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What's FS in Maryland,Va,DC,Pa,De right now ? Md and surrounding area FS Thread.

By stretch2

7 years ago

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#251 7 years ago

Just listed my Black Hole project on DC Craigslist and the marketplace. Has a new Rottendog MPU. $800

image.jpg image-813.jpg image-271.jpg image-141.jpg image-633.jpg
#252 7 years ago
Quoted from ShootForSlrValue:

Missed my chance on an F14 the other day. Still looking for one! Doesn't need to be a CQ example by any means. Also, Skeeb is a good seller and an even better guy. That example plays very well, actually.

Checkout the coinop doc... he has one... you can usually bargain with him.


#253 7 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Checkout the coinop doc... he has one... you can usually bargain with him.

Tom at coinopdoc.com is awesome thumbs up

#254 7 years ago

I have a mostly working Gottlieb Spiderman for sale.

Game works but no sounds. All displays work and CPU and driver board serviced by Fred Schwemmer. Back glass is faded with initial signs of flaking (no missing paint though). Playfield is nice with a little wear near top kick out and one of the pop bumpers.

Asking $900. PM if interested.

- Mike

image-437.jpg image-850.jpg image.jpg image-21.jpg image-318.jpg image-99.jpg image-186.jpg image-393.jpg image-120.jpg
#255 7 years ago

I have a gorgeous RFM for sale just outside of Baltimore, MD. Can deliver to the York show. $3000.00 or open to trade offers for a newer Stern. Would consider a RBION or WoF straight trade or add cash for AC/DC Premium, PotC, Avatar, Family Guy, Indiana Jones. Pics here:


#256 7 years ago

Was looking to trade it for a BC, but figured I would put it for sale. It’s in very nice shape and as much as I loved it, I’ve played it so much where I’m done with it. It’s never had a problem and no credit dot. Claw and elevator work as they should. The ramp diverter works perfectly as well. It had a cracked ramp where the diverter would be pulled but found a nice ramp to replaced it with.
It's the nicest DM I've seen in person. Pics here: http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/Nutty50/library/Demolition%20Man?sort=3&page=1
2500 OBO
PF was completely stripped down and all parts removed tumbled/cleaned and or replaced if needed 5 months ago. Treasure Cove’d after.
Mike Chesnut chromed handles
Chrome mirror blades
New car tunnel
New lock down bar
New GLM trough opto boards
Ramps are good (Some minor cracking near entries but the protectors hide this)
Pinbits plastic protectors
New rubbers, cliffy post sleeves, flipper Superbands in blue
Pops were all rebuilt and replaced
New flipper bats and rebuilds
All coils cleaned and resleeved
Almost all new plastics; none cracked or broken along with spares
New DMD display
New eyeball but have original spare
Profanity Roms
Translite is nice
New Olds 442

Some minor scrapes on the cabinet top and bottom
Had a lock bar over coin door but carriage bolts painted black are there


#257 7 years ago

Few more pics:

#258 7 years ago

I have a Mint HUO BDK with low plays that I would like to trade for an Huo Avengers LE.
Can be the Blue AVLE or Hulk LE.
More Pix available .

#259 7 years ago

photo 1 (2).JPG

#260 7 years ago

Friend has a nib acdc bought last year. Just wants fair market value. Pm me for more info

#261 7 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Friend has a nib acdc bought last year. Just wants fair market value. Pm me for more info

Which model ?Pro or Premium ?

#262 7 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Which model ?Pro or Premium ?


#263 7 years ago

I am selling an HUO Transformers LE with shaker and subwoofer .I am the original owner and bought this machine NIB.Under 100 plays. $4400
Here is the link with pix in the forum:


#264 7 years ago

Have an original MM to trade on any of the following.
Your game and cash or depending on number of games even up or I add cash.

Dr. Who with rotating Dalek topper
CFBL with hot pink or maybe the R rated version but not 100% sure on that yet!
Addams Family late production regular in Gold cabinet
Diner with DP playfield
Iron Maiden

#265 7 years ago

I just listed my RFM, Stargate, Spectra IV rotating cocktail pin, and my nice 1949 Williams Tucson woodrail.

#266 7 years ago

Anyone go look at the Rollergames that's slowwwly dropping in price on CL?

#267 7 years ago

I have my entire collection "available for sale" even though I only will sell 3 or 4. I just sold my Elvis (was really nice) to a pinsiderfor $3,200. Was a beautiful HUO. I have my SM, IM, X-MEN LE, TZ, POTC, LOTR, HS2, WOZ, METPRO etc. etc. up for sale.

Check the DC craigslist for prices or email me. I just posted the ad yesterday and have 2 people coming tonight and one pinsider came this afternoon and there went my Elvis so "elvis is no longer in the house". SOB SOB.

Again, I am only selling probably 3 (4 at the most) total so with one down I will only sell 2 or 3 more to clear out space in my theater room where I had to put 3 as the wife told me since I never play them why not make some space.

PM me for prices but I prefer you just stop by and check them out in person.

#268 7 years ago

I have a 1962 Gottlieb Olympics for sale, working game $400. see York thread for photos or pm me for more info

#269 7 years ago

Have a beautiful restored DE Star Wars...Can bring to York or avail beforehand...fully shopped, LEDs, new code, new plastics. pm for pics.

#270 7 years ago

Just sold my HS2 tonight to a pinsider so I am done selling as I sold my quota in a few days !!!

Last year it took me about 3 weeks to sell 6 so pins are still selling in this area just the pricing has to be right.

Thanks for all the inquiries.....all sales were to really nice pinsiders who I had not met before !!!! I am sure I will get the urge to buy in early 2015 and have to skinny down again around this time next year unless I can finally get the wife to agree to let me keep more then 10 pins. I worry her as she saw me go from 0 to 16 in early 2013 in less then 6 months and I probably would have went over 20 if she didn't "have a little talk with me".....LOL. The great thing about my wife is she never asks or cares what I paid just wants me to keep it to 10 pins !!!! Got to love her !!!

Special thanks to BILLSFANMD for coming to help Todd take the pins up my steps. Mike is one of the good guys and I am still enjoying the IM I bought from him (even though Stern remade it and killed the value (but it did make for a great HITLER RANT by Rai that he did mention HOP so just for that laugh it was worth the drop in value !!!!)....good news is I love the game and it is the pin I still play the most.

Thanks again to the pinsiders who came to my house and got me back down to 10 pins.....easy transactions....great guys !!!

#271 7 years ago

I'm selling my HUO Star Trek Pro for $3900. I thought I would throw it on this local thread before I put it up in the market. It probably has 200 total plays. I bought it new in April 2014 from TILT Amusements in Ohio (Trent). The only thing that is/was wrong with it is I got a vertical line in the DMD last week, so I had Stern send me out a new one, which fixed the issue. I tend to play my classics a lot more, which is the primary reason I'm selling it. I can post pics tonight if there's any local interest. Send me a PM if you are interested. I'm located in Pittsburgh.

Regarding a few questions that were messaged to me:
1) There are no mods done, I basically took it out of the box, plugged it in and started playing. I did buy the Bird of Prey for it, but never got around to installing it. I'll include that with this sale.
2) It's mint. No scratches anywhere: playfield, cabinet, or backglass. It hasn't moved since I set it up initially.
2) Unfortunately, I won't be going to the York show. I just found out recently that I'll have to work that weekend.


#272 7 years ago

Players T2 For sale. Asking $1750. All LED's located near Allentown PA. Shipping available for $250 Terminal to Terminal via Pilot air. I can also bring to York show on Friday if sold. Pictures & description here: allentown.craigslist.org link

#274 7 years ago

My Star Trek Pro is sold, pending payment.

#275 7 years ago

My RFM is sold. WCS is still available.

#276 7 years ago

Anybody bringing a hs2?

#277 7 years ago

I am going to be making a new FS thread and marketplace posts for my machines in the next day or two. Posting them here first though for those in the area:

Bally Eight Ball (1977) - $800 - Good condition asides from some playfield wear in front of both slings (seems to be typical for these; mylar was placed in front of the slings). Minor touch-ups on the cabinet. Great playing game, fast for an old Bally.

Jokerz! - $900 - "player's" condition. Good cabinet and backglass. Full LEDs for GI (incandescent style). Upper playfield fully yellowed (typical), ramps are taped down. Hardly a collector's piece but it plays great--very fast.

24 (Stern, 2009) - $2900 - Very clean playfield, no cracked plastics. Cabinet has some minor scuffs but overall it's good. Full LEDs for playfield inserts and GI, has Herg's LED OCD board in it.

Ripley's Believe it or Not! - $2700 - Cabinet wear on the front. PF is good asides a couple of cracked plastics. Incandescent bulbs, 100% replaced/new as of last week.

Post edited by akm: Posting more details.

#278 7 years ago

I will be listing a low play Huo AC/DC Back in Black in the Forum as soon as I can get some pictures available. Price will be $9200 with a Black coin door,or $9500 with a $500 Chrome Coin Door, buyer's option. The BIB has some Backbox and under cabinet interactive lighting mods from the Pinball Refinery, and has Mirrored Black flipper buttons, Custom Chrome Shooter rod, and Mirror Blades.
Please pm me for more info.I have pix in my phone at the moment and can text them to you.
I am in Baltimore, Maryland.

#279 7 years ago

Officially posted my games for sale. See forum thread for details/links to photos. Located in Northern VA (Fairfax, to be specific). Link: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/fs-bally-eight-ball-stern-rbion-stern-24-williams-jokerz-in-va

#280 7 years ago

I have officially listed my BIB for sale.
Here is the link with pix :


#282 7 years ago

Selling my games due to unforeseen circumstances, would rather make a local deal for pick up as well:

Indiana Jones
-Cab has typical fade as most of them do, not as bad as some I've seen, in great shape otherwise
-Playfield is fantastic, a very tiny bit of wear above Marion's head on the playfield but keep it waxed and it won't get any worse
-Cointaker LED's and side mirrors
-ColorDMD recently installed with the most current update, looks fantastic
-NVRAM installed, no batteries needed ever again or damage worries to the boards

Lord of the Rings
-Can't find a flaw with it, in fantastic shape. I'm the third owner of it, I'm friends with the folks that first purchased it so it is indeed HUO. This is the one you want if you've been looking for one.
-Palantir Mod installed. Makes it look like Sauron's eye is watching you / flashes. Very cool effect.
-Cointaker LED's and side mirrors, look amazing on this one!
-Shaker motor installed, works great. The fights with the Balrog are awesome.
-NVRAM installed, no more batteries or damage worries!
-Awesome Laserrific topper with the Balrog and Ring, can change the color to your preference


Please message me if interested, will send pictures ASAP upon request. In the Baltimore area. Thanks!

1 week later
#283 7 years ago

posted my freddy pinball up for sale today. Don't want to but i have one project ft and 2 other pins in the work. Link is below if you have any question just ask.


#284 7 years ago

1964 Williams Soccer single player with backglass animation in Western suburbs of Philly.

#285 7 years ago

Chris Hutchins Cactus Canyon with CCC software installed, super nice Champion Pub, HUO Hurricane, 6 million dollar man, Cleopatra, Mata Hari, super nice Paragon for sale or trade on any of the above pins.

#286 7 years ago

So...how bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

#287 7 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

So...how bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

Is that the Frederick Area one? I have wanted one of those for a long time, but my budget wasn't enough. I could have swung this, but I got something else the day before

I also wanted that Robocop up in DC, but he is just a little high for the shape. Some people on here said he wasn't coming down at all.

Quoted from 2manypins:

6 million dollar man

Man, I been watching one ad in Hanover for a year. I know it's been a year, because it said something about being a great Christmas gift the whole time. It's true again

I loved that show as a kid and that looks like a good example. I am currently "storing" a Power Play for a friend in my game room If it ever leaves, I'm getting that Six Million Dollar Man. It's a fun game, but too similar to Power Play to have them side by side.

I did pick up that Rollergames that had sat on CL for so long and kept dropping in price. It turned out to be really nice. It has the DP playfield and looks like it wasn't ever routed. It's not perfect, but it's nice.

So somebody take a chance and look at the cheap WCS. Maybe it's the deal of the year... or it's a POS

#288 7 years ago

Looking for an Indianapolis 500 in Collector Quality Condition or Close to it

(Please PM Me)

* Playfield is most important to me and must be in perfect shape without the need for a cliffy to cover up wear. (Would love a cleared one, but not required)

* Cabinet must have original factory decals with little to no fade.
(Will consider re-decaled machines if it was restored by one of the Big 3/4 Restorers - pls don't ask who)

* Translite must be NOS and flawless.

* Damaged playfield plastics/ramps are not a deal breaker providing the replacement is available.

* Boards do not have to match but can't have any hacks/burn.

* Machine must be working 100%.

I'm located in New York so I'd prefer one located in the Northeast/East Coast but for the right machine would consider a road trip or shipping. I once made a one day trip to Ohio to pick up a machine.


#289 7 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

So...how bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

It isnt horrible and it does work hundred percent be a great game just to play the crap out of and enjoy like you are supposed to do in this hobby.it plays well and if you contact him im sure you can get the price a tad cheaper unfortunately im getting a sttng and them im out of room so I cant get it.

#290 7 years ago

Got a Stern Playboy, lots of new parts, clean, good player for 2400. North of Baltimore.


IMG_7077[1].JPG IMG_7137[1].JPG IMG_7138[1].JPG IMG_7143[1].JPG IMG_7142[1].JPG
#291 7 years ago
Quoted from westofrome:

So...how bad is the $1600 WCS on DC CL that no one's picked it up yet?

Looks filthy and I see at least one wear spot on the playfield and there are probably more. At $1600, for me, the price needs to be dropped a few hundred to cover the hours doing a full tear down cleaning, installing LEDs, new rubber, etc.

#292 7 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Looks filthy and I see at least one wear spot on the playfield and there are probably more. At $1600, for me, the price needs to be dropped a few hundred to cover the hours doing a full tear down cleaning, installing LEDs, new rubber, etc.

indeed looks like it need a good cleaning.

#293 7 years ago

Does anyone have a trashed Bally 6803 game or just the head which would be ok too, for sale?
These would be like:
Eight Ball Champ
Special force
Strange Science
Party animal
Blackwater 100
Truck stop

#294 7 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Looks filthy and I see at least one wear spot on the playfield and there are probably more. At $1600, for me, the price needs to be dropped a few hundred to cover the hours doing a full tear down cleaning, installing LEDs, new rubber, etc.

It also needs board work. Some yahoo decided to solder directly to the headers on the driver board rather than build a new connector. I want a WCS bad but this one would be $1000 tops for me. I'd just rather pay more for a better start.

#295 7 years ago

WCS is a funny one because the plastic are really hard to find.

I'd agree...on this particular game, $1200 seems more in line. Too many variables to deal with

#296 7 years ago

Anyone have a Met Premium (or know of a Met Prem) that might be looking to move?

#297 7 years ago

PA is kinda big, but I have a nice Rollergames.


#298 7 years ago

Stu said in the CPR update thread that the wcs plastics are in production.

#299 7 years ago

I am selling one of my slot machines just to change things up. This is an IGT S+ machine with a "Monster Match" theme. Really nice, clean, takes quarters or tokens (I have it loaded with 1200 quarters...not included haha). Manufactured in 2/96 and the Monster Match kit is 2001.

Asking $450 on Pinside before placing it on CL in a few days. Pickup from my house in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. Could possibly deliver to the Frederick area for $25.

20141017_132629.jpg 20141017_132638.jpg
#300 7 years ago

Still have my Gottlieb Freddy a nightmare on elm st pinball 4 sale. If interested make me a offer. Also I can sell with out the DMD extended.


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