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Whats the best "rip the spinner" game of all time?

By Winball_Pizard

7 years ago

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#101 2 years ago

Runner up nod goes to Bally Bow and Arrow.

#102 2 years ago

I like my Mustang Pro with the tach mod. The spinner rips and the tach needle goes crazy. I've had it up to about 7500rpm.

#103 2 years ago
Quoted from DRDAVE:

Star Gazer. Especially when you get all 3 spinners humming at the same time if you have your spinners well tweaked and oiled properly. It's a thing of beauty when achieved. =)
Dave (Doc)

I feel that way about High Speed. Light the spinners, nail the orbits repeatedly, and finally rip the "escape" spinner! 3 spinners going at once. Ah...it doesn't get a whole lot more fun than that.

#104 2 years ago
Quoted from DRDAVE:

Star Gazer. Especially when you get all 3 spinners humming at the same time if you have your spinners well tweaked and oiled properly. It's a thing of beauty when achieved. =)
Dave (Doc)

Yep. Or when you can keep one lit spinner ripping across 2 or 3 shots continuously!

That game is therapy for me.

#105 2 years ago

Of the games I've owned it was JM.

1 year later
#106 1 year ago

Easy answer: Pinside Test Machine!

.... duh!

#107 1 year ago

Necro'd thread but still a good read. One I didn't see listed and probably because very few get to play it is Andromeda. Scoring is all spinner but the work required to build that spinner is great as well. The game rips!

#108 1 year ago

Best spinner game is also the pin I have won the most games on. Evel Knievel SS version it also has to do if the spinner is tight or not. I have seen some that you hit the spinner and you only get a couple of clicks out of it.

#109 1 year ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Hands Down: Blackout

Gotta second this one. Plus if you hit the left one nicely it will "rip" the upper right spinner as well for a Orbit score and advances the left spinner for next time.


#110 1 year ago

Yup, keep hitting that orbit on Blackout enough and you get the extra ball lit at the saucer. Getting conditions Green+Red+Yellow for Blackout mode ready is not that hard, but escalating the spinner sure is. Been enjoying that recently -- I modded my Blackout with a playfield protector since so many of the inserts were cupped. It plays zippy fast and smooth now, better than brand new.

I've got Space Station right next to it, and it happens to be blessed with a spinner that is adjusted so well (not my doing) that it will spin for ~20 seconds with a good shot, truly the most satisfying spinner in my house. But Sorcerer's when lit is definitely up there too...

#111 1 year ago

Gorgar when it's lit!

#114 1 year ago

JJP POTC. . oh wait . .wrong spinner. RIP

#115 1 year ago

Firepower! Because every point is counted, a good ball will cause a delay in the scoring. After hitting the spinner hard it's fun to see and hear the score advance seconds later.

#116 1 year ago

This is assuming the spinner is absolutely juiced:

1. Grand Prix EM
2. Meteor
3. Big Game
4. Flight 2000
5. Firepower

Honorable mention: Harlem globetrotters

#117 1 year ago

The spinner on Night Moves !

That thing will spin into the middle of next week with a good hit When it's lit can be worth good points too

#118 1 year ago

Old Chicago, when you hit the spinner right and the ball goes into the kickout hole on the left. You get to enjoy the spinner chime for several seconds, very satisfying!

#119 1 year ago

Alien Star FTW

#120 1 year ago

I like hitting the spinner in Embryon.

#121 1 year ago

There are no spinners in pinball that compare to any that ring mechanical bells or chimes as they go around.

Some of those are certainly better than others for sure. As far as spinners that ring bells, the options are few as bells went away around 1970 so I give that one to Fun Park.

As far as chimes the choices are many, however not all the games were that great

All that being said, I'm going with Stern Stars, an early solid state with a 4 chime unit and 2 ripping spinners designed by Steve Kirk who coincidentally also designed Fun Park.

#122 1 year ago

I love the 3 spinners on Iron Man. Also love the spinners on Met. The spinners on Spider-Man and Star Wars are surprisingly awesome.

#123 1 year ago

Imdn center spinner feels pretty damn Rightous... between spinner meltdown initials or some of the modes shot stacking.. I ripped the center spinner the other nite to the tune of 1 million per spin for 40million points!! Haven’t had or played another game that I personally can compare it to!

#124 1 year ago

Meteor with all the lights light.

Also, The Hobbit. So cool watching your progress move forward on the map with each spin on the way to Erabor!

#125 1 year ago

One of the worst and waste of a spinner is Checkpoint - doesn't matter in it spins 1 or 50 times you still get 1 award .

#126 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

Alien Star FTW


1. Hit all the ALIEN targets to light multiball
2. Shoot the spinner to lock in the 5x multiplier
3. Start multiball
4. Try and shatz the right inlane and then rip the spinner in the 5 second window for 50x

I always screw it up though.

#127 1 year ago

A well working lit Aztec spinner is my favourite

1 month later
#128 1 year ago

I can't believe nobody mentioned Dolly, hit the first stack target and rip the spinner. Simple game but so satisfying and pretty much all there is to it. We always play dollar games on Dolly, pinball reduced to two shots, should be easy right.

#129 1 year ago

Any Steve Ritchie games, High Speed, Black Knight, Firepower (when lit is the best spinner sound) and Star Trek: TNG!

#130 1 year ago


#132 1 year ago

I always liked the WCS spinner when lit for Ultra Spinner. At 1 mil per spin, a solid shot could easily rack up 20 mil.

#134 1 year ago

KISS has the best spinner, I mean come on Gene Simmons bloody tongue!

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6 months later
#135 1 year ago

Just got a Space Shuttle ....and I'm really enjoying ripping the spinner on it

#136 1 year ago

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but SoF’s spinners are just awesome

#137 1 year ago

Meteor and Stargazer

#138 1 year ago

The Bally EM's spinners have a supper satisfying "clack" when they're spinning that makes hitting them super fun. See: Knockout.

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