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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

5 years ago

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#125 5 years ago

I've got a few that I'm selling or getting ready to sell or might sell. PM me for pix or I can post a few here and/or Photobucket. All games are in Fairfax Station, VA except Embryon which is at a friend's place.

Genesis - $800 - has cool Metropolis translite, LED inserts/pops + I have matching cabinet art not yet installed. No background sound but game sounds work. Price might go up once I actually install cabinet art.

Embryon - $700 - plays 100%, has bad wear area up top on the inserts near drops. Haven't tried to cover it yet but have great PNG to make decal for it. Has typical wear in center of PF & has a somewhat shitty backglass.

Super Straight - $700 - killer EM, listed on Pinside. Playfield colors are faded somewhat + it has a few cracked plastics.

WCS94 project - $1800 - currently in pieces getting LEDs. New soccer ball, motor works, gear box is kaput. Goalie works fine.

Tommy - $2600 - I love the game but don't play it often enough. No blinders but honestly, nobody gets to that mode...

Aztec - $800 - mint condition with minor insert wear. HUO since '79!

Mata Hari - $1000 - I just got this, love it but two friends of mine have it so... Has Alltek MPU.

BSD - $2300 - Has complete Cointaker LED kit, flashers in sling posts, new Myst optos, alternate side/coin door/back box decals not installed.

That's probably enough for now. I have 3 games in my utility room that I can't set up + IMVE on the way so some stuff has to go!!!

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#126 5 years ago

Somebody buy enough of the above so I can buy Butch's IJ! Sorry you had the hassle with the WPT by the way man...

3 weeks later
#190 5 years ago

Instead of updating my earlier post in this thread I'll just link to one I created. Dropped prices on a few of the games, open to trades & of course accepting offers.


#199 5 years ago

My Embryon is now on eBay if anyone was interested. Cheep!

#205 5 years ago

A friend of mine in NoVA is looking to trade his RBION or a Sys 11 game + cash. Pinside handle AKM.

That thing looks great btw!

5 months later
#448 4 years ago

I have an Eight Ball Deluxe cabinet and head available ***FREE***. The regular version not the LE.

Cabinet is in "OK" shape except the pedestal on top has cracked so it needs repair. Head had water damage so the back louvers are crumbly. Everything is stripped out of it. Side art isn't that bad really. I found a slightly less shitty cabinet a while back and don't need two.

Somebody prevent me from turning this into a couch. I don't have room for another couch anyway. I'll add some pix tonight if anybody's interested.

1 month later
#650 4 years ago

I have a nice Sinbad with LEDs, little to no playfield wear, decent backglass with only a little spotting on the demon guy and a decent cabinet. Plays fine just out of space again! Has a Rottendog rectifier board and a new MPU/driver interconnect. Other boards are stock Gottlieb. $650

Beautiful Aztec also available. I bought this from a guy who owned it since 79! Needs adjustment as it won't start a game at the moment. Easy fix I'm sure. $700

Also have a Super Straight (yes, the one with the faded colors on the playfield) that I just need to get rid of. $500 takes it. It plays but needs tweaking as sometimes player 1 doesn't advance properly.

I'm heading to PAPA on 3/12 and I'm driving my truck so I could conceivably take two and maybe all 3 if somebody wants a package deal.

3 weeks later
#734 4 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

Any nice EMs or late 70s/early 80s Bally games for sale in the area? I'm travelling from PA to NC on Wednesday and wouldn't mind picking something up on the way down.

I'm selling Cheetah, Aztec & Super Straight.

#740 4 years ago

Put a couple of old pillows in the cabinet. Might want to consider putting them all on those foam play mats that interlock as well.

4 months later
#1266 4 years ago

I have a nice Theatre of Magic for sale. $5000 or interesting trades + cash. I originally traded my LOTR for this game and while I would love another LOTR I still think I got the better end of that deal.

Here's a link to some Photobucket pictures --> http://s950.photobucket.com/user/worktheweb/library/ToM

Great shape overall. Was a reimport and has a single slot coin door set up for Francs. Playfield is in great shape except I noticed the Grand Finale insert is chipped on the right-hand bottom. I never noticed it until I took pix last night. Has great cabinet decals, head has a couple of dings in it. Inserts have mylar on them. Full Cointaker kit installed a few years ago. It also has a cool custom topper with LED flashers tied into the playfield inserts. Not my video but this is the topper. Trunk is pretty beat up but I have a new replacement along with the decals over the multiball magnet.

When I got the game the GI was out so I repinned J120 and had to make a fix down at the transformer. Works like a champ now. Will add a pic of the backbox interior to Photobucket later today.

4 weeks later
#1592 4 years ago

I just posted a cheap Stern Galaxy on DC CL. $500
washingtondc.craigslist.org link

I can take it to York but would prefer to sell it before that.

1 month later
#1918 3 years ago

I posted my HUO Monopoly ($3000) & HUO Aztec ($700) in the FS section. Same games that were in York if you happened to be there. Not really looking for trades but damn, that is a nice looking Xenon @arcademojo!

1 week later
#1980 3 years ago

@Grumpster I thought I saw a post on the DC CL from somebody looking for a RBION.

My Monopoly is sold so but I'm still trying to sell Aztec...

1 month later
#2279 3 years ago

Well, OK. What's left at gameon46's pad that he wants to sell? I wouldn't mind a Nitro or TFTC for example.

1 week later
#2392 3 years ago

If you're not in a NJ zip code the High Speed price doesn't show up...

#2422 3 years ago

That's a helluva nice Shadow. Maybe I should buy it back?

1 week later
#2584 3 years ago

Here in the DMV we've been rocking a once-a-month house league where you rotate to another member's house every month and play. Great way to see other people's collections and a whole lot of fun! It's a pain when you have to drive to BFE but worth it in the end.

1 month later
#3281 3 years ago

I have a Medieval Madness topper that I'm not going to use as I canceled my MMr order. I opened the box to peep at it but it's never been hooked up.

I can take it to the Allentown show if that's easier. Best offer.

3 weeks later
#3428 3 years ago

Medieval Madness or whatever topper for sale. $200/obo. I cancelled MMR but had already snagged this.


2 weeks later
#3469 3 years ago

***** SOLD *****
Posting here and in the Allentown thread. Nice players Mars Trek for sale. Everything seems to work, needs to be played. Has old, dirty bulbs which should be replaced. Rubber rings are mostly new, new flipper coil or two. Classic double spinner action! $600/obo


#3503 3 years ago

Decided I'd throw this one out there. Also posted in Allentown FS thread.
Centaur for sale. $3500/obo

The good:
Nice cabinet
Great backglass
Good displays
Decent playfield with mostly complete mylar
Cointaker LEDs in playfield
Siegecraft LED boards so no flickering LEDs
No broken plastics
Newish drop targets
Plays 100% including magnet & 5 ball multiball
I have new pop bumper caps for it
New Matt Hess reverb board

The bad:
Mylar has a section that looks torn off. Playfield underneath is good. I didn't notice it when I bought it.
Center plastic is not correct (behind O-R-B-S)
Plastics behind flippers missing. They're small but not there. I didn't notice this when I bought it.
No sound. I started replacing caps on board, haven't finished. It might have sound by the show, it might not.
Some inserts don't light up. Chances are it's the crappy 555 sockets.

All in all a great game as is but could be fantastic with a little work. If I were to keep it the mylar would get removed. I put my name down for a CPR playfield so maybe that will happen. Let me know if you want additional pix. These aren't great I know.

I can take to Allentown or would love to sell locally.
















4 months later
#4567 3 years ago

Just listed my AC/DC Premium in the marketplace. $8000/obo


1 week later
#4606 3 years ago

Just listed my Mousin Around on DC CL site. washingtondc.craigslist.org link

Currently on location at Red Zone Grill in Fairfax, VA.

4 months later
#5617 2 years ago
Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

Is there anyone in the Leesburg area that owns a Hobbit that would be willing to let a Friend of mine play? He has a good collection of machines and is thinking about buying a Hobbit but has not been able to find one locally to play. If anyone is looking to sell in the NOVA area a Hobbit feel free to send me a PM as he is a serious buyer. He is not on Pinside and I am not looking to make anything just helping him network.

Dang. We had one on location at Red Zone Grille in Fairfax for about 6 months. It went back to the owner's house but he might sell if properly tempted. Contact wick on Pinside.

1 week later
#5698 2 years ago

10K LOLs by Christmas! Haha.

7 months later
#7133 2 years ago
Quoted from Turboghia:

Listed my Theatre of Magic, I would be interested in a partial trade for a LOTR

That's funny. About 8 years ago I traded my LOTR for a ToM straight up. I was happy enough at the time but want another LOTR.

Good luck!

1 month later
#7429 1 year ago

Considering selling my Star Wars Pro or trading for a decent LotR. Just picked it up at the Allentown show. I'll update this with a Marketplace ad tonight. I paid $5K so looking for as much of that back as I can get.

1 week later
#7453 1 year ago

As promised here’s a link to my ad for Star Wars Pro. A reasonable offer takes it. $4000 is not a reasonable offer.

1 month later
#7669 1 year ago

I'm selling a players Bobby Orr Power Play in NoVA. This game was on location at Red Zone Grill in Fairfax until last week. Set it up and took a few pictures, didn't clean it. Looking for $800. Listed it for $999 in market but you know how this works.

Archived after 3 days
Sold for $ 750
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Routed - fresh off route “Decent player's condition BOPP with some minor playfield wear. Backglass is decent and looks fine when lit up. New Rottendog rectifier board, LEDs with anti-flicker adaptors. A ...”
Fairfax Station, VA
999 (OBO)

Game has a new Rottendog rectifier board, LEDs and the LED adaptors. There's still some flicker but it could just be crappy sockets. Playfield has some wear, drop targets look like the guys from Slap Shot but hey! It plays.

1 month later
#7992 1 year ago

I'm going to list my non-project Frontier shortly. Everything works, has LEDs & Siegecraft LED adaptor. Was used in MAGFest tourney in Jan and was on location for a few months so it's been battle tested. Playfield has some touchups on the Den of Predators but the PO did a great job. Cab has some touchups as well but is in nice shape. Backglass is great. It'll be listed at or above the Pinside estimate.

1 week later
#8073 1 year ago
Quoted from Philk:

Might part ways with my player/project Stern Meteor. Fully functioning however playfield has significant wear in the middle. Plastics are good, new drop targets, backglass is ok, cab is fair, has strobey leds. $500 firm.

I'd epoxy a rock to the head and say that's the meterorite that damaged the playfield. $10k by Christmas!

1 year later
#10194 5 months ago

Archived after 4 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Decent condition POTC. Game was routed for a few months but was maintained regularly. I just disassembled the ship and adjusted the clutch plates. The ship wear trac (545-6177) ...”
Fairfax Station, VA
4,200 (OBO)

Can deliver to Allentown show.

2 months later
#10728 3 months ago

Rather than open yourself up to legal action by saying "Driver from Company X took my drugs" I'd post something more generic, ask that people PM you and compare notes. Unless you have a camera trained on the medicine cabinet.

2 months later
#11082 12 days ago

Just listed my MGOW in the classfieds. $850/obo. Need a minor bit of work but is in great shape overall.

Archived after 0 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Mars God of War Archived
Used - shows wear, needs some work “Really nice condition MGOW with what looks like Day 1 mylar on the playfield. Game has a NI-WUMPH MPU (https://ksarcade.net/ni-wumpf-cpu-for-gottlieb-system-80.html) but doesn't a...”
Fairfax Station, VA
850 (OBO)

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