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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

6 years ago

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#236 6 years ago
Quoted from Hoswvu:

Looking for a machine in the price range of 500 my kid decided he wanted to buy a pinball machine instead of a dirtbike after playing in a pinball tournament.

Someone on my local craigslist was looking specifically for a Raven in the $500 range. I wrote him back and told him to save a little more money and get a System 11, but if he really wanted a Raven he could buy mine.

It's not that $500 won't get a machine that's fun to play. I like playing my Raven, it can be pretty challenging and it has a helicopter. I just found that I got bored with it after too short a time. It's fun to go back to, but something like a Pinbot or High Speed will keep you interested longer and both can be found in players condition for $1k or so.

All that said, I have a very nice playing Raven you can have for like $550. It has new rubbers and rebuilt flippers

1 month later
#287 6 years ago
Quoted from westofrome: bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

Is that the Frederick Area one? I have wanted one of those for a long time, but my budget wasn't enough. I could have swung this, but I got something else the day before

I also wanted that Robocop up in DC, but he is just a little high for the shape. Some people on here said he wasn't coming down at all.

Quoted from 2manypins:

6 million dollar man

Man, I been watching one ad in Hanover for a year. I know it's been a year, because it said something about being a great Christmas gift the whole time. It's true again

I loved that show as a kid and that looks like a good example. I am currently "storing" a Power Play for a friend in my game room If it ever leaves, I'm getting that Six Million Dollar Man. It's a fun game, but too similar to Power Play to have them side by side.

I did pick up that Rollergames that had sat on CL for so long and kept dropping in price. It turned out to be really nice. It has the DP playfield and looks like it wasn't ever routed. It's not perfect, but it's nice.

So somebody take a chance and look at the cheap WCS. Maybe it's the deal of the year... or it's a POS

1 year later
#2341 4 years ago

Looking for a Genesis to sit next to my Raven. That would be some back glass greatness. Close to Richmond would be great, but I can travel a few hours if the right deal presents itself.

I'm not quite ready to put up a wanted ad. I don't want to look desperate or flush with cash. This is just a gentle nudge for anyone wondering if they should sell their Genesis for a reasonable price



#2347 4 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

Tell me you're leaving room for Hardbody too

Not room for a Hardbody, but the right priced Bad Girls... That is the ticket.

#2354 4 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

This is specifically a VA,DC,PA,DE thread though

But we let New Jersey people post here without complaining. If we let them in we really have given up on standards

Besides NC is closer to Richmond VA than Pittsburgh.

#2437 4 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

Anyone tempted by the Pokerino on CL?

Not tempted at all. This is the type of pin I would get super cheap and then find out I liked it. I'm not into early SS wide bodies enough that I would pay System11 money for it. For reference, in the last 2 years, I paid less for Pinbot, Big Guns, Rollergames, and Street Fighter (not sys11, but fun).

Don't get me wrong, I like this generation of machines. I'm just cheap

I feel the same way about that $1k Tag Team. Looks fun and I kinda want it, but for like half that price.

#2440 4 years ago
Quoted from MrWizzo:

Yeah, but it's still living at home in the basement.

Pretty typical for a Millennial

#2488 4 years ago
Quoted from gameon46:

who in the heck is looking for a collector grade SMB

I agree if it plays great. Most my pins are not show pieces, but they play well. If the sides are scratched, put them closer together

Kids love this pin. It would be great in a nice collection as kid bait. Keep them off the fancy ones.

3 weeks later
#2877 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Did anyone see that $1600 Dr Who that popped up on Craigslist this morning? The ad is now down just curious if anyone got it (That would like to admit it LOL)

Just sold my Rollergames and I have an opening. Too bad I wasn't watching

2 weeks later
#3104 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

I am listing my SST for sale. Located in Fairfax, VA.

Every time I buy anything, something else I want is listed within a few hours... Never fails

Anyone want a NBA Fastbreak? I'm not saying it's not fun, but it doesn't have giant bugs and ridiculous dialog.

Good luck with sale.

#3107 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

If I didn't need the money to fund another machine, I'd say we could trade.

and maybe a third person has a pile of cash and a 90s NBA love in their heart

Quoted from akm:

I actually really like NBA Fast Break

I agree, it's really fun. I had never heard of it until recently. In a week or three I'll know if it's a keeper or just keeping that spot warm until something sci-fi comes along.

#3200 4 years ago
Quoted from thedefog:

If anyone comes across a Genesis, please let me know.

Dude, good luck with that! I asked a month or two ago here and on Craigslist and nothing.

That said, if you have a Genesis for sale call me. Technically, I asked first

That said, if you have one for sale north of Maryland, feel free to sell it to the guy from Philly, because I am deeply lazy. I was going to make a Mason Dixon line reference, but I am a transplanted Yankee and have no desire to stir up any animosity.

All that said, I kinda spent my pin money recently and it will be a little while before I am pin ready... unless you are looking for some trade action... or you can wait a few days.

#3204 4 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Three of those have sold in my area since September of last year so they are around.

Right, I passed on a few when the time wasn't right. Now that I want one...

My new approach is to just hoard what I can get and sell what I don't like.

1 week later
#3303 4 years ago
Quoted from LarryMac:

but I'd be putting it at a brewery

Hey Larry from Glen Allen. Did you say brewery with pinball? Is this Center of the Universe or another local brewery? Pinball and beer are a great mix.

I've heard Center of the Universe was great, but it's like in Ashland. That is out of my drinking range. I still intend to go up there to play Game of Thrones, but there are like 7 breweries between me and there

#3323 4 years ago
Quoted from LarryMac:

And it's in Ashland, not freakin' Narnia

I snorted through my nose at that. I guess I'll have to set my city bias aside and just venture out into the hinterland.

2 months later
#3709 4 years ago

Here is an amazing market ad that everyone seems to have missed Even my "so called" friends didn't bump it. I think I'll just list it on Craigslist where it can be ignored for free.
Seriously still want a Genesis, but anything interesting would be fun. This has survived a few league nights at my house and it plays well. It's a fun game, but my collection needs a little more Gottlieb or some classic SS action.

If you are local to Richmond, come on by and play some pinball.

PS: someone put this "over honest" ad out of it's misery and take it off my hand too

#3758 4 years ago

Sorta on topic: Did anyone here buy that old wood rail Sea Wolf on CL? It looked awesome! I was hoping someone would buy some of my junk so I could snag it. If you are Richmond local, I would love to play it.

I'm thinking I need a few older games. I'm getting a little 1985+ heavy.

#3767 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I have a BIG GUNS for sale Excellent working condition

What, you couldn't wait for mine to sell I already have both a trade and a cash offer that I am pondering. Despite the Price Police showing up in my thread to poo poo asking more than $10 for a Big Guns, a lot of people like this game. The trade offer isn't the Genesis I have been waiting for, but it is interesting.

The pics look good with the brighter lights. Big Gins isn't a super bright game. I bet the LEDs help a lot. Mine is still incandescent; I haven't seen one with LEDs in person. I like to pretend it's a traditional thing, but really I hate spending the money. When I buy a game with LEDs, I never take them out.

Your machine looks really nice. Getting that play field that shiny takes some work. Good luck with your sale.

#3769 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

This is probably one of the nicest responses I have ever received on Pinside!

I figure there is no reason to go after a local guy. I'm from a small town and being rude is usually remembered. While I like to joke around, I was 100% sure selling a Big Guns was not a malicious move meant to anger me... or was it?

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

For me personally I have fallen in love with shopping out machines

I've seen your machines come up in this thread and they look nice. I have yet to see a warning thread, so you must be doing good work. I like to work on my own machines and I have even dabbled in board repair. I just don't have the time or the passion to jump in like you have.

Let me know if you ever come across a fixer-upper Genesis. I'm a polite buyer too

#3775 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

When I posted I felt like your Pinside Avatar

I have trouble living up to it as is, but every now and then I make the effort.

Mine is gone now, so the market place only has one Big Guns. Pretty sure your much nicer and more valuable pin made my still nice, but not as nice pin seem like a good deal for the value shopper that picked it up. That and I helped him get it in his house.

The funny part was that he was already looking at LED kits. He mentioned your pin; he liked the look of it. You should publish your "kit" on what looks good.

My wife attempted to grab the envelope when it came in. She mentioned something about bills. No Worries, I stashed it away for the next available Genesis (in my price range and 4 hours drive).

#3787 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Sold - Pending pickup (Via Craigslist)

Nice, Big Guns is sooo hot now! 10k by Christmas!

#3818 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I've never driven further than 1.5hrs to get a game

I just spent 8 hours in the car finally getting a Genesis. Seems like there are plenty available close, but what I want always seems to be a haul.

Speaking of things not near my house; I keep looking at that Firepower on Craigslist out in Lexington, but my project to working pin ratio is a little high.

#3821 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Hey congrats on finding your Genesis pin! How are the ramps on the one you picked up?

Thanks, I'm pretty excited about it. A fellow pinsider contacted me after my 80th mention of wanting a Genesis. He had bought it with the intention of fixing it up and had just not gotten to it. I'm gonna have to increase my annual donation, this place is awesome.

Overall the machine is in good shape. A quick flipper adjustment and some cleaning and it plays OK. The ramps need work, but luckily the gentleman I bought it from had already acquired the clear ramps from Freeplay40. I just need to install them when I do a full cleaning and rubber change.

So now I will see at least 3 of them on the local Craigslist, because I no longer need one...

#3843 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I just posted my freshly shopped out Whirlwind for sale $2400.

Between this and that sweet Star Trek machine, I feel like you were put on this earth to torment me One of our local guys has Whirlwind and I always enjoy playing it. For now I will content myself with my recent purchase and stop looking at this thread.

Did you pull out the pin between the flippers? Was this game too easy for you?

#3845 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Zimjoe I now proclaim, from where the sun stands today, we are friends no more...I name you my arch pinball nemesis for that "Pin" comment...

Did it upset you that I called it a pin? My first instinct was to call it a bouncy ball save thingy

#3857 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Noobs like Zimjoe...

Not sure you are spelling that word correctly, it usually starts with a B...

#3870 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Zimjoe-I think you need to buy this to make up for all of your shenanigans on this thread.

I always thought the internet was for shenanigans.

Viper looks fun; I played one at an arcade in Gobels MI a few years back, but I think it was a poor example. I have a Sega SST and I can't say enough good things about it. The DE and Sega games are fun when they are in good condition.

Currently, I am trying to downsize the number of DMD pins so I can make part of my collection older. I am considering selling a decent player's condition No Fear to fund an earlier SS pin or two. I might finally sell Raven just to make more room (not that anyone wants it).

I never thought space would become such an issue.

2 weeks later
#3929 4 years ago

Hey local guys,
I'm running a poll to see what should leave my game room. I need some older SS games and a DMD pin has to go.

At the very least you can say some unkind things about half my collection and I won't be bothered at all Once a decision is made, I'll post my Market ad here.

3 weeks later
#4134 4 years ago

New listing on the market place. One of my nice working, but not cosmetically perfect machines. Gotta make some room, and save that Pabst Can Crusher money, yo!

Now would also be the time to list any nicer looking No Fear machines

Price police report here to make sure the world know it's only worth $800. The world needs your protection!


#4140 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

glad to see you saving up for a classy machine

True story: When I got married I wanted a pig roast and kegger. Low budget and fun. My wife wanted a more traditional event with catered food, a band, and open bar. She got everything she wanted, but I still insisted on a keg of Pabst to class the event up.

I'm not sure I can sell her on the idea of a PBRCC based on the romance of it, but I can try.

#4161 4 years ago
Quoted from Turboghia:

Stars by Stern pin.

What a fun game! I have been loving the SS Stern machines lately.

Quoted from beelzeboob:

people from the mid-Atlantic region are willing to drive into the Northeast

Why can't people in Richmond have good games (that I want) for sale. I just saw a sweet Meteor listed on CL in Hagerstown MD. I hate driving past DC. The drive just kills my day.

#4184 4 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Nevermind found it!!lol

I hope you enjoy it! It's a beauty. I have pulled that add up like 10 times and the 6 hour round trip kills it. I have both cash and space; this is not a normal occurrence in my life. I usually have one, but not the other.

#4185 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

i was gonna try get it for op since i may be passing his way soon.

Are you talking about me? That would be amazing if you are.

#4193 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I am ... but i think the pin is gone

Still very awesome of you. Some of the best people are in this hobby. If you are in town, feel free to hit me up. I have an open game room policy. Any reason to get pizza and drinks is a good reason

That Meteor looked like a very nice example, but another will come along. Heck, I got my Genesis because I mentioned wanting one here.

#4197 4 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Meteor is not worth that to me no matter how nice it is.

That was my first thought, but I came around. Finding these in great condition is getting harder every year. This went so fast it seems like someone else thinks it's worth the money too.

Now I just need someone to think Raven is a high demand game so I can sell mine

#4199 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

would be happy to do a temp trade with my Meteor

or I can just come play yours

1 week later
#4267 4 years ago

I for one don't mind the fees. This really is a nice site. So many forums on the internet are unusable, because the page is so clogged with advertisements. Those ads are not just a nuisance, they are actively tracking and cataloging your every action. Robin has taken a higher road and not let those vultures pick over this one aspect of our lives.

One of my other favorite sites on the internet is Instructables. They give you a choice; become a member or get a bunch of ads. I've been a member for a few years, because I enjoy what they do.

As a normal user of this site, I expect I will spend an additional 20-40 a year on advertisements. This in support of a great resource is not the end of the world. In fact, I plan on bumping my donation up to the + level next year.

#4321 4 years ago

Hey all. Got this in a trade recently and I totally don't have space for it. I hate selling it, but I can barely move in my game area.

Archived after 1 day
Sold for $ 600
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I got this as a partial trade when I sold No Fear. I really like the game, but I have no room left. I also own 2 other classic stern machines... seems like enough. This is copi...”
Richmond, VA

Anybody else use the embed tag and think it says "pinside dead" rather than pinsidead. Funny what the brain sees first

#4326 4 years ago

Stern "Pinball" is sold. The under 1k market is hot!

#4333 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I have an even nicer Stern "Pinball" for sale...oh wait you sold yours...nevermind...

Killing me! I gotta ninja drop pins on here.

Luckily, this sold locally; I will get to play it again. I would have kept it if I had the space.

I still need to make some more space. The trouble with selling anything for space is that you immediately start thinking about what you can spend the money on. Luckily, I need a bunch of parts for some newer acquisitions. Those EM parts are costly

#4352 4 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

Still WTB a players T2

One just popped up down here in Richmond on CL. The garage looks like the same guy I bought my Big Guns from. Nice guy, but his name escapes me.

#4368 4 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

I messaged the guy through CL, its a 7 hour round trip for me.

After spending 8 hours in the car picking up a machine in MD, I have sworn off driving past Northern Virginia for a pin. Luckily, I swear a lot and it means little.

I bought a pin from Russel and I was real happy with it. I hope you enjoy your T2!

#4381 4 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

he hasnt replied yet, dont jinx me to not get it! ha!

He is not know for speedy communication. I bought a Big Guns from him so there were probably less emails to sort through

#4446 4 years ago

Dropped the price on this. I'm not a arcade person, I'd rather have the room.

At this price you could gut it and sell the parts at a profit. I would rather someone bought it and wanted to keep it, but mostly I want it to go somewhere else

Archived after 7 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Contributed to Pinside
Other - For Sale
“This is a Rollergames Arcade game from 1990 or so. This game plays pretty much like the show including rolling up the wall of death. If Rollergames isn't your thing, this is a Jamm...”
Richmond, VA

#4483 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

IS MY Craigslist issue because I did not buy your arcade machine?!?! I have an identical one that I was going to post on Craigslist for cheaper but now I can't ... VERY SUSPISCIOUS!

Karma, Yo!

Sorry, late post. Not really funny anymore... Craigslist is fixed now... I'll just go up rate your comment...

#4485 4 years ago

Oh, one last shameless promotion of something no one wants.

I may keep lowering the price and when I finally get a call, I will refuse to sell it. Like my Raven, it's not here because I love it; it's here because no one else does

Archived after 7 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Contributed to Pinside
Other - For Sale
“This is a Rollergames Arcade game from 1990 or so. This game plays pretty much like the show including rolling up the wall of death. If Rollergames isn't your thing, this is a Jamm...”
Richmond, VA

I take back the unkind things said about Raven earlier in this post. I do like that machine.

#4495 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Quoted from zimjoe:

Not really funny anymore...

Not a comment on your comment... just me being 11 hours late with a (not so) snappy comment.

#4506 4 years ago
Quoted from wdd1169:

have a very clean Stern Big Game I am going to list

What is it with you MD people and the great old Sterns. Can't find that stuff local. This time it's OK, I'm over capacity and I refuse to drive past DC ever again... until I have room.

#4517 4 years ago
Quoted from wdd1169:

I bought it from a guy who said his childhood neighbor bought it new and he played it at his house when he was a kid. Very clean for an old machine.

Gotta throw out that price with pics; stop teasing us.

1 month later
#4764 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Hey Everyone I picked up a Gottlieb Raven.

Resisting urge to sell mine I know this joke is getting old, but I assume you have been waiting for it.

This game gets a bad rap, but I really enjoy it. In league play, it's pretty competitive. There are some hard shots and it is frustrating at times. It was the first game I bought and I have no plans on selling it.

Quoted from flynnibus:

This game is a boat anchor when it comes to trying to move it on. Wish you luck tho!

Not saying this is why I have no plans on selling mine, but why you got to be so negative

1 month later
#5234 4 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Who wants to buy my "Boat Anchor" for $650! Raven as as they come!

I joke that my Raven is a keeper mostly because no one will buy it ;-(

I'm a Gottlieb fan and really enjoy the System 80b machines. Raven gets pretty regular play at league and various local events. It's the moped of pinball machines. It's fun to play, but for some reason you must be shamed for enjoying it.

2 weeks later
#5371 3 years ago

Man that would look good next to my Raven; I love the 80b games. I already have 3 and I'm thinking the DMD machines have got to go to make more room.

If that center ramp looks good that should be an easy flip. GLWTS!

TNT video showing how fun it is, you're welcome.

#5435 3 years ago

Saves me from making a bad decision. I love those System 80Bs; I was trying to avoid making the drive. Stupid DC traffic ruins everything!

1 month later
#5769 3 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

Hello back from Midlothian!

To add to your search criteria, I really enjoy the DE and Sega games. Both my Rocky & Bullwinkle and Starship Troopers were great deals and they are super fun.

Quoted from bigd1979:

Another fun one is wcs and is usually 2250 -2750

Agreed! I really enjoy this game.

Quoted from westofrome:

Price drop on my Black Jack. Will try to get video up soon.

Wow, hurts to watch this. That game looks well worth your asking price and it gets good reviews. I like those old Bally games, but I am out of room. I know you don't care, but I have to keep repeating it to myself.

3 weeks later
#6010 3 years ago

Who bought that Big House pinball off CL? A little jealous here. That was gone in like a day.

I was thinking about what to sell to make space and poof it was gone. I need to sell some stuff and make a little room.

4 weeks later
#6124 3 years ago
Quoted from Camvr2013:

Good price and seller seems legit as they have a second machine listed that can be seen in both postings. Someone scoop this up!

Raven is on the upswing. People are realizing that it is a fun game. I just got a beautiful NOS playfield from PBR and need to get to work on mine. $750 by Christmas, yo!

1 month later
#6296 3 years ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

Just posted my beautifully restored Demolition Man for $2,800. It's time for some different pinballs in the house.

Quoted from scottmaggie:

Demolition Man and Big Buck Hunter for sale or possible trades for 90's Bally/Williams DMD's

Quoted from Wolfanoz:

Mulling over selling my Williams Star Trek (really nice condition, no issues, LEDs, ColorDMD, topper, etc) and couple project machines I haven't had time to get to in BK2K and Demolition Man (just had the boards redone by Chris Hibler here).

Demolition Man looks really fun. Anybody local have one I can come play? Bowen makes all pinball look fun and a little easy.

There are a few for sale in the region and I keep thinking it's a good idea to get one. I just can't figure out what to sell to make space and free up the needed cash. I have trouble letting pins go and then I miss them once they are gone

Demolition Man seems to be on the upswing price-wise. Is this because all pins are going up or is it becoming more popular? Hopefully, some of mine are also going up in value too.

Short list of pins I should sell:
Raven: Will result in space, but not much cash ;-( I have a lot of other Gottlieb pins and maybe it's time for this starter pin to move on...
WCS: I wanted one for a long time, but I could let it go. I like the gameplay, but the theme leaves me a little flat. NBA Fastbreak had a similar theme issue.
Pinbot: I really like it and it's a good value. Doesn't get a ton of play.
Meteor: I really like this too, but it's an easy sale ATM. I paid too much for this. Didn't see the sticker on the playfield until I waxed. Sellers who don't disclose, stink!

If you could look at my collection and just say bad things about them it would really help

#6299 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

If you pick up Demo Man, make sure you grab a copy of the custom code created by @ jamescardona as it allows you to experience Demo Man in a whole new way.

Is it just a ROM or does it require new hardware?

Off topic: Did anyone grab that $300 Road Kings down by the beach? I was tempted, but I have no room. I paid as much for an inner backglass for Mars God of War. I'd rather have a Road Kings

#6317 3 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

Whole game is much nicer than expected. Nice guy too, easygoing and helpful.

Great news! Congratulations, on the pick up. Plenty of room in the garage for more

#6318 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

It's just a ROM. He rewrote the entire code from the ground up.

Wow, that is hard work. Cool to know it's out there.

#6356 3 years ago

Since these weren't posted here, I can't be offending any of us. What is a TMNT selling for these days? link It's not for me... My kids would love it.

This is more my speed, I'm just waiting for the price to fall link

Of course, I could wait a while. There was a Tag-Team listed for like $1100 on CL forever. The price never fell, but I don't think it sold. ;-(

#6361 3 years ago

Here is another local pin I saw on CL. Is $1975 high for a Waterworld? link

I find the game interesting, but it's as much or more than a SST. In the past I could justify a System 3, because they are a good deal. In today's climate they seem to have gone up...

This Devil's Dare is interesting. I just worry that repairs will put the game over it's resale value link

It looks fun. I already have Mars God of War , so I feel like I have this generation as covered as I have room for

#6363 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

She's been relisting that thing for almost a year now. Surprising someone hasn't taken it home.

On closer inspection, you might not be so surprised It's hard to tell from that picture if it's in nice shape or if the entire Brisby family is living in it and the playfield is worn to the wood. How much do you knock off if Ted has signed it?

#6368 3 years ago
Quoted from Leosac:

What's a good price for a working one? How much would you risk on a non-working?

I have no idea. The Pinside estimate puts the value around $800-1000. I'm sure that isn't far off. Since the Craig's Lister can't say if it works, I will assume nonworking. How hard is it to plug it in?

Non-working is so nebulous. So many things could be wrong. I am loath to trust any description. What if it's been in storage for 20 years because someone tried fixing it and it died horribly. No way to tell without trying it out.

I don't think $400 is a bad price if it's in good physical shape and if it was closer. I would drive 5+ hours (DC traffic + holiday weekend) round trip for something amazing, but not for another project; I'm upside down with project pins.

#6371 3 years ago

That Devil's Dare was snatched up. Hopefully, someone up that way grabbed it and will make it great again. Looking forward to the restore thread

#6372 3 years ago
Quoted from bpa:

Looking to sell my Silver Slugger and Gladiators to fund another game.

Moving all the Gottlieb games along. I like Gladiators; I have never played Silver Slugger, but it looks fun. GLWTS!

#6377 3 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

What were the prices? Ads are deleted

The TMNT add had a bad link; it's here link

The TMNT looks nice, but I don't know if they are going for $1900

The other was a Hollywood Heat listed for $800. It's a fun game, but that seems high to me. Maybe I'm stuck at prices 4 years ago.

I only mentioned the Tag-Team, because there was one listed for almost a year, or so it seemed, and I kept waiting for the price to drop. It never did. I don't like sending offers, seems very forward

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Love your NIMH reference we must have the same childhood

I liked that a lot when it came out. I just watched it again with my kids recently. It's still good.

#6379 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

much better than your pinball peddling ability

So far, no one has been mad at me after a pin sale... I hope my kids will feel the same way after 18-25 years of hanging out with me

#6381 3 years ago
Quoted from La4s:

Anyone on here lucky enough to snag the Stars and Super Sonic??

Wow, that is an awesome deal. One day not watching and I missed that. Hopefully they are just slow getting back to you.

#6382 3 years ago

Is it me or is $280,000 a little high for this title?

Archived after 13 days
Sold for $ 2,800
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Game has worked perfectly since I've had it, never any errors. Game has the Mountain Mod and Donut Heaven mod installed. Playfield looks really nice - main issue is the top of the...”
Poolesville, MD
2,800 (Firm)

I'm sure this won't make any sense once the price is fixed

#6385 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

No, clearly the the Donut Heaven mod increased the resale value.

I took a screen shot figuring he would fix it, but screen shot not needed yet

#6390 3 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Coincidently a Pinsider in VA posted today that he is parting out a Supersonic.

Looks like he is saving the Stars; it's like the Sophie's Choice of pinball

#6409 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

That Devil's Dare was snatched up. Hopefully, someone up that way grabbed it and will make it great again. Looking forward to the restore thread

Or it will show up here for sale in the market place...

Archived after 1 day
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Devil's Dare Archived
Functional - needs minor work “Currently not working. Not sure what's wrong. Asking 600 before it's parts. No water damage and backglass is beautiful. Zip 20155”
Stafford, VA

#6419 3 years ago

To many sites to track now. Is there an app that aggregates all them together?

#6447 3 years ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

She thought Mars God of War was creepy.

Tell her to take it back, Mars God of War isn't creepy.

3 weeks later
#6562 3 years ago

I'm not sure I need to post this here. I tossed it up last night, while trying to make space in my garage. I just have too much stuff I already have a few PMs, but who knows if they will work out. TBH I thought I had priced it high, but maybe I was wrong.

Like half the pictures are blurry; I thought that was my eyes getting tired.

Archived after 3 days
Sold for $ 2,600
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
World Cup Soccer Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Great playing game. Everything works as it should. My local league plays on it regularly and can attest to it's ability to keep up on a long night. The playfield is in nice cond...”
Richmond, VA

Looks like the market is ready when you are.

Quoted from PoMC:

World Cup Soccer '94 will be for sale after this is sold.

#6568 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Glad to hear it. I'll post mine after yours is sold, no need to flood the market right now even though Richmond is quite a ways from Harpers Ferry.

I hope to clear your path soon. I have gotten a bit of interest in mine. I don't expect it to last the week.

#6570 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffc:

Just listed my very nice Solar City

Wow, that is super clean. Great pictures on the ad.

#6593 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Anyone selling/trading a SST?

twitami had one listed a few days ago. He had like 5 pins posted. I don't know if he found a buyer or not.

#6602 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Who snagged up the beautiful and minty 1984 classic edition 8 Ball Deluxe in Annapolis? From the photos it looked HUO!

I saw that last night, but I didn't want to have to drive anywhere. I'm just plain lazy anymore. I used to not mind a 6 hour round trip drive; now it better be a great deal or I just pass.

That and Bad Girls is the best version of that game

#6618 3 years ago

What's going on up in Fredrick MD on CL? We got nothing interesting going on in Richmond, but you guys have what looks like a good deal on a Sinbad and a Big Game.

Both of those are kinda interesting, but not 6 hour round trip interesting.

#6625 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

If you guys need me to post some fake ads in the Richmond area just to maybe light a spark under the area let me know

I'm good, nothing interesting need happen; I'm trying to make some space and hoard some cash.

I still have to look at the CL and see what is happening. If it was in Richmond I would have already bought that Sinbad. I loved the movies as a kid. The game looks fun too.

1 week later
#6647 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Thanks neighbor but 3k is way to high for this title. JMO

Literally how I feel about almost every ad anymore

#6663 3 years ago
Quoted from djh00000:

I have a fully working BoP in players condition for sale. Comes with a Cointaker LED premium kit uninstalled. Needs shopped. Price is $1900

Gotta up vote a reasonably priced BoP. I love that game.

I'm torn between finding one to set next to my Pinbot and just selling my Pinbot. There are days I love it and other days not so much. Lately, I feel like spicing up the old playroom with something more exciting.

What is an OK pinbot worth now. Plays great, decent playfield, and meh cabinet.

#6666 3 years ago
Quoted from djh00000:

Here's my bottom line. I would do $1600 without the LED's. Cash and carry. Head works perfectly and displays are nice and bright.

This will be gone today. I'm currently resisting this to make some space; plus you are like 4 hours north of me.

#6671 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Just added nice players pinbot to market

I was going to mention this.

Quoted from zimjoe:

What is an OK pinbot worth now. Plays great, decent playfield, and meh cabinet.

Archived after 20 days
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Pinbot Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Very nice players pinbot shopped with lots of new parts and ready to go GI LEDs in blue red then. LEDs in back box, star post and center drain. Pf has a few small wear marks and...”
Mount Airy, MD
1,600 (OBO)

You could have just answered the question instead of giving an example I still may sell mine, so hurry up and get this sold

#6676 3 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

Is this still available?

No way it's still available, but if it is you should get it. Such a fun machine!

#6683 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

and just selling my Pinbot.

Well, not selling my Pinbot now that there are two of them on the local market. billsfanmd looks like he is flooding the Pinbot market

Archived after 18 days
Sold for $ 2,199
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Pinbot Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Pinbot #2 I'm selling. This one has a beautiful Pf. Grid looks great. LEDs in GI Brand new x pin led display. Added star post LEDs, Flipper button LEDs Game plays and looks g...”
Mount Airy, MD

Both of them look nice. I like the star post mod; mine needs that. I'm a warm white GI guy, but a lot of people really like the red/blue color scheme. GLWTS

#6685 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I am going to sell Two pinbots

I was going to say as soon as I mention selling a machine I get jesterfunhouse -ed, but I was trying to be nice

I haven't seen a Pinbot for sale in while and all of a sudden there are a few. Is there a Pinbot -r waiting for release? What does billsfanmd know that we don't?

#6693 3 years ago

Anyone know who this is? I have never played one before, but it looks fun. link I'm changing a few games out and it looks interesting. I like those old Sterns. This game gets good reviews, but never sells fast like Stars or Meteor.

Is that an overlay on the bottom card? The color is a little different than the rest of the playfield? I only ask, because I bought a Meteor up that way (MD) and it had an undisclosed overlay sticker over the flames. I spotted it after I was home 4 hours away. Luckily, there was no damage under the flames; the white is a little discolored so I guess this was what the seller was trying to improve cover up. Besides that one issue, the game plays and performs great so I am over the initial shock anger.

#6697 3 years ago

Yep that one. So does anyone know the seller? Down here I pretty much recognize all the CL regulars and know which ads not to bother with.

1 week later
#6744 3 years ago
Quoted from prowlerman99:

I am selling a Startgate that I just finished restoring/customizing.

I saw this on CL; it looks nice. I would be interested but I spent my pin fund down a bit on new woodshop tools. Those SawStop tables saws are pricey, but I need my fingers for playing pinball

Did you clear it yourself? I've never cleared a playfield before; I have used 2 part auto clear on a bike frame to apply 70s style metallic flake. What a pain to get right. I bought a little plastic green house to spray in.

I have a NOS Raven playfield I need to clear before installing it. I would send it out, but I'm pretty sure it would cost as much as a restored Raven is worth. Here is the math: Raven == "almost nothing" == restored Raven.

#6748 3 years ago
Quoted from prowlerman99:

You right, the raven would sell for as much as a gallon clear

At first I laughed because that sounded absurd... then I thought about what a quart of decent clear cost me and then I stopped laughing; you may be right.

Doesn't matter; this John Trudeau classic will get the restoration she deserves someday!

Raven is on my low priority list ATM, because it is working. I have a couple half together basket cases that need work first. While I wouldn't say no to more money, I could use more time...

#6773 3 years ago

I am cleaning house. All my games are working and have been well used. None are pretty!

Archived after 1 day
Sold for $ 1,200
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Mars God of War Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Selling a pretty nice Mars. I picked this up a few months ago and I really enjoy it. My garage is over flowing so things must go. This game plays 100% and is pretty clean. All ...”
Richmond, VA
1,200 (OBO)

Archived after 14 days
Sold for $ 700
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Raven Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Selling my sweet old Raven. This is the first machine I ever bought. I am not 100% sure I want her to go away, but I need space and I have a few other System 80b games. Game pla...”
Richmond, VA
700 (OBO)

I know this is the third one in our area, but this stuff has to go.

Archived after 8 days
Sold for $ 1,300
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Pinbot Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for sale is a nice working pin-bot. It has a decent playfield, and it flips great. The flippers have been upgraded to side springs and has really enjoyable action. Topper a...”
Richmond, VA
1,300 (OBO)

#6776 3 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

Raven!!!!! Say it ain't so Joe!

I know, but it hasn't sold yet. She was listed third. Mars and Pinbot have a better chance of actually selling. You were there for League night you know I have no room for all my stuff and 20 of my closest friends I'm going to get down to 7 pins or die trying

I figure sell 3 and maybe buy 1. I'm a little bored with my collection right now.

I've been looking at AKM's ad for his HE Spiderman. I know it's a home edition Zizzle, but this looks pretty nice. I think Victor would like it.

Archived after 4 days
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “I have a Spider Man Home Edition ("The Pin") I may be looking to sell. I don't think one of these has been listed in the marketplace yet, so.. Let's test the waters and shoot for $...”
Fairfax, VA
2,800 (Firm)

There are a few other things that seem interesting as well.

#6778 3 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Damn I wish you were closer I'd buy this tonight

I wish you were closer too and I don't even know you

#6783 3 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Seriously, you two. Drive.

You West Virginia guys have the best stuff come up in your area. One of these days, I'm gonna come up there and buy something.

Quoted from Coyote:

If nothing else, buy me lunch/dinner and gas, and I'll drive down, pick it up, and drop it off, then go home.

You are the man; I hate driving. My 2010 car has 42,000 miles on it. Most of them are from the first 2 years when I commuted. Now I ride a bike to work most days.

Quoted from mavantix:

I saw the pinbot. Not gonna lie I'm tempted to buy your raven ... but the stigma of owning it, I'm not sure, I already own a few awful pins.

I don't think it is awful. It is the first pin I paid money for and every time I go to sell it I can't; it's a lot of fun for the money. On league nights there are plenty of groans when it's selected, but it gives fair competition. We are all supposed to not like it, but it is fun with it's short ball times. I may still chicken out of selling it, you never can tell until it's over.

All that said, Pinbot is a great game and this one plays nice. Install those new plastics and never show your friends the bottom of the cabinet

#6785 3 years ago
Quoted from GLSP3022:

Man that tee's me off!

Ha! I really did LOL on that.

For once I really do mean it when I say GLWTS

#6787 3 years ago

I added a terrible video of Mars. I had a lot of questions about the sound. I was holding the camera in my mouth and blocked my view of the flippers. The other night at league I played worse and didn't have an excuse...

#6803 3 years ago
Quoted from akm:

I would actually be interested in that Raven. I love System 80B games.
Would just come buy it outright, but I have no cash (yet).

Soon you will. I was checking out your ad for the Spiderman HE. I even watched your gameplay videos. It's a neat looking game.

#6804 3 years ago

Mars God of War is gone. Great pinsider pick up as always. I'll let him chime in if he wants to let you know how awesome the game is.

Raven is getting a lot of attention; I have to admit I may not sell her. I have an unnatural attachment and now that other people want her... what is wrong with me

Pinbot is a flurry of questions and low offers. I definitely try not to hide any warts. I have gone to great lengths to show the issues and may have oversold them. The cabinet issues are there, but most people don't notice. I added updated pictures to the ad from all angles.

If you want a good playing game this is a great player with few playfield issues. If you like your games pretty there are nicer Pinbots for sale.

#6809 3 years ago

I added a couple playfield shots. I hadn't realized I missed those in my uploading. There is not much wear overall. I tried to document it with the close shots, but sometimes you need to pull back from the damaged areas and see the whole.

Dropped the price on Pinbot to $1300. Once I decide a game has to go, it has to go.

Much lower and it's going for less than the parts are worth.

#6812 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Will be listing my starship troopers pinball on here later today it's already on Craigslist and the Facebook pages

Always a big hit with guests and the new movie Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars comes out tomorrow.

#6818 3 years ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

I am now also looking for a Road show

A perfect example of two heads not actually being better than one

Good to meet you the other night Mr. Awesome.

#6837 3 years ago

Bad Girls, Bad Girls, what you gonna do when they come for you.

Best eight ball deluxe ever A friend of mine has one and it is a fun game. These are hard to find now.

#6847 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I have an unshopped SEGA Independence DAY no playfield wear and will clean up nice.

That looks like a fun game with all the ramps. I have an SST and it's a big hit with guests and my kids. I bet this is fun too.

You WV guys find the best stuff. Once Pinbot sells and I clean up a bit, I'll post my wanted list here I need to roll those two pins into one better pin, before I spend the pin fund down too much.

Quoted from pinbuoy:

I'll take the ID4 deal pending an in person inspection.

That's a quick turn around. This thread moves stuff quick.

1 week later
#6918 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I've seen some for sale in the past but they owners wanted too much

That is everything lately. I am sitting on a medium pin fund and I may just spend it on bike parts and shop tools. Nothing awesome at a fair price has really come up. I have weird taste, I like the Miller High Life end of the pinball world.

Most of my collection cost under $1k. Last year I bought a really decent Genesis for $600 that came with a new set of ramps. It had electrical issues, but I sorted it easily enough. The point is I want to find a deal, not get someone else's second hand deal and pay a markup for them to clean it for me.

The whole reason people say things like "It's a good value" is because something is good, but not expensive. This year all the system 80bs are over $1500 with my favorite being the sponge painted Robowar for nearly $3k. (I feel bad picking on that guy, but it is sponge painted)

Anyway, I have cash burning a hole in my pocket. Keeping an eye on this thread; looking for something that is priced close to or under the average pinside price not $500 to $5k more. I also won't drive more than an hour unless I'm completely stealing something. Time is money, yo!

#6928 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Don't feel bad for me Zimjoe....

I don't feel bad for you at all. I too am not a huge aesthetics guy; I would play it rather than paint it too. I really just want to know what was going through that person's head while they were splotching away. That said condition matters in pricing and you are asking more than the highest confirmed sale on pinside. You are welcome to do that, I just think you won't get a lot of interest at that price.

ATM I'm just a little frustrated that there is nothing interesting (to me) at a price I am willing to pay. Pinside is a little too "retail" sometimes with the pricing. I list here and sell pretty fast, but I rarely buy here. I hear FB is better, but then I would have to be on FB.

Heck, TNT prices are starting to look reasonable. They had a Robocop for $3k and I was considering it. Then I shook some sense into myself and stopped looking

#6930 3 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

I'll give around 2 hours.

I try and hold fast, but sometimes driving happens The funny thing is that I have had to drive to get most of my pins. All the good stuff is either at the beach or in MD. WV seems to have some good stuff too. jesterfunhouse always has something interesting. I have never played Fire, but that looks pretty nice in the ad.

ATM I'm thinking either Gottlieb or Stern. Maybe I'll just concentrate on fixing a few I have here.

#6940 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Oh don't get me wrong now, RBION is a fun game with allot of great shots, nice layout, and modes, and in my opinion one of the most over looked Sterns that really shouldn't be.

I have only played this on Pinball arcade, but it seems really fun. I've never owned a game by Lawlor. I like a lot of his pins.

#6954 3 years ago
Quoted from bepositive:

A question please . Does the inquiry " whats it worth " pass muster with present terms and conditions within the regional FS threads
( no pics )? Researching the Pinside archive would rarely produce a linear ( condition , location ) result . Boston price guide has no condition qualifier .
Not uncommon to see someone had regretfully underpriced a game . Also not uncommon to see someone overprice a game and get into a negative feedback ( crapped on FS post ) bad vibe contest .

I say ask away. Most of the time it's hard to tell what a game will sell for until you toss it out there.

Don't worry about the Price Police. If I feel the need to comment it's usually not a personal attack, just some 2 cents that are often worth less than that pinballerchef and I may not agree on a price, because I want a cheap robo-war, but he seems like a good guy willing to wait for the right buyer. Since he owns the game, he sets the price; the rest of us get to speculate or pony up.

I've had people try and get me going over a sale, but I like the banter and heck all activity keeps the posting at the top. For every person that doesn't agree with your pricing, there are more that might be interested. Never underestimate the ability to win a trolling incident by being calm, poking back nicely and letting the crowd pile on.

Like Jack Burton always says "If you can't take the heat, post on Craigslist"

#6955 3 years ago
Quoted from E_Gpinball:

I posted an ad for my Soccer. I could bring it to the York show on Saturday, or do the deal locally in NoVA. I'm still primarily looking for a Hollywood Heat, but will consider other possible trade deals. Please see my ad for details.

Such a fun game! We have a Super Soccer locally and it's big hit on league nights. Watching the balls count is a blast.

#6956 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Well Zimmy I may turn into your "Arch-Nemesis" when I reveal that I don't think I have ever actually bought a pin in WV. I can't tell you how many pin runs I have made to VA Beach area. I have snagged some great deals down there (As well as PA, NOVA, MD even NC).

Your not my nemesis! I already have a nemesis; it's Dudley Do-Right.

I will say this preference for working on them is not completely crazy to me. I do enjoy working on them, but I don't make enough time for it. This just leads to me having a bunch of not working stuff ;-( I have parts sitting here to put like 3 pins back together, but I'm too busy stripping and painting trim in my antique house.

#6966 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Thats when you pay me to do it for you...I just finished a Funhouse playfield Swap (that I took over for a collector mid-swap)...hardest but most rewarding restore yet...

Makes my shop look cool with all the stuff laying around. New people think I actually work on them and assume I must be interesting; people who have been around know better...

After all the time some of them have been apart, it will be like someone else took them apart.

#6970 3 years ago

Looking for something interesting. Not sure if I should take my proceeds from a few pin sales to York or see what's available here. While I am cheap, I do have cash.

I hit up that dude on CL with the $1,100 cyclone near VB, but he just updated his ad to answer my questions and didn't actually respond to me. So weird, sometimes I hate CL.

It's thin times for us low-end pin guys

#6983 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

FYI "Fire" has a tentative buyer...Through "Craigslist"...

Congrats, I know you put a lot into these machines. CL though...

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

The FUN news is that I have a Williams system 11 "Road Kings" that I have "given"" to my 15 year old son to do his first full tear down shop-out on his own.

Good deal, that should be fun for you both. This is a great set of skills for a young person to learn. Attention to detail and finishing something. Even selling is a learning experience. Making a nice stack of cash always feels good.

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

He is doing a parts budget minus cost of the machine etc so that he can determine the profit margin he wants to make. Before you send the price and "mark-up" police to my house... this was his idea so that he could earn money for his HS band trip to FL at the end of the school year.

It's part of the process. There will always be some idiot who doesn't value your efforts. Knowing to ignore that noise and find a buyer who appreciates the effort is a also a skill.

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

99% of it could be perfect and 20 people will take it upon themselves to point out that 1% that isn't.

So you are admitting that you mess up 1%?

Since Raven never sold, I am going to clear my NOS playfield and do a resto thread that I can only hope attracts a lot of negative interest.

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

you will STILL see "people" post stupidity.

How am I supposed to not take this personally?

#6985 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

It's why I stopped. I'm still doing restorations, for myself and others, both on EMs and DMDs. But I don't feel the need to have my work judged by people who have never picked up an HVLP sprayer.

Oh too bad, I enjoy your threads. I think it's fun to share and to be able to ask questions. A question or suggestion about a technique can be clarifying, but so often people use the opportunity to preach. This site and the community are all the poorer for it in the long run.

I post on Instructables and they have a "be nice" rule. I used to think it was silly, but now I actually find it refreshing. When someone skirts the rule to post a "you're an idiot" post, I find myself a little offended by it. Rather than engage the troll, I just post a much better comment.

Writing a guide takes a lot of time and I don't care if it's amazing or not. Sometimes just hearing the story is fun. The mess ups and compromises can be the best parts.

I'm not saying that all feedback is bad. If I think a person hasn't considered something, I don't think it's out of limits to offer suggestions or concerns. I just make sure to put them in a compliment sandwich. You know like this:

Great idea / write up
Follow up comment about how great the write up and idea is

#6986 3 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

customers? guess we are here for different reasons.

We are all here for different reasons. I'm here to get pins cheap, learn stuff, point out sponge painting, complain about prices, and because I am terribly lonely

Many of the threads on pinside seem to be some NIB or pre-order drama; I am totally not here for that.

Some of the guys here fix up pins and sell them. From what I have seen, they do nice work at a pretty decent price. I'm not their target demographic, because I like fiddling with as cheap a machine as possible. That said, when I factor in my time and expenses, the prices jesterfunhouse, sohchx and a few of the other guys charge seem pretty reasonable.

#7021 3 years ago
Quoted from akm:

Is the area really as dry for pins as it seems? Just sold one of my games and have some money burning a hole in my pocket, but it doesn't look like much is available at the moment either here on Pinside or on Craigslist.

Feels that way Did your Spiderman sell yet or was it a different pin that sold?

Someone just posted a JP in Herndon. It looks OK. Has a new playfield, but sounds like the swap killed the lower GI.

I just bought a cheap Mata Hari that needs a good repinning. Great backglass, decent cab, some wear on the playfield. Not sure if it's a keeper for me. Great game and meh theme.

Maybe I'll head up to York to see what looks interesting.

I'm surprised there isn't more available. Figured people would be selling to free up funds for York.

#7025 3 years ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Was able to get it working. Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions

Great job! Was just sitting down to respond to you. I usually find Pinside a great place to post a technical question.

Quoted from akm:

Nope, it's still available.

At least people will always know it's HUO

It's pretty fun looking, but the home version pins seem to make buyers nervous. From what I have read it looks like a Spike 2 system with production parts. They have a couple things that work simultaneously to keep board count down, but other than that it looks legit. Unlike "The Pin" before it, the playfield even lifts for maintenance.

Your game play video looks pretty good too. The color LED is nice and the call outs too. The ramps are a little simpler than many commercial games, but it looks at least as complex as the Jetsons.

I've talked with people IRL about this game and the feedback is like the old joke about riding a moped. Everyone says it looks fun, but no one is sure if he should own one.

I could see non-pinhead parents snapping this up for a game room. CL may be an easier venue.

#7089 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

"Fire!" is sold...


Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Posted previously about this but my 15 year old son is working on doing his first shop out on his own (His idea to pay for his end of the school year band trip to FL). If we, err, I mean he can make good progress this weekend we are hoping to have it ready for YORK...FYI its a Williams "Road Kings".

Get him scrubbing; there is still plenty of time I have never played a Road Kings. I watched a Todd Tuckey video about one. It looks fun.

2 weeks later
#7194 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

As always this is a good time for everyone else to flood the market with used FH parts...

Amazingly enough, I am going to part one out; it's like you are psychic Actually, Funhouse parts are too rich for my blood. GLWTS

When is that Road Kings going to be ready? I'm not in the market, but I enjoy the pictures. Your games always look nice.

4 weeks later
#7323 3 years ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

Selling my BK2K it's in pretty good shape. Ad is here. $2200 obo. (Ad says firm on CL because of crazy low ballers).

I saw that sitting next to a Trident and thought it was you. It's a nice machine. GLWTS

What are you getting to take it's place?

#7351 3 years ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

Do you guys ever go back and fourth on selling machines that you really like, now I feel like I don't want to sell it. I feel like I am selling off one of my children or something.

It's not a child. If you "Tilt" your children, you get into trouble.

That said, your Black Knight 2k a nice looking game; it's going to be hard to let go of. (and hard to replace)

Quoted from Colsond3:

ask whoever you sell it to if they will give you first dibs on it

I just bought my old No Fear back. It came up and I like the game. Helps that I didn't screw the buyer over when selling

Quoted from Colsond3:

I've probably sold 4 or 5 games that I really regret selling, mainly due to work I put into them

I'm in the middle of rebuilding a Mata Hari. I didn't love the theme and figured it was a short timer. It looks nice, but had more issues than I thought.

I fixed the electrical issues and rebuilt the pops and the flippers. The only thing left is to put in new drop targets. I was planning on selling it, but now I really like how it plays. Might have to sell something else to make room for another pin I have already made purchase arrangements on.

So basically, do what you want. Just make sure you want to sell before a buyer shows up at your house.

#7354 3 years ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

SS or EM? Just wondered.

It's an SS machine. I like the few SS machines with electronics and chimes. The chimes sound so much better than the early beep-boop boards

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#7472 2 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

F-14, Pinbot and Shaq.
I am thinking they will be priced around 4500 for all three.

All I could think when I saw this was: $5000 for the F-14 and Pinbot; he'll knock $500 off if you take the Shaq

2 weeks later
#7535 2 years ago
Quoted from megalo17:

Tag-Team w/ a beautiful backglass $900

Cool, I asked a while back about this game; looks like you are ready now. I'm a few over capacity ATM, but this game looks fun. If you are a little flexible on timing, we may be able to work a deal.

#7565 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Just going to keep an eye out for one closer to me because I've done too much traveling lately.

The traveling in this hobby kills me. I'm driving to MD later today for an accidental ebay purchase.

I mean not 100% accidental. I didn't think my bid would stand, but I'm happy to get it for that price. Of course buying a pin the day before Christmas doesn't sit well at home... I just remind her that it's the shenanigans that make the best stories

Of course that puts me like 4 over capacity. I have another one I'm getting mid January, so something has to go... right after league night on the 9th.

Quoted from knockerlover:

Anyone in the VA/MD/DC area have any solid state machines for sale?

Did I mention being 4 over capacity What flavor Solid State are you looking for? I probably can't help, because I think I'm a hoarder; it's so hard to let them go.

#7570 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

This is hysterical "Hey I should sell some of the unused machines in my garage... any takers...well too bad because I won't Sell."

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem It's a not really a bad problem to have, but I would like some additional space someday. Besides, I don't want to appear too desperate.

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Glad to have this nut on our forum!

This forum is more nut than nougat, know what I mean Vern

#7584 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

"Hey I should sell some of the unused machines in my garage... any takers...well too bad because I won't Sell." Glad to have this nut on our forum!

I am able to offer this lovely game up. I may have to put this on Craigslist too; it's a low end for this place

Archived after 1 day
Sold for $ 900
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Victory Archived
Used - shows wear, needs some work “In the middle of a new year purge. I have too many things I want to do and need some space in my garage. That means I have to kill a few projects. This Victory is a working game...”
Richmond, VA

#7585 2 years ago

Well, that got marked Pending quick.

Anyone want a Zizzle Pirates. It has a broken launcher. I took the glass off and then piled stuff on it for 3 years. No guarantees other than it's free.

I can help you load it!

#7587 2 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

selling my restored TMNT 4 player arcade

Quoted from ryandimx:

so selling my restored TMNT

What are the chances of there being 2 on the same page of this thread... Is this getting remade or something?

#7590 2 years ago

Dang ectobar good find! I had no idea. I was just joking, because that's what people say if a few of the same thing show up for sale.

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#7672 2 years ago

In my big push for space, I am selling my Mata Hari. I really like the game and it played nicely last league night. That said, space must be found and this is a popular title that my 8 year old daughter doesn't love. She prefers Power Play or Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Archived after 1 day
Sold for $ 1,200
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Machine - For Sale
Mata Hari Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Nice looking Mata Hari 100% working. I have rebuilt the pop bumpers and flippers with all new parts. I also replaced the drop targets. Overall the game looks nice. It has not been ...”
Richmond, VA

I also have a "The Games" listed on CL, but it may already be sold. Happened before I could get over here to list it. Not sure if "The Games" is a hot title or if a working $500 game is the draw

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

This is hysterical "Hey I should sell some of the unused machines in my garage... any takers...well too bad because I won't Sell." Glad to have this nut on our forum!

This place is like hoarder therapy. Now I can't stop. Would I be considered a minimalist if I get down to 7 games?

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#7851 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Hey Everyone and "zimjoe"!

Usually it is "Hello gentlemen and zimjoe"

Quoted from darcangeloel:

Hahahaha what if zimjoe put one of these for sale. I would have a good laugh

While that would be funny, TZ cost = My whole collection cost.

#7874 2 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I have a Rollergames and I500 I would be open to trading.

You should add that the Rollergames is a diamond plate playfield as well. Both are nice games.

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#7916 2 years ago
Quoted from boscokid:

Nick, did you end up with that $500 Spring Break? If so let me know when you get tired of it. I was gonna pair it with your old Hollywood Heat.

That is a fantastic pairing I enjoy Hollywood Heat, but I have never played Spring Break. I'm a big fan of the 80s Gottlieb games.

#7955 2 years ago
Quoted from eagle18:

Looking for a Night Rider SS in good playing condition if anyone has one they are ready to part with. Thanks

Real nice buyer. He picked up my Mata Hari and now he is hooked. I warned him...

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

(AND NO zimjoe You Don't need to flood the market with all of the A List games you have stashed away in your underground warehouse/remake factory...)

I just wish I had the cheddar to pick up that autographed translite

My son loves Revenge from Mars. I'll keep my eyes open for that one. I may have to sell a few B level titles from my underground bunker...

#7983 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Anyone who buys and mentions that they saw the machine on this thread gets a free "What's for FS In MD,VA,DC,PA,DE Right Now" Tattoo from ZIMJOE

If someone even wanted that tattoo, I might pay for it (disclaimer: I wouldn't)

That game looks nice. Makes me want to sell some stuff.

I'm surprised you aren't shopping it out; that is your raison d'etre, is it not?

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#8044 2 years ago

Listing my Meteor for sale. Love the game, but I play it less than the others. Plus everyone has a Meteor lately. There are several I can play in my area If you've been to league at my house, you have played this game; I only have the one.

Archived after 22 days
Sold for $ 1,050
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Machine - For Sale
Meteor Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Looking to sell my Meteor. I have finally posted some pics. I tried to capture the game's condition. They are in kinda random order. I also need to wear some glasses when taking...”
Richmond, VA
1,250 (OBO)

Also going to list my No Fear shortly. Yes this is the old ad from the last time I sold it. I bought it back because I missed it and now I'm ready to let it go again. It wasn't exactly like drunk dialing an ex, but sorta...

Before someone has a fit that I need to list it properly, I will once I resolve a trough issue. I'm not going to take food out of robin 's mouth. I always pay even if it sells on craigslist.

Archived after 2 days
Sold for $ 2,000
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Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for sale is my No Fear. I have had it for a few years and it plays well. If you are local ask anyone from our league; they have been playing it for a while. The game has been...”
Richmond, VA

#8054 2 years ago

I have gotten a few PMs looking for more pictures on my for sale ad. So, I added some.

Archived after 22 days
Sold for $ 1,050
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Meteor Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Looking to sell my Meteor. I have finally posted some pics. I tried to capture the game's condition. They are in kinda random order. I also need to wear some glasses when taking...”
Richmond, VA
1,250 (OBO)

#8059 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

If you buy zimjoe Meteor for $1400 I will give you full flipping trade-in value of $800.

I didn't notice your badge! (Price Police Badge) Those are strong words for a seller with a $3,500 RFM. Prices have gone up everywhere not just West Virginia!

#8061 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Sorry I honestly did not mean it that way at al

I didn't really think you did. I figured it was the funny stuff you throw my way on every sales thread. I was just shooting back, because it cracked me up. Plus, it bumps this thread

I only mentioned your RFM sale, because my son likes the game and the prices on that one have been going up at an alarming rate. Is it step one in a psychological price war that makes driving to WV worthwhile... or is it just some dumb stuff to say??? I don't even know.

I've been price policed by crazylevi and I consider him a pretty solid antagonist. Mostly, it cracked me up and it was better than crickets. That game sold pretty quick and I think all the bumping helped. As they always say, "No blood, no foul".

#8069 2 years ago
Quoted from Philk:

Might part ways with my player/project Stern Meteor. Fully functioning however playfield has significant wear in the middle. Plastics are good, new drop targets, backglass is ok, cab is fair, has strobey leds. $500 firm.

Couldn't even wait until my game was on the previous page... 100% sure jesterfunhouse is involved, somehow.

#8076 2 years ago
Quoted from Vipond:

looking for a RBION within 4 hrs drive of central Pa.

That's the spirit! I've gone weak and hate driving more than an hour or two each way. That said, the right machine will make me lose all sense of proportion and I'll waste a full day on a retrieval.

#8078 2 years ago

All right, the market has spoken! I've had some interest, but it's still here. I'm knocking off $100; let's see if I'm getting closer.

Archived after 22 days
Sold for $ 1,050
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Meteor Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Looking to sell my Meteor. I have finally posted some pics. I tried to capture the game's condition. They are in kinda random order. I also need to wear some glasses when taking...”
Richmond, VA
1,250 (OBO)

#8082 2 years ago

And another poorly written ad were I point out every flaw I can find. It's sort of becoming a style

As much as I apparently hate the game, it plays great and I'm sure someone, who owes me money, can chime in about how I take care of my games.

Anyway, I dare you not to buy it...

Archived after 28 days
Sold for $ 1,750
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for sale is my No Fear. This is the second time I am selling it. It was gone for about a year and then I had the opportunity to buy it back. Here is my ad from 2 years ago ht...”
Richmond, VA

If you want a package deal, let me know. I also have a Meteor for sale too.

#8093 2 years ago
Quoted from ShootForSlrValue:

Anybody have a Robocop?

Cool game. I haven't seen one for sale around here in a long time. I want one to put next to Starship Troopers. Seems like a perfect pair.

#8103 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

WOW I wish I was in a position to buy!!!!!!!! That is a GREAT Deal for someone I can't imagine you not having a deal done in the next couple of hours here locally!

If only you had one of his coupons

That is a great deal. I am never looking at the right time. Congrats to whoever grabbed it!

#8111 2 years ago

Dropping the price a little for anyone who wants a pretty nice Meteor. Many of the locals have played it in our league. It is a super dependable game. Boards and displays all work perfectly.

Archived after 22 days
Sold for $ 1,050
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Meteor Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Looking to sell my Meteor. I have finally posted some pics. I tried to capture the game's condition. They are in kinda random order. I also need to wear some glasses when taking...”
Richmond, VA
1,250 (OBO)

#8133 2 years ago