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What's for sale in Ohio right now?

By athenspin

5 years ago

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#143 5 years ago

I've got a WPT for sale to make room for my TAF $1900 OBO



3 weeks later
#168 5 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

I have a South Park I am looking for a trade. Located in Akron.

Wish I was closer.

1 month later
#230 5 years ago

Shadow $2500. Missing 1 ring, typical sanctum wear. Plays 100%.

#232 5 years ago
Quoted from sleethering:

That was quick, Matt!

Was Shadow too easy for you and it's time to move on to something more challenging?

Selling this for a friend. My Shadow is never leaving.

#234 5 years ago

If I had more room, I'd keep both so I could have shadow on all floors.

1 month later
#290 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_erie:

I am ready to put up my F-14. I bought it from Fatdirk a little over a year ago so maybe someone here can vouch for its shape. It's a prototype game and in awesome condition, PM me your email for pics. Only selling due to the speed of the game. I have limited space and everyone but me in my house hates it and gets frustrated. Asking $1,400.

This machine is really nice. This is tempting for me to buy it back. If only I had more space!!

3 weeks later
#365 4 years ago

Trying to freshen up the collection. Nice Stern Rolling Stones for Trade or $3200. Has upgraded Mick on the stick with metal back plate to prevent breakage.
Looking for transformers.

#368 4 years ago
Quoted from Solder_Splash:

I have a nice FT with a custom faded cabinet that I can offer you
Do you deliver?

Is it the pre-topper prototype with the white sides?

#371 4 years ago
Quoted from Solder_Splash:

Yes. Extremely rare. Very collectable.


#376 4 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

You faded fishtailers. I have a set of cabinet art that is not being used. PM any interest

Are these of the rare white prototype version or the more common red ones?

#378 4 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

Another really high rez pic. Glad he really cares enough to take a few snaps and give us all that info

akroncanton.craigslist.org link

If you want pics, why don't you request them instead of being a DB.

#381 4 years ago

Post edited by fattdirk: Deleted unnecessary fly off the handle asshole comment.

#385 4 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

On a lighter note.....anyone want my $750 SOF Let's all laugh and move on. Dirk next time I'm in West Akron I'll buy you a beer.

We can hang at Stonehedge

#391 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

I was at Stonerhenge

This just made me laugh. Not sure if it was on purpose, but funny anyways.

3 weeks later
#437 4 years ago

Dr who $2400 OBO

Game is now SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
More pics here:



#441 4 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Anyone have a rocky and bullwinkle for sale/trade? Or a Dr dude?

I've got a Dr Dude I'd part with. PM me for details.

Dude is sold.

#449 4 years ago
Quoted from Solder_Splash:

You going to sell that thing before I get a chance to play it?

Mrs. Fattdirk is not too happy with the machine being located in the living room :/
You're welcome to swing by and play it anytime.

#456 4 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

After my long quest to find a rocky and bullwinkle that lasted 3 whole days its finally here! Thanks weir!

Now stop playing it and get to selling that hook
Congrats on the new game.

#464 4 years ago

Wish I was closer. Would love to add this to the collection.

#472 4 years ago


Posted some proper pics of !y rolling stones.

Located in Akron.

Game looks and plays great.
Also up for a trade.

1 week later
#519 4 years ago

Have a shadow for sale in Akron. Will get some pictures up shortly.

#543 4 years ago

Finally got around to taking pics of my shadow for those of you that contacted me.



1 week later
#614 4 years ago

Man that artwork is rad on that machine.

#659 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

That Big House is kinda tempting; Looks like a cool game.

He'd probably negotiate. That game has been sitting at that same price for at least 3 months. I'm sure the offers haven't been rolling in. I considered it, but seems like that game would be tough to move eventually when I got tired of it.

1 week later
#728 4 years ago

Mistook asking price as a joke. My apologies to the seller. GLWS.

#735 4 years ago
Quoted from rollinover:

I find it funny that anyone can put a price on a game when all of these are what someone is willing to pay and its not like all games are easily found in certain areas...

It'd doubly hilarious when those that price police ask the highest prices of their own games.

Guess the name of the game to some is buy low sell high.

#738 4 years ago

What's with data east games and slap bass? I watched a video of batman and it has that similar audio track to Star wars which is so slap bass heavy.

#743 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

The name of the game is buy low and sell high if you treat the hobby as a business

The Ol' beat down, buy, pump then sell.

1 month later
#812 4 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Just put my friends TAFG up for sale. Just have to wipe it down and it is ready.

Man that's Purdy.

#813 4 years ago

I've got a Star Trek the Next Generation that I'm looking to part with if anyone is interested.

#818 4 years ago

First pic. Game is really nice. Works 100%. Has full mylar. Could use new head decals


4 weeks later
#843 4 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

First pic. Game is really nice. Works 100%. Has full mylar. Could use new head decals
tmp_12542-20150406_2100421450547139.jpg (Click image to enlarge)tmp_12542-20150406_1901271293744748.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Taking offers.

#847 4 years ago

Demo man sold.

#874 4 years ago

Looking to get something new so my Ironman VE is up for trade.

HUO second owner. Has backbox RGB light kit, speaker inserts with RGB Leds in it also. Few LEDS were tastefully changed. Looks brand new. I can get some pics for a serious offer.

Looking to trade for something. Let me know what you've got. I could throw some cash in for the right game.

My only stipulation - if you send me a PM with a Raven and 800 bucks I'm going to copy the PM and post it here for everyone to laugh at.

Titles I want: (Not just limited to this list but these are games I like)

#877 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

How about a Spring Break and $900?

Quoted from mjpinballs:

How about a project King of Steel 300

Bunch of jokers up here.

You're going to have to give me 65 now to take that kings of steel vs the 50 I told you originally, keep it up and it's going to get higher

#878 4 years ago

IM has a shaker motor also. I forgot to mention that. It's the one that was 200 bucks, not the shitty cheap ones they sell now. It has a 22-28% better quality of shake than the current models. It's a quality you can really feel.

#884 4 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Can you please tell me how you came up on that % range ?

Empirical data.

Quoted from Collin:

As someone with a degree in mathematics, I can tell you definitively: maths.

You know it's real because the numbers aren't even.

Quoted from Gundam_Pilot_:

My now girlfriend told me the same thing in our first date.....

Weird, that's what she told me also

1 week later
#906 4 years ago

Video of iron man.

3 weeks later
4 weeks later
#955 4 years ago
Quoted from sandbagger:

I dont have to sell but would sure help so not looking to take a loss, would like to get $9500 but open to offers.

Weren't these 8k NIB?

#963 4 years ago
Quoted from sandbagger:

so not looking to take a loss


Quoted from sandbagger:

a local non damaged one might be worth a little extra

Then this....

I have no issue with someone making a profit, but don't imply that if you don't sell it for 1500 more than you paid for it that you're taking a loss. You're just asking to be called out.

3 weeks later
#987 4 years ago
Quoted from BillP:

FS: beautiful all original ToM. No wear and has LEDs throughout pf, new trunk and cliffys. Mint example and has been in my personal smoke free collection for over 15 years - $6250

Man - I wish I had cash for this.

1 month later
#1039 4 years ago

Freshly listed my Riverboat Gambler. Have the thirst for a spiderman so I'd offer this up + cash if someone is looking to make a deal.


1 month later
#1089 3 years ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I have a nice Star Wars arcade I am considering putting up for trade for 90's Williams DMD pin. Not looking for cash sale at this time. PCB was refurbished, new control panel overlay and yolk overlay, Amplifone monitor - rebuilt by Chad at Arcadecup.com, new marquee overlay (not installed yet)
Would also bundle my Revenge From Mars pin along with it for the right machine (ie. Twilight Zone)
Looking for TZ, TAF, W2HO, Johnny Mnemonic


What's the cash value on this?

#1093 3 years ago
Quoted from Push600:

with all the boards fully rebuilt

What does this mean?

#1096 3 years ago

I was just curious how much you thought it was worth. Once I started collecting pins I dumped all my vids so I'm not in tune with current pricing. I've always wanted a star wars and was just trying to gauge what it was worth. No offense meant. The question of what rebuilt meant is because it is a pretty broad term. Rebuilt could mean it was repaired or rebuilt could mean bullet proofed where all the common failure points were addressed or it could be somewhere in between. Just curious which one it was.

1 week later
#1117 3 years ago

Have a Johnny mnemonic that I don't have room for up for sale. Works 100% just tore down and rebuilt the hand mechanism including replacing the x and y nuts and cleaning and lubing the gear boxes. Needs to be shipped still.tmp_11358-20151127_183424-1772785845.jpgtmp_11358-20151127_183432889565699.jpg

#1118 3 years ago

Forgot to mention it also has a brand new spinner and decal and also upgraded the cabinet and back box speaker.

#1122 3 years ago

Honestly I don't know. I think I might go ahead and shop it out since I already went thru and rebuilt the hand which took me awhile. Feel free to shoot me an offer. It's in my living room so it needs to go.

#1124 3 years ago
Quoted from Gnatty:

How is the cab? Is it real faded like most JM's?

yup. Front is all chipped up too. Sides are fine. tmp_7633-20151127_213901-1772785845.jpg

#1126 3 years ago
Quoted from jrush2112:

You don't play the cab.!!!!

I agree. It's these white glove collectors that set their games on 5 ball, can't beat the factory high scores and glue action figure to them that care about the cab. I like to humor them so they don't waste my time.

#1131 3 years ago
Quoted from Gnatty:

No, was wondering what the cab was like so I could possibly make an offer. Sorry for asking a question about condition!!!!

I thought since you were both from Buffalo that you knew each other and was playfully busting your stones, just like I was busting on my buddies like Skypilot.

1 month later
#1157 3 years ago

I've got a really nice pinbot for $1300 and a players WW for $2250.



#1160 3 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

Those are (probably) very nice games. I mean no offense, but damn...you need to wipe the lens off that camera, Fattdirk!

Yeah - I always forget to do that when taking pics with my phone. I deserve that comment after I'm always busting stones when other people post blurry pics. They're all I had while I was at work. Here's some higher res pics for your pleasure


#1166 3 years ago

Sale Pending on WW

#1174 3 years ago

Pinbot is sold.

#1180 3 years ago

Looking for a Funhouse.

1 week later
#1192 3 years ago

Looking to freshen up the collection. Have a BOP as trade bait. Looking for a FH and others.


1 week later
#1222 3 years ago
Quoted from LouDuva:

Looking to buy Demolition Man, Attack From Mars, Getaway: High Speed 2, CFTBL, LOTR, The Shadow or Congo.
Prefer cash but have Star Trek Premium and Wrestlemania LE for potential trade.

I've got a getaway that'll be up for sale soon. Just need to work a few kinks out and clean it.

#1241 3 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

I'm mulling over the idea of trading pretty nice World Cup Soccer with LEDs. I would probably be looking for a Corvette or Road Show. Any interest?

How about a getaway

#1246 3 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

I LOVE Getaway, but had one for a few years and played the daylights out of it. Thanks for the offer, though!
Likely going to hold onto WCS unless something that I haven't played much of comes along.


2 weeks later
#1309 3 years ago
Quoted from Budwin:

I have a restored HS with CPR gold, CPR plastics, and new back glass. Not a fixer upper, but completely done.
(have a new repo black ramp if there is a purist that does not like the clear ramp)
Of course it plays perfect.
It will be on the floor of the Louisville Expo all next weekend.
Price will be $2,850 cash or trade


Holy smokes that's cheap for the amount of work involved. I bet you sell this quick. I just am finishing up mine and I would've bought this in a second over doing it myself!

#1313 3 years ago


Ready to let go of my cherry STLE to free up some room. Located 10 mins from Ohio show.

#1319 3 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Hey Budwin (I tried to pm you but the account won't accept pms), do you still have the old original play field you took out? If so, depending on condition is be interested in buying it.

I just finished up a HS swap. Still have the old PF.

#1321 3 years ago

All shopped and ready for the show.




1 month later
#1459 3 years ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

I have a near perfect HUO RFM that I will get pics up of tonight if anyone is interested. Full LED kit, amplifier for monitor, cliffy on SOL scoop, new cpu fan installed. It is a beauty. $3700.

Wish I was closer.

#1466 3 years ago

NOOOOOOO - that game is so nice.

#1471 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Interested in buying a Gottlieb Vegas

Played the one at papa huh?

#1489 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

A friend of mine is looking for a relatively inexpensive 90's era pin to get sucked in to this hobby. He would prefer a DMD game. Player's condition is fine as long as playfield wear isn't excessive.
Trying to keep it to $2500 or less.
Bonus for a decent theme.

I have a players breakshot with nice playfield for $1400obo if you're interested.

1 week later
#1532 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Still have my games for sale or trade
WWE pro
HUO X-Men pro
HUO Avengers pro
Looking for Simpsons pinball party, Walking dead pro. or cash then I will buy Ghostbusters

Think I might be able to get you a decent price on this one. Low mileage cream puff.


1 week later
#1589 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Looking to buy arcade video games again. Primarily considering a cocktail this time.

I have a really nice asteroids cocktail with new glass. Looks really nice. Boards/monitor were just rebuilt.

#1594 3 years ago

Need to clear up some space for ghostbusters so flirting with the idea of selling my ac/dc prem. Perfect condition. External amp installed in cabinet to really pound the lows, shaker motor and helen art package.


3 weeks later
#1663 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

Turbo Outrun is now in WaddleJrJr hands. Great buyer. Heaviest damn upright cabinet...
Evening bump on the centipede.
If you can take it tonight $600 will get it done.

Man I wish I had the room for this. I miss my centipede so much. It's just one of those games that you can't emulate well and need to play it on the original machine to get the right experience. Hopefully in my new house we'll have enough room!

#1686 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

I would also be in on the deal

Better call Marvin the mule!

#1702 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

The 3 way deal for me getting TSPP is not going to happen so here is the list of what I have for sale or trade
HUO X-Men pro $4100 firm
HOU Avengers Pro $3900 firm
WWE PRO $3900 firm
I am open to trade for TSPP or 2 for 1 for a WOZ any version any condition.

#1713 3 years ago

Need to get a few bucks together for a new game:
Breakshot - playfield nice, alternate translite with some chicks on it, cab rough, DMD has one line out, works 100% and plays fast $1200 obo
Stars - Plays great $800 obo
TSPP- $4k obo, PF is really nice - has typical flipper button wear that can be covered with lollipop rails. Has the cool inner side art from crazy old elf.
Kiss Premium $6800 - perfect condition, includes topper and a few tasteful mods. Plays like butter.
PM me for pics.

Added over 3 years ago: TSPP is gone.

#1714 3 years ago









#1717 3 years ago
Quoted from tlsbryan:

I'd recognize that breakshot anywhere

Did you make that translite? People always ask me about it.

#1718 3 years ago

Infamous alternate translite.


1 week later
1 week later
#1770 3 years ago

Just throwing this out there. I picked up a nice unrestored burgertime, but I'm more of a pinball guy. It's currently playing blind but I pulled the monitor and will be rebuilding it. I'm going to clean up the cab but am not sure if I'm going to do any further cosmetic work.

I'd like to trade this for a nice EM or SS machine.


#1801 3 years ago

Shitty pic but burgertime lives and the monitor is suoer crisp but hard to capture on my shit phone. Still looking for trades.


#1820 3 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

wow, that sanctum sticker looks terrible.

I think that's just a touchup. You probably only notice it cause of the photograph due to how gray paint shows up. I bet you can't even see it if you're looking at it in person.

3 weeks later
#1889 3 years ago

Marilyn taxi -not for sale - going to install an overly, clear and repost later. Stay tuned.
Burgertime - $800
Breakshot -$1200

#1894 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

You selling to help fund GB?

Think I'm going to roll the ol' dice.

#1896 3 years ago

Selling my kiss premium. Perfect HUO with Stern topper and other mods.

Archived after 24 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “Kiss Premium HUO perfect condition Has the following mods: Kiss Stern lighting topper (if you haven't seen one in person it is epic, all the letters flash in time with the music,...”
Akron, OH

4 weeks later
#1962 3 years ago

Free: box of 7 trackballs used in golden tee and silverstrike. All roll smooth. Also including 2 ps2 mice. I used to make mame trackballs from these but are trying to declutter.

I'm putting them on the curb weds if no interest.

3 weeks later
#2014 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

What are you looking to spend?

Sounds like a used car salesman. lol. What're you looking to spend per month?

#2016 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

Lol, only because I really have no reason to sell it. But money talks and everything is potentially for sale.

I figured - I just think it's funny. Make me an offer I can't refuse.

1 week later
#2022 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

South Park Pinball Machine Sega
cleveland.craigslist.org link
I'll do $2750 with Comet 50/50 LEDs for Pinsiders.
Easy pickup it is setup in my garage.

Is that damage on the right inlane or is it just the pattern of the playfield?

1 week later
#2066 3 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

Need to make some space for another incoming game. Weekend price drop for South Park or Demo Man. I will drop $100 off per game if they are purchased this weekend while still in my garage.
Come Sunday night I am going to take them down the basement at which point my aching back will be less inclined to discounting things.
Ps. The Cartman hole cliffy arrived today. It has not be installed but will be included.

Any interest in trading that DM for a really nice Gorgar? I miss my DM.

1 week later
#2105 2 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

$2500 for South Park. Cartman Cliffy has been installed.
Last price before it goes down to the gameroom for the winter.

I'd probably go ahead and just carry it down at that price. LOL.

2 weeks later
#2153 2 years ago
Quoted from mjpinballs:

I have a nice Viper night driver new glow ball updated ROMS . All the black lights work. asking 2000

Wish I was closer.

#2155 2 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

I see what you did there

Did you miss me?

#2163 2 years ago

Putting my acdc premium up for sale 7400. Helen art package, add on amplifier for the subwoofer, cliffs all around since day one, shaker. Plays like butter. Also comes with the original translite.

Added over 3 years ago:

Archived after 14 days
Sold for $ 7,400
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Trade
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Will consider trading for other titles - Woz, Hobbit, etc. Nice AC/DC premium - Shaker Motor - Helen Art Package - comes with original translite - Pinbits Red Neon plastic protecto...”
Akron, OH

1 week later
#2180 2 years ago

Old bally rocket woodrail from 1947 - has original and repro backglass. Have no where to store it. Worked thru the last ohio show. Haven't set it up since. $200.

#2189 2 years ago

Looking to pick up a WOZ.

3 weeks later
#2271 2 years ago

Looking for a DMD game under 1k. PM me. Thanks!

#2275 2 years ago
Quoted from McPin54:

I have a really nice Getaway....need to make some room!

I could do $850?

Quoted from fattdirk:

Looking for a DMD game under 1k. PM me. Thanks!

#2279 2 years ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

One of these days he'll unscrew that head and just fix it!

Such a boring pin - not worth the effort

#2289 2 years ago
Quoted from fxdwg:

hello to my ohio brethren,
for those of you who also do the video arcade thang, I recently picked up a ms. pac man, with a monitor that is suffering some severe screen burn. need a line on a replacement g07 19" crt. seems the folks on KLOV aren't too keen on shipping... anyone have any info or can point me in the right direction? PM or email is fine!!
thanks kids!! Merry Christmas to all!

Attempting a tube swap from a CRT picked up from the goodwill is the best way to go. I've done a few of them and it's pretty easy. The hardest part is finding a suitable tube but there is a list on the internet you can cross reference. Usually the TVs will have vent holes so you can see the tube number and line it up. Probably set you back around 25 bucks and a few hours.

#2297 2 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

Trying to troubleshoot a wpcs soundboard. Need some tl084s (two) figured I'd see if anyone had them (in Akron or Cbus area) so I don't need to put a whole order together.

I might have some. If you have no luck I can dig thru my parts stash tomorrow. I am a bit of a chip hoarder.

#2302 2 years ago

Still looking for DMD games for under 1k.

#2304 2 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

Hmmm, I would consider mostly populated DMD play fields for under 1K. Good bump though!

Doesn't hurt to ask.

#2307 2 years ago
Quoted from McPin54:

Trying to help out a buddy. Need a game plan driver board or someone willing to fix current board. For a sharp shooter
Also willing to convert over to a DMD and sell to fattdirk for 1k!

Would you take $850? I'm a little tight post xmas

2 weeks later
#2337 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Anyone have a totan their thinking of parting with? Maybe a dirty harry


1 week later
#2375 2 years ago

Looking for a TOM.

1 week later
#2386 2 years ago

Still looking for DMD games under 1k. No luck so far.

2 weeks later
#2420 2 years ago
Quoted from Bos98:

Anyone in NEO with a portable rotisserie interested in helping with a Fish Tales playfield swap?

Are you trying to hire someone or is this pro bono?

1 week later
#2434 2 years ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Machine - For Sale
Apollo 13Home Used Only (HUO) “Bought from the original owner and this game is super nice. This is probably one of the nicest examples of an Apollo 13 machine I've ever seen or come acrossed over the years. Play...”
9 days ago Richfield, MI 3,950 (OBO)


Why are you spamming your overpriced junk here? The thread is for what's for sale in Ohio not Michigan.

#2438 2 years ago
Quoted from playernumber4:

Well, for some people in Ohio parts of Michigan are much closer than other parts of Ohio. I have no idea where Richfield is however. Just sayin....cause I know how defensive some of you Ohio guys are

And I'm sure the people in those areas of Ohio look in the what's for sale in Michigan thread which I'm sure that he spammed also.

Quoted from Newport-Bill:

But what if you live in Michigan but are bringing a game to the Ohio show for sale?

Post it in the Ohio Show buy sell thread.

There are rules Smokey! This ain't nam

#2440 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

But where do guys like me post?

You're cool you can stay as long as you're not posting 4k Segas.

#2450 2 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

I'll deliver my Baywatch to your Ohio doorstep for $3k. Now that's service!

I'm assuming 4k for an Apollo 13 also includes delivery to your door. Even if it were NIB delivered it still isn't worth that price though.

#2468 2 years ago

We should change the title of this thread to what's for sale outside of Ohio.

4 weeks later
#2522 2 years ago

Looking to trade my xmen pro for a ghostbusters.

#2524 2 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

good luck with that...

I figured an exchange of money was implied.

1 month later
#2590 2 years ago

I've got a really nice Gorgar for $1200.

2 weeks later
#2658 2 years ago
Quoted from corvair61:

Super clean JP for sale. No errors with topper.
Cab - 9.5
PF - 9
BG - 10
Located in Massillon.

Hey bro - could you shoot me a few pics of the shooter lane?

Peace out yo!

1 week later
#2686 2 years ago

Need to freshen up the line up. Xmen Pro 4k.

Game is sold.

1 week later
#2717 2 years ago
Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

What's up with the auction this weekend in Ohio, is it worth going to?

Do you have a link?

#2754 2 years ago

13' United Aztec bowler - works great except having issues with the ball lift motor I'm working through. I've gone thru all the reels, steppers and pin unit already. Pics in bowler thread.

2 months later
#2946 2 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Still have an original Stern Spidey decked out. Also have a nice original Iron man coming in from a trade.

Is this the one that was at the CLE show?

#2951 2 years ago

That thing was amazing. Played fantastic. Wish I had some cash :/

#2957 2 years ago

I've got an F14 for $1300 - works 100%. Cointaker LEDs. Recently shopped.
Game is sold.

#2963 2 years ago

I have a working baby pacman that I'm looking to trade. Works 100% and monitor was capped and fully serviced.

Also have a 13ft united Aztec big ball bowler I'm looking to trade. It's been fully serviced (every single reel and stepper). The only issue with it is the ball lift motor needs repaired or replaced. It sometimes locks up. It has a brand new coil pack from st louis ball bowlers but still does it.

#2979 2 years ago

Fishtales. Typical condition. All LEDS - plays great $2800.

2 weeks later
#3002 2 years ago

Nevermind..Deal made.

1 month later
#3143 1 year ago

I've got a Sopranos for trade or sale. Looking for Spider Man, GOT, MET mainly but open to other offers.

1 week later
#3177 1 year ago
Quoted from McPin54:

Pinbot - extremely Nice! Make offer, but please don't have me send pics if your not super serious.....sell price will be higher than average high.

If I had any room this would be mine. One of the nicest examples of this title I've ever seen.

#3182 1 year ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

You don’t work,

He'll drill your balls.

#3186 1 year ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Thinking about potentially trading my Game Gate Arcade for a pin. It is loaded - 50k+ games, ~140 systems, 10 TB HD, running off the latest Rocketlauncher framework. Has a PS4 inside of it as well so you can control it from the Arcade controls - playing Street Fighter V with arcade sticks is awesome! Full SF V art package, upgraded controls, light gun, and coin door - much more!
Really looking for a WH20, but may be interested in others! Trade only! Let me know if you are interested. PM for pics!
It is a fully decked out version of this:
» Vimeo video

I might consider trading for this cherry slick shot. It's undocumented HUO. You'd have to add cash though and pick it up. It's heavy AF which = quality.
PM me for pics.

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#3261 1 year ago
Quoted from McPin54:

About to list my Ripleys RBION. Game was completely tore down topside. Everything plastic was flamed. Everything metal was buffed on wheel to a shine, even ball guides to a mirror finish. Led'd, even flashers. Full three flipper rebuild with new bushings. All new rubbers and posts. Plays perfect. Cab is average, does have flipper wear that can be covered with protectors that come with game. NVRAM installed. Cliffy installed. Playfield was buffed and polished! Shines!
3750 obo

Anyone that hasn't bought a game from Scott needs to at least swing by and check this out. He is ridiculously OCD when it comes to shopping games. I don't know how he has the patience. Now if he only spent more time playing them instead of polishing them he'd lose less dollars from me.

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#3351 1 year ago

Just listed my gorgous HUO Woz. Cash sale or trade + cash for Dialed In.

Added 20 months ago: Game is now sold. Thanks.

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#3436 1 year ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

I hear if you arm wrestle Scott and win he gives you an extra $50 off.

He has tiny legs - probably could't squat a toothpick.

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#3471 1 year ago

Looking to trade around.

Archived after 6 days
Sold for $ 2,400
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Routed - fresh off route “Great players baywatch. Cabinet has seen better days. The back of the cab is all chipped up. The playfield is really nice. Game had a full tear down a few months back with all Com...”
Akron, OH

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#3510 1 year ago

Flirting with the idea of getting rid of TAF.

100% working players TAF. Worn playfield and beat up cab.
Also have gorgeous Phoneix Arcade decal set.
Uninstalled mansion overlay.
TV mod that plays addams family movie.
A second playfield in much better shape.
Been on route the past year so it needs shopped.

Looking for a TOM.

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#3595 1 year ago

I've got an MK4 in an MK2 cab. Looking to trade for a Galaga/ Ms Pac combo or other vids. Monitor is clear and bright.

#3604 1 year ago

Archived after 15 days
Sold (amount unknown)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
NOB - New out of box (first owner) “Looking to trade my TNA #224 for a MM, MMR or cash. Game plays great and looks nice. Get it now vs waiting. Features:(in case anyone isn't aware of this amazing game) Laser cut si...”
Akron, OH
7,000 (Firm)

#3606 1 year ago

I've got a diamond plate Roller Games $1500

Added 17 months ago: Game looks to be sold. Thanks for the interest.

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#3625 1 year ago
Quoted from corvair61:

Have a Breakshot I’m selling cheap. $1300
- alternate translite
- full cointaker LED kit (uninstalled)
- full cabinet decals (uninstalled)

Smoking deal!!!

Quoted from PinballTilt:

I'll take it if working. Pm sent!

Saw this coming..

#3638 1 year ago

So I'm out of room and need to sell something. Figured I'd offer it up local first. Come get it before it goes out on route.

Baby Pacman fully working $1100

Comes with a phoenix arcade playfield overlay.
Went thru the boards and it works 100%
Plays great.
Monitor has been capped and is nice and bright.
Comes with extra coin door and control panel

Has a few lights not working in the pacman grid. Probably typical flaky Bally sockets. I haven't dug into it.
Needs to be shopped.
Control panel lock needs a new lock the one on there is drilled.

#3645 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Not bad advice! Yeah I've been on a tear recently even for me which moves faster then others. I've sold 4 or so recently as I'm getting in some new blood I've never owned before. Recent additions like SS and AFMR. TnA hitting in June so I'm moving IMDN. If there was no TnA I prob would hold onto it but who knows haha. I'm starting to miss that DI I used to have!
Still have that Tron though ; )

Do you ever play the games? How many plays does your Maiden have on it?

#3648 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

I think less than 60 or so. Maiden was prob my most extreme turn around but it's really due to unexpected AFMR and then TnA. I def held onto certain games (MET, PRO) and enjoying AMFR and SS at the moment. IJTPA is always on my radar, along with STTNG. For now, it's maiden for sale.
I like to think someone's going to get a great game out of this - I only like nice ones. Can't get better than NIB.

That's crazy. You must have an easy house to move games in and out. I hate moving games. Sometimes I just hold onto a game because I don't want to move it.

#3652 1 year ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Hire a mule mjpinballs

Maybe if I didn't have to spend an hour broke down on the side of the road for every 2 hours of move time I might

#3653 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Very easy - walk in garage and machines are in the basement. That being said, I am a 1 man moving machine so it's starting to wear thin a bit. I have my system down perfectly though but I'm looking to cool it off after TnA and likely IJTPA.

IJTPA is a bitch to move. I remember moving a STTNG out of a basement and swearing I was going to get out of of the hobby.

#3659 1 year ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

I heard it was a special edition with a space shuttle on the backglass fattdirk

It's the LE featuring banana flippers.

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#3674 1 year ago

I've got a pair of need for speed GT linked drivers. $1400 for the pair. Already have upgraded LCD monitors. Both have brand new hard drives installed and bill acceptors.

#3676 1 year ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Any trades or cash only?

I'm always up for trades.

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#3719 1 year ago

JVL Retro touchscreen $500 - works great except for the joypad is busted but it doesn't affect gameplay as the game compensates.

Also looking to pick up a demo man. Have tons of stuff to trade and cash.

2 months later
#3867 1 year ago

Trying to clear up some space

Mortal Kombat 2 - Game works great. Cabinet was converted to MK4 so the control panel has a run button installed but it has MK2 installed. It sitll has the MK2 Art. Monitor looks amazing and it plays great. Also has a custom bezel with all the moves listed. $800.

Quick and Crash - Works great and comes with a impossible to find spare gun. $1200.

Ameridarts - $250.

Roy Clark cocktail - was working but I think one of the PIA chips went bad. Haven't had a chance to look at it. $200

Super Par Golf manequin golf game. - Works great - $1200

Police Trainer - Monitor has been capped. Works great. ln a dynamo corner cut cab. $650

JVL eclipse touchscreen - $250

Touchmaster playboy edition - $200

Pics on request.

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#3949 1 year ago

Anyone got a Star Trek pro or Prem for sale?

#3951 1 year ago

Also looking for a funhouse.

#3954 1 year ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

I have a Star Wars Pro, its' in Michigan.

Sorry that was supposed to be Star Trek not Wars.

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#3971 12 months ago

I've got a RFM I'm looking to move soon.
Nice shape. Could use new decals as they are wrinkling around the legs a bit.
Original monitor that's been serviced with new caps and flyback.
Also has the ultimarc video amp installed to make the colors pop on the screen.

3 weeks later
#4011 11 months ago

Nice JVL Retro touchscreen game. $500.

#4018 11 months ago

Decked out tfle decepticoms
Color dmd
Pinball pro speakers with sub
Lighted speaker inserts
Plays great.
Typical decal wrinkling around the legs
Trade for Aerosmith pro.

Added 11 months ago:


3 weeks later
#4075 10 months ago

Looking for a Flash Gordon. Have cash or trade bait.

2 weeks later
#4113 9 months ago

I've got a pair of banana flipper games in my garage that I bought on a whim and am realizing I'm going to do nothing with anytime soon. They're just in the way.

Time Warp:
Work great
Really nice playfield
Backglass has some flaking
Cabinet is decent but not perfect
Game plays great and has all the original paperwork
Sound wasn't working so I installed a new amp chip and speaker (ended up being the speaker)

Disco Fever:
Works but needs some love.
Could use a shop. The game has a rottendog MPU but I don't think there is anything wrong with the original.
I haven't tested it. It looks clean though. I was trying to test other things first.
Drop targets need rebuilt they stick. Probably a cleaning would do fine.
The sound board is really low sounding. I think it needs new caps. I have the caps. I could probably install them for you.
Cabinet is nice.
Backglass is nice.
PF is average but dirty. I haven't cleaned it.

I'd also be interested in doing a 2 for 1 trade if you've got something interesting.

Also have a super par golf I haven't been playing lately.
Work 100% comes with schematics.
PF has some wear on it at the ball path that would be an easy touch up.

Police trainer:
Game worked great but I moved it and lost blue on the monitor. I think there's a crack on the neck board.
I haven't had time to mess with it.
The cabinet is in nice shape. Used to be a SFII.

Also looking to trade a stack of cash or some games for a White Water if you've got one.

1 month later
#4169 8 months ago

I've got a really nice JD. Topper, LEDS etc. Plays tight.

Looking to trade for a nice DM.

#4179 8 months ago

Still have a Dredd for trade. Looking for a demo man or Roadshow.

#4183 8 months ago

I've got a pair of need for speed GT linked drivers. Both have been upgraded to LCD. I'm looking to trade for another pair of drivers to freshen things up.

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#4196 8 months ago

Have a WWF Royal rumble for trade. Route fresh.

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#4230 7 months ago
Quoted from KYLEDM5:

Cash in pocket

Pretty sure it's going to stay there.

#4238 7 months ago