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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

6 years ago

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#6155 3 years ago

Anyone In VA or MD maybe even PA have a BK 2000 for sale? IF so please PM me.

1 week later
#6194 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathTouch:

Been looking for one myself.

Got out off local classifieds in awesome condition

3 weeks later
#6298 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

Demolition Man looks really fun. Anybody local have one I can come play? Bowen makes all pinball look fun and a little easy.
There are a few for sale in the region and I keep thinking it's a good idea to get one. I just can't figure out what to sell to make space and free up the needed cash. I have trouble letting pins go and then I miss them once they are gone
Demolition Man seems to be on the upswing price-wise. Is this because all pins are going up or is it becoming more popular? Hopefully, some of mine are also going up in value too.
Short list of pins I should sell:
Raven: Will result in space, but not much cash ;-( I have a lot of other Gottlieb pins and maybe it's time for this starter pin to move on...
WCS: I wanted one for a long time, but I could let it go. I like the gameplay, but the theme leaves me a little flat. NBA Fastbreak had a similar theme issue.
Pinbot: I really like it and it's a good value. Doesn't get a ton of play.
Meteor: I really like this too, but it's an easy sale ATM. I paid too much for this. Didn't see the sticker on the playfield until I waxed. Sellers who don't disclose, stink!
If you could look at my collection and just say bad things about them it would really help

Sell me that Star Ship Troopers I love to bug you about that one hahaha.

#6302 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

A $3600 Walking Dead just showed up on Craigslist Richmond...based on the picture I assume it has been on route. link

Yeah I saw that as well. It appears to be in pretty good shape. But 3600 not in the cards right now sadly. One day

3 weeks later
#6417 3 years ago
Quoted from per3per3:

Anyone have a TSPP they're looking to sell? I'd love to find one locally.
Lower on my list is NGG and AC/DC.

I haven't seen much for days. I'd still like to know who scooped up that nice T2 for $1200 off of let go. Thing sold in under 3 hours. I bet it was skyemont .

By chance does anyone have an Apollo 13 they would be willing to part with. That game is one of my Grail's and I don't see it come up very often.

#6420 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

To many sites to track now. Is there an app that aggregates all them together?

I wish they spring up so fast someone would have to write a super bitchin ALI to be able to aggregate data really fast from new data sources perhaps a joint venture for us? You develop and I will QA hahahaha

#6428 3 years ago

Looks like we have a flipper for that walking dead that came up a few weeks ago link

#6432 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Hobbyists blocking other hobbyists so you can make a quick buck as a hobbyist... yes that's a problem. If you don't want it, don't cock block others.

This. But I actually know that seller I am more so just being funny. I think he just really wants a Star Wars

#6442 3 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

This isn't and wasn't really intended to be a flip. I like the game a lot. I'm happy to keep it, play it, keep it longer. It's priced fairly and firm at $4300. It could sell for that, it might not. It's a fantastic game. I put a lot of work and some money into it to tune it up and make it shine. It's a great looker and an even better player. Good fortune it was to grab it, I'm really enjoying it.
Anyone heard the "anything is for sale for a price" saying? Just letting folks know what my price would be haha. Not trying to offend.

Put a price up for Simpsons Pinball Party or just PM me. Yeah I agree rvapinballer - is not a flipper I was just being funny. Btw is that Turtles for sale (Read the cl posting and you will get what I mean). Also I think for the condition of that game plus the work done, $4300 would not be unreasonable. I would have paid that but no way in hell my wife would let that machine come to our house. She thought Mars God of War was creepy. Could you imagine if I brought home a Walking Dead machine. She would lose it when the Zombies pick through the intestines during the end of game match event.

#6445 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Its all good I never saw it that way, and your friend even said he was joking, just making a general statement. I think its great that you got it for a low price, dressed it up, and now taking it to dinner to trade for a date you really want LOL (oh wait I am not supposed LOL on this thread). Its all GOOD in my book.

I do kind of agree with your thought. I think it would be okay to buy something to flip if you were trying to make money to buy other pinball machines. Some of us have Wives that will Kill us if we ask them for 8k for a Starwars Pin hahaha so I could see this as a valid way to make some money. Some might consider it a bit uncool but meh, I think its fine.

#6453 3 years ago

Looking for a fun project machine. No problem if it's in rough shape / not working, that is part of the fun. Preferably something with a DMD or Alpha Numeric. PM me if any of you guys have something laying around you want gone. I have a Truck and Cash.

#6455 3 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Interested in a Road Kings or eight ball deluxe? Those are the two projects I have sitting in the basement.

I kind of want an Eight Ball Deluxe. Shoot me a PM so we can discuss and now that I look at it Maybe the road kings as well. Both of those seem to be pretty cool games.

2 weeks later
#6511 3 years ago

I think 2k is pretty fair for that. Also.... LION MAN!!!

2 weeks later
#6619 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

What's going on up in Fredrick MD on CL? We got nothing interesting going on in Richmond, but you guys have what looks like a good deal on a Sinbad and a Big Game.
Both of those are kinda interesting, but not 6 hour round trip interesting.

Seriously. The local pickings have been few in the last few months. If anyone in or near Richmind has a project machine let me know

2 weeks later
#6694 3 years ago

Doesn't seem to work when I click the link.

Quoted from zimjoe:

Anyone know who this is? I have never played one before, but it looks fun. link
Is that an overlay on the bottom card? The color is a little different than the rest of the playfield? I only ask, because I bought a Meteor up that way (MD) and it had an undisclosed overlay sticker over the flames. I spotted it after I was home 4 hours away. Luckily, there was no damage under the flames; the white is a little discolored so I guess this was what the seller was trying to improve cover up. Besides that one issue, the game plays and performs great so I am over the initial shock anger.

1 month later
#6971 3 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

Looking for something interesting. Not sure if I should take my proceeds from a few pin sales to York or see what's available here. While I am cheap, I do have cash.
I hit up that dude on CL with the $1,100 cyclone near VB, but he just updated his ad to answer my questions and didn't actually respond to me. So weird, sometimes I hate CL.
It's thin times for us low-end pin guys

Yup, not much these days unless you want to severely over pay or get something really old like a Bingo... The last two I bought were EM's but to be honest, no more EM's lol. It's solid state or bust! Did Raven ever sell?

1 month later
#7320 2 years ago

Selling my BK2K it's in pretty good shape. Ad is here. $2200 obo. (Ad says firm on CL because of crazy low ballers). link

#7324 2 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

I saw that sitting next to a Trident and thought it was you. It's a nice machine. GLWTS
What are you getting to take it's place?

Ty! At the moment nothing just hoarding money. I'm considering buying a GOT PRO maybe for Christmas.

#7331 2 years ago
Quoted from Alicksbaldwin:

God, I'm so tempted on this. Was a blast to play at league. My only issue is where I could put it because I'm currently renting

Do they have a rule against Pins where you rent or would it be too much of a space issue? Glad you liked playing it at league. I love the soundtrack hahaha.

#7349 2 years ago
Quoted from darcangeloel:

Ty! At the moment nothing just hoarding money. I'm considering buying a GOT PRO maybe for Christmas.

Do you guys ever go back and fourth on selling machines that you really like, now I feel like I don't want to sell it. I feel like I am selling off one of my children or something.

1 month later
#7524 2 years ago

Trying to make some room for a different game. Posting my pitstop here.

2 weeks later
#7588 2 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

What are the chances of there being 2 on the same page of this thread... Is this getting remade or something?

Yeah seriously same price and seems like same condition. I've seen rvapinballer 's machine it is very minty.

1 month later
#7837 2 years ago

Hahahaha what if zimjoe put one of these for sale. I would have a good laugh

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Hey Everyone and "zimjoe"!
I have finished preparing my friends Twilight Zone for Sale. Check out the ad for a fool explanation...

Sale Pending!Twilight ZoneNew!Fully shopped/refurbished “This is a fully working players machine. This twilight Zone has a lot going on so I have decided to post the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. I think it has a lot more good than bad going...”
2 hours ago Charles Town, WV 5,900 (OBO)

2 weeks later
#7929 2 years ago

Looking for a a solid state project if anyone has anything. Thanks!

#7933 2 years ago
Quoted from RVApinballer:

Great buyer here - trusted buyer. Two thumbs up!

Thanks a ton!

1 week later
#8013 2 years ago

Still looking for some projects if anyone has anything laying around.

#8048 2 years ago

I'd like to buy a players T2 if anyone has one. I'm hoping to be in the $2500 range. Thanks!

#8050 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

I have one for sale. See this thread for details. I do have a Pinsider coming on 3/26 to look at it. You can have second dibs if it doesn't work out with him.

PM sent! Very cool. I was worried I would have trouble picking one of these up on the east coast

3 weeks later
#8155 2 years ago

Someome put up a raven... zimjoe

1 week later
#8188 2 years ago

Zimjoe sells donuts? I demand a donut

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Okay I have a pending sale on the last of the collectors machines. I do however still have this Beautiful TAF (Since I shopped it out for the owner) selling for a friend can deliver local or to Allentown. Some wiggle (Not Greg or Capt FS) room on price. No zimjoe coupons please unless its the one for buy one get one free donuts.

Zimjoe sells donuts? I demand a donut!!!

Machine - For Sale
The Addams Family w/Color DMDFully shopped/refurbished “Beautiful Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working with no switch errors/credit dots.

Selling for a Friend- This machine was fully shopped by myself Summer 2016 and since I del...”
33 days ago Charles Town, WV 8,000 (Firm)

3 weeks later
#8265 2 years ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

That would be cool if you have the room. If I had more space, I would get one.
While they don't come up often, they seem to sell pretty cheap. I looked at one a while back in the 700-800 range and it sat for while. Worked great, I just didn't want to lose the space.

I picked up a tic tac strike a few months back for a client of mine for $800 and got it working. Oddly it was just a system 11 board running the tic tac strike rom no other real differences outside of it being very,very heavy. If any of you guys do decide to pick one of these up just keep that in mind. It is heavy!!!

2 months later
#8596 2 years ago

This guy is an awesome seller. I've seen this machine and it is in great shape. Buy with confidence

Quoted from Alicksbaldwin:

Seeing if anyone has interest in a players condition Getaway HS2. Plays 100%. Just put in a new opto board for the supercharger and I have a new Rottendog power driver board that I could throw in for 200 more. The original power driver board works, but has some interesting hacks from earlier in its life. Old boards are yours if you want to tinker with them. LEDs throughout. I used some color LEDs in the GI, but I have all the old bulbs if that's more your taste. Some playfield wear near the pop bumper and had some touch ups from a previous owner. Solid players machine if you're itching to get to 5th gear and run from the law man.
$2400 or $2600 with new Rottendog PDB
Located in Richmond, VA.

3 weeks later
#8784 2 years ago

Does anyone have a BTTF they'd be willing to trade / sell? If so please PM me

1 week later
#8852 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

You can play it one handed.. it’s a one shot game..

I find this comment interesting. I agree the right flipper does get a ton of use but for me it's got one of the best soundtracks in pinball and a very fun yet basic ruleset. The best score I've ever gotten was in the 15 million range and I can assure you I was not playing one handed . Most of them on location normally have less than 5 million on the high score so I'm betting most people don't find it easy enough to play one handed.

1 week later
#8946 2 years ago

I agree with this comment. I don't think its mean to tell someone the truth. That poster has "Reasonable" prices in mind but sadly all the prices these days are in the crazy range. Even the project postings are kind of crazy. Take yesterday for example, 1k for three pins all garage kept with no ac (1 EM, 1 Tri-Zone (Yucky), and one Spring Break) none of them work and they still want 1k. That drives me crazy. I offered $500 just as a ball park as I bet they all have board issues / need parts and will have major planking / condition issues and I was told to "F*** off" . Oh well, I'm sure some poor soul will pick them up.

Quoted from sbmania:

No offense, but you're dreaming in that price range! You would need to double your budget in today's market for any of those titles with centaur and Fathom much much more. And forget trying to find a bargain on Craigslist or someplace similar. If someone does list a pin at a lower price, before you can drive there to pick it up in the next 30 minutes, someone will be along to queer the deal by telling the seller that its too cheap and they will pay $x more if they hold it for them.

#8951 2 years ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

I offer this pipe dream seller $725 if they hold it for me

Yeah at those prices I'd take two

1 week later
#8989 2 years ago

Does anyone have a high speed project they are sitting on. I think it would be a fun addition to my collection ... I think I might be a sucker for system 11's

1 week later
#9032 2 years ago

My Water World plus cash for an Earth Shaker, Judge Dread, Whirlwind, Back to the future

1 week later
#9076 1 year ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Just discovered this tread. Mind having a NJ guy here with a great reputation?


Also still looking for a Judge Dread if anyone has a lead on one. trying to stay in the 2.5 to 3k range.

1 week later
#9124 1 year ago

Still looking for high speed and earth shaker projects to round out my system 11 collection

#9126 1 year ago
Quoted from royt:

I have the Earthshaker mega package if your serious= Working complete unshopped game with Xpin display, wasted playfield. Comes with CPR playfield, backglass, plastics + I have all the parts and wiring harness (sacrificed from another game that was stripped just for it's bare playfield) this will let you build the new playfield and play the game at the same time. 3k in Richmond

PM Sent!

1 week later
#9177 1 year ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Its a marketing ploy...I used it for my Balloon launch video and nearly 400K views later I do have the GREATEST Balloon launch video... (FYI I am the narrator)

One time zimjoe bought me a balloon... but then he popped it just to have a laugh.

1 week later
#9222 1 year ago

Looking for a High Speed or Police Force Project if anyone has anything laying around.

#9243 1 year ago
Quoted from MrFancy:

I’m looking for someone who has an appliance dolly and knows what they’re doing to help me move a pin from my driveway to my basement, either Sunday evening or next Monday morning. Last time I used Taskrabbit, but the cab ended up getting scratched up- my basement is tricky and neither of us had ever moved a pin before. Hoping to avoid that this time and happy to pay a decent rate to do so. I’m in Silver Spring MD, 5 miles north of DC. Thanks for any leads.

How did the scratches occur? Did you guys have it wrapped and strapped to the dolly?

#9250 1 year ago

Considering letting my T2 go as I am converting my entire collection to system 11 games. It's in great shape, has the normal pf wear on the decals and a few of the inserts need to be re-decaled also has some cab fad and scratches, one of the plastics near the skull is cracked (All normal things for the age). However it is fully shopped with nice leds all around, the speakers next to the dmd have the led ring mod and the panel has a custom chrome cover (Easily removed if you like the regular panel), the ramp entrance signs have the plexi-led mod and look super nice, the skull has the bright eyes mod, chrome flipper bats, also has a custom chrome apron. T2 metal in lane guides and the T-1000 ball eject cover. The boards were sent to clive at coin op cauldron when I shopped the game about a year ago, as such they are in awesome shape.Both flippers were rebuilt and are super strong. All switches and lights work as they should. All in all it's a pretty nice players T2 with a bunch of mods to make everything pop . I'm thinking $2700 or an even trade for a whirlwind. PM me for details.

1 week later
#9296 1 year ago
Quoted from 80spit:

Dave, want to do my Banzai Run, or Funhouse, or Bad Cats, I have new playfields for all three, I know what your quality work looks like, Ill let you show one of them off at Allentown

I'll put your banzai run pf in got to let me play it a bunch

#9340 1 year ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:


zimjoe never buys me pizza either! I demand it!

2 weeks later
#9455 1 year ago

How much for just the key chain? I kind of want one hahaha

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

HEY!!! I want to buy another Pinsiders machine...SO I just price reduced these both for $1400! Also if you buy AND upvote this post I will throw in a zimjoe custom keychain!

Machine - For Sale
Monte Carlo (Price Reduced!!!)Used - shows wear, needs some work “Overall this is a nice condition machine! It does have a really good condition playfield (No Wear), and the side cabinet art, trans-lite and displays all look Great! Displays full...”
23 days ago Charles Town, WV 850 (OBO)

Machine - For Sale
Coney Island! (Price Reduced)Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Rare Game Plan Coney Island! 1979 Solid State Machine. Game boots up fine plays great and all displays work. Has a free play option and is set to that. The cabinet looks good fo...”
7 days ago Charles Town, WV 850 (OBO)

#9469 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

That's the way he operates. No ad, no pics, no asking price.

No key chains either. F that! I needs me my key chainzzzz!

#9476 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Both of you are now on my crap list.

I'd care if you had key chains and or prices

1 week later
#9504 1 year ago

Looking for a candy cab maybe a sega blast city if anyone has anything. Thanks!

3 weeks later
#9597 1 year ago

Looking for an initial d arcade if anyone has any leads. My bad if off topic

1 month later
#9925 1 year ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

debating getting it. It doesn't HAVE to have a pf but I think it needs one at some point. Long term definitely needs one
And yes this is the cheaper one with topper issues - as in the decal is just that a decal no foil etc

I just finished a pf swap on my earth shaker so the rotessorie is free. Shoot me a PM and lets talk.


#9941 1 year ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Anyone interested in a Rob Zombie Spookshow International pin?
If so lmk as I may be getting one in trade this week that I need to flip quickly. Can do partial trade or outright sale preferred.

Bad Greg Bad!

1 week later
#9981 1 year ago

Considering selling my players pinbot and f-14. Curious if anyone is interested. Thanks!

1 week later
#10044 1 year ago

I care Jesterfunhouse is cool AF... just sayin

Quoted from GCS2000:

Pretty sure WPC let me look at the cables right quick.
A handshake and I may even be able to deliver depending on where you are.
Ah hell local p/u you get $5 off!
Yep WPC cables with the display. Got it from Jesterfunhouse btw in case anyone cares

1 week later
#10133 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Wow. You guys that can’t inspect games locally don’t want to know when someone is bullshitting you about condition? Ok.

I appreciate your posting even if just for the drama it caused very popcorn worthy. But seriously I do appreciate warnings. Those don't look CQ to me. They look like players. Super Nice games but players games just the same. The playfield on that strikes and spares is stellar. Looks like some wear on the back box though. Nothing unreasonable given the age but unless they are like perfect I wouldn't call them CQ.

#10135 1 year ago

BAD knockerlover BAD!

Quoted from knockerlover:

"Hope you get lonely tonight.."

2 weeks later
#10216 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

damn - that sucks man. What a bunch of BS. Please list the name here so we know NEVER to do business with that clown.
Great seller here and this game is unbelievably nice looking.

Agreed, that shit is max uncool.

I have a Players Pinbot I'm thinking about moving. $1600 pm me for details.

#10220 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Ironically im waiting in a parkinglot half way between home and pinfest for someone who was supposed to deliver a pinbot to the show from richmond off facebook for $1600. Im sure you're more reliable.

Doh! Yeah I waited till the wrong time to sell hahaha. Hopefully it works out for ya. If not let me know maybe we can meet half way or something. Have fun at pin fest!

#10229 1 year ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

He isn't
Not really, I'm just pushing my way to the front of that line. I miss mine and he is super local. My last one was a long drive and no where near as nice.
Now it's time to move some games ;-( I need space

zimjoe - has claimed right of Pinbot . Thank you to everyone for your interest.

2 weeks later
#10297 1 year ago

Looking to do a 3 for 1 for a bksor or SW Pro or might consider something else super recent. Added an ad here. ES, F-14, and PF good hunting

#10304 1 year ago
Quoted from zimjoe:

Your game room will seem empty with so many sys11 leaving all at the same time.

Meh it was more of a see what happened thing no one bit so I'll probably end it and continue on in system 11 goodness. Muhahaha

#10324 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

the one in Mtuchen....
"Has been gone over and refurbished by a long time pinball tech!!!!!!!!
Williams 1989 Earthshaker Pinball reconditioned, cleaned and repaired, led bulbs rubber etc $2900"
Ah... one of the photos shows a plastic with sharpie filling in the letters

Quality reconditioning my friend hahahaha

#10365 1 year ago

Did you check with this guy? His seems to be listed for higher but perhaps he could do better I wants me that Zimjoe Keychain homie! link

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Sold my Friends TZ now LOOKING to get an MMr with the funds. He knows the new ones are ~8k but is looking for a used one for lower price.
zimjoe and I have this deal that if I find MMr for the right price through this thread that I will buy him PINSTADIUM Lights for his Gottlieb Genesis...its a WIN WIN

Machine - Wanted

Wanted: Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard or LE)


Wanted! “Collector friend not on pinside is looking for an MMr standard or LE home use or routed. He knows he can get one of the reruns for approx 8k but wants to see if there are any unde...”

1 day ago

Charles Town, WV



1 week later
#10435 1 year ago

Man idk, that sounds like some shit from that Christie movie. I don't want one of these games making me go crazy hahahaha. Oh no too late

Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

zimjoe I will pay you to buy this from me...

Parts - For Trade

Identify what game this came from and its yours but Beware!


Used, fair condition “This was given to me by a friend of a friend that I do not know. I am told it is a family Heirloom passed down from Father to son and then back up again. This friend being the mi...”

17 hours ago

Charles Town, WV



3 weeks later
#10602 1 year ago
Quoted from scanman20852:

this forum is a big soap opera. I see alot of talk but no one buys any games

Big talk for someone who's only been here for less than one year lol. This thread sells a ton of games locally. A ton of them happen via PM just from people throwing ideas and trade offers out. Stick around homie and you'll see the games changing hands like crazy

7 months later
#11664 7 months ago

Finally time to say good bye to my Bk2k and let it goto its next owner. Asking 2200. Full details here including a video. If sells due to pinside I will happily donate the fee. Feel free to message me for details link

#11665 7 months ago

Sale pending...

3 months later
#12193 3 months ago

Finally ready to sell my BKSOR Pro Documented HUO low plays. Has the upgraded shooter rod, external volume control and side blades. $4500 cash, firm, no trades. Game is perfect with the exception of this (see link below) Stern claimed they would fix it but never did so as far as I'm concerned they can go straight to hell. Message me for a quick response. Local pick up only, no shipping

1 month later
#12442 70 days ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Still interested if you can deliver it.

Thanks but I can't make that kind of trip.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
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