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What's for sale in Ohio right now?

By athenspin

5 years ago

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#28 5 years ago

Played bottlehouse yesterday. Creature is working fine, ac/dc was off because it's cycling at the moment , junkyard needs love in the right flipper and is getting stuck in the sewer occasionally. Stones is playing great and lotr is having major issues with several switches and now won't kick a ball to start a game. I live two blocks away and love your prices and games but would love for you to fix lotr as it's my favorite game.

3 weeks later
#42 5 years ago

Have a Junkyard good shape, led, yadda yadda coming up $3400 and a johnny mnemonic faded, led, upgraded sound, decal set inc. $2150. Both are for trade as well and I'd rather trade than sell usually.

3 weeks later
#107 5 years ago

No fear for a steal of a price. Doesnt look faded at all and probably is still worth closer to what he paid. I already own a no fear or id be all over it. columbus.craigslist.org link

#108 5 years ago

Mines faded and I wouldn't let it go for 2k. Such a fun game.

#112 5 years ago

Nice! Gl Collin

#132 5 years ago

That secret service in Dayton is a really good deal for someone, we considered getting it to have 2 but we are extremely full on pin right now and need get rid of several before taking on another. 2 and 3 ball multiball, awesome music, ball save, great sound/call outs, great ruleset. Its very much like a great system 11 title just made by DE and underrated.

1 month later
2 weeks later
#196 5 years ago

He's super nice to deal with and has an awesome collection. Buy with confidence.

Quoted from initfo:

Has anybody bought from this guy?
Looks like a good players machine, I think it could be a good fit for my first pin.

2 months later
#315 5 years ago

Us Ohioans can be a bit strange in our pinball obsessions.

ebay.com link

#329 5 years ago

You've got the bug bad adam. Chasing pins all over. F-14 is a good game but pac man blows. You don't want that thing

1 week later
#344 5 years ago

The tech came over yesterday and took the board with her. Should be fixed in less than a week.

Quoted from AaronJames:What's the latest on this Fire?

#354 5 years ago
Quoted from stephenshane237:

I have a FH and Corvette cabinet and head just getting ready to throw them away if you want them come get em I am in Medina, Ohio

Best part about picking those up adam will be you get to see his nice games in person. I remember seeing pics of them when he got his cabs. Beautiful!

#363 5 years ago

If you ever run across a BAD shadow playfield I need one for a project. no art magnet burned 5mm deep I don't care!

1 month later
#470 4 years ago

Picking up that pinbot already gents. Going to teepee lebron's house while I'm there

#476 4 years ago

Grrr, dude in akron sold the pinbot. I was first in, made an appointment and told him guaranteed to buy. Someone who called said they'd be there earlier so he sold to them. So effing dumb. Got a corvette pin instead.

#481 4 years ago

Nobody but the sellers fault. I hope a fellow pinsider snagged it. It happens but something else usually pops up. I'm going to fix up corvette and trade it. Never even played the game before.

#488 4 years ago

Cincy peeps, chuckwurt! Go get! Fun game, descent price. Not mine cincinnati.craigslist.org link

#506 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So,e dude has had a wedge head up for like 6 months on CL. He wants 1600 for it though.

Depending on he wedgehead it could be a good deal. I doubt it though if it's been up for 6 months.
My brother has several single players Collin, with some perhaps that he can part with in trade or sale.
One's he may consider-
Yukon (special edition, this a really really fun game)

He also has cowpoke and majorettes but cowpoke will never leave and Majorettes is a pretty expensive one.

I have a melody that I'd consider but it too is a more rare and expensive wedgehead.

He may have more that I cant remember, just PM Davideokills

#512 4 years ago

That big hit is kind of a great game. Unique as well.

#518 4 years ago

The eldorado is priced right. I have been thinking about picking it up myself. It really matters what that backglass is like. I don't expect perfection but if it's flaky all over, no. Roy Parker art and low production games generally hold or increase in value more. That backglass is great but the playfield is very 2 dimensional. Gameplay is excellent though.

#539 4 years ago
Quoted from sleethering:

Looking for Globetrotters, TX-Sector and Whirlwind.

I tried to get dave to buy that TX sector a month ago, was like 1500, tough to find. If I see any of these or if you see one in Michigan I may be able to pick it up for you

1 week later
#556 4 years ago

Dave hit that God of war 2nd. Hopefully the michigan guy flakes but unlikely

#559 4 years ago

Parts machines are always welcome, we're always going through coils, mounts, poaching from boards, it's pretty tough to keep everything up and going 100%

#570 4 years ago
Quoted from pinhead_jack:

I am that Michigan guy that didn't end up with the pin. I sent the seller a text stating that it was a lock shortly after I spoke to him but he didn't see it before committing to "Dave". I am very bummed about losing it as that price was amazing but it was an honest mistake so what can you do. Glad the pin is getting a new life even if it is not with me. Great pin and amazing price.

He probably sold it to someone offering more money. It's generally what happens on stuff like that. I never offer more, if you list it for that, that is what I'm giving you. It's definitely hard to get a quick pin from a long distance, I've tried in Michigan or PA but the deals get scooped up so quick and buyers are impatient or get offered more.

#605 4 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

Most of the games are a little more than i want to pay. But Black Hole for $650. I am sure it needs some work...
cleveland.craigslist.org link

Wait until you see how much work all of the machines need. The black hole is pretty close to dumpster material. The star god is in really great condition though and he had it at 1500 before Which is almost doable.

#611 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Alright. Black Hole and Shadow sound too rough for me, but Breakshot doesn't seem too bad. I'll have to check the Breakshot out in person and to play it a bit in order to get a good idea of condition, though. Also I know Don has some NOS translites for some of the Capcom games, so I'll have to ask if he has one for Breakshot.
Thanks for the heads up about the condition on those.

I should have mentioned that the seller is a nice guy. The breakshot isn't too far from being playable and neither is pole position which had display issues and needed some love all around. Sharpshooter didn't load a game and we were worried about getting parts because of it being an off brand machine, the art is sweet on it. I didn't notice star gods backglass probably because I was very drawn to the playfield.

1 week later
#684 4 years ago

Pm sent on funland

#709 4 years ago

Faded and yellowed

Quoted from nitrojcrawf:This is like 10 mins from my house. Trying to check it out and report back. For the price this thing better be mint.

#737 4 years ago

Batman mega sucks. The price isn't awful but you'll get bored within hours.

#769 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Agodfrey: no need to post CL ads. We all check them by the hour. A for effort though!


#774 4 years ago

Ya adam you can get a piece of glass for 10 bucks at the show

#779 4 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

$25 a sheet at the Ohio show I thought.

For a used piece 10. Think he's just seeking a piece for his home brew pin

1 month later
#820 4 years ago

I picked up a second Whirlwind as part of a trade recently and although I'll never let Whirlwind go, I can let a second one go The new one is a nice player, new topper, working fan, LED'd, mylared which really kept it from playfield wear. The 2 scoops are better than most but of course exhibit some wear. The discs have new decals and there is only a little wear on playfield around discs. Ramp is great, left sling is chipped, flippers fully rebuilt and strong. Cab has wear spots here and there around edges and corners and is average but the art looks good. I'll get a bunch of pictures up and post it in the market this weekend but am limited on time this week during the week. Here's a cell pic of it to give you an idea


I'm really looking for an EATPM or WCS94 in players shape. Might consider other things so it doesn't hurt to ask. I'd potentially trade the other one (ol' reliable) instead which plays great rebuilt flippers etc, no technical issues, incandescent lighting, topper but no fan, more wear at holes and some on playfield, had a break in the front of the cab but looks fine on the sides for a descent Taxi and keep the nice one.

6 months later
2 weeks later
#1108 4 years ago
Quoted from davideokills:

Why? Your Indy is so smooth and pretty. Walking Dead is ugly and full of bash toys.

TWD got way more fun with the latest few updates David, its quite fun now.

#1113 4 years ago

Had the pleasure of seeing this xenon. Suuuuuper nice.

1 month later
#1156 3 years ago

I'd hate to say it brother but with that cab, that backglass and playfield hopefully are perfect or you got hosed badly on BK.

1 month later
#1282 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballNewb:

AFM for $3,500 yesterday was not a scam I don't think. Received a response, but I was second in line. Anyone here get it?

Funny... I was second in line. My brother was too... Weird.

1 month later
#1400 3 years ago
Quoted from box1020:

Thank you guys so much you guys been more helpful than anyone. Thanks again was looking at a firepower, comet and phoenix but prices on ebay and cl are outrageous. Thanks again everyone for the help.

Fireball 2 is not a bad multiball SS and under 1k. You should check out collins

2 months later
#1602 3 years ago

Waddle tonyhoff1 was shopping out an rct for sale/trade when i picked up taxi from him. Maybe contact him to see if he still has it (parma area)

2 months later
#1866 3 years ago

Tom go get it and put the invisiglass in afm finally.

2 months later
#2114 3 years ago

I sold my shadow to billsfanmd. He met my brother in Pittsburgh for me..... He can stay

1 month later
#2217 3 years ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Anyone sheltering a Bad Cats (preferably project) in need of a new home? Or at least give me an idea on the price for this title?


1 week later
#2277 2 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I hear fattdirk has a Breakshot that might be able to sneak into your price range

One of these days he'll unscrew that head and just fix it!

5 months later
#2724 2 years ago
Quoted from catalina:

Nothing will go cheap there. Remember, that it's 15 minutes from Dr. Scott's Pinball Store. Anything that looks like will go low, they will snap up for their store.


#2747 2 years ago

Davideokills went to the Napoleon auction. He hasn't gotten back to me on what stuff went for or if he bought anything. Probably means he didn't and Dr Scott's went after most of it.

#2749 2 years ago
Quoted from alexmogil:

I hope he does update - I don't know if I want to feel better or worse about it.

He said it was all pricey. Rest easy.

1 month later
#2810 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Anyone willing to help me sand and install decals on my totan in return for powdercoating services i can provide

Tdiddy might be your guy. I'm sure he'd love some powder work and is the type of playfield pro you are looking for

1 week later
#2833 2 years ago

Looking for an xmen for a friend. He has a really nice demo man to trade and will add cash.

3 weeks later
#2886 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Going to offer TWD pro in amazing condition for 4850 (no topper). Haven't made the change yet but if interested, PM me.

You interested in trading for Metallica pro?

2 weeks later
#2972 2 years ago
Quoted from Tru33:

Who's got a Gottleib Sheriff for sale?

Davideokills in Cleveland might still have one. Check with him

2 months later
#3249 1 year ago

Have a shadow and cash or just cash outright for one or two of the following games-
Walking Dead
Game of thrones

Might be open to other modern sterns and am open to trade offers.

3 weeks later
#3308 1 year ago

Looking for a walking dead pro

1 week later
#3325 1 year ago
Quoted from BobT:

Does anyone have a Future Spa? I really want one!!!

There's a nice clearcoated one at superelectric to play...... It'll make you really want one.

#3329 1 year ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

Any flash Gordon's out there?

Scott might still have that one. Mcpin54

#3334 1 year ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

Yeah I might take a look if it's still around.....when you coming to checkout star gazer?

I probably want to see quicksilver even more than SG! I'll find a time to get over there now that the holidays are over.

#3335 1 year ago

Roy you finish your swap yet?

#3337 1 year ago

Looking for TWD, GOT, or Guardians! I need a Stern in my basement!

1 week later
#3368 1 year ago

Bills and I met and traded in Pittsburgh at papa one year, he's welcome here

3 weeks later
#3411 1 year ago

I have a descent shadow - led'd, Aurich trans and panel, chromed gun, freshly rebuilt battlefield bank, cab is average with a few scratches, and sanctum has normal wear and I have a fresh sticker I intend to put on it.

And a nice roadshow-full led, no fish wear, no real wear anywhere, the hole looks great, red and Ted look dang near new. Super clean inside, decals are nice, unfaded with just a little wrinkle that is covered by leg protectors.

For trade mostly, I'll try to get pics for anyone interested soon. I'm open to all games really

1 week later
#3432 1 year ago
Quoted from cerberusdog:

Hehe...... hopefully that is me Collin!!

I hear if you arm wrestle Scott and win he gives you an extra $50 off.

3 months later
#3702 1 year ago

Hey guys, looking for an AC/DC pro of any type, modded, unmodded, huo or routed, doesn't matter. Within 5 hours drive of Cleveland preferred so Ohio, PA, Michigan, WV all possible. Please PM me.

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