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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

5 years ago

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#20 5 years ago

Im going to start looking for a deal on RFM. I cant wait for haunted cruise pin 2k

#25 5 years ago

I am holding a JM for a friend in my garage. Just shopped it. Very cool game!

#50 5 years ago

Im prob going to have a nice Data East Star Trek up soon. Buyer may have a job loss situation so I am going to help him sell...Fully shopped, LED rope light, dmd bright, plays great, newer stern legs and new side rails not installed. Biggest flaw is some wear on the pf around the USS Enterprise. 1700 OBO. Game is folded up in garage easy pick up cash and carry.

#55 5 years ago
Quoted from twitami:

I have a DE Star Trek for sale as well. Also with a working original rope light.

Its cool game...best thing its the original cast

#57 5 years ago

Ok the Star Trek is fir sale I'll add pics tonight

#58 5 years ago

Any pinsiders heading up to nj let me know. Gas and tolls

1 week later
#99 5 years ago

Selling one last game for my friend. Very nice strange science 1400 OBO. This gsme looks like it spent almost no time on location. Sone if the ramps and plastics are new. Topper works perfect. Pics up soon. Game in Columbia MD. Easy walk out garage

1 week later
#103 5 years ago

A little off topic but gameroom related went on arcade and pin buying spree. These things multiply fast. need to move just one if these. A very nice space invaders deluxe 250 or Atari asteroids cocktail. 350

SID was built worked on by arcade guy and he made one nice one out of several machines has replacement translite Asteroids cocktail looks very nice and plays fine. I think most gamerooms have pins and vids two nice games to add to your collections

1 week later
#113 5 years ago

Beautiful JP. Just picked up an RFM and one of my old favorites Wh20. Need to move my Jurassic Park that I bought from a good friend last year. Game looks beautiful. Fully shopped with new rubbers, GI LEDs added and has a new topper. Cab on this game is as nice as any game I have ever owned. Looks like it never was in an arcade. A few cracked plastics, far right line out on DMD but not really noticeable. 2150. Cash and carry. Easy walk out garage.

jp left.jpg jp led.jpg jp coin.jpg jp top.jpg
1 month later
#195 4 years ago

I really love SST. One of the first games I owned. Really love to get this. Would have to move something. Very hard to find Lost in Space. Working 100%. Shopped. GI leds added. 2500. If the SST sells before LIS game will be off the market. PM me for pics or info.

2 weeks later
#230 4 years ago

wtb IJ or Congo. Have a nice POTC and or LIS

3 weeks later
#250 4 years ago

Still hoping to trade my POTC. Had some fair offers but really want a Congo or trade toward an IJ or ToM.

1 week later
#260 4 years ago

Friend has a nib acdc bought last year. Just wants fair market value. Pm me for more info

#262 4 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Which model ?Pro or Premium ?


#269 4 years ago

Have a beautiful restored DE Star Wars...Can bring to York or avail beforehand...fully shopped, LEDs, new code, new plastics. pm for pics.

1 month later
#328 4 years ago

Avatar 3200. Bh project with lots of parts 950. SST. Very nice condition 1700. Package price if you buy 2

1 week later
#338 4 years ago

I played this freddy. It is actually a very cool pin...

#343 4 years ago

I have a Gorf. Nice cosmetics. Fun game but getting a multicade and out of space. Was cleaned up and repaired by arcade friend last year. CPO a little rough but not bad...400.

#345 4 years ago

Lots of interest but no one pulled the trigger. Very nice SST in MD. 1700. Ill throw in a nice working Gorf for 300. 2k instant arcade with 2 fun games

#349 4 years ago

SST has moved out. Very nice avatar last pin I am selling.

#351 4 years ago

Love it next to Tron and indy don't think it will leave

1 month later
#392 4 years ago

starting search for Iron Man.

#398 4 years ago

Anyone trading a TZ?

1 week later
#452 4 years ago

Nice Moon Patrol. 450 OBO

#458 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Nice Moon Patrol. 450 OBO

pending sale on Moon Patrol.

still have asteroids cocktail 300

#476 4 years ago

Have a friend selling a Bk2k thst I believe us CQ. He wants 3k or best offer. I picked up a tz from the same seller and it is def cq and is the nicet I have seen. Im getting some pics. If you are looking for a perfect example of bk2k shoot Me a message

#479 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Have a friend selling a Bk2k thst I believe us CQ. He wants 3k or best offer. I picked up a tz from the same seller and it is def cq and is the nicet I have seen. Im getting some pics. If you are looking for a perfect example of bk2k shoot Me a message

Game is sold pending payment

#482 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

pending sale on Moon Patrol.
still have asteroids cocktail 300

Had the moon patrol sold but distance too far for seller. Game looks and plays great

#488 4 years ago

Buyer had to back out. Very nice bk2k. Previous owner very meticulous. Extra parts. Works great 2700 Cash and carry. Game is in Gaithersburg pics soon. Trades considered now

1 week later
#494 4 years ago

What's harder defender or stargate ?

#495 4 years ago

TP. Let's trade Sent you pm earlier

#501 4 years ago

Selling a nice working wico pin cart. $125 cash and carry. These Are the ones coin op warehouse. Sells. pic up soon

pin cart.jpg

#502 4 years ago

Pins on my radar. TFTC, X files, congo. Let me know if you are selling/trading

#512 4 years ago

Would love to trade for a met pro

#514 4 years ago

always looking

#531 4 years ago

He's a great guy but his prices have jumped and you have to expect issues and one pic

#551 4 years ago

Looking for a deal on a shadow

#561 4 years ago

Pm sent on Berzerk

#566 4 years ago
Quoted from Parsec:

I have an Arena Pinball for sell if anyone is interested. I'm more of a Video arcade guy. $750

IMG_0646.JPG 128 KB

Great seller. Nice deal for older pin

#570 4 years ago

Still looking. X files or shadow

#572 4 years ago

Went and looked at an x files and almost cried it was so rough. So still hoping for a shadow or x files

#578 4 years ago

I recognized the pics. Thought it was his. He's not very good getting back to me I have been trying to buy this pin for a month No worries. It's not that popular so ill find one local

#580 4 years ago

Would love to trade my large miller light neon for another


#582 4 years ago

Cool. This sign is huge. From a liquor store. Just looking for a diff one. Prob gonna end up looking for a bates motel sign

lite neon.jpg

#584 4 years ago

I want your Xfiles!

#589 4 years ago
Quoted from tp:

You offered pins for trade, (Iron Man jm)when I replied you kept throwing cash offer of 1800 and taking trades off the table. Pin is for sale for 2000 not 1800.....this is how it went down in my mind, if different please clarify. Last time you pm'd you were suppose to send pics of jm.....you never did. Sorry for any misunderstanding but that's how I see it.

That's fine. I never knew your price so I was guessing

#595 4 years ago

And i miss it.

#603 4 years ago

Phantom of the Opera Pics coming up now. Prefer local trade or sale...Game is unshopped but I think a nice example of a cool pin..dime size art missing on Backglass and one of the inserts looks burned otherwise game plays great and will clean up nice. Has $200 pin led display...1650 OBO

potocoin.JPG potor.JPG pfback.JPG pflow.JPG pf center.JPG
#604 4 years ago

last few....

pf ball.JPG bg.JPG potoleft.JPG
#606 4 years ago

X files or very nice tftc. Cash on the barrel

#615 4 years ago

X files popping up around the country. Hoping for md pa va area

#617 4 years ago
Quoted from mulder2010:

Nice game. How rare is that?

There is one for sale on Florida village arcade group

#630 4 years ago

Anyone moving a nice shadow or Congo ?

#636 4 years ago

Anyone heading to PAPA next weekend from MD/PA/VA shoot me a message. Looking at a pin that could be delivered there.

#644 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptP:

Anyone have a Black Knight they want to unload that will look better next to our Sorcerer anyway...

I have a buddy with a CQ BK2k in MD....He needs 2500. It is very very nice.

#654 4 years ago

Shadow sounds nice but too rich for my blood. GLWS

#657 4 years ago

Have the chance buy 1 of 2 shadows. Both with upgrades but require transport help 3200. Before I pull the trigger still hoping for a local one to pop up. Cash in hand

#674 4 years ago

Shadow found....thanks for all the help!

3 weeks later
#759 4 years ago

Looking to trade my huo stern indy. First choice is Williams indy. I could be tempted by a nice met pro. Like having a few sterns in the line up

#766 4 years ago

I'm getting caught up in some of the recent TOTAN hype. Would love to find a nice one again. Only way to get it will be to offer up my beautiful loaded HUO Tron. Game has tons of upgrades, ewire ramps, arcade mod, blue powder coated armor etc. Really only hoping for a local TOTAN. If you have one local for trade LMK.

#769 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Billsfanmd ,
Jints is selling his . It's stunning. He just posted it in the marketplace

Thanks. We have been talking. Its just too much for me...

#775 4 years ago

Looking for a TOTAN near MD. Have a nice Tron but may have a buyer already so this would be cash. Cant afford CQ but hoping for a nice one with leds and a few upgrades would be great.

#780 4 years ago

Darin in Hagerstown has one

#798 4 years ago

. Wtb Congo or Williams indy

#802 4 years ago

Not even funny

1 month later
#877 4 years ago

I thought lloyd still had a SG

#885 4 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

RFM for trade - see my wishlist. Open to +/- cash. Will sell for $2600 but would strongly prefer a trade.
Plays great. New fan, updated software, new power supply, cliffy, great playfield, all LEDs, new legs and new translite. Flat screen monitor, Bill Ung saucer mod and glowing eyes Martians. Manual included.
Some wear by the front left leg on the side of the cabinet, and some scrapes on interior sides above play field. The rest of the cabinet is in good shape.
Let me know if you're interested and I'll take some pics.

Is this my old rfm! I have s beautiful shadow with upgrades.

#887 4 years ago

I thought so. Me want

#902 4 years ago

Gonna start my search for a totan. Have a fully loaded huo Tron that I'll trade. Not looking for other titles right now

1 week later
#937 4 years ago

Looking for a totan. Have a line on a few but shipping involved .

#947 4 years ago

any md/va/pa pinsiders headed down to SFGE this weekend that can haul a pin back let me know....


#955 4 years ago

Just finished cleaning up an x files. Came out very nice. Added leds in the GI led flipper buttons and added lollipop side rails. Looking for 1800 Pics soon. All my pins come with custom key Chain

1 week later
#968 4 years ago

looking for a Wh20 or congo local...have a pin or 2 I can trade, vids or cash.

#982 4 years ago

Wow I want that wh20. I'm out of trade bait. All I have is s beautiful restored tftc custom Multicade, slot machine. cash and anything else I can find in my gameroom

#996 4 years ago

Im trying get a nice Wh20. I have a beautiful restored TFTC with tos up mods/upgrades that would look great in any collection. Ad in marketplace. Wh20 trade plus cash or 2800. Getting interest to ship but local buyers are preferred.

#998 4 years ago

Beautiful custom Multicade in Asteroids Cab...600+ games. Great addition to any gameroom. $800 OBO. Cab in great shape, new lcd monitor, new power supply, LED buttons. Played this over the past year to see which dedicated arcades I want. Or if you have vids looking for a local Gyruss or a few others





#1003 4 years ago

I felt sorry for asteroids too....but I think they made like 10,000 of them

#1010 4 years ago

I think if you Google elf 600. It lists them. All the popular games are there

#1013 4 years ago

Still looking for whitewater

#1018 4 years ago

Wh20 found. Out of room. Tftc sitting by door waiting for next owner






#1021 4 years ago
Quoted from fatality83:

price on the tales?

sent you pm fatality83...

#1032 4 years ago
Quoted from slow1000rider03:

Headed to see buddy tomorrow. Anyone need anything checked out while I'm there let me know! One machine is coming back with me for sure!

I've tried for 2 days to contact buddy. Impossible

#1035 4 years ago

Thanks. He contacted me.

#1039 4 years ago

45 acdc pins is impressive

Picking up a pin from gwaxt 72 If anyone on here is heading to nj and wants done cash and can bring it back send me pm. It has a ride in the next week or so but if anyone sooner that would be great.

#1044 4 years ago

I was tempted by Marc's q Bert. One of the true nice guys in the hobby. He troubleshooted and fixed a wiz of Wor for $20. Instead of q Bert im getting a joust. Good luck on pixels. Hope the movie is a hit.

1 week later
#1084 3 years ago

Someone grab stretch Kiss pin. Great deal.

#1091 3 years ago

Looking for a SST in nice shape.

#1094 3 years ago

Anyone have a nice set of used wh20 ramps

#1099 3 years ago

Got it last night. Starting to clean and led it


#1107 3 years ago

Also looking for an Avatar Pro.

#1111 3 years ago

I have given up looking for Congo. So next for me is Sst or avatar

#1116 3 years ago

I really want Sst. None for sale local

#1122 3 years ago

I like to add back a sega. Sst is the one I played the most. Only other sega I really liked was A13

#1130 3 years ago

Indiana jones




#1136 3 years ago

Lots of tire kickers on Indy and a few offers to ship. Still hoping for local. MET pro? Spider Man? Looking to add a Stern back.

#1138 3 years ago

4700 is drop dead come pick it up from my house couple mods. Extras. Plays great. Have a trade offer of a nice MET and a few others.

#1140 3 years ago

Thanks Dave. I try and pass games on for the same price I get them in.

#1170 3 years ago

Rai SM is beautiful. Buy with confidence

#1172 3 years ago

He would take your Congo

#1175 3 years ago

Have about 8 pms on indy but still avail. About 4 or 5 trying to come look at it but no commitment yet. Just found the lost plastic in the cab. Forgot I had it. 4700 cash takes it.

#1186 3 years ago

Indy has been sold.

2 weeks later
#1271 3 years ago

I picked up a beautiful but Unshopped Sst that I will never get to as my school year starts. Plus I just added Tron unexpectedly. Looking for 1800. Gsme will be beautiful with a shop and leds. Plastics , pf, boards toys all look great. Display perfect. Brain bug metal edges look great. No wear at scoops.







1 week later
#1329 3 years ago

SST....1700. Out of room. Game will look great after some cleaning and LEDs. Nicest condition pf, plastics, ramps and toys I have owned. Scoops look like game saw very little play. Cash and carry in Columbia.

#1391 3 years ago

Getting in a second Tron Pro. Do not know the full history of game but if it was in an arcade it was kept perfect. Later build so it has newer translite. I'm adding the more popular mods that I have extra. Full LEDs, Shaker Motor, Full cliffy, pop bumper mod, Light cycles mod, Arcade mod, flynn sign. I'm going to sell it for what I have in it. Hoping to have it in this weekend.

#1415 3 years ago

Tron is worth financing . Game arriving late tonight

#1417 3 years ago

This one also has 3 or 4 custom songs on some of the multiballs

#1427 3 years ago

played flip flop as a kid non stop

#1441 3 years ago

Game cleaning up. Have a bunch of pms but local takes priority.




#1446 3 years ago

5800 OBO. Im adding all the mods I picked up...has full leds, fully cliffy set, shaker motor, arcade mod, flynn sign, light cycles, lit recognizer, plastic protector set. Im also going to rebuild all 3 flippers to make sure it plays perfect. I'm really breaking even but I can hold it for a while. It was lightly routed but looks great. Could take a trade of a lesser pin and cash....CFTBL, BSD, IJ4, RFM, congo....Have had 3-4 offers to ship but I am hoping for local buyer.

#1454 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Yea I always perfer local also but the times I shipped actually went really well .gl .also now u want bsd I offered mine a while back for something lol? U crazy pinhead

long story but the Tron is a friends that I am helping sell....I know 5800 cash is a lot but he is also looking for a few pins so thinking a pin and cash easier on some people.

#1458 3 years ago

These things are like rabbits I tell you...Walked into my basement and somehow there is a No Fear sitting there. Cab looks great and game is dirty, lots of screws need to be replaced with shiny new ones but underneath I think is a very clean game screaming for a new home. Plays fine but needs a nice cleaning.....Ill start with 1950 OBO.....If price is too high Ill lower it next week. Pics over the weekend.

#1460 3 years ago

I would love you to get Tron. But personally finish the basement first!

#1467 3 years ago

I dont know values of every pin but 1300 for a tmnt sounds like nice deal for a theme alot of you young guys liked growing up....

1 week later
#1518 3 years ago

Buddy had a game delivered to me as well. 300 miles each way. Better condition then advertised and mailed a missing item as soon as he got home

#1527 3 years ago

Bumping light project no fear. Trades toward Elvis creature or Congo or rfm

#1531 3 years ago

I like your screen saver

#1548 3 years ago

No prob Chris. Bought several led mods from you. Pull up a chair.

1 week later
#1631 3 years ago

Someone sell me my 3rd shadow

#1651 3 years ago
Quoted from slow1000rider03:

Looking for trade for my roadshow plays great looks great just need a new game

Guy selling shadow wanted a rs

#1653 3 years ago

may trade by beautiful Tron vid toward a pin. Shadow would be top choice

#1670 3 years ago

Looking for a shadow. Prefer one with alt translite.

#1694 3 years ago

Finishing up a beautiful jur park for a friend. 2300 OBO. Pf is beautiful except the typical wear at scoops. Plastics look excellent except slings chipped. Under pf mechs all look brand new so game had a nice life

Shop pics up first better pics soon as I finish


#1697 3 years ago

Yeah cliffys would make this game beautiful. I dont think he has topper. Just cleaning it up. New rubbers. Leds. Jp really getting popular. Think new code is out

#1703 3 years ago

I have a very nice Tron vid Someone can put with their pin. Artwork looks great. Plays great. Came from a meticulous colllector. Selling it to add rfm back Pics up soon

1 week later
#1722 3 years ago

Thinking about getting a Shadow again. I have now added back all the games I like. Just need the shadow to finish up. Anyone have one for sale or trade let me know...

1 week later
#1773 3 years ago

shadow...anyone? anyone?

1 week later
#1871 3 years ago

Looking for a TWD. Have a nice Wh20 to trade for it or cash. May have a Shadow lined up now.

#1885 3 years ago

Wh20 tentative sold. Looking for TWD

1 month later
#2211 3 years ago

I love my twd Pro. Just had my fav dog pass away . As much as I love this pin it's just Feels weird playing it. I would like to trade it for a Spider-Man or iron man. Game is HUO snd perfect. Added some sign mods and added some red leds

#2213 3 years ago

Thanks rai. Already getting some pms. Just looking for something lighter but just as fun. IM or SM would be perfect

#2224 3 years ago

Thanks for all the pms. Twd very popular. Trade pending has fallen through. spider or iron man gets it done

#2229 3 years ago

Some pms to buy it but still hoping to trade huo TWD for either spider or iron man.

#2241 3 years ago

Happy holidays. Have a few potential trade offers that require a road trip. Here are a few pics in case anyone local intersted





1 week later
#2317 3 years ago

TWD Pro avail. Beautiful pin. A few signs added. Looking for Something a little lighter. Iron man, spider man. Possibly a few others

#2319 3 years ago

I'm looking for a worthless SM too

#2364 3 years ago

I keep thinking I need to try TZ again . Have several offers for my TWD that I am thinking about. Still hoping for IM or SM. Also trying to add a tempest to complete the gameroon

#2402 3 years ago

Randall not on Pinside. I've sold a few pins for friends

#2403 3 years ago
Quoted from Turboghia:

I saw Randy's TZ in person today, its nice cosmetically! Needs to be shopped out, but a good price IMO!

I don't know. 5500 Unshopped. No mods. Not a great deal

#2431 3 years ago

Been busy so not much pin stuff lately....TWD still avail 4350. or trade toward TZ, IM or SM.

#2436 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Been busy so not much pin stuff lately....TWD still avail 4350. or trade toward TZ, IM or SM.

Sold pending payment

#2464 3 years ago

I'm looking to buy either Tz or IM. Have found 3 Tz but they are all far away. If one of you locals decide to sell let me know asap

#2471 3 years ago
Quoted from MrWizzo:

Come down to Herndon and check out my HUO IM.
As an incentive, I'll take you to Jimmy's, a bar and grill set up by Buffalo transplants that show all Bills and Sabres game. It is such a great place it makes me wish I was a Buffalo fan!

Nice win over the Caps by Sabres last night. Sounds fun.

#2530 3 years ago

Still looking for a TZ close by. Have 3-4 leads that are road trips....

#2536 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Wait didn't you just have a TZ back when i got your ST ?

Was fixing a friends

#2538 3 years ago

You guys know everyone's business . Holding that one for a friend. Which I why I want to get one.

#2542 3 years ago

TZ just keeps getting more pricey....Have a very nice IJ4 toward TZ. Several cash offers Ill prob take but holding out a little longer for a TZ to appear...

#2551 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Ok then... Wow. Not really sure what to say about that one.

Never met him but he offered me his TZ for 9k

#2578 3 years ago

Shouldn't you guys be out shoveling . I'm in florida helping sick parent. No snow here

#2622 3 years ago

there will be no games leaving or entering my basement anytime soon

#2666 3 years ago

Pinman52, tell your brother to make me a deal on his TZ and Ill forgive him

#2675 3 years ago

I'm in Florida with nothing to shovel. Gives me time to window shop for a TZ in between caring for my ailing father.
This MD group is awesome and have met lots of great local guys. Have been given several TZ leads so thanks for help.

Stay safe shoveling. Seems every winter there are 1 or 2 deaths in our county from shoveling

#2677 3 years ago

pinman52 I sent you a pm

#2749 3 years ago

Exactly Pinphila Someone sell me a TZ

#2759 3 years ago
Quoted from keysersoze981:

You just showed your age there Mike....Well done though

yeah I've loved Yes a long time. Jon Anderson awesome live....

ok, someone list a pin for sale.

#2763 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

Good luck. They are out there.

Thanks Krazyball. 5500 unmodded, unshopped kills me. I'm just shocked they have almost doubled since I owned one.