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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

6 years ago

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#1435 5 years ago

In Pittsburgh PA and looking for a jurassic park. If you have one in very good condition, PM me.

#1475 5 years ago

cmon Western PA/OH - someone has to have a good condition Jurassic Park.....itching to pick it up! ; )

#1479 5 years ago

should mention looking for a JP original, not lost world thanks guys

1 week later
#1526 5 years ago

Looking for a great condition Jurassic park still. Willing to drive hours to pick up. PM me as I'm looking to pick up asap. Cash ready!

1 week later
#1599 5 years ago
Quoted from twitami:

Doh, sorry man, must have missed the call somehow. They are still available.

Too bad JP lost world isn't just Jurassic park b/c I would prob be over ASAP if it was : ( Good luck with the sale.

If anyone is thinking of selling their Jurassic park, PM me as I'm looking to buy one ASAP. Thanks

#1601 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

There is one in Richmond,VA. It's on CL but I know the seller, good guy.

Yeah - I looked at that already. Very nice guy but big time players table and the price just doesn't reflect it.

#1602 5 years ago

double post sorry

#1633 5 years ago

If anyone has a Jurassic Park for sale (not the Richmond one), lmk.

#1663 5 years ago

so who wants to sell me their Jurassic Park.....hmmm... ; )

3 weeks later
#1774 5 years ago

I'm going to be posting my recently restored getaway high speed 2 soon. Reluctantly though - can't have more than two pins and with a new one coming in, this one is being rotated out. 2950. Pittsburgh PA.

#1786 5 years ago

my getaway in Pittsburgh has now been posted:


#1833 5 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Well unfortunately only bttf would be probably the only one around that price range but even that lately has been on the higer end . Look at some gottlieb, data east and Sega titles see if there are some others u may like .

Guys - bttf goes for about 2800 now. I sold mine for that price a few months ago. No way even close to 1500 now. In fact if you see one buy it for that price!

#1840 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

If you could have bought a nice one for 1200, no offense but you clearly missed a great deal. I sold one for 2200 a year ago and my buddy sold his for 2400 last year. I'll take a 1200 bttf all day.

This might be the same guy who sold a getaway for 1800 which is also low.

Please next time you sell a pin email me so I can buy it! You sound like the charity case of pinball! You're giving deals away everywhere!

3 weeks later
#2035 5 years ago

PM sent for the VP table

1 week later
#2084 5 years ago

really nice looking pin! Good price too. If only I was looking for a freddy....not sure the 3 year old would go for that ; )

1 week later
1 month later
#2470 5 years ago

If anyone has blue sling plastics for Jurassic Park (or any plastics) PM me. Thought I would ask here since you're local to me.

1 month later
#3151 5 years ago

Looking for an Addams Family or Tron. Have a restored JP and near collectors Guns N Roses (both pins have updated speakers, GnR has pinsound card w/custom music). PM me if you have either and interested. In pitts.

#3167 5 years ago

Looking for TAF or Tron....

#3197 5 years ago

cmon Addams Family or tron for sale.....certainly someone has one in great condition that is looking to unload ; )

#3210 5 years ago

Guns N Roses near collector quality sample pin with pinsound card just listed.

#3212 5 years ago

ha that's right!

#3255 5 years ago

Posted my Jurassic Park in the marketplace, with extra plastics. FYI


3450 OBO.

1 week later
#3321 5 years ago

looking for a nice TAF - PM me if you have one. Willing to drive to pick it up. Selling a premier Jurassic for trade as well

#3344 5 years ago

still looking for a nice Addams Family if anyone has one - willing to drive 4 hours to get. Thanks.

1 week later
#3411 5 years ago

Looking for a Twilight Zone - would trade my Tron Pro and cash to me.

3 weeks later
#3513 5 years ago

Trying to get a group of guys in for PDI or Invisiglass. Already have 2 wides and 2 regular. If you have any interest, live in Pittsburgh to further reduce the cost, PM me.

5 months later
#4729 4 years ago

Just posted a very nice TAF fully loaded. Looking to trade:

MET, WOZ, IJTPA or potentially TSPP


PM if interested. In pitts.

2 weeks later
#4887 4 years ago

Thinking of putting up my WOZ RR HUO for trade only. Looking for a MET Pro LED with color DMD, upgraded sound, etc. Cash on your end as well (as the machine is worth around 8600 or so). Having fun with it which is why I'm not going for the straight sale. Curious what's out there. Located in Pitts.

Woz has the castle mod, witch mod, house and tornado light, hot air balloon light, updated target stickers, tree glowing lights, shooter knob red to match and red Canon light. It's basically the Cadillac of RR. Comes with topper too (minor crack on the witch that really can't been seen unless very up close). Table and cabinet are mint as expected. New rubbers and balls too. I can take pics if interested but it's a looker.

PM ME if you're interested.

1 week later
#4997 4 years ago

Going to sell my really nice original run PF pro Metallica to buy a premium. Will be posting soon. HUO, 2nd owner although only had it for a couple of weeks. Mods. 5200

#5002 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

What mods? Does it have a ColorDMD?

It does not. I'm also not aware where you can get a brand new for under 5k but you also have the pf issues. I'm going to list my shortly. Comes with mods and sub 5300.

#5003 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Im assuming it does . I sold a huo original run with bunch mods not long ago for 4500. They are still making new ones u can get for under 5k and its the metpro led version which some like better including myself.

4500 is a steal. That person got a great price!

#5005 4 years ago

Just sent a pm

#5007 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Not really it was priced correctly imo from what i saw others selling /asking for a under 500 play 1 owner huo original met with 300-400 in mods imo. Like a i said new ones are at 4800-5k now delivered if you call around and they are the newer pro led ones so a used original sld be 4250-4750 depending on upgrades . Mods dont add value for the most part unless its color dmd or something of that nature and gotta find a buyer that really want/like the mods. .Definitely no shortage of met pros around . There was a nib original on here not long ago that was 4200 and i dont think ever sold . Good luck with your sale as its one on sterns best ever

thanks. I'm using the current market for used and they're not at that level. New LED METs have PF issues too and a lot are avoiding like the plague - rightfully so. Price of nib from one of the best dis is not under 5k (I called about this 2 weeks ago) so I'm not sure where brand new under 5k is. Next time you sell a used pin pm me though b/c I like your prices!

EDIT - I think actually you're the guy I've seen before selling really cheap pins (he was out of MD). You migth have changed your avatar though. Please PM me when you sell!

#5009 4 years ago

thanks man - I just remember your prices are always low. The avatar threw me off! In all seriousness though, from what I've seen on your other games, I think you sell them a little short (you can def get more). I know b/c I've sold similar games as you in the past and we've had this convo before. I'm all about you continuing that though - just PM me first!! ; )

EDIT - posted.


#5011 4 years ago

walking dead is a game I need to really check out. Last one on my list but I've heard so many bad things in the beginning but now people say it's good.

#5013 4 years ago

appreciate the offer. Used to live in Arlington for 10 years. Love DC Metro area.

#5031 4 years ago

When I buy a new game, first thing i do is buy new balls. Thought the new owner should be aware they are brand new. jeez. I'll go ahead and move it somewhere else so it doesn't seem like it's a "mod". ; )

#5034 4 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Person that I held the game for never showed up, so ad is back up. I tried to alert everyone in order that had responded last week to see if any of you still wanted it, but I think I deleted a few of the PM's once I thought it was sold.
As I mentioned before, I have it listed on CL for $1,550 but will let it go for $1,450 to any fellow Pinsider that wants it.
machinefor salePlaced 2016-10-27 15:48 (4 days ago)For sale: Batman (Data East, 1991)“Offering up my DE Batman. Playfield has some wear, mainly near the pops and the right return lane (where this title always has wea...” $ 1,550 (Firm) Colsond3 Langhorne, PA Used, working and clean

My friend who lives near you will be reaching out (Chris). If you were by me i would buy it tonight

#5041 4 years ago

sale pending on MET Pro. If anything falls through, I will post here.

2 weeks later
#5141 4 years ago

There was a guy who was selling a really nice one maybe in kentucky or alabama or someone that isn't too close but not impossible to get to and it was not selling. I was almost going to buy it! That's how it works though - no SS now and then next week 3.

#5157 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

I know of 3 recently that have gone for between 7-8. My guess is it's not even rumored to get remade like some of the other titles. It's fun but not deep and people like Elvira talking naughty to them

thats my problem with SS and why I've held off on buying. So many times come close but it's just not deep. I wish it was b/c it has one of the nicest looking PFs and like someone said before - is inviting to anyone who plays it.

3 months later
#6002 4 years ago

Looking for Indiana Jones (TPA) - PM me if you have one in nice condition. Thinking of trading or selling my fully loaded MET PREM w/road show case (but Monsters Translit) - prob nicest I've seen as it's fully upgraded. Would be a cash/trade combo.

#6005 4 years ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

I think I saw a really nice one listed and its in NJ. Check the market. I'll be over to play it once you get it! lol

will check it out. Not sold on the MET sale yet but I'm def interested. Work has died down a bit and got a chance to play IJ again at that kickback cafe and it's not the nicest kept table but it has so much damn character and the theme/sounds are great. Just wish it wasn't widebody.

EDIT - 8500? Yeah, that's a little too much for IJ. Prob keep it to 5k-6k. We'll see.

1 week later
#6039 4 years ago

cash burning a hole in my pocket. Indiana Jones TPA owners - let's make a deal!!!

1 week later
#6076 4 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

It is really a wreck and is going to take some considerable time to bring back to life. Playfield needs some love. Driver board is badly burned. Flipper mech on the left is totally busted. Ramp up down is broken. A few chipped plastics, oh and then there are all of the cut wires.

Sounds like a mess. Assuming it was very cheap?

#6099 4 years ago
Quoted from yonizzell:

Machine - For Sale
For Sale: The Hobbit Smaug Gold SEHome Used Only (HUO) “I am looking to trade my The Hobbit Smaug Gold SE pinball for an MMR LE or sell outright. My machine has cliffy protectors, sling and inlane plastic protectors, playfield protec...”
32 days ago Fayetteville, PA 7,250 (Firm)

Last price drop. Get a The Hobbit Smaug Gold with upgrades at a ridiculous price!

I really wish I liked this game b/c this is a great price. Crazy how a game stocked like this (so well made, LED TV IN THE MACHINE, etc) is now becoming cheaper than an old WPC 95 game. GLWS - no question someone will jump on this.

2 months later
#6480 3 years ago

Thinking about selling my ghostbusters premium. HUO original owner, Perfect PF, green DMD, side art, shaker, basically everything that is needed and looks good on this game. Not 100% but putting it out - PM if interested. Thinking about getting WOZ, GnR, Jurassic Park or getaway. PM if interested.

#6488 3 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I want to trade my GBPremium for a GBLE +cash. But I'm guessing that isn't what you're looking for..

Not sure I understand what you're saying. Your gb premium?

2 weeks later
#6617 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

My Corolla (Near Nags Head) beachhouse is now renting for 2018. It has WOZ, AS, GB. Rent ranges from $1200 to $3200. I'm posting here because I'd rather rent to Pin lovers and the "good" weeks are usually gone by November . PM me if interested or see Village Realty CC 125.

Good to know. Just came back from vacation there.

1 week later
#6650 3 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

Not if it's nice shape.
Average around 2500 right now. Lucky to find a players shape for 2200.

No 3k for T2 is too much even nice shape. 3k T2 would be basically NIB..

1 week later
#6681 3 years ago

Going to post a nice Indy 500 soon. Better than players, not collectors. Looking for WCS, TWD, RBON or Hobbit. PM me if interested....

#6700 3 years ago

Looking for a nice WOZ ECLE - PM me if have and want to sell.

#6702 3 years ago

Some guy in Indiana thread said has HUO... Atleast I thought they did. Check the for sale threads

#6724 3 years ago

still looking for a TWD pro or WOZ ECLE. Willing to drive some ways. PM me if interested in selling yours.

1 week later
#6791 3 years ago

that is a great deal (VP Cabs). I suggest you make it really clear that the table has force feedback. Smoking deal compared to what I've seen sell on pinsider for VP.

Now let's get me a WoZ!!! Still looking for one...my TWD is now on the marketplace

1 week later
#6892 3 years ago

Walking dead pro super nice, best mods like topper for sale. Also about to post my killer virtual pin by VP cabs. Top line version with feedback and updated graphics card playing the latest games as of this week.

#6941 3 years ago

RBION is a fun game but that damn monkey voice KILLS me. So annoying

#6960 3 years ago

TWD still available - 4900 with topper, 4650 without.

#6974 3 years ago

Basically brand new TWD pro priced very well still for sale. In Pittsburgh....

#7026 3 years ago

Want to trade for your GB Pro for my nice WCS+cash. PM if interested.

#7031 3 years ago

If anyone wants to trade their GB pro for a very nice WCS and cash, pm me.

#7080 3 years ago

Looking for RBION pm if have one. Very nice wcs trade/cash

#7097 3 years ago

I'm looking for shadow PM if you have one.

#7099 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Paging rob stone...

Haha what's funny is I just gave Rob his shadow from a 3 way deal. Now I want one after reading more about it....

#7102 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I thought you were looking for a RBION??

I was - passed on it.

#7104 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I hear you... ive been looking for a very nice modded shadow forever..... goodluck. Most are overpriced and beat from my experience.

Yeah - just started looking for one. To be honest, I'm not even 100% on it. In fact, I want a 3rd machine and nothing is really grabbing me as a must buy. I have the bug for tron right now but the prices have absolutely gone through the roof for a pro (7k+?). I might just sit around and watch for a little. The only pin I'm 100% in right now is Alien. Damn I'm pumped for that game.

#7112 3 years ago

Looking for Judge Dredd or potential JP or MET - PM me if you have one

#7121 3 years ago

Looking for nice JD pm me if you have one

1 month later
#7311 3 years ago

Just posted my loaded Dialed-In LE. Looking for a nice shadow, congo or ToM. PM me if interested.


#7327 3 years ago

Guys - looking for a loaded MET pro or nice JP. PM if you have one

#7330 3 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Guy on Facebook as a brand new Jurassic Park in the Box. Only $6,000

wow what a deal ; )

#7352 3 years ago

My Dialed In LE still for sale. JP, GB, WCS, MET and Shadow potential trades/cash.

#7364 3 years ago

DI LE still available for trade/cash. PM if interested. Considering GB, MET PRO, JP, WCS, Shadow and ToM for trades....

#7375 3 years ago

Looking for a MET pro or nice shadow or Jurassic Park. Thinking of selling my Judge Dredd (nice example fully loaded with color dmd, deadmod, etc). Need another non widebody. PM me if interested.

#7383 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Lol I know one in Arlington you can try out

Arlington VA - great place! Miss the area....

#7385 3 years ago

cash ready for the following: JP, Shadow, WCS and potentially MET Pro. PM if you have. Can complete deal ASAP.

#7411 3 years ago

Still looking for a new MET, JP or shadow. Can turn around quick this weekend - PM if interested.

#7413 3 years ago

knew that wasn't going to last.

#7425 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I am really curious if someone would want to sell invisiglass. Count me in if so!

I would buy some too. I always think about buying as a group for the discount but then delivery becomes a pain

#7436 3 years ago

Still looking for met pro shadow and or jp. Can act asap lmk

2 weeks later
#7468 3 years ago

Condition of no fear?

#7486 3 years ago

So thinking about trading my nice RBION (mirror blades, great pf, chrome and color changing CT backbox, etc). Dialed in and recently shopped.

Interested in wcs or GB pro. Pm if interested.

#7504 3 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

HUO Aerosmith Pro for sale just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. PM if interested. Thanks & Happy Holidays.

damn - was hoping for your wcs - maybe even bsd or ACDC - trade for my nice Ripleys!! GLWS.

#7529 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I'm looking for a Flintstones pinball. PM me if you have one for sale.

Check Pittsburgh Craiglist. I believe one was posted. Fyi

1 week later
#7592 3 years ago

Looking for a nice GB (pro - no ghosting) for my loaded shadow and some cash. PM if interested.

#7605 3 years ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

Wow...this game sounds fantastic. I’ll probably be looking for this exact one in six months or so. Too bad the timing is not right for me. GLWS.

As someone who basically just updated his MET to be like this (less the grave rising) it's an amazing upgrade and really worth the extra cash. It isn't easy either. I would say color DMD is imperative in this title!

#7632 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Metallica Pro - loaded with Total Light Show package and spinners, $5500 (minus the rising grave marker mech).

For the right price I might be interested in buying the grave mech if you're trimming it off. Pm if interested

1 week later
#7686 3 years ago

Thinking about buying a tron - PM me if interested. Nice BSD for trade and potentially some others.

1 week later
#7762 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Apologize forgot there were two. These are the ones sold by pinbits for 399 Prefer local so person can see the game and really looking for trades

whats the difference b/w ewire and the eli kit? Or better put - which are the ones that operate like the LE?

#7764 3 years ago

OK - seems like his is the LE style/elis kit from pinbits. Thanks.

#7780 3 years ago

Nice BSD will be up for sale soon. Don't want to sell but really want a tron. Very clean, recently torn down PF updated with spot lights and LED strips. Looks very nice. Nice cab. PM if interested.

1 week later
#7803 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Well, found an Indy 500 outside of pinside... have a little trip to Pittsburgh happening in the very near future!
Still on the hunt for Big Game! Looking like my RS will be hitting the market in the next month!

If you have a tron for sale and making the trip to Pitts - lmk!

#7814 3 years ago

Still looking for a HUO tron. Let's make it happen! I will likely be listing my very nice MET pro, modded out with everything included color, spinners, total light show, etc. It's a prem, no hammer. PM for a trade/cash on my end!

#7817 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Did you see the one Billsfanmd has for sale?

I did - I want non routed quality. No cabinet dents, clean ramps and like new ramp entry flaps. Basically I want a cherry tron. There around - been through 2. Looking to make 3 a much longer stay.

#7819 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Im going to be selling or partial tradeing my very clean all matching numbers beautiful huo tz with nice tasteful mods including 8 hr video tv ,color dmd, invisaglass, rocket, skull, camera, pyramid, car, all cliffys, plastic protectors, ingo clock, white clock face, backboard decal, all leds, interactive lighted gumball, steel gumballs, interactive undrrcab flashers, lighted translight door mod, relocated batteries, diverter magmet and sticker, target decals, piano mod, missing flasher mod and probably some others im forgetting. Only pin i wld trade towards wld be a hobbit . Looking to get 8700 as is or i can remove the glass and color dmd and sell for 8200. If interested i can provide pics . Its a very nice original tz that plays great. Im also looking for a nice toyota truck if u happen to have one of those lol.

the time has finally come - BigD selling his infamous TZ. GLWS!

#7830 3 years ago

is there a video of this? I'm curious to see how this looks/plays with old IJ in new IJ. Crazy.

#7832 3 years ago

looking for a nice tron.....cash ready

#7834 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

One posted for trade in Annapolis

thanks! I reached out. We'll see.

#7848 3 years ago

About to list an absolutely stunning WoZ RR.... Fully loaded. Interested in nice jp or ijtpa

#7860 3 years ago

Gorgeous WoZ RR for sale.


Interested in JP and cash but would entertain offers. IJ SS and ToM possibly.

#7883 3 years ago
Quoted from Lemank:

Honestly everybody usually discounts games about 300 so I was hoping to pick one up for that. I’m hearing crickets so I assume there is not much of a used market on them.

Like none - maybe saw 1 for sale in the past 2 years.

#7887 3 years ago

Still looking for a nice JP. PM me.

1 week later
#7913 3 years ago

on the hunt now for ST pro. PM if interested....

#7948 3 years ago

Star Trek Pro - where are you? Thousands in cash is waiting! Quick turnaround. PM if interested.

#7962 3 years ago

Going to put my GB prem up for sale (pretty sure) - HUO, green dmd, side art, shaker, the works. Gorgeous machine.

Looking for Star Trek (pro or prem), ACDC prem, ToM, IJ, potential MET prem. Not looking for cash.

#7972 3 years ago

Very nice GB prem listed. Green DMD, Shaker, Side blades - the works. Looking for cash/trade. See ad.

1 week later
#8015 3 years ago

If anyone wants to sell their pinsound pm me

#8017 3 years ago

I would buy it BUT I need WPC 95 for NGG!

#8020 3 years ago

Thanks guys - I'm not overly picky on the card. Can you clarify how to ensure this will work with WPC 95? What is the adaptor I need? I believe the new pinsound works with all of them.

#8024 3 years ago


thanks for the ebay notification. Bought the card and the adaptor from pinsound. 325 for everything. I will take it. Thanks!

#8058 3 years ago

Looking for a nice Monopoly. Recently took in a nicer NGG (no fade cab, recently shopped, new rubbers, mirror blades, etc) that I can trade for it (+cash to me). Comes with brand new color DMD too although I can replace with standard dmd to reduce cost. Can move fast on it thanks

4 weeks later
#8178 3 years ago
Quoted from vilant:

Have a Williams IJ cabinet for sale. Was re-decaled by a previous owner. Was going to strip it and re-decal it for a STTNG but fell out of restoring machines. Asking $350 OBO. Will send pics on request.

PM sent....

1 week later
#8212 3 years ago

Sounds like a doable drive to me save the cash and wait time

1 week later
#8238 3 years ago

Restored Monopoly in flash sale for Allentown delivery. Check the ad in marketing.

#8252 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Shots are not too tight! You just gotta be gentle

Not only are the shots too tight but for me the entire game was a disappointment. It just doesn't feel good and the art package is stub par. Not surprised you're starting to see many for sale.

What's funny is that another recent game iron maiden was the opposite. Not excited at all and played it and was really impressed. It's now in the back of my car

#8254 3 years ago
Quoted from Crispin:

My gripe with Houdini is the animation times interrupting gameplay. Oh and Congrats on your IMDN delt31 You chose wisely!!!!

Thanks. Yes great point on the animation times. Yes you can cancel but it just kills the flow

#8257 3 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

I played Houdini tonight and thought it was really good and the build quality seemed as solid as it gets. I may get stoned publicly for saying this, but I enjoyed it more than I did Iron Maiden.

no public stoning - that's what makes this place interesting! I really like American Pinball - would love to give them my business someday.

#8276 2 years ago

Looking for a nice I500 - trade a nice MP. PM if interested.

#8291 2 years ago

Yes - MP = monopoly.

Btw - looking for the walking dead pro. Going to give it another shot. Would love to do trade cash for my super nice Monopoly. Can turn around asap. PM me if interested. Thanks

#8300 2 years ago

looks like a nice game for the price. You also might be a better pinball player than me with just that 1 hand!

#8315 2 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

I got a Star Trek Pro for sale NOB. On marketplace now. $5,100 obo. Just got it last week from Automated Services for $5,700. Has 30 plays. Bought it NIB. Great game just not into theme.

5700 sounds really high for an older stern pro. Sorry to hear but I will tell you - I don't like Star Trek at all but I find the pin to be really fun.

#8326 2 years ago

problem with this all is I understand if he kept it NIB and never opened but once that seal is cracked, you're going to take a hit. It sucks - I would be weary of buying from automated just based on this b/c that price is super jacked up.

If I were you I would price this at 4850 and drop to 4700 if need be. I wouldn't go lower than that.

#8344 2 years ago

Looking for Williams Indy. Would be willing to trade my Iron Maiden for it and cash. PM if interested.

#8346 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Lol... u are something else ... gl

you know the way I roll ; ) Although rather not but want that IJ.

#8349 2 years ago

I'm thinking a 3 way trade!!!! I'll bring the maiden.

#8362 2 years ago

looking for nice Scared Stiff - pm me for quick turnaround. Cash or trade works.

#8366 2 years ago

Just listed my basically new iron maiden pro with shaker and some other minor add ons. cash only no trades. Thanks

#8386 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Interested in trading my IMLE #418 for a pro plus cash if anyone is interested

I'm interested in trading a pro but not for another IM.....

Maybe trade the LE for IJ and cash and then I will trade my pro for the IJ and cash ; )

#8401 2 years ago

Looking for IJTPA......

#8414 2 years ago
Quoted from Evilelement:

Its all good , post barely lasted an hr
Pending pickup now

So all three of those machines for one stern? What a deal

4 weeks later
#8533 2 years ago

Getting the dialed in itch. Might put up my ultra nice Tron (pro but it's basically LE - literally has everything and more). If interested pm me. Still thinking through

#8536 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

i will def add a Tron back. have owned one the past 5 years. only thing I can trade is houdini and still love it

yeah Houdini and I just aren't feeling each other! haha. I was playing tron today - already having second thoughts! If a DI comes up, I would consider. Not looking to move for anything else.

#8574 2 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

Just played Maiden pro last night for the first time. Was impressed with the package. Great looking game, and really fun layout. Might not be for you, but someone will surely enjoy it.

IMO - if you like the music, it's a no brainer. If you don't, as I've learned, it's a pass. At first you can convince yourself it's not that bad and it even begins to make a little more sense but the more and more you play it, the music absolutely kills it for a non fan. I really hope Stern reskins it like shrek/FG. Such a good game....

#8582 2 years ago

Looking for a nice TAF. Potential trade for ultra nice SS or Tron (not sure yet) or cash. PM me if interested.

#8608 2 years ago

Going to put up my HUO TnA with all the mods except butter cab. Like new condition as you might expect. Trade only.

Potentials (nice condition - potential cash to me depending on game):

ST Prem

Reach out if interested.

#8637 2 years ago

Looking for AFMr LE green too. PM if interested

#8650 2 years ago

Looking for a nice White Water and AFMr LE (green trim pref). PM if you have either. Can turn around quick. Thanks

1 week later
#8696 2 years ago

TnA and AFMr now cash only.... Priced to move. Check marketplace. Pm if interested.

#8724 2 years ago

TnA and afmr still available. Cash only.... Let's make a deal....

#8744 2 years ago

Gorgeous TnA, AFMr and Tron for sale. PM if interested. Trades include dialed in and maybe wh20. Thanks

#8755 2 years ago

Another weekend deal - TnA 6975 pick up. Loaded. See marketplace ad.

#8762 2 years ago

weekend deal for a loaded like new TnA

1 week later
#8817 2 years ago

Looking to trade or sell my loaded HUO TnA. Trade wise, interested in many although looking for mid tier and cash except if it's dialed in...
Walking Dead, JP, wcs, getaway, i500, TSPP, Spiderman, Shadow, Congo, - let me know what you have. Nice condition - you know the way I roll ; )

#8830 2 years ago

Going to post my Hobbit Smaug pretty soon. HUO, mirrors, plastic protectors, 100% no issues, perfect cab, etc. Just not feeling it. PM if interested. Looking for trade cash or just cash.

#8833 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

What are you looking for in trade?

Potential for Dialed In, or an older williams/bally game in the 3-5k range or JP.

1 week later
#8895 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

I know but hate losing IM unless I find one...just need patience

You're not going to want a beatup white water. Anyone who trades an average or above WH20 for 4500 is selling it undervalue with this market. Do yourself the favor and sell IM, get the cash and add some more to get the game. It's such a fun one.

#8899 2 years ago

Looking for a nice Virtual Pinball table. PM if you have one. Quick turnaround and trade potential.

Force feedback a must

#8903 2 years ago

Want to buy a Dialed In LE - have cash ready. PM me if interested

#8943 2 years ago

still looking for a virtual pin with force feedback - PM if you have one. thanks

3 weeks later
#9065 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Whoa. Great price!!

Great seller too. If I didn't have one I would be all over this.

1 week later
#9099 2 years ago

Looking for a nice shadow. I have a Hobbit Smaug to trade but can do cash. Pm if interested.

#9130 2 years ago
Quoted from djh00000:

I'm going to be selling off a large portion of my collection. A large portion of the games are in pristine condition and some still need shopped. It's not a fire sale but if you see something that interest you in my collection profile, you can call or text me at 717-609-6547.

Edit ok.

If anyone is interested stunning Hobbit Smaug for sale.....

1 week later
#9173 2 years ago

Looking for a nice Congo. PM if you have one you want to sell/trade. Thanks!

#9175 2 years ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

And just like that, Delt wants to take a ride on the Congo train!

I think it's time I gave it a proper chance! I hate having games you have but what can I say - you have good taste!

#9187 2 years ago

Looking for TWD Prem or Congo. Cash ready

#9204 2 years ago

People of Buffalo and upstate NY - I'm heading to Buffalo for a wedding a saturday. If you have TWD prem (or Alien?) and want to make a deal, PM me. Thanks!

#9213 2 years ago

Change the music with pinbrowser and it's actually not a bad game

#9216 2 years ago

I have a GOT LE w/color DMD and mirrors (HUO). Not looking for cash. PM with some trade ideas (TWD being pref but open to others) if interested.

#9221 2 years ago

GOT LE still avail

#9224 2 years ago


#9240 2 years ago