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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

5 years ago

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#82 5 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

Selling a rfm and a swe1 kit.

a very nice, clear coated, SWE1 kit

1 month later
#123 5 years ago

I have a players i500 and Monopoly FT in Central VA. Games play 100%.

5 months later
#382 4 years ago

Anyone near Harrisburg PA that might be heading down 95 in the near future? Looking to have a populated playfield delivered.

3 months later
#825 4 years ago

In Chesterfield,Va

B/W standard lockdown bar. Scratched but in good shape. $50+shipping

Framed Dr Who flyers. Small crease at top of flyer(shown in second pic)$50 +shipping
I have another framed DW flyer that the Flyer is mint. $100+shipping
I will sell one of the the two.

3 months later
#1165 4 years ago

I have a decent Monopoly I would trade for a couple solid state games. I'm in Midlothian, VA.

#1166 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I have a decent Monopoly I would trade for a couple solid state games. I'm in Midlothian, VA.

game is on hold

#1209 4 years ago
Quoted from Turboghia:

Selling my Johnny Mnemonic, working condition, unshopped, has a stripped leg plate, and a few lines out on the DMD. Was going to restore it, and still might but up for grabs as is sits for $2300 obo cash. First come basis. Needs a new leg plate bolt and a set of leg bolts. Sold as is, where is.

Where is it?

#1239 4 years ago

Selling my SC in Midlothian, VA.
Playfield swap done in the last couple of years. Playfield was restored and cleared by Chris Hutchins. New ramps, lots of tokens, wings, topper,
Etc. Could use front cab decal as it was touched up at a chip at some point in its life. Domestic game. Extra rope light included. $7500 or LOTR/SM+ cash.

Would rather not ship.

More Pics here http://s920.photobucket.com/user/taylorva72/library/Safe%20Cracker%20playfield%20swap

1 week later
#1294 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Issue is you can get a nice shopped one with good dmd and needs nothing for around the same price .There's one other listed that is super nice with no fade for just a little more and it hasn't. sold. When I listed mine a few months ago for 2200 I had multiple buyers but changed my mind but still have it sold when im ready which I believe im finally letting it go to get something else .mine is shopped with leds and a awesome play field and rebuilt glove. However it is faded about half .glws my friend but you sld shop it at least and fix the small stuff and you sld get your price or maybe a little more .also summer time it seems harder to sell than winter

Where is the JM posted you are referring to?

#1373 4 years ago

I'm looking to sell my family's cat. It doesn't do much, probably just a fuse.

#1411 4 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Anyone got a WOZ for sale? (Sorry to interrupt the bickering)

I am going to work on an LE this Saturday. It is HUO and supposedly never worked so should be pristine. I'm swapping what JJP thinks is a suspect board and I've been told the owner wants to sell but I haven't crossed that bridge with them yet. I'll shoot a PM.

#1448 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

5800 OBO. Im adding all the mods I picked up...has full leds, fully cliffy set, shaker motor, arcade mod, flynn sign, light cycles, lit recognizer, plastic protector set. Im also going to rebuild all 3 flippers to make sure it plays perfect. I'm really breaking even but I can hold it for a while. It was lightly routed but looks great. Could take a trade of a lesser pin and cash....CFTBL, BSD, IJ4, RFM, congo....Have had 3-4 offers to ship but I am hoping for local buyer.

Beautiful table. Actually has me considering moving out my BSD, if only I had the cash.

#1490 4 years ago

Looking for an EBD in within a couple of hours of Central VA. Game needs to work 100%. Thanks.

#1534 4 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Not really pinball but i got apple mac book air for sale and winbook tablet
Macbook air is $550.00
Tablet is $60.00


Does the MacBook have USB slots?

1 week later
#1600 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Too bad JP lost world isn't just Jurassic Park b/c I would prob be over ASAP if it was : ( Good luck with the sale.
If anyone is thinking of selling their Jurassic Park, PM me as I'm looking to buy one ASAP. Thanks

There is one in Richmond,VA. It's on CL but I know the seller, good guy.

#1628 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Thanks for the tip. Honestly I don't think Pirates is worth more than what a new in box machine would cost, but that's me.
I'm not in any rush. Just figured I would throw it out there in case someone had a reasonably priced one.

Looking to trade anything? I have a nice BSD just outside of Richmond.

1 week later
#1688 4 years ago

Anyone from the VA area driving to expo? I have a game I need to get back to the area and can't make the drive. I can offer some cash but trying to avoid 400 in shipping. Thanks.

#1691 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I'll be there Friday and might have room in the van, depending if I pick anything up and if one of my two pins I'm bringing come back home with me. Hoping they sell and I have an empty van. Message me Friday afternoon and if I have the space I can bring it home to Harpers Ferry. Possibly going to the Leesburg area Saturday and can bring it there but that's as far as I'm willing to take it.

thanks. I was actually referring to the Chicago Expo, I think you are talking about the York show.

3 weeks later
#1834 3 years ago

couple big name games coming down the pipe. Hopefully that will start shaking some games out of the trees.

#1842 3 years ago

If you are willing to put in some elbow grease you can still find DMD titles for under $1500. May take some work and patience but they are out there.

2 weeks later
#1982 3 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

I will have one or two Bally Silverball pins for sale shortly. Just brought two home from storage and need to dig the other one out yet. Might have a Stern Galaxy for sale soon but think I already have a buyer for that one. Just picked up another classic tonight. See my thread for details.

Price on the Galaxy if sale falls through?

#1985 3 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

PS. I'm sure we could make an trade arrangement on that Stars of yours.

Have a Meteor on the way to go next to Stars and will add a Galaxy eventually.

2 weeks later
#2121 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I saw houseofpin's games tonight... His games are basically as close as you'll get to nib without being nib or paying crazy restoration prices.
Darin.. If you still want acdc you should jump on his. Completely cherry plus shaker and tnt mod.
Metallica is taken \oo/

congrats on the pickup.

1 week later
#2190 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I remember that. You mentioned it when we first met

Took me 7 years to finally get a league going in Richmond. Best thing to do to get a league going is to start one. Don't worry about it being big or even well thought out, it can happen organically as more members join. We grew from 6 to 20(which was our max) from our first to second season and expanded to 24 with a waitlist this year. It's a great way to just get people together playing.

#2199 3 years ago
Quoted from SCpins:

Moving out some EM's.
Sing Along
Kings & Queens
Old Chicago
Bon Voyage

condition and prices?

1 week later
#2248 3 years ago
Quoted from dontknowsquat:

THE WORD OF THE DAY IS : THAN . Better than , less than , would rather do this than that. TOMORROW'S WORD WILL BE : THEN . I would like to educate some , then again most do not understand the difference. Some do not even know there is a difference , and some do not even know that the word THAN is even a real word.

are you selling something?

1 week later
#2318 3 years ago

Willing to trade my nice, clearcoated BSD for a soon to be worthless HUO SM.

#2379 3 years ago
Quoted from mystman12:

So there was this nice looking Taxi on Craigslist in Short Pump... But the seller sent me the wrong number! Unless he emailed everyone else the same number there's no way it'll still be around... Sent him an email asking for the right number, guess I'll see what happens.

Pretty sure it's gone, I'm second on the list

1 week later
#2475 3 years ago

I've bought a pin from Randy and he's sold some out from under me as well. Pinball.

#2588 3 years ago

Took me 7 years to finally get a league going. What finally worked was just declaring a league, picking a day and inviting friends. Turns out that everyone loves pinball.

#2723 3 years ago
Quoted from happilymarried05:

why can't any thread ever just stay on topic

says the North Carolinian in the MD, VA, DC, PA, DE FS/FT thread.

#2728 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Well, it does say "surrounding area." I'm three hours from DC as well, so let's add Jersey to the mix.

I get that but when a round trip to get a pin is in the 20hr range it doesn't have that local feel anymore. With that said, and the way people are so spread out in this thread, it would be nice to see a network set up to move pins from state to state. I have piggybacked games when picking up games and a decent network would really help make pins more affordable. Food for thought.

#2737 3 years ago

Everything is in driving distance until you get wet.

2 weeks later
#2918 3 years ago

There use to be a guy that sold glass at Allentown for a really decent price. Anyone know if he'll be back this year?

#2927 3 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Jack James - he is usually there, was there last year. Good dude and will wrap it up in brown paper as well.

Totally blanked on Jack's name. Great guy from RGP days. I scored a bunch of DW decals when I was doing my restore. Can't wait for Allentown, it's been too long.

#2967 3 years ago

I certainly don't view it as an attack and I certainly appreciate that everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Its just not that fun, to me, and why I give it a "meh." Stop and go and the ability to get to LITZ through hitting minimal shots hurts the game. I love Lawlor's games but the ruleset are often too simple for a long life in my game room.

I think it's a game worth owning because it's a classic but it's not a game that has legs in my collection. But I tend to gravitate towards short play games like BSD, I500 and DW.

#2983 3 years ago

TZ is a Zizzle compared to WOZ.

2 weeks later
#3173 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

I would love to get a GOT pro...I played a premium over a local pinsiders house and game is just awesome. I think I am a sucker for British female voices I have no idea who they were and have never seen the show

I binged watched the show after playing the Stern game. Callouts on GOT are excellent.

2 months later
#3616 3 years ago

Gay 90s in RVA with cracked BG, painted over cabinet(white latex), has an issue keeping track of which ball should be in play. $75
It has the potential to be a fun and cheap EM for someone.

#3633 3 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Gay 90s in RVA with cracked BG, painted over cabinet(white latex), has an issue keeping track of which ball should be in play. $75
It has the potential to be a fun and cheap EM for someone.


#3677 3 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Of course! I'm too use to them so they go on every pin, but WOZ didn't need one. Since I'm slimming down the collection I don't think I'll have a use for the extras anytime soon or I'd keep them around. Keeping one for GB when it comes, but that's it.

Ever pass through, or know someone that will be, the Richmond area? I'd be interested in a piece.

#3693 3 years ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

A little off topic but can anyone recommend a local (northern va) person to clear coat a playfield? It is used so Mylar would need to be removed and possibly touch up. It has already been touched up before I bought it

Brian Dendis is the only person I know in NoVA doing it. Goes by Prowlerman.

2 months later
#4198 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

That was my first thought, but I came around. Finding these in great condition is getting harder every year. This went so fast it seems like someone else thinks it's worth the money too.
Now I just need someone to think Raven is a high demand game so I can sell mine

would be happy to do a temp trade with my Meteor

#4203 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

or I can just come play yours

Well that too. ??

#4215 3 years ago

I have a couple translites FS prices are +shipping

TWD Pro- $50
RBION - $50

both great shape.

#4218 3 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I have a couple translites FS prices are +shipping
TWD Pro- $50
RBION - $50
both great shape.

These are sold

4 months later
#5404 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

i'm interested to see what people think of GB in a few years after the newness wears off.

If the code doesn't mature I don't see it having legs.

#5410 2 years ago
Quoted from happilymarried05:

code is great already. can only get better

Not sure what's great about it, mystery awards through Tobin's and the pop bumpers do most of the work right now. WCWS,MHMB and CMB don't have any depth at all. I think it's a fun game but it's just about setting up for left ramp rinse and repeat runs during WCWS and Loopin supers.

1 month later
#5700 2 years ago

Anyone want to do a temp trade for a player I500? I'm in Midlothian, VA and plan on restoring it at some point but I'm just not playing it right now.

#5708 2 years ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

Temp trade? how does that work?

In the past I've just done temp trades for around 6 months. Usually looking for a player condition game so nobody is too worried about their prized possession. I hate selling my pins so it's a good way to mix up the lineup without feeling like you are losing one of your games. I've done this with metahugh and mcsirtuna before.

#5757 2 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

Following this thread. Looking for 2nd pin, but don't know what it is yet. Still in the decision making process.

Hello from Midlothian.

#5761 2 years ago
Quoted from Charger500:

Thanks for the Allentown suggestions. I think I have at least narrowed it down to the DMD era, and also something more affordable. I, at the moment, can't see spending these over $5K prices. Great if you can do it, but I'm not there at this time. I feel my price range is under $3K.

Plenty of DMDs to be had at that price range. What titles are you considering?

#5820 2 years ago
Quoted from per3per3:

Fully agree with jeffpm: SS is a really cool theme but the gameplay is very linear and it really isn't too difficult to complete the game. A local pinsider in Northern VA has one and I got to the end of the game twice in a single night and I'm certainly not an expert player!
In terms of price, I haven't seen one for less than $5500 in the past year and that one wasn't that great (some wear, faded cab decals, etc..) even at that price.

Are you and jeffpm getting to Scared Stiff or getting to Spider MB?
I had one for a bit and never reached spider MB. I agree getting to Scared Stiff is doable on a regular basis but that's why you have difficulty settings. Almost any WPC or WPC95 is going to get old if you don't set it up with difficult settings. Even then, the rules are such that if the end game is to reach the wizard mode you are will get bored with them if you own them for a while.

3 months later
#6301 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

A $3600 Walking Dead just showed up on Craigslist Richmond...based on the picture I assume it has been on route.
richmond.craigslist.org link

someone reportedly has a deal in place.

1 month later
2 months later
#7115 2 years ago

I'm hosting a charity tournament on Oct 1st 11am, at the Richmond Pinball Collective to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey. IFPA tourney with some Stern giveaways and TiltCylce trophy. Listed on the This Flippin Podcast FB page under events. $20 and all proceeds go to charity.

2 months later
#7444 1 year ago
Quoted from akm:

I have a Segasa Monaco (1977) I am looking to sell. Playfield is in pretty good shape and the cabinet isn't bad. Plays well, fully functional. Looking for what I paid for it--$600. Buyer pickup only. PM me for any questions.
Added 2 days ago: Created a marketplace listing for the Monaco:

could you post a better pic of the playfield? Thanks

3 weeks later
#7536 1 year ago

Looking to trade my GBpro for a SM.

#7552 1 year ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

Throwing in the towel even before the (hopefully) upcoming code update?


1 month later
#7842 1 year ago
Quoted from boilerman:

got a stern stars and a gtb spring break in a trade. stars doesn't boot and SB boots but has issues
i would consider trades on both for a good EM

How is the playfield on Stars?

#7871 1 year ago

I have a Rollergames and I500 I would be open to trading. Both are player games but play 100%. Rollergames has no magnet wear but some slight lifting on a couple of inserts, I leveled them last some point. I also have 2 project EMs, Out of sight and Bank Shot that I could add or sell outright.

1 month later
#8108 1 year ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

WTB: Nice Orange DMD
Looking for a nice orange plasma DMD with little to no burn and no outgassing. It's for the Richmond Pinball Collective, so if you could sell me one it'd be for a good cause!

I have the one out of my Indy500

1 week later
#8156 1 year ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

I tried to explain that WV is also pretty far from my house too.
I've got a bunch of people who want me to bring this game to Allentown. Heck, at $2300 I had people asking me to bring it to Allentown. I feel like I should go to Allentown, just to see what the big deal is.

You should.

#8165 1 year ago

Game is sold .

I'm bringing my Indy 500 to Allentown to sell. Priced at 3k. Pics are in post 514 of the Atown FS thread.

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