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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

7 years ago

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#9 7 years ago

Nice Lethal Weapon 3, all LEDs and some mods in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

#14 7 years ago

Also finishing up a great MAME/home console emulator (Atari, Colecovision, Genesis, Nintendo, etc) machine. Awesome two player, 7 button control panel with a Happ trackball and spinner. Plays about 12,000 games, plus also is a fully loaded music and video jukebox using E-Touch. Really it's finished, but just need a few finishing touches, but fully configured and playable.

27" CRT screen with inputs for a cable/DTV box, DVD player, able to connect game systems. So if you don't have a TV in your game room, or want another TV, this cabinet has it.

Will be for sale or trade - around the $2000 price range.

#18 7 years ago

For sure, we're free most weekends...kayaking during the day, chilling at night. Would love to play your pins too.

#30 7 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

I will shoot an invite here soon. I know a couple guys in our panhandle area that want to start up a get together. I think I will host the first one to kick it off so everyone can meet.

Sounds like a great idea. I'll host one also once I get to meet the locals.

#65 7 years ago

I'm considering trading my really nice Starship Troopers. Full LEDs, no playfield wear, looks super, plays fast, I gave it a full tear down shop job recently. Game looks gorgeous IMO. I'll get pics posted later tonight when I get home, but actually you can see recent pics here when I added the Pinblades artwork. Only considering trading just to get something new to play. Possibly would add $$ to the deal, but not much.


Also have a nice LW3 for sale or trade. And will have my latest MAME/Home Console arcade machine available soon.

Harpers Ferry, 25425

I'd prefer not to have to drive this time around, but will drive for the right trade.

#70 7 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Hey POMC I was at radioshack in Charles Town Recently to see if they had a specific fuse and they said some other guy frequents them that fixes up pinball. I am thinking that is you...when are we going to cross paths...

Heh, that's me. I walk in and they start to ask, "Can I help you find anything?"...then they see it's me and say, "oh, you know where everything is." haha

1 month later
#137 7 years ago

Decided to sell our super nice Starship Troopers and keep No Fear to work on. Nothing left to do on our SST since we did a full tear down cleaning, all LEDs, pinblades artwork and added an LED under the ship over the right ramp.

Asking $2200 and can provide pics upon request. I'm out of state for my job and will be back Thursday, but I have pics online here and there I can get together until I'm home.

Also selling Lethal Weapon 3 everything is in nice condition but the DMD has a few lines of noise displayed on some screens. $1100.

3 weeks later
#192 7 years ago

Starship Troopers for sale, $2100 or best offer. Full tear down shop job, all LED, new rubbers and super bands, Joe Raptor's pinblades artwork, super clean, no playfield wear, fast and fun!

Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

#193 7 years ago

Forgot to mention I installed new speakers and added the missing right speaker. There is an L-pad installed that controls the volume of the backbox speakers separate from cabinet speaker. Game volume controls all speakers, but you can tweak the mix if you want. Also, the backbox speakers were replaced with 4" woofers, which eliminates the shrillness of some of the bug sounds. Great sounding game and if you connect an external sub, like I did last week (sub not included), wow! The explosions and gun fire is awesome!

20140808_162342.jpg 20140808_162429.jpg 20140808_162836.jpg 20140808_162855.jpg 20140808_162915.jpg 20140808_162941.jpg 20140808_162903.jpg 20140808_163001.jpg 20140808_163304.jpg 20140808_163346.jpg 20140808_163254.jpg
1 week later
#212 7 years ago

My Starship Troopers has been sold and is being picked up tomorrow morning.

4 weeks later
#246 7 years ago

Looking for a working Data East power supply board (5047) for my LW3. Did more troubleshooting and that's the cause of the few vertical lines and slight flickering. Rather replace than repair because I'm selling the game anyway and don't want to put any more time into it when I have No Fear and DESW waiting for full shop jobs.

#249 7 years ago

Selling my Lethal Weapon 3 because I bought a DESW and something has to go. Everything works great and I'm ordering a replacement power supply to correct the low voltage issues I had with the DMD.

All LEDs (except backglass), shopped, new rubber, new balls, superbands on flippers, flame decals on flippers, copy car added, replaced single blue topper dome with new red & blue domes, cup holder, custom dynamite bombs, very nice.

Cabinet has some flipper wear and a lock bar hole, but otherwise is very nice. No wear on the playfield at all, really nice and clean. Lock bar has spots worn to metal and should be repainted or replace if you care.

Let the pics speak for themselves, I think I took plenty to represent the condition, but let me know if you want any more.

$1200 if I order and install the new board.

$1000 as is and you install your own board if you have one. $100 savings if you have a spare board.


1 month later
#291 7 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

So...how bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

Looks filthy and I see at least one wear spot on the playfield and there are probably more. At $1600, for me, the price needs to be dropped a few hundred to cover the hours doing a full tear down cleaning, installing LEDs, new rubber, etc.

#299 7 years ago

I am selling one of my slot machines just to change things up. This is an IGT S+ machine with a "Monster Match" theme. Really nice, clean, takes quarters or tokens (I have it loaded with 1200 quarters...not included haha). Manufactured in 2/96 and the Monster Match kit is 2001.

Asking $450 on Pinside before placing it on CL in a few days. Pickup from my house in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. Could possibly deliver to the Frederick area for $25.

20141017_132629.jpg 20141017_132638.jpg
2 months later
#430 7 years ago

Selling my very nice Megatouch Ion 2012 (2008 software also included). Has a dollar bill validator and a joystick controller (spare controller also included). My wife and I love playing and competing on the Megatouch, but I'm working on another gaming project and need to sell this to fund it.

Asking $900 and located in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. Could also meet in Frederick, MD if that makes it a little closer to you.

Video of some of the games:


#436 7 years ago


Great deal on my IGT slot machine with the Monster Match theme. Accepts and pays outs in quarters. Real deal slot from Atlantic City.

Only $300 - taking a $50 loss just because we bought another slot to play a new game. Rotating the slot games and just would like to make the space.

Harpers Ferry, WV and can bring to the Frederick, MD area.



1 week later
#450 7 years ago

Slot machine has been sold.

Megatouch Ion 2012 still for sale - $900

Hook - very nice shape and plays great. $1600

#462 7 years ago

Have a very nice Hook for sale. $1500

If interested message me for pics because I don't have them here at work. Will try to remember to post pics later.

2 weeks later
#499 6 years ago

hope you sell the DESW for big $$. Stripping mine today for shopping and modding and then goes up for sale.

#552 6 years ago

Star Wars is 99.9% completed and will be ready for sale by next weekend. Just need to get a #4 screw for a bumper cap that I lost and Home Depot didn't stock them. Flippers in these pics were not installed - flippers just sitting in the hole, which is why they don't look aligned.

Installed the flipper rebuild kits last night and these brushed aluminum flippers look fantastic with black rubber. Will get updated pics posted later, just putting this out there now in case there is local interest. This is a fantastic looking Star Wars in excellent condition that has been upgraded to full LEDs, extra lighting, etc and looks incredible sitting next to any modern game.

Will also update with a full list of new parts and work done. Have friends visiting this weekend and gotta run out now with them.

20150212_213917-277.jpg 20150212_213948.jpg 20150212_214049.jpg 20150212_222816-288.jpg 20150212_234515.jpg 20150212_234538-867.jpg 20150212_234549-960.jpg 20150212_234605-202.jpg
#554 6 years ago

Ha, oh yeah, I changed all the backbox lights to white LEDs today to it matched the bright clean playfield lighting. Haven't set a price yet since it's not quite ready for sale. Want to get some games in on it to make sure all is good. Also, what a fun game now that's it's pristine and with new flippers!

#556 6 years ago

To buy another game. There's always another game to play. I wanted to own and fix up a Star Wars, and now I have and would like to maybe get a newer Stern by selling this and another pin.

I'm a player and I enjoy working on the pins, I'm not a collector, so I don't hang on to one for that long.

#586 6 years ago

Price drop to $800 for my 2012 Megatouch Ion with controller and bill validator. Also includes a 2008 drive and key for additional games to play. Looking to sell, but will always entertain trading and adding cash for a pin.

Harpers Ferry, 25425

martinsburg.craigslist.org link

#590 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

Wow! Nice looking Star Wars, been wanting one of these - is that a light shining *inside the death star or from *outside shining onto it??? Looks good that way!!

Lights shining from inside the Death Star so it has a great glow coming from the laser area.

#611 6 years ago

Anyone have new playfield glass to sell?

#622 6 years ago

Megatouch has been sold.

2 weeks later
#686 6 years ago

I saw that $400 TFTC also and was considering stopping by to check it out. I'm going to NJ tomorrow for a funeral and I pass through DE, but this is on the east coast of Delaware and too far from I95.

#691 6 years ago

For $400 it's worth it in parts. Door handle if complete and shaker would get the $400 back. I was just considering it for the Tales I'm shopping for Mike right now since his needs the handle's thumb latch and I could use the shaker in my Baywatch.

But just too far out of the way for me to bother to veer off my course.

#692 6 years ago

Looking for a High Roller Casino (that's not listed at $2000 firm). Sounds like a fun game and the theme would work well in our bar and gameroom.

#695 6 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Can you take some pics when you're done with the shop-out?

Already doing it.


Also have pics of my Tales in the TFTC club.

1 week later
#723 6 years ago

Cleaning up my shop area and was moving this project to the shed when I decided to see if anyone wants it. This project is going to be a touchscreen jukebox and touchscreen gaming system. I have a few pins lined up to work on, so I realized I'm not getting to this anytime soon.

Here's what I have:

Megatouch upright cabinet with lots of space and cool features. A slide out tray is available and would be perfect for mounted a PC motherboard if desired. Otherwise just set the PC on the cabinet floor.

15" CRT touchscreen VGA 800x600 computer monitor. Touchscreen connects via USB and VGA cables to any PC. Works great and I was going to mount it inside the cabinet.

Small form factor PC included. I forget the specs, it's old, but will run the jukebox software and touch games fine.

I'll include all the touchgames along with the frontend and will include the jukebox software and music already tagged and with album covers, etc. You provide the external drive for me to copy everything to.

$100 you get everything. Pickup from my house in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

20150319_184849.jpg 20150319_184921.jpg 20150319_184929.jpg 20150319_184946.jpg 20150319_184955.jpg 20150319_185242.jpg 20150319_185330.jpg 20150319_185342.jpg 20150319_184818.jpg 20150319_184842.jpg 20150319_185248.jpg
#724 6 years ago

Spent a few hours today finishing up the MAME/Emulator arcade machine I am selling. Just had to close up the Dell PC case and get the inside of the cabinet neat. Last thing left to do is complete the bottom of the monitor bezel to hide the bottom of the TV case.

This is an incredible arcade/home gaming emulator/multimedia game room machine.

SlikStik control panel. These control panels were, and still are, the top of the line control panels.
Happ arcade trackball
Tornado spinner (works great for driving games too)
Player 1 and 2 each have a Happ 8-way joystick and 7 Happ buttons
Top joystick is a Happ 4-way for older games like Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Pac Mac, etc.
The upper blue button layout is the classic Asteroids button configuration
2 pinball buttons on each side of the control panel

Around 11,000 games available to play
Plays all MAME arcade games of course.
Play all home game system games
All Nintendo and Sega home and handheld systems
All Atari systems
Colecovision and a few others

Includes the handheld keyboard w/ trackball shown in the video for use in Windows or accessing the settings menu during gameplay if needed.

Includes (not shown) a wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 for Windows controller. Use this controller when playing Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation, Dreamcast, which used a controller with a lots of buttons. Sit on your stool or chair and play all the classics with the wireless controller.

The 27" TV used as the monitor also has component video jacks available. So connect a cable box and use this killer system as another TV in your basement or game room. I use my arcade machine to play the NFL Red Zone channel in my bar and then my bar TV has a main game playing. Also gives the kids another TV to watch and you can play DVDs from the new Dell PC or even connect an old spare DVD player to the TV.

Have an home game console or consoles sitting around? Plug them into this cabinet and then have access to your home game library in a sweet cabinet. Plenty of space inside the cabinet to place racks or shelves to hold anything you want. I have the PC laying flat, but it can also be stood upright.

Jukebox software is also installed and configured. This is the same setup and music library I use on my wall mounted touchscreen jukebox in my bar. But since this isn't a touchscreen monitor, you'll just use the arcade trackball as a mouse and the red button to the right of it is the left mouse button. I'll take a video of that later.

The speakers are home theater speakers with a Radio Shack stereo amp installed under an access panel - you can see it in the video. Volume can be controlled by the amp or by Windows. You cable box, DVD player or other home game console can be connected to the amp as well. The sounds is loud and clear!

Cabinet is a WWF Wrestlefest Technos cabinet and I will include the WWE marquee. I have a standard MAME marquee on the cabinet and figured you will have your own custom marquee printed. I can show examples of the several marquees I've had printed for about $30 on my other machines. Cabinet side are clean and black and ready for your own sideart if you want some applied.

All the games and the jukebox library are running from a 2TB external hard drive. Everything runs and plays fast and smooth and I feel a 27" TV screen is the best for the classic gaming. LCD screens just don't look right no matter what effects you apply to the emulators. CRT monitors this size are expensive as hell - I know, I have a 32" Wells Gardner in my other machine - and wish I had component inputs in addition to the VGA.

Asking $1800.00 and I'm always interested in trade offers. I'll be posting this in a few days on CL and figured I'd offer it here first. Harpers Ferry, WV 25425



#727 6 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

On that MAME. How do u figure out what buttons to use on each game?

So you see the 2 rows of 3 buttons? Think of that as the typical Street Fighter layout. On games that use 1, 2, or 3 buttons, then the top row are those buttons.

I have the emulators all set to use the same button layout. But the Xbox 360 controller is perfect for the N64 type of consoles with controllers that had trigger and shoulder buttons and dual analog sticks.

I'm going to bring a labeler home from work and will label all the buttons for the new owner and then they can be removed later if desired. I know a massive control panel like that is overwhelming. Heck, you should see my control panel that has two sticks per player and my 4 player control panel with stainless steel sticks.

#729 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Man you thought of everything!! I already own a MAME pedestal but if I didnt Id want to own this one....looks fun and made with some love. Keep putting out cool toys like this one and making pins shine again....im enjoying your work

I did a MAME in a showcase cabinet years ago. Those are such awesome cabinets...pedestals, showcase, etc.

collage.jpg Showcase angle.JPG Showcase angle2.JPG Showcase front.JPG Showcase mame 1.JPG Showcase mame 2.JPG Showcase mame 3.JPG Showcase mame CP1.JPG showcase mame.JPG Showcase slikstik rear.JPG Showcase slikstik.JPG DSC00447.JPG DSC00448.JPG
1 month later
#826 6 years ago


Free touchscreen monitor, arcade cab and PC.

#828 6 years ago

Gorgeous, modded, Data East Star Wars added to Marketplace.


#830 6 years ago
Quoted from J_Striker:

me want but i literally bought a wiz yesterday... such bad timing

Anything to trade?

1 week later
#844 6 years ago

Star Wars has been sold.

#855 6 years ago
Quoted from too-many-pins:

Anyone else try emailing the guy with the Gorgar & Jungle Lord? I tried twice and never got a reply?

I did and made an offer and was told someone was coming the next day to take a look, so I assume they have been sold.

#865 6 years ago

Decided to trade or sell my Ultimate Arcade 2 machine because I need the space and have two other arcade machines.

This is VERY VERY nice and the cabinet is made by Chicago Gaming. Terrific artwork on the cabinet and will fit right in any gameroom.

Would prefer a trade for a pin (can need shopping and some work), but will also sell of course if you're interested.


#869 6 years ago

Ultimate Arcade machine is pending a trade.

#879 6 years ago

Yeah potentially good deal on that Shadow...but it was not even plugged in or tested. So potentially not. I probably would've taken it though and I don't really even like Shadow.

3 weeks later
#934 6 years ago

Considering trade offers for my X-Files. Just looking for something new to play. I'll get pics up, but it's full LEDed and shopped recently. Plays fast and fun and the playfield in front of the file cabinet is mylared with no playfield wear there at all.

I'll get pics up later tonight because I'm at work now. Ideally the trade would be for a pin that needs nothing done just like this one. Want to keep playing and not have another project to add to my list.

1 month later
#1051 6 years ago

I have a Capcom Breakshot I just got in a trade and will need to move for space reasons too.

I'll get pics up this week, going to play it for a bit first, but let me know if you're interested. Prefer a sale, but always will consider a trade just to play something new for a bit.

Also have the X-Files as well.

2 weeks later
#1193 6 years ago

Have a 2008 Honda TRX 250EX in excellent condition for trade. It's worth $2500-$2800 and am interested in any trades for a single pin or two pins worth that ballpark.






#1195 6 years ago

Was supposed to be but contingent on him selling one of his race cars while passing thru WV, but that deal fell through.

#1203 6 years ago

Will offering my Capcom Breakshot for sale or trade soon. Just need to install drop target decals, flipper decals and replace a transistor that controls the left center shot hole.

Figured I'd put this out there if anyone is interested.

#1210 6 years ago

Breakshot pics if anyone has interest. Likely won't advertise for sale publicly on Craigslist, Marketplace, etc for a few weeks.

Right now only interested in a trade just to play something different for a bit until needing to sell that pin for space.

Drop target decals still need to be installed and the two mismatched targets on the top right will be replaced with the correct thickness ones.


#1213 6 years ago
Quoted from jsalce:

I don't normally go for flipper decals, but I like the ones you put on break shot.

Yeah I dig them too and just put them on last night. A Pinsider named John made them. I also just bought his Shadow back wall art and in the past bought his TFTC flipper fingers (which are awesome looking). He also gave me Breakshot target decals, so I have a spare set since I had just bought them. John does those great R-Rated alternate translites too.

#1217 6 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

What are you looking for in terms of trade and what is the asking price to buy outright?

Looking for another DMD pin in a trade. Prefer fully working so I can just play it, but will consider any trade. Asking price would probably be in the $1600-$1800 range since one just sold for $1850.

#1221 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Did it sell for full price?

Yeah, I actually emailed the seller to see what it sold for just because I had no idea on its trade or sale value.

#1231 6 years ago

Anyone interested in some older EMs? Subway, Showboat and Williams Crossword (wood rail).

1 week later
#1307 6 years ago

Ok, here's an awesome arcade, jukebox, home gaming console and multimedia machine for sale or trade. This ain't no paltry 60 games in 1 system running a cheap Chinese board. This machine will do it all and only asking $1800 or possible trade.

Try 11,000 games in 1 cabinet, plus fully loaded music and music video jukebox. Note that the white labels on the control panel are not permanent and were just installed to assist the new owner with getting familiar with the control panel.

- See the video to see all the emulators included, the Hyperspin startup movie and the general setup.


- See this video for a demonstration of the music and video jukebox.


- Real arcade cabinet, great shape and clean. Ready for custom sideart if you want to install some.

- SlikStik control panel. These were commercially built with all Happ and real arcade controls. Includes full size Happ trackball, Tornado spinner (think Tempest and also use as a steering wheel for driving games). Control panel alone would cost about $500 to build from scratch and it wouldn't be as sweet as this.

- Two player control panel fighting layout - 7 buttons per player. There's a dedicated 4-way joystick at the top of the control panel for Pac Man, Donkey Kong, etc.

- 25" TV for the monitor. Which means you can connect a cable box and use this as another TV in the gameroom. Think NFL and playing another game on another screen in the bar. Play DVDs right from the PC. Play movies, videos, audio - anything that can be played on a PC can be played on this system.

- New Dell PC with 2tb external drive running the Hyperspin front end and all emulators included are fully loaded with ROMs and controls already configured for you.

- Amplifier is running a subwoofer (inside the cabinet) and two home theater speakers (installed behind marquee). Connect your phone, tablet, MP3 player to the 3.5mm audio in jack and rock out.

- Handheld, remote control sized, keyboard with volume controls and trackball. Sometimes you need to use a keyboard to get to a settings menu - no need for an ugly PC keyboard sitting there with this great remote keyboard.

- Have a collection of home gaming consoles? Connect them to the arcade machine's TV and play them. All your games in one location. Place them inside the roomy cabinet or display them on shelves next to the arcade machine and use an AV switchbox to connect to the TV.

- Control panel is removable so the cabinet is able to fit through standard doorways.

Located in Harpers Ferry, WV.








#1313 6 years ago
Quoted from tp:

I'm interested in the mame above. Have a Hurricane to trade. Fair trade or no20150511_192145(0).jpg

PM sent, I'm willing to trade if you'd like. Always prefer trading over selling and I've never played a Hurricane and seems like a cool game.

#1330 6 years ago

I have had a few trade offers for the MAME/jukebox arcade machine, but distance is just not working out. Also had a few people interested in buying, but again distance.

So I'll sell this arcade machine to a Pinsider for $1500 and donate $100 to the Pinside site. This drop in price might entice someone who has interest in buying, but distance is an issue.

#1346 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

EDIT: If you don't know who Rob, Lloyd or Ben are, then you definitely don't know who Darin is. If you did, you would have never posted that ad. You should probably try to find out who he is before taking a shot at his character by accusing him of placing an ad like that.

I know who Darin is, but have no idea who Rob, Lloyd and Ben are. Should we all know their names like Cher, Sting and Bono?

I flagged the ad when I saw it last night, like 4 hours after it was posted, and I PMed Darin just so he would be aware. I had and have no idea what it was about and was also going to post it in this thread. Only reason I don't was so the troll wouldn't have satisfaction of knowing it was seen - because it was meant to be seen obviously.

#1348 6 years ago

Person who posted the ad is such a pussy. I just actually really read it. What a pussy to not say something personally if he has a problem with someone.

Some dipshit Pinsider was shitting on my for sale thread and then talking major shit to me in PMs. Know what I did? Fucking called him to send a message that he's not anonymous and he doesn't know what type of crazy person is on the other end. Don't fuck with someone's for sale ads. What a fool.

#1353 6 years ago

The ad is long gone. Was removed last night when I flagged it.

#1369 6 years ago

Still have a nice X-Files for sale or trade. I really need to take pics and post in the market forum and CL, but still haven't gotten around to it. If anyone is interested in it, then that's certainly my incentive to do that. Let me know of your trade proposal...always prefer trading over selling.

Pinside only deals. I bought it for $1500 and will sell it to a Pinsider for $1500.

For $1600 I will include the mirror blades I installed that will be seen in the photos. Highly recommended and the pin looks SO cool with them. Great effect for the theme and the bright LEDs.

For $1650 you get the mirror blades and a powered, external, subwoofer.

What is great:

- Fully shopped, shiny, clean and plays FAST.

- Full LEDs, although they aren't non-ghosting, so some inserts do flicker, but LEDs really pop in this game.

- NO WEAR at all on the playfield in front of the file cabinet where the magnet it. Looks like the area was covered with mylar from day one. A lot of X-Files will have the factory fix of an ugly metal place due to heavy wear on this area.

- Lollipop flipper buttons covers that hide the paint wear below the buttons.

- Cabinet art looks nice with only a few minor scratches.

- Flipper Super Bands, clear sling rubber, neon green star posts on the slings.

- Spotlight added to Flukeman.

What you might be concerned about:

- Crack in the file cabinet, but not a big deal compared to the real damage seen on most others.

- Some insert wear on the left edge of the insert between the flippers.

- Lockbar holes in front of the cabinet, but have been painted black to conceal.

Pick up in Harpers Ferry, WV - a few minutes from Hollywood Casino and Racetrack in Charles Town. I can also bring to the York show if paid ahead of time.

#1388 6 years ago

X-Files has been spoken for.

#1392 6 years ago

Had two guys PM me within an hour of each other that they want the MAME arcade machine. Hated breaking the news to the one guy because he PMed me a few days ago about possible trade or working out shipping to MI if a trade worked. Then this morning a local-ish guy I know asked if it was still available and let's arrange a time for him to pick it up.

An hour later the first guy says he'll take it and can Pay Pal a deposit so it's secured until we work out shipping. Damn, he was excited about it and then had to tell him it looks like it was spoken for an hour earlier.

#1437 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

Is a trade Shelly's Frankenstein for GoldenEye a fair deal? GoldenEye has MirrorBlades, works 100%, LED's, Satellite mod (grey looks like an actual satellite dish), very clean machine.........thinking about it.........

Sure, Sega for a Sega straight up is totally fair.

#1440 6 years ago

If you're the one with frankstein, then make the trade. I had a Frankenstein for a little bit when I shopped and restored one for a friend. Fun game for a while but I wouldn't have hesitated to trade it just to switch it up. Goldeneye definitely seems like a really fun game.

#1486 6 years ago

You'd need a T-Mek to move it.

#1500 6 years ago

I've never played a GE but always wanted to. Played Frankenstein and it's fun, but not a game I'd keep for very long. Go for it and trade, I think it's even on both sides.

1 week later
#1578 6 years ago

My X files is leaving today. Very fun game with great fast flowing shots. But time to play something different for a bit.

#1619 6 years ago
Quoted from Memodellocos:

Saw a Gottlieb Airport while out and about today.
The auction was at 150.
washingtondc.craigslist.org link

Saw that the other day. Weird having a silent auction, but I guess an interesting idea for a store like that.

1 week later
#1666 6 years ago

*Sale pending - Buyer checking if he can have it picked up at York*

Selling my Triple Diamond IGT S+ slot machine. Takes quarters and also has a tournament ROM installed which makes it more desirable for home use with higher and more frequent payouts. Really fun to have a tournament against others and no quarters need to be in the hopper for tournaments either.

Easy to convert this to another themed slot machine as well. Kits are cheap and readily available on eBay and online.

$500 and pickup from Harpers Ferry or I can bring to York on Friday.


#1690 6 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Anyone from the VA area driving to expo? I have a game I need to get back to the area and can't make the drive. I can offer some cash but trying to avoid 400 in shipping. Thanks.

I'll be there Friday and might have room in the van, depending if I pick anything up and if one of my two pins I'm bringing come back home with me. Hoping they sell and I have an empty van. Message me Friday afternoon and if I have the space I can bring it home to Harpers Ferry. Possibly going to the Leesburg area Saturday and can bring it there but that's as far as I'm willing to take it.


3 weeks later
#1795 6 years ago

Just putting this out there to see about local interest. I'm building 3 or 4 touchscreen jukeboxes / touch gaming machines using these cabinets with a 19" touch monitor. I should have one ready pretty quickly since I have a new Dell PC ready to use. Will need to buy PCs for the others and then they'll be ready shortly after.

Will be fully loaded with 12,000 songs with a great jukebox program running it. Also will have a front-end for launching the touch games. Think of a loaded, kickass Megatouch system, but with much better games. From IGT slots, to board games, to Angry Bird games and arcade games.

The keyboard and tray are removable and won't be on the cabinet - or at least I might leave the tray and have it padded for leaning on and maybe adding cupholders. The white stuff on the front of the cabinet is just sticker residue and will be cleaned. These are excellent looking, sleek, modern, powder coated cabinets and 3 are black and one is silver.

Stayed tuned and PM if interested. Price will will in the $1200 range depending on the cost of the PC and external hard drive and the sound system I installed. Likely will include external subwoofer, AV receiver and nice speakers.



#1798 6 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Assuming you are getting some decals for it - I think that's what it needs right now to garner some interest. The idea is a good one, but right now it looks like an airport kiosk or machine you'd find at the DMV.

I'll let the buyer get decals or artwork if they want since it's so subjective, but I've been looking into some. Plus they look sleeker without the keyboard installed too. The first one is already spoken for as well.

#1810 6 years ago

I just sold a T2 for $2200 and have another that I'm finishing and already has a buyer at $2400.

#1847 6 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Pinside inflation making a strong comeback it seems I guess always a good thing if you can find a pinside buyer

Sold both T2s on Facebook. Didn't even list them on CL, but did list them here. Sold them in a day on FB though.

#1886 6 years ago

Looking for a Metallica Pro, preferably the LED version, but wouldn't mind the original that has been LED'd with color matching in the inserts.

Kind of hoping I don't find one during this time that I'm seriously thinking about it though - hate spending that kind of $$ on a game. But will just sell something if I do find one.

If this guy the other day wasn't firm on his price, I probably would be taking a drive today. Glad he was firm though so I didn't have to buy it and do a 6 hour drive.

#1911 6 years ago

Anyone have a decent, used right ramp for Maverick? Checking for a used one before I buy a new one.


#1926 6 years ago

What did T2 sell for? I have one I'm finishing and someone is buying it at $2400, but if he backs out just wondering what going price is?

#1938 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

if hes buying it why wld they back out ?

He's also buying an MMr and has $1500 left to save up for it, so could be cashflow issue. He told me to take my time with it, but I'm just waiting on LEDs and rubber to arrive then I'll finish it. Deal's not done until cash is in hand.

#1945 6 years ago

Anyone happen to have 3 used green glow balls?

#1951 6 years ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

Are those for the captive balls in JD?

yup! Installing a pair of mirror blades I have too. Fun game!

1 week later
#2017 6 years ago

The first touchjuke music/video/gaming system is finished and will be in the new owner's game room this week. He decided to keep the keyboard & trackball installed because it allows for more games to be used.

Next 3 systems are black and will have custom artwork created for the front of the cabinet. Keyboard can kept or removed and a remote control sized keyboard can be used for any games requiring a player's name to be typed.

12,000+ songs
3000+ music videos
100+ touch screen games

Video I took for him last night to show the interface and the 700+ country songs I loaded at his request.

2nd monitor/TV can be used for displaying the music videos and Now Playing screen. Connect the system to RCA input on your home stereo receiver or an entire receiver/speaker/subwoofer package can be included.

PM me if interested. Next system should be ready in several weeks, depending on the artwork timeframe.

#2022 6 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Ahh shoot me know.

Heh, I'll add anything a buyer asks me to. Looks like two more kiosks are spoken for and there will be one more left.

#2036 6 years ago

I sent a pm right before you i think.

1 week later
#2101 6 years ago

I traded my TFTC for a BSD yesterday and wow! BSD is a fun pin! Fast and brutal with those damn lightning flippers and outlane opened up. Only was able to get my wife to agree because we have another TFTC that we can mod together and keep. She loved shopping and modding that with me and she considered it a keeper.

#2114 6 years ago

I've been over to Dan's a few times and the games are mint. Was going to buy the Metallica but decided to pass only because we're adding a bathroom to the basement and the money is going towards that.

#2162 6 years ago

Every version of Tecmo Bowl is the greatest game ever made.

2 weeks later
#2235 6 years ago

Another touchscreen jukebox & gaming system is complete and sold. I'll be building 3 more in the coming weeks and the artwork will arrive this week and I'll install on the remaining cabinets.


Over 150 touch games - gambling, slots, Angry Birds, Bejeweled type games, board games, trivia, TV game shows, bowling and sports and more.

5000+ music videos

15,000+ songs organized by Artist and albums using an excellent commercial jukebox application - just like you'd find at a bar or bowling alley.

$1700 and includes full stereo system of amplifier, home theater subwoofer and speakers.

$1500 and you provide your own audio system and this will connect to any 1/8" input or RCA inputs.

Will consider trades.

1 week later
#2281 6 years ago

I shopped and modded Greg's (gameon46) MSF and it is gorgeous. Anyone looking for a Frankenstein should check his out.




2 weeks later
#2550 6 years ago
Quoted from mystman12:

I'm really trying not to spend more than $1500 right now, I've got community college in the fall and it is not as cheap as I'd hoped! I won't be able to save much more spending money at this rate since I'll be putting most of it in savings and paying off my car. Hopefully once school is over I'll be able to work more hours, but right now I'm trying not to spend any more than I need to.

I have a Maverick I bought a few months ago that needs to be shopped and have the new ramp installed. I bought the new ramp, target decals, LEDs and rubbers, so nothing else is needed except doing the work. Might be interested in selling it for what I have in it because it's like #6 on my project list and I might need the space in my workshop.

Selling price would probably be $1300. If you (or anyone else) is interested, let me know and I'll post pics.

#2554 6 years ago

I've hung out with him a few times and shopped a few games for him. I like him.

#2558 6 years ago

That's why anything I list for sale in the marketplace will not have a discussion thread. Too many assholes will make dumb comments and they're not even a potential buyer.

#2567 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

If your truthful and list things accordingly , for sale threads dont get out of hand . Its when people try to pass off not so nice pins for collector condition prices lol. Also if someone mentions sonething in your ad its best to just not say anything and especially dont go off on everybody on pinside lol. Your pin ads are always fine tho.

Untrue when I had a few MAME machines listed though. A few pricks were just going on and on about the game they made, etc and comparing and trying to break down my costs on each part. So I blocked them and re-listed the ad without comments and the machines sold in several days.

#2573 6 years ago

Decided to not sell Maverick until I finish it. Spent a few hours on it today since I worked from home due to he impending snow doom. Cleaning up really nice swapping the ramp parts on to the new ramp is the only repair kind of work I have to do. Should be playtesting it tomorrow night.

#2581 6 years ago

Snow blowed twice, at 4:30 and 9:30. Probably about 9" here so far and picking up again good.

#2582 6 years ago

Maverick is cleaned, new rubber and LEDs. Tomorrow I need to remove and clean the drop targets - 4 damn banks of drops on this game! Damn.

#2590 6 years ago

I'll have my house as a location too. Always have 5-7 games here, plus jukebox, dart machine (dart league too?) and the touchgames.

#2591 6 years ago

...and most importantly, a bar.

#2593 6 years ago

Not sure if I'd be interested in moving a pin in and out of the house for a night though. I'd rather drive an hour to someone's house or have people come here. Plenty of nice hotels in this area plus the casino if anyone wanted to stay the night.

#2600 6 years ago

Started back on Maverick thanks to the snow.

Don't think I'll be able to play it today because the only thing I can't do right now is rivet the old ramp flap on to the new ramp. Need to order a new flap anyway since I want a new one on the new ramp. But would be nice to play it.

#2625 6 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

there will be no games leaving or entering my basement anytime soon

Oooh damn, same here. I mean I once did take a game up from the basement using the stairs, but it's a tight turn up top because of the kitchen island. Sold a Black Knight 2000 a few years ago and wasn't thinking about the snow on the ground when the guys came. Found I I can get one up the stairs though.

#2626 6 years ago

I was just shoveling 4' drifts off my lower roof. Snow was higher than the bedroom windows. Kinda tunneled my way out a bit.

#2740 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Guess im lucky in a way bc im kinda in the middle of everything and can be to pa , wv, va within a few minutes and dc in 45 min.

You're doing 120 mph with no traffic if you can get from Hagerstown to DC in 45 min. haha

#2746 6 years ago

If someone needs a pin moving van, I highly recommend a Toyota Previa. Can buy one for under $2000 and remove the seats and you have enough space for 3 pins plus gear. Plus it's a Toyota, so it'll run a long time.

#2750 6 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Where can you buy one for under $2000? I rarely even see them on the road, let alone for sale. Didn't they stop bringing them here like twenty years ago?

Just search Craigslist. I bought one last April, a '95 with a supercharger and 150,000 miles. Runs great and I've made many 4+ hour trips with it. Brought several pins and a slot to York and had it loaded with several pins coming back from NJ a few times.

They are still being made overseas and many are used as taxis. My daughter in law and her husband are stationed in Okinawa right now and see them all the time there, just under a different name.

1 week later
#2851 5 years ago

Judge Dredd for sale/trade for $2800 because my wife isn't a fan of it or The Shadow and doesn't like playing them during our nightly tournaments. Shadow still has to be restored, so it's not going anywhere until that's done. Already bought a Viper Night Drivin' to replace Dredd and my wife really enjoys it.


Dredd is in fantastic condition, never routed, playfield looks great, cabinet has no fade. All Cointaker LEDs in the inserts and GI, so the game is nice and bright and colorful. New drop targets decals are installed (don't think it originally even had decals when these were made).

A ColorDMD is installed and just makes this comic book theme really stand out now. Dredd's animations are top notch and deserve to be seen in full color.

Mirror blades are installed and I'll knock the price down to $2700 if you do not want them because I have another game I can install them on.
Definitely a game that benefits from the mirrors though for sure.

I've also installed a white 12v LED strip under the backbox to illuminate the upper playfield and ramps, along with a few extra spotlights to better see all the playfield action. A new Rottendog DMD driver board has also been installed.

Will consider trade offers for a like condition pin of similar value or you can add cash to a less expensive pin. Has to be shopped and fully working because I'll likely just play it a bit before having to sell it due to an eventual basement remodel. But I always enjoy playing something different even if it's just for a little while.

#2887 5 years ago

I was given two arcade control panel templates that I'm not going to use. So they are free to anyone who wants one or both.


#2941 5 years ago

Judge Dredd has just left the building.

#2944 5 years ago

What's FPO?

#2991 5 years ago

Here we've been enjoying the Viper Night Drivin' I picked up last week.

1 week later
#3076 5 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I buy system 3's strictly for their robust nature and to fill up empty space in my game room, same goes for Sega's.

I've been leaning back towards Sega games again because I enjoy the shots on most of them. Sold Dredd already and Shadow and Dracula will be next to go. Have a lot of fun playing Dracula, but I can have the same amount of fun on a cheaper Sega or DE. Selling off the more expensive pins and putting that money into a basement remodel and full bathroom down there. Likely will just keep the Maverick instead of selling when I'm done and that will replace Shadow or Dracula.

#3081 5 years ago
#3091 5 years ago

Installed a cold cathode light on the touch jukebox and game system that has a sound activation feature that lets it pulse to the music.

Just need to apply the front artwork to the cabinet and it will be ready for sale or trade. Think of this as a Megatouch on steroids as far as the games go and a kickass music/music video jukebox.

Megatouches are fun, but ultimately get boring in home use. Why not play games that allow you to save your progress, like slot machine and gambling games that save your bankroll and achievements? How about playing fun touch games like Angry Birds? Can't play fun current games on a Megatouch and eventually you memorize all the quiz/trivia answers.

Since this is powered by Windows 7 (never have to see the desktop if you don't want to, all driven by a nice front end touch interface), you have Internet access and can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. and have a cool extra tv in the game room.


#3097 5 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Slick looking. How much are you getting for these? I think they look great blacked out just like that.

I'm going to list the first one at $1400 then likely higher for the next ones. Will just recoup some cash on the first sale to then buy the remaining parts for the other three. I have two super nice bartop/table top systems almost ready and they play 200 more games - all the new stuff like you can find in the Apple or google Play stores for tablets.

Also the keyboard and trackball can easily be installed again if someone wanted to. Some games require you to enter your name, but I have a remote control sized keyboard/trackpad included for anything needing keyboard input. Like most of the casino and slot machine games and even a lot of Pop Cap games like Bejeweled make you enter your name. But that's great because every single player can have their own game account saved for any game that has that feature.

That's the big drawback of a Megatough or JVL system for home use. Can't pause the game, most games are timed, you're always starting over from scratch because progress can't be saved, and the games are very basic, even the Texas Hold'em and casino games. We use our bartop system every night. My wife will sometimes leave it on all day so she can do the 2 hour updates on the Wizard of Oz, Princess Bride and other slot games. They reward coins and stuff for frequent updates.

Plus, use the system to watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube (Great if you build playlists) and any other online activity. You never have to see Windows 7 if you don't want to. System boots directly into the touch frontend. Shutdown just by turning off the power strip, turn on just by turning on the strip. Have the Directv football package with online access? Play the Red Zone channel in your game room while another game is on your TV. Good stuff.

Not to toot my own horn, but one of these systems in your gameroom or bar is serious WOW factor for guests. Who doesn't love picking out their own songs and music videos on a jukebox? Plus the games are terrific. I still need to make a list of every game and take a nice video and pics and will do that soon. Plus this fits in a small space because it doesn't require much floor footprint at all.

#3101 5 years ago

browser caused dupe post

#3102 5 years ago

browser caused dupe post

#3103 5 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

You should bring these to pin shows. If I were to see one at pinfest or Pintastic and not find a game, the money burning a hole in my pocket would probably end up in yours. They come loaded with music?

Was thinking the same thing and my goal is to have a few ready to bring to Allentown. Yeah,these are loaded, after all it's the content that is king and separates these from the pack. Right now there's like 15,000 songs and 5000 videos and I need to get a final count of the games, but about 200. Then the bartops have an additional few hundred, plus very easy to add more yourself.

#3156 5 years ago

Changed my mind and decided to keep The Shadow for now instead of trading for a World Cup Soccer.

Just looking to buy a World Cup Soccer right now if anyone has one for sale.

#3162 5 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Metallica Le Huo $7800.
Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

I wish I could!

#3163 5 years ago

Giving this thread a bump with my shout out for a World Cup Soccer.

#3168 5 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

There was one local cl one in northern va for 2500.


There's one 3 hours from me and was going to make the trade for Shadow. But then I spent the other night playing it and decided I wanted to keep it. My wife has a few keepers that I can't trade and WCS would be another one. So I'll keep Shadow for me because I want to finish restoring it, but maybe will put BSD up for sale or trade.

#3199 5 years ago
Quoted from BigBangBack:

Does anybody have a nice Sharkey's Shooutout they would be willing to sell? Thanks!

I'm picking one up in two weekends, but you're a bit far from WV.

#3211 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Guns N Roses near collector quality sample pin with pinsound card just listed.

ColorDMD just announced too.

#3235 5 years ago

Finally made a list of all the touchscreen games on the system. Not going to make a list of the 15,000 songs or 5,000 music videos though.

First kiosk will be ready this weekend if anyone here is interested.

Casino games: (Each slot machine game contains many other slot machines, not just the title)

Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots
Casino Island
Hard Rock Casino
Hometown Poker Hero
Hoyle Casino
IGT Slots
IGT Slots 100 Pandas
IGT Slots Candy Bars
IGT Slots Cleopatra
IGT Slots Day of the Dead
IGT Slots Firehouse Hounds
IGT Slots Game of the Gods
IGT Slots Little Green Men
IGT Slots Paradise Garden
IGT Slots Sumnantran Storm
IGT Slots Texas Tea Party
Jackpot Party Slots
Quest for the Fountain Slots
Real Deal Slots
Spartacus Slots
Vegas Penny Slots
Vegas Penny Slots 3
Wild Bear Paw Slots
Wild West Slots
Williams Slots 2
World Class Poker

Time Management / Empire building games:

Banana Bugs
Battle Slots
Cake Mania
Carnival Mania
Casino Chaos
Empire Builder Ancient Egypt
Farm Frenzy 4
Farm Frenzy Hurricane
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes
Gardenscapes 2
Hammer Heads Deluxe
Lucky Luke Railroad Builders
Mummy Maze Deluxe
Plants Vs Zombies
Rocket Mania! Deluxe
Royal Envoy 2
Viking Saga 3
Virtual Villagers


1 Vs 100
Allstar Quiz Show
Battleships 3
Bullseye Star Prize
Give Us a Q
Hi Spy
Martha Quinn's 80s Trivia
Monopoly Hot Property
Pub Quiz
Red Hot Poker
Snakes & Ladders 2
Texas Holdem
Top of the Pops
Trivia Machine
Trivia Machine Reloaded
Trivial Pursuit
Trivia Whiz Bar Quiz
Ultimate Rock & Roll Quiz
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Gem & Matching:

4 Elements II
7 Hills of Rome Mahjong
Bejeweled 3
Beleweled Blitz
Bejeweled 2
Bejeweled Twist
Card Tricks
Diamond Drop
Fishdom 3
Jewel Match 4
Jump Jelly Reactor
Mad Caps
Magic Vines
Mahjong Quest
Mahjong Towers 2
Maui Wowee
QBeez 2
Shape Shifter
Super Collapse II
Treasure of Montezuma
Triazzle Island
Zuma Deluxe
Zuma's Revenge

Hidden Objects & Mystery:

The 4:50 from Paddington
9 Clues - The Ward
Antique Road Trip
Atlantic Ancient Inventors
Autumn Treasures
Can You See What I See
CSI: Deadly Intent
Fishdom H2O Hidden Odyssey
Hidden Objects - Sweeney Todd
Hidden Objects 2
Hidden Objects At Sea
Hidden Objects City Style
Hollywood Adventure
House MD
Jigsaw Would Tour
Nancy Drew
Robinson Crusoe
Smithsonian, The Hope Diamond
Spot the Difference
Ting Bang Story
Witches Legacy 6


Alien Shooter
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars 2
Bad Piggies
Beetle Bug 2
Breakout Invaders
Fruit Ninja
Holy Potatoes: A Weapon's Factory
Jack Lumber
Peggle Nights Deluxe
Peggle World of Warcraft
Unstoppable Gorg
Varmintz Deluxe
World of Goo

Word games:

Boggle Deluxe
Bonnie's Bookstore
Flip Words
Hasbro Word Games
Lukcy Letters
Mega Flexicon
Scrabble 2013
Scrabble Plus
Scrabble Tour
Slot Words
Text Twist
word Craft
Word Emperor
Word Harmony
Word Jolt
Word power
Word Up
Word Wizard Deluxe


3D Mini Golf
Elf Bowling
Polar Bowler
Polar Golf
Polar Pool
Tennis Titans
Zombie Bowling

Card games:

5 Card Deluxe
Aloha Solitaire
Aloha Tri Peaks
Bicycle Card Games
Charm Solitaire
Flip Wit!
Gamehouse Solitaire
Hoyle Cards 2013
Lucky Streak Poker
Mahjong Towers 2
Pirates Solitaire 3
Slingo Deluxe
slingo Quest Amazon
Tri Peaks
Triple Towers
Vacation Solitaire

Board games / TV Shows:

Axis & Allies
Dead Man's Folly
Deal or No Deal 2
Family Feud - Battle of the Sexes
Hoyle Board Games
Kasparov Chessmate
Lucky Letters
Mega Monty
Monopoly Here and Now
Price is Right
Risk 2012
The Apprentice
Trivial Pursuit Unhinged
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire



#3237 5 years ago

Asking only $1400 for this one, so I can buy parts to complete the others. Will consider trades too.

Shipping is an option, I can wrap and prep it for someone to pick up.

#3238 5 years ago

19" touch monitor installed.

#3245 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballT:

I would like to sell and buy PoMC's Touchscreen.

Someone jump on this!

#3250 5 years ago

If anyone is interested in an incredible, hardcore, MAME/Home console arcade machine - just decided to list mine.


#3296 5 years ago