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What's Haunted House worth needs some work

By dyno

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

A haunted house has come up for sale, seller days there is playfield wear and that sometimes the sound is garbled and so is the display . He said he would let it go for $1600. Is that a decent price? I think it's a bit high for a pin that needs work .

#2 7 years ago

Sounds high to me. Depending on the severity of the wear I would say closer to $1k +/-

#3 7 years ago

$1k tops

#4 7 years ago

If it was 100% working and had a small amount of wear, that price would seem fair. However, depending on how much wear and if you're comfortable with board work, I'd say around 1200-1300 would be more appropriate. Also make sure the backglass is in good condition as I think repros have, once again, become a pain to find.

#5 7 years ago

Thanks for the input , I was thinking between 1000-1300 also. Not sure what to do, I am suppose to be going to see a superman pin that needs repair for $600 then the haunted house popped up but the price difference is a fair amount .

#6 7 years ago

Don't buy an Atari pin that needs repair unless you have extensive experience successfully repairing Atari pins. Parts are difficult to find and very little is written on how to repair these machines.

#7 7 years ago

The seller of the superman says it lights up and that is it, not sure how difficult of a fix it would be. I don't mind working on it , have been looking for a winter project.The haunted house definitley peaks my interest more but the price difference between the 2 is a big factor.

#8 7 years ago

That is a few hundred to high for the HH.

The non-working Superman, run, fly faster than a speeding bullet.

#9 7 years ago

lol I have been hearing that a lot regarding superman , are atari pins that bad to work on ? I did once work on an old atari avalanche arcade game that I got up and running from dead , not sure if that's comparing apples to oranges though. I just emailed the seller of HH to see if he will move on his price, not holding my breath though he was asking $1800 originally so I have a feeling he won't go any lower.

#10 7 years ago

Well I still am thinking of buying haunted house, went and tried it and it plays well and has a bit of playfield wear not to bad. I did go and pick up the superman today. Would only light up and score display would come on and the seller said it was working but stopped after he got it home from the person he bought it from. The boards are in great shape and the playfield and cabinet also. Once home I plugged it in and only the lights and display came on so I unplugged the wiring harnesses on the main cpu board plugged them back in and now I have a working superman pin. Once the seller said it was working until he transported it I thought maybe it was a bad connection. Sure nice to have these easy fixes once in awhile.

#11 7 years ago

I think I have some drop targets should you need them for superman....possible more parts too.

#12 7 years ago

My local tech buddy has an Atari pin that he fixed (mostly.) The guy is a genius, and he did not exactly speak highly of their games' ease of repair. I would take that as a pretty bad sign.

HH is fun; a bit overpriced, but it's a much better buy at that price than the Superman is.

#13 7 years ago

Congrats on the purchase! I saw the Haunted House on CL but the price is too high for me...and my wife is nagging me to get rid of games . Having said that I don't know of too many other System 80 suckers (um lovers) in the lower mainland so you may be able to knock the price down if he doesn't get any takers. BTW Your money would be better spent getting a Black Hole

I'm pretty sure John's Jukes in Vancouver repairs Atari boards.

#14 7 years ago

Thanks woz, I wasn't 100% sure about buying the superman because I read that they are hard to fix but I guess I got lucky with this one I bought it because I was looking for a winter project but I guess that didn't pan out to well, not that I am complaining. Hawk007 thanks for the leting me know you have parts for superman, if I do need some I will let you know.

#15 7 years ago

Well I picked up the haunted house today, managed to get it for $1500. I have wanted an HH for awhile and they don't come up often for sale here so I figured for that price I better jump on it, I know the prices are a bit higher here in Canada for pins since there are less available here . It needs some touch up work done on the playfield because of wear, the back glass is in great condition .

2 weeks later
#16 7 years ago

Glad to hear you got the HH! Last time I saw one for sale locally was at least 10 years ago...some guy called Stanwood was flipping it

#17 7 years ago

Thanks woz, glad I grabbed it also.HH was on my want list and like you said they don't come up often for sale up here so I figured I better grab it. The seller did move on the price so seeing what they go for in US and what I bought it for I was happy with the price since it was local and wouldn't have to pay for shipping if bought from the US. Needs a bit of elbow grease to clean it up but I don't mind a winter project plus it play great. Since I have picked it up I have been playing it more than any other pin I have, it's a fun game. Love the theme and artwork

#18 7 years ago

Even if you found one at a bargain price, odds are high you would dump more $ into it than you paid. I know i have done so on both hh and black hole, and they both are still not near perfect. But they are cool games, and not ones you often come across working properly. Enjoy it!

#19 7 years ago

I had a HH that I bought with no boards. Showed up for it, looked it over, no bad shape, checked out boards, none there, girl remembered that 5 years prior she gave them to a friend to look at, and never got them back. $200 later due to a massive price prop, I figured I had a good start to find another shitty sys80 to poach from.

Eventually bought too many, and had to enter purge mode, and this went. Often thought I should have stuck this one out.

Glad you're enjoying it!

#20 7 years ago

One on Mr pinball today for 500. Not working but that's never really an issue $200 can't solve

#21 7 years ago

fun game, heavy as bleep. wish i still had mine

#22 7 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

fun game, heavy as bleep. wish i still had mine

It is. I tried to lift the rear by myself as I always do when putting on legs, almost threw out my back.

I have a spirit. I question if this is the heaviest of of the sys80s even! Not only are they bigger and thus heavier, but they were built like very well built tanks in every aspect.

#23 7 years ago

yeah... it's a real tank

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