beyond Getaway, mods for Jurassic Park (DE & Stern) are quite abundant.

    #32 4 months ago

    TZ is definitely up there on the list but I think Tron and Godzilla may have the most options for modding. Overall I am going to say Godzilla for the win. Let me ask a question-What game has it's own thread devoted to just modding and it is reaching 80+ pages-ummm yea that is Godzilla. Another observation is the level of ingenuity with the developers of Godzilla mods. From electric towers to Godzilla's with atomic heat ray, to fantastic 3D buildings, etc. Tron had an owners thread started by Centerflank and we all modded our Tron's for years but in terms of number of mods-nothing comes close to Godzilla. Also want to say I have had a ton of fun modding Godzilla and it is such a fantastic game.

    DSC00970 (resized).JPGDSC00970 (resized).JPG
    #33 4 months ago
    Quoted from Mr68:

    but I'm definitely a minimalist

    I can't help but think of Daniel Tosh's stand up bit when I hear the word minimalist...

    #34 4 months ago


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