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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

5 years ago

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#5116 3 years ago
Quoted from ryansherwood:

Looking for Elvira and the party monsters

I believe 2manypins in VA who posts in this thread has one for sale if that's not too far for you travel

2 years later
#9598 1 year ago

Looking to sell my OG Monster Bash. Good condition some dents, dings etc. Positive it could use some bulbs in several spots. Back box lock was removed (will purchase a new one if you want). Does have a pinball pro speaker system, colorDMD, and scared stiff bone style flipper bats. If you are interested just email at gshanes@gmail.com. Must be able to come pick up and help get out of the house.

3 weeks later
#9669 1 year ago

Anyone with a nice Silverball Mania or NGG for sale not too far from Richmond, VA?

#9706 1 year ago

Looking for Avengers, NGG, Houdini, WOZ, or JJP POTC within 4 hours of Richmond, VA as well

#9736 1 year ago

Would anyone be interested in partnering up on a deal?

There is a pin I would like to get and I can get it brought to me by seller if I buy second game. I have no want for the other games he has so I am hoping someone in the area might be interested in buddying up with me.

Games he has for sale (and I can get you more info and pics if you are serious) Star Wars Pro, Ghostbusters Premium by Pinball Refinery, and s Star Trek Premium.

Contact me at gshanes@gmail.com or through pinside and we can chat about it.


#9754 1 year ago

Anyone have a NGG for sale?

#9792 1 year ago

Still looking for a NGG in the area if anyone has one for sale - no trade to offer unless you need accounting services, LOL.

Would also be interested in an RFM or SWEP1 must be in good working order

#9799 1 year ago

Request for assistance please

Anyone able to assist with pin transport in the next week or so from NJ to Richmond VA (or somewhere closer to me than NJ).

I need a JJP POTC LE brought from NJ (not far from JJP factory) to somewhere I can meet you (MD maybe) or closer if there is anyone making a journey very soon.

If so please contact by PM here or via email gshanes@gmail.com



#9803 1 year ago

FYI transport has been secured for my POTC thanks to members of this great forum

Appreciate the help everyone


#9835 1 year ago

If anyone has a nice 100% working STTNG or NGG hit me up please, thx

#9860 1 year ago

looking to trade Houdini plus cash for an MMR please

Houdini outright sale is possible as well but need to secure an MMR first. I really like Houdini but the family has spoken about what they want.

#9867 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

That may be the fastest turnaround I’ve ever seen, man you are out of control!

Well I want to keep it, the family does not. And because of what they want I need the funds from it to finance the MM. It happened with Shadow years ago, no one liked it but me so it left too. Such is life.

#9875 1 year ago

Well I am not knocking Houdini in any way. I like it and like I said if it was up to me it would stay but limited space limited budget then I have to go with the consensus

MM is a great game and we won’t get bored with it as none of us in the house are good enough to make wizard mode. Hell I still haven’t gotten monsters of rock after owning it for 14 years. We also don’t get to play every single day so that helps too. I’ll take offers on the Houdini I guess but would like to nail down an MMR as well. It’s sad that they didn’t put the XL display in it though

#9883 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

game changer when the XL display comes out. I really like them.

Absolutely if they do that they can have my money right now.

And I have also spoken with a distributor and they said not sure, no official word from CGC about it. I can't imagine them doing this for the same $7999. I expect if anything what they will do is offer a Collectors Edition or something like that with the XL display and a topper for something like $8499 or worse $8999.

#9885 1 year ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

I give those guys credit for dropping prices on the CE and keeping prices the same for SE and LE with AFMr and MBr. I would hope something similar with MMr.

I would hope so and I hope they announce something soon about MMR with XL however I have a feeling with all the delays with getting MBRLEs out there won't be any movement on this front for some time.

#9889 1 year ago

Well I think CC is a given I mean what else would you "remake" - TZ, TAF - nope. TOTAN, CV, and TOM would be nice but they wouldn't sell enough of those to warrant doing them.

And yeah I want everything to have that XL display now (or LCD i.e. JJP or new Sterns). I feel completely spoiled by it.

#9891 1 year ago

Well I think CC only succeeds as a remake if they can license the continued code or recode themselves. Not saying it won't sell on its own but I think if they did the extra code it would make a big difference. We like CC ourselves but not sure how long it would survive in a home environment.

As far as TOM or CV love both of those games as well but again not sure how well they would do as a remake.

#9895 1 year ago

Yes MB needed no code finishing they redid animations/dots due to the HD XL display and they look great.

It would be nice if they rereleased an LE of MMR with the XL display and light up speaker panel ala MBR and AFMR.

Its why I am hesitant to buy an MMR now. Also would be nice if they made the boardset change to MMR that they did for MBR as well i.e. 2 boards in the head vs one.

#9918 1 year ago

Still shopping around for a White Water and/or a Medieval Madness (remake) in the area. LMK if you have one to sell or trade.

Would be trading a Houdini.

Would possibly be interested in a nice 100% working STTNG as well.

#9922 1 year ago

Anyone near Richmond interested in doing a White Water playfield swap. This type of thing is over my head and would like to pay someone for the job.

Can work around your time frame (bring you the game of course).

If so please contact me.



#9924 1 year ago

debating getting it. It doesn't HAVE to have a pf but I think it needs one at some point. Long term definitely needs one

And yes this is the cheaper one with topper issues - as in the decal is just that a decal no foil etc

#9927 1 year ago

Awesome group here guys made some new connections today for folks willing to help me out. Will definitely come in handy in the future - Much appreciated!

Based on that still looking for a White Water and an MMR

Have Houdini to trade


#9933 1 year ago

Houdini is officially up for sale. Found a White Water today and was a little more $$ than planned so this has to go to help recover costs. Not what I want to do but the family wants the White Water and an MMR so here I am


Great condition has a blemish on the back of the backbox (can't see unless you are behind the game of course) piece of wood out of it from prior owner (sadly I didn't find out about it til after I got the game, my mistake)

Has power upgrade installed
EOS fipper switch update (not installed)
Lermods trough light (purple)
API Theater screen mod
Seance sign mod (in place of Spirit sign)
Water torture tank from Hooked on pinball
Straight Jacket mod
Plastic protector set from Little Shop of Games
AP Houdini topper
Art blades from Tilted Graphics (I got it that way)

Waiting on 1 new leg bolt from Barry at API as one of the ones I had was stripped. Inner leg bracket already replaced.

I think that's it. If there is anything else extra to the game I'll come back and add to the post.

No trades. Will take pics this evening and make available. Prefer pick up from my house but can probably meet you about about 90 mins away maybe a hair farther depending on how much time I can get away from work.

Hit me up if you are interested.

FYI will donate to pinside if it sells to a forum member.



#9940 1 year ago

Anyone interested in a Rob Zombie Spookshow International pin?

If so lmk as I may be getting one in trade this week that I need to flip quickly. Can do partial trade or outright sale preferred.

#9947 1 year ago

Anyone have anything for sale within about 2 hours of Richmond in the 2k or less range?

If so lmk.

Unrealistic I know but a lower tier DMD would be great or a solid system 11. Not against a Data East, Sega, or Gottlieb game either. Must be working 100%.

Solid state game is ok as well but depends on game. Not interested in EMs

#9951 1 year ago

Its official looking to trade or sell a Rob Zombie Spookshow International

Game is currently located in PA but will be at my house tomorrow morning. If you are in the PA area jump on this today.

Open to most any trade but prefer outright sale. Hit me up if you are interested.

I'll be posting in the market shortly and have some pics as well.


#9966 1 year ago

Ok so Houdini has gone to its new owner, Rob Zombie to its new owner so I am looking to get another game. Reposting my request from the other day.

Anyone have anything for sale within about 2 hours of Richmond in the 2500 or less range?

Unrealistic I know but a lower tier DMD would be great or a solid system 11. Not against a Data East, Sega, or Gottlieb game either. Must be working 100%.

Solid state game is ok as well but depends on game. Not interested in EMs

#9982 1 year ago

So it looks like we are going to wait on finding an MMR so the family wants to see if we can track down a NGG.

Hit me up if you have one please (preferably under 4k)


#9988 1 year ago

Anyone with a World Cup Soccer for sale?

#9997 1 year ago
Quoted from Coz:

I’ve got a fish tales I’ll sell for $2500

If I cannot find a WCS soon I may very well take you up on that if its still available. Have 3 possible leads on WCS just need people to send me some more info. FT is a great game.

#10005 1 year ago

If I wasn't trying to get a WCS I would have already snapped up the BF. GLWS

#10036 1 year ago

Looking for a WCS 94 within a few hours of Richmond, VA. Must be a 100% working game

#10040 12 months ago

Anyone need an LCD ColorDMD?

I just got one from a pinsider and do not need it as the game I am getting has one already.

Just looking to get what I paid for it $385 and will ship for that price.

SOLD - its off to the Richmond Pinball Collective happy to see its staying local and going to good place!

#10042 12 months ago

Pretty sure WPC let me look at the cables right quick.

A handshake and I may even be able to deliver depending on where you are.

Ah hell local p/u you get $5 off!

Yep WPC cables with the display. Got it from Jesterfunhouse btw in case anyone cares

#10054 12 months ago

Still looking for a WCS 94 if you have one FS please contact me


1 week later
#10161 11 months ago

Looking for standard size stern hd glass or pdi glass - 2 sheets

Willing to pick up within a few hours of Richmond

10 months later
#11691 35 days ago

I know this is the FS thread for this area but seems like the best place to post my question. If inappropriate a mod can delete or I will remove.

Anyone relatively local to Richmond, VA that has experience have any interest in redoing a cabinet?

I have a WH20 that has new PF, ramps, boulders etc but the cabinet kinda sucks (not horrific) but could use fixing up and new decals. This is completely out of abilities and would like to see if anyone would be interested in the job.


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