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What's for sale in Ohio right now?

By athenspin

5 years ago

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#7 5 years ago

Barakandl's a good guy, for sure!

I've got a Shaq Attaq that I'm going to finish shopping (full topside teardown, new rubber rings, etc.) in the next couple days, and will have for sale shortly. I'm guessing I'll fare better on Craigslist, KLOV, or maybe eBay with a Shaq, though.

3 weeks later
#37 5 years ago

I've got a Shaq Attaq I just shopped, for trade for another pin, or for sale.

#46 5 years ago

1500, 4250, 2000 respectively. Prices are in the marketplace.

#53 5 years ago
Quoted from KoolFingers:

Harrisburg, Pa., you're nowhere near Ohio.

Hey! He's near Ohio... in the same way that Nashville, Chicago, or Rochester, NY is near Ohio.....

1 week later
#70 5 years ago

If anyone is thinking of selling a Dredd, Popeye, or WCS 94, please shoot me a PM.

1 week later
#106 5 years ago

I've dealt with Push600 before, and if he says a game is nice, it's REALLY nice. I was blown away by how nice his games looked!

#110 5 years ago

I think I was the first one to contact the guy with the No Fear, and am hoping to pick it up after work tomorrow!

#115 5 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Saw that No Fear. I'm about four hours away and going now to grab it. Talked him down to $1000!!
Jk. Go grab it Collin!!

Hah! In the .6 of a second between reading the first and second parts of your post, I soiled me trousers out of fear and rage.

Looking forward to playing it!

#119 5 years ago

I've heard speculation that the cabinet on that No Fear was sharpied from someone way more knowledgeable than I am. Even so, I'm hoping to get it in a few hours.

#121 5 years ago

Game was sold out from under me.

#125 5 years ago
Quoted from barakandl:

That sucks Collin =(
Which one of you showed up to the CL guy's house with more money... We might find out soon if it gets relisted for 2,500 with LEDs in it.

Ironically, I was originally going to post that I got Choggarded.

#130 5 years ago

Thanks for the kind words, guys! I just hope it ended up in the hands of someone who will play it even more than I would've.

Blackbeard - wish you were closer. Those are a couple good games you've got for trade.

1 week later
#148 5 years ago

I've got a Williams Little Chief for sale. $300. Not working but complete and cosmetically decent. I was told it was working when I bought it, but it isn't doing anything for me. Only cosmetic issues I've noticed are a bit of drag/wear in front of the right flipper, and the back glass is flaking where the active player is lit up. Will post pictures soon.

1 month later
#191 5 years ago
Quoted from initfo:

Has anybody bought from this guy?
Looks like a good players machine, I think it could be a good fit for my first pin.

I don't know that member, but the price seems pretty fair, especially with the new soccer ball.

4 months later
#448 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstor12:

Williams IJ for sale, in my home last 14 years, great shape. Pm for details.

Beautiful example of Indy!

1 week later
#490 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Saw this. Not sure I'm really into victory. However, my whole opinion is based off TPA. Might check on it.

Seems like a fun game, if pretty linear. If my lineup wasn't full, I'd grab it.

#492 4 years ago

Is it definitely the same one? I think there was one around that price in Louisville within the past few months, that had snapped rubbers - typical game that'd sat in someone's basement for a decade completely neglected. This doesn't seem to be the same one.

It seems to me like games that aren't Bally/Williams DMDs do occasionally sit on CL at very fair prices for a very long time if they need even minor work... I've had a few good finds that I slept on for a couple days and was surprised no one else grabbed.

Just my $.02

#494 4 years ago

Oh, gotcha. May well be the one you're thinking of. Anyhow, good luck if you decide to go for it!

#500 4 years ago

Looking for a wedgehead or other single player EM.

#507 4 years ago

Thanks for the replies, guys! I'm probably most interested in 3-inch flipper games at the moment. Would love to find an Abra Ca Dabra, or one of the other popular later Gottliebs.

#508 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So,e dude has had a wedge head up for like 6 months on CL. He wants 1600 for it though.

Which CL? I looked at Cinci and Louisville and wasn't finding anything. Likely overpriced, but if it's something like a Centigrade 37 or Atlantis in good shape, I'd be interested.

#511 4 years ago

Thanks, Mike! I'm not opposed to paying over a grand for the right game

#513 4 years ago

Yeah, it looks cool, but that price is insane. Seems like he has it priced higher than a Centigrade 37.

#514 4 years ago

I am mulling over Michiganpinball's El Dorado, but $1300 seems a couple hundred high. Any thoughts?

1 week later
#575 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

This classic and somewhat rare Bally Cybernaut is being sold by a friend of mine in Ohio. This machine is in very nice shape, buy with confidence.
cleveland.craigslist.org link

Damn, that's tempting. That's one of the few classic Bally pins my girlfriend has liked well enough to suggest I should buy one.

#628 4 years ago

Anyone have a lead on a Dracula, WCS 94, Johnny Mnemonic, or possibly Junk Yard?

#658 4 years ago
Quoted from agodfrey:

Couple in NE Ohio just popped upon CL:
I think I have seen this one before:
akroncanton.craigslist.org link
Pretty good price on this one:
akroncanton.craigslist.org link

That Big House is kinda tempting; Looks like a cool game.

1 week later
#750 4 years ago

I thought I'd posted this, but it seems I may have forgotten.

I've got a Comet in decent players condition (little wear under the spiral ramp, but not blown out, ramps repaired previously) that I'll be selling once it's shopped. Somehow my infinitely tolerant girlfriend doesn't like having one in the living room. Anyhow, I want $850 for that one.

Also, still have a Little Chief EM project (complete, but needs switches and steppers gone through) for $250.

Im going to the Ohio show, in case anyone is interested.

2 weeks later
1 month later
#837 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

May be a stretch, but anyone selling a LOTR???

KMS Pinball had one in the Gary, Indiana area for sale. Good shape, very good value for money IMHO.

4 weeks later
#863 4 years ago

Johnny Mnemonic. Nice condition, no credit dot, hand has worked 100% while the game has been in my possession, no fade as far as I can tell (yes, I know what I'm saying.)

No longer considering selling, but would be open to trading for a similarly nice Doctor Who (or possibly others.)

#866 4 years ago

Adam, it's a cool game, but it seems like there are a lot around now, especially since John is putting one on location, and I have a shot at a game I've been after for ages.

Eric, I'm not in a huge rush to sell... If you have any interest in a partial trade of Big Game at some point, I'd be interested in that.

#871 4 years ago

No longer looking to sell Johnny after spending more time with it. I would consider trading for a Doctor Who, though.

#875 4 years ago

How about a Spring Break and $900?

Quoted from fattdirk:

Looking to get something new so my Ironman VE is up for trade.
HUO second owner. Has backbox RGB light kit, speaker inserts with RGB Leds in it also. Few LEDS were tastefully changed. Looks brand new. I can get some pics for a serious offer.
Looking to trade for something. Let me know what you've got. I could throw some cash in for the right game.
My only stipulation - if you send me a PM with a Raven and 800 bucks I'm going to copy the PM and post it here for everyone to laugh at.
Titles I want: (Not just limited to this list but these are games I like)

#881 4 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Bunch of jokers up here.
You're going to have to give me 65 now to take that kings of steel vs the 50 I told you originally, keep it up and it's going to get higher

I'll take MJpinballs' Kings of Steel if he gives me just $20.

#882 4 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Can you please tell me how you came up on that % range ?

As someone with a degree in mathematics, I can tell you definitively: maths.

1 month later
#949 4 years ago

Added a HUO SWEP1 kit (playfield, all art, shooter, ROMs) in the marketplace

#952 4 years ago

Johnny is sold.

SWEP1 kit still available $1500 OBO or trade

#959 4 years ago
Quoted from sandbagger:

And shipping and a bunch of extras.....
I am not expecting to sell it to the person that wants it for 5K
With all the complaining about waiting and the fact that I may have to put it in storage for 6-12 months I figure someone might want it NOW or if someone now wants one and cant find an LE for sale
Plus with the percentage of them being damaged out of the box, a local non damaged one might be worth a little extra


2 weeks later
#980 4 years ago

I'm flirting with the idea of MAYBE letting my Champion Pub go... would probably consider a trade of a nice BSD or DW plus cash, or CP plus cash for a TAF or TZ.

Nice player's game. No playfield or insert wear but maybe a hint of insert ghosting. Couple scrapes on cabinet. No credit dot, and plays well.

#985 4 years ago
Quoted from jgeiger:

Damn, ToM is at the top of my list right now. Just don't have the cash at the moment.

Cool game, but he's not exactly giving that one away. A better deal will probably come up soon.

2 weeks later
#1011 4 years ago

A buddy of mine is selling his DE Simpsons. Nicer than average player's game.



3 weeks later
#1032 4 years ago

I've got a couple EMs to sell; need to make some space. Swing Along light project, and Melody Lane in unknown condition. See my sale threads for details. BOTH SOLD AS OF 9/23

Also have a Mr/Mrs Pac pin I'm parting out, if anyone needs old Bally parts

#1033 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

I've got a couple EMs to sell; need to make some space. Swing Along light project, and Melody Lane in unknown condition. See my sale threads for details. BOTH SOLD AS OF 9/23
Also have a Mr/Mrs Pac pin I'm parting out, if anyone needs old Bally parts

EMs sold pending pickup. Plastic sets and Bad Cats CPR playfield still available

#1038 4 years ago

Contemplating letting a pretty nice Special Force go, either in trade for an early SS Bally (Vector, Frontier, Flash Gordon, etc.) or selling outright to free up space

1 week later
#1049 4 years ago
Quoted from eagleeyemma:

Might trade for other pins bit really want g and r

You may want to clarify your previous post then, it sounds like you want TAF

#1051 4 years ago

Would consider trading my Black Rose for the right game.

TRADED towards Flintstones

#1052 4 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

Would consider trading my Black Rose for the right game.

For those who asked, I'd prefer to trade outright for a BSD or Doctor Who, or would consider early SS games for partial trades. I would consider a straight sale for $2500, but prefer to trade.

Black Rose is a nice example with little to no fade. The playfield is pretty nice, there was some cannon wear that's mostly covered by a Cliffy protector. Minor insert wear on "sink ship" but not elsewhere from my recollection, which seems way better than most I see. Backbox is LED'd, playfield is all incandescent. Game plays well with no credit dot, and cannon is fully functional. DMD is strong. Not much bad I can say about this one.

2 weeks later
#1058 3 years ago

Thought I had one lined up nearby, but the seller flaked. Still looking.

#1061 3 years ago
Quoted from dontknowsquat:

Looking for a player condition Diner hope to buy within next 2 weeks. Will be in Youngstown on the 8th. Willing to travel a little more but 6 hour ride back home. PM with asking price if you have one. Thanks.

This is an extra 4 hours each way, but Dung has one in Indianapolis, and he was a decent guy to deal with

2 months later
#1182 3 years ago

I've got a pretty nice El Dorado EM, and a Fireball 2. Looking for other wedgeheads, classic Ballys, or a two-for-one for a Sega or B/W DMD game

2 weeks later
#1213 3 years ago

I've still got my El Dorado and Fireball 2 available in Columbus... I would do a two-for-one for nice Demo Man or Corvette

1 week later
#1240 3 years ago

I'm mulling over the idea of trading pretty nice World Cup Soccer with LEDs. I would probably be looking for a Corvette or Road Show. Any interest?

#1245 3 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

How about a getaway

I LOVE Getaway, but had one for a few years and played the daylights out of it. Thanks for the offer, though!

Likely going to hold onto WCS unless something that I haven't played much of comes along.

3 weeks later
#1329 3 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Why not Start a"whats for sale in Michigan thread"

Not sure if you're joking, but I've dealt with Zampinator before, and he is top-notch!

#1342 3 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

The thread reads "in Ohio" and last I looked Gaylord Michigan is like 7 hours away. 3.5 to 4 from our closest border. I'm sure he is a great guy but if Im looking for something outside odf Ohio I just use the market search. Nothing personal.

When I dealt with him, I think he drove down to Flint to meet me. Plus, the BSD he sold me was even nicer than described; several of my local collector friends were blown away by just how great the game looks.

2 weeks later
#1394 3 years ago
Quoted from box1020:

Thanks guys brand new at this got about a grand at most but may need it shipped of I can't find in Pittsburgh or ohio area. Small town nothing around here in the ohio valley. Thanks again

I've got a pretty nice Fireball 2 in Columbus!

1 month later
#1453 3 years ago

*FOUND* Looking for a $2kish DMD game for a friend

1 month later
#1652 3 years ago

I've got a Gofers, Flintstones, and No Fear that I may be up for trading. Not looking to sell at this time; I will update this post if I change my mind. Ideally I'd do a 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 trade. A game that I loaned out is coming back sooner than expected (my sister is moving) so I figured this might be an opportunity to try something new.

All are nice solid players games with pretty typical cosmetic issues. I'll throw some pictures up later. Gofers has slam ramp wear. Flintstones has a small area of touch-up by the flippers less than the size of a dime, it's hard enough to notice I forgot about it until making this post. No Fear is faded. All three have tasteful LEDs for GI and controlled lamps. All three are working 100%, though Flintstones has an upper left flipper EOS credit dot.

Here are a few titles that interest me:
Walking Dead
Attack from Mars
Star Trek Next Gen
Iron Man
...I've never owned a Stern, so I'm open to a bunch of their titles. Let me know what you've got!

#1656 3 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

I've got a really nice TSPP I have up for trade in Michigan.. Hmmm....

If you're interested in any of the titles I listed above, and wanted to do a three-way swap with Jim, I'd be interested in Avengers.

#1678 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

I would also trade my HOU Avengers pro and my HOU X-Men pro for a WOZ

Any interest in Gofers, Flintstones, or No Fear as a partial trade for Avengers?

#1682 3 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Lets work a three way deal .Bowling Jim =HUO Simpsons, Collin =Avengers, Skypilot= Flintstones+No Fear +/- cash all around

I'd be up for that!

#1701 3 years ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

The 3 way deal for me getting TSPP is not going to happen so here is the list of what I have for sale or trade
HUO X-Men pro $4100 firm
HOU Avengers Pro $3900 firm
WWE PRO $3900 firm
I am open to trade for TSPP or 2 for 1 for a WOZ any version any condition.

This also means my Gofers, No Fear, and Flintstones are still available for trade

#1706 3 years ago

Probably going to grab Gofers from my sister's place later this week, maybe next. If I can't get a fair trade for something I want to play before then, I'll just fold an early SS or EM to make room and these will be off the market. Call me lazy, but I can't be bothered to move pins more than strictly necessary anymore.

#1710 3 years ago
Quoted from barakandl:

I wouldn't mind swapping these games out if anyone is interested
Kings of Steel - Trade for any comparable game. I would sell this one too.
Special Force - Trade for another Bally 6803 game (i want a 9 ball champ)
Time Warp - Trade for another WMS 3-6 game.
Spring Break - Trade for another Gottlieb S80 era game.
F14 - Trade for another WMS sys 11 game.

Did Steve ever say whether he wants Kings of Steel?

1 month later
#1912 3 years ago

I've got an Eight Ball Deluxe LE and IPB playfield for sale (or maybe trade.) One of my favorite games, but I simply don't have the time to mess with a playfield swap now.


2 weeks later
#1948 3 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

I've got an Eight Ball Deluxe LE and IPB playfield for sale (or maybe trade.) One of my favorite games, but I simply don't have the time to mess with a playfield swap now.

If someone wants the game without the playfield for $1200, let me know!

#1949 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

I have been contemplating a trade on my Twilight Zone. Works great, biggest weakness is the cabinet. Building a gameroom and one pin isn't ideal for that. Interested in most everything, so just let me know what you have. Looking for at least a 2 for 1 deal. PM for pictures. Thanks.

What titles are you interested in? Roughly what kind of value would you put on your Twilight Zone?

#1959 3 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Swords of Fury for sale. I've just purchased too many things recently and something has to go. I just picked this game up from pinsider agodfrey a month ago. The original FS ad and pics can be seen here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-swords-of-fury-williams-1988-1994. I paid $2,000 for it - will take $2,000.

Nice price from a good guy, on a game that's cooler than a polar bear's toenails!

#1960 3 years ago

My EBD LE is still for sale, and is now up and running! It'll need some minor work, like a new 2x drop target and maybe a couple switches cleaned (it has sat for 6 months) but it's a functioning Eight Ball Deluxe!


1 week later
#1989 3 years ago

So, this is still here. On the off chance anyone has a candy cab (Japanese sit-down style arcade cabinet) or JAMMA shmup PCBs, I'd be up for trading.

Archived after 0 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear, needs some work “SOLD SOLD SOLD! Game and playfield were both SOLD! Don't bother PMing; the're gone. SOLD SOLD - This is a decent players for $1200. I have an IPB playfield I can include for anot...”
Columbus, OH
1,200 (Firm)

3 weeks later
#2043 3 years ago

Man, that Demo Man is tempting, but I'm not ready to part with Roadshow. Glws!

#2064 3 years ago

I'm back to thinking I might let go of one or two Bally/Williams games for a decent Stern - I'd be looking for TWD, Metallica, Mustang, Avatar LE, or maybe Avengers. Not looking to sell my DMDs outright, unless I see something I want to buy come up.

Also considering letting go of a few EMs - fairly nice Grand Prix, working Top Score (300) with a rough cab but decent playfield, and a project wedgehead Foto Finish (Basically working, but needs reassembly after being torn down for a shop out)

3 months later
#2331 2 years ago
Quoted from Beebl:

Black rose posted on CL cleveland.craigslist.org link

Jesus fuck, that's an insane price! I traded mine valued around $2300 with no fade, and a nice playfield aside from cannon wear (which was hid by a cliffy)
I'm assuming that's not yours.

*edit* you don't appear to have that in your collection; that's a relief!

#2334 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Also interested in black rose

If you don't mind a drive or shipping, there was one kicking around here or Facebook for $2kish ($2100 I think) with typical fade, and I think a not-thrashed playfield. If I stumble across it again, I'll post more info for ya. It's a fun game, not brilliant, but worth playing. Good luck!

#2346 2 years ago
Quoted from jgeiger:

Anyone interested in a Stern Memory Lane project? $200, pick up in Columbus. Back glass is flaky, play field is ok but has some bad touch up. Missing driver board. Tested it with a new driver board and it booted up and played. MPU board looks like it has acid damage on it. Cabinet is decent. Wouldn't take much to get it up and running.

Man, that's tempting! I've even got a spare driver board sitting around...

#2368 2 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

If anyone should happen to know of a nice Quicksilver (yeah, right... I know), pls send me a PM.

Are you in Ohio now?

One of our local Oho guys, CRWgxp, recently posted in here that he's looking for one

1 week later
#2381 2 years ago
Quoted from MiamiRedSkin:

Anyone have a reasonable Wizard of Oz or WhiteWater for sale? PM me if so!


The seller is a top-notch guy. I'd jump on that!

#2398 2 years ago

I've got several good early SS and EM games for sale/trade:

Archived after 32 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I've got the following for trade or sale: (games I'm interested in listed below) Grand Prix, Top Score (2-player verion of 300), Rolling Stones, Future Spa, Dolly Parton, maybe Sw...”
Columbus, OH
500 (OBO)

Also, looking to buy one of the following (in rough order of preference)
Star Trek Next Gen
Junk Yard
NBA Fastbreak
Doctor Who
Terminator 2
Gilligan's Island
Champion Pub
Demo Man

3 weeks later
#2448 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

any of you guys would gladly sell to me.

What do you mean "YOU guys?"

#2453 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

it IS technically called "what's for sale in ohio right now?" .

In all seriousness, I don't think most people in the regional sale threads mind people from outside of the state offering games up for reasonable prices nearby, or offering trades up in state sale threads they're willing to drive to.

I DO think the whole "Hey, I'm half a state away and want to spam you with my ads at above-top-dollar prices" and "I'm half a country away but want a rare game please hook me up" threads go over poorly. (Not accusing the above poster of this.)

#2478 2 years ago
Quoted from Farmboss:

I want to raise some funds for a Hobbit. I have a STTNG, Road Show and Getaway. All working fine and have LEDs. STTNG is very clean, great colors on the sides. Has light up enterprise topper. Road Show sides are faded and TED's eyes are always open. Getaway sides are washed out. No other issues on these games. Not looking for top dollar but somewhere in the realm of reasonableness. Thanks
Also have a BK2000 which is very nice condition.

No worries! I can vouch for Farmboss. Good pinsider, easy to deal with!

#2479 2 years ago

Archived after 22 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Sold via Facebook! Swords of Fury - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Columbus, Ohio for cash deals (if trading, we can discuss who drives) This game was just shopped early this year; it'...”
Columbus, OH

Looking to trade only, probably for a DMD game (ignore the price.)

2 months later
#2691 2 years ago

Considering changing up my collection a bit, if anyone is interested in a TRADE.
Titles I'm likely to TRADE are WCS 94, Shadow, Corvette, maybe Gofers, and Future Spa. Would consider letting others go, as well (though about 1/3 of my collection can never leave; the girlfriend wants several specific games to stay)
Looking to TRADE for a DMD game I haven't had before; high on this list is Mustang, Avatar, Avengers, X-men, possibly a Sega, or an oddball Capcom title like Airborne. Also could be interested in an obscure early SS, say Quicksilver or Freefall

Added over 2 years ago: WCS is pending trade. Probably holding on to the other two unless I get an offer of a nice Stern straight up


1 week later
#2727 2 years ago
Quoted from Vet-N-Vet:

Looking for a couple project games in or around the Cincinnati Area.
Looking for a :Gottleib Spinout
:Monday Night Football
:Data East RoboCop

Arcade Rescue 911 in Indianapolis had a Monday Night Football as of a few weeks ago, btw

#2753 2 years ago

Seems like the guy who was going to trade for my WCS 94 has flaked; he was supposed to come by today and I've heard nothing. So I'm still looking to trade.

World Cup has a great-looking cab and playfield. It was just shopped; full top-side teardown was done this year. This one was a beast to shop, but it came out beautiful. Back of the head took on a bit of moisture and has swelled, but is structurally sound; cabinet art looks great. Ramps are nice save for a small crack at the top of the left one, flippers were rebuilt, goalie was replaced, etc. New soccer ball. Also has full, tastefully-done LEDs

3 months later
#2980 2 years ago

Looking for a Lectronamo backglass!

Archived after 94 days
Unknown reason:
Parts - Wanted
Wanted! “Looking for a decent Lectronamo backglass. I can pickup or pay for shipping as needed.”
Columbus, OH

2 weeks later
#3016 2 years ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Picked up a Bally Atlantis project this past weekend. Have not had time to take pictures but will this week. Just checking to see if anyone would have interest as I dont have time for additional projects right now. Thanks

I'd be interested in seeing pictures and hearing a price! I've got a Bally Atlantis, but am hoping to find a cosmetically nicer one

1 month later
#3129 1 year ago

Kind of hoping to find a Lightning or Quicksilver. Please let me know if you have one for sale or trade!

3 weeks later
#3199 1 year ago
Quoted from McPin54:

Want to shake up the collection a bit.
Cash always welcome.
Baywatch-needs shop. Plays 100% decent cab except back. Looks like it was moved a lot on its head.
Buck hunter - shopped, very nice. Buck gone through, registers 100% leds
Galaxy 1980 - very nice. Nice glass, fantastic playfield!
Pinbot - extremely Nice! Make offer, but please don't have me send pics if your not super serious.....sell price will be higher than average high.
The rest of the games will be lower than pinside average.
As always I will contribute to pinside in any sale
Thank you

Great Pinsider right here! Nice guy to deal with, and he has some fantastic games!

1 month later
#3349 1 year ago
Quoted from alexanr1:

Looking for a 1967 Apollo for a friend wanting to get into the hobby. Would be his first. Willing to get one that needs mechanical work. I would fix for him. Anyone know of one?

Eh, I could consider parting with mine. PM sent.

#3356 1 year ago
Quoted from cerberusdog:

Any where in Columbus, Ohio to play No good gofers, white water, or Congo? I checked the map and did not see any public places listed.

I've got all three of those, and am having a few people over tonight. I'll shoot you a PM.

3 weeks later
#3405 1 year ago

Looking to sell Apollo. Had one buyer flake, and missed out on dealing with someone else in the meantime.

Archived after 43 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Apollo Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Due to space issues, I'm considering parting with my Apollo. It's generally working and playing well. The flippers were recently rebuilt, and it was shopped a couple years ago by...”
Columbus, OH

1 week later
#3427 1 year ago
Quoted from McPin54:

Have a Super Nice Who Dunnit. There is a pinsider that has first shot at it. If they pass it will be up for sale / TRADE. Ramps are perfect! Top side teardown, fully shopped. Slot reels work 100%! Playfield is extremely nice.

That's a tough one to find in that kind of shape.

Scott is one of the best people to deal with I've encountered here. Someone will be very happy with the game

#3434 1 year ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Shit, he would owe me $100 bucks by now!

He said "AND WIN."

4 weeks later
#3504 1 year ago

Looking to trade for a Lightning (or sell to fund one.) I've got a few classics! Had a deal lined up in February, and the other guy flaked

Archived after 12 days
Not sold
Machine - For Trade
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I'm looking for a Lightning, or possibly other classic Sterns (1979 or newer.) For trade, I've got a Lectronamo, Apollo, and could also consider parting with Bow and Arrow, or may...”
Columbus, OH

#3506 1 year ago
Quoted from Beebl:

Collin dude, sorry man you hit more flakes than anyone i know.

Lol two strikes in a row on Apollo. I'm going for a turkey!

1 week later
#3535 1 year ago

Dropped prices on the games I have for sale.

Archived after 7 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Lectronamo Archived
Partially shopped/refurbished “Lectronamo is playing 100%. Just shopped / re-rubbered. It has a NOS (but imperfect) backglass, and pretty nice playfield overall - just a bit of wear by one insert that sunk sligh...”
Columbus, OH
900 (Firm)

Archived after 11 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Apollo Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Apollo is generally working and playing well. The flippers were recently rebuilt, and it was shopped a couple years ago by the previous owner. Cosmetically the game is pretty decen...”
Columbus, OH

Archived after 322 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Dixieland Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Dixieland - Cool game with awesome art, zipper flippers, 3 gates, and a progressive value Clarinet shot! Has a lot going on for a game of this era. Shopped within the past year or ...”
Columbus, OH

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#4261 7 months ago

Thinking about listing my Superman. Works 100%, gorgeous backglass, playfield has no wear. Cabinet has typical scratches and nicks.

Open to offers and pricing suggestions; I've seen several lesser examples go in the lower $1Ks, and several that were priced notably higher that sold without actual selling prices listed.

Archived after 138 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “I'm selling my Superman (and maybe a couple others) to make room, though I could consider interesting trades! This game plays 100%, and has been shopped within the past couple ye...”
Columbus, OH

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#4277 7 months ago

Thinking about looking for a Shrek. Could offer Corvette, No Fear, or Shadow as a partial trade.

Added 7 months ago:

Here's a link to pictures of my Shadow. They're from last year, but nothing has changed other than maybe a hundred plays and it now has a normal DMD.

It's pretty nice overall. It was shopped about two years ago; the whole top side of the playfield was torn down, star posts and rubbers were replaced, New plastics (I believe NOS) were installed, new Mantis ramps were installed, and flippers were rebuilt. The playfield is nice, and doesn't have any insert wear (though the Sanctum was repaired & mylared previously; I'm currently waiting on a decal to arrive to clean it up a little further.) It has the Aurich translite and speaker panel. Gun was rechromed by Mike Chestnut. Full LEDs except playfield GI (to maintain dimming effects.) The cabinet is solid; the head decals have some scratching, but the lower cabinet looks great.

Added 7 months ago:

Shadow sold to my bro-in-law.

Corvette and No Fear are still here, and I'd consider selling them outright or swapping, likely for early 2000s Sterns of comparable value.

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#4294 6 months ago

Corvette up for trade (Mostly looking for Stern/Sega games within the past 20 years) or will sell outright for $3500.
This is a nice players game - it works 100%, with no credit dot, and the engine and drag strip are working. It has LEDs, and the playfield is very good with no wear. The cabinet has its share of scratches and scuffs - nothing alarming, but normal routed game stuff. The right ramp is broken at the entrance - if I were to keep the game, I'd install a new ramp and/or Cliffy protector.

Archived after 5 days
Sold for $ 3,500
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Corvette Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Corvette up for trade (Mostly looking for Stern/Sega games within the past 20 years) or will sell outright for $3500. This is a nice players game - it works 100%, with no credit do...”
Columbus, OH

#4295 6 months ago

Also have a No Fear

Archived after 49 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I have a nice players No Fear for sale or trade . Currently on route, so these are slightly outdated pictures (but still an accurate reflection of the game). Plays well, but I thin...”
Columbus, OH

I've been literally inundated with a PM asking what I would want to trade for.

Answer: I would be happy to trade up or down! This is far from an exhaustive list, but some games that I'm interested in are:
Stern Batman Standard
RollerCoaster Tycoon
Lost World: Jurassic Park
Sharkey's Shootout
Lost in Space
High Roller Casino
Freddie: Nightmare on Elm Street
Shaq Attaq?

Walking Dead

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#4307 6 months ago

Corvette sold! Looking to fill the hole in my heart and/or lineup... Open to:
Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern)
Walking Dead
Batman Dark Knight
Iron Man
maybe Avatar or others

Still have No Fear for sale, or trade (up or down) too

2 weeks later
#4350 6 months ago
Quoted from Bos98:

Pics added to the T3 listing

Machine - For Sale

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Fully shopped/refurbished “Previously routed T3. Cleaned up really well. Typical bumps and bruises.

New VUK weldment.
ColorDMD Not included.
Latest ROMS.
Tournament button added.
All LED.
New Rubbers....”

13 days ago

Solon, OH

2,800 (Firm)


Also listed my Jokerz!

Sale Pending!


Fully shopped/refurbished “Play Poker with the King!

Shopped 1988 Williams Jokerz! Every switch and mechanism working perfectly.

Just shopped with Full Comet 50/50 SMD LED bulbs and flashers.

System 11 ...”

7 days ago

Solon, OH

1,750 (OBO)


Can't believe that T3 is still there at that price! If I had space and cash, it'd be here.

#4352 6 months ago

I'm looking at selling a couple of the following games. If anyone is interested, let me know. Basically all players games - working 100% (or close to it) but have normal wear and tear. Nothing blown out, nothing pristine.

Eight Ball $850 - Altek MPU. Playfield had some wear around the inserts/planking, so I put mylar over almost all of it (except above the top lanes.)

Flash $900 - This is my spare Flash, which I don't have up and running yet; I'd bought this one to keep, but subsequently picked up another in a lot of games. I'm having the boards gone through by a pro, 'cuz I couldn't get it to boot (waiting on boards to come back). It has about 1"square playfield wear, by the 3-bank of drop targets, but no real wear in the bonus section; basically a solid players game overall. Backglass is decent. It'll be cleaned & shopped (re-rubbered & waxed) when I sell it; hopefully in a couple weeks.

Apollo $550 - https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/archive/62932 - Thought I had it sold, but couldn't work out logistics for an Illinois buyer to pick it up.

Lectronamo and Apollo are located at my in-laws' place in Mansifled; 8Ball, Flash, and Mystic are at my house in Columbus.


PENDING: Mystic should be spoken for a couple times over; if no one currently in line takes it, I'll keep it.
PENDING: Lectronamo $1100 - Playfield nice, minus wear near one bonus X insert. NOS but imperfect backglass installed. Replacement MPU from Pinballelectronics / nvram.weebly / Barakandl.

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#4393 5 months ago

Archived after 22 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Overall a good players Eight Ball. Has an Altek MPU and works great overall (minus a couple flaky lamp sockets.) Shopped out a couple months ago (top side of playfield was torn dow...”
Columbus, OH

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#4651 26 days ago
Quoted from CRWgxp:

Not sure who that is, but I do repairs in central Ohio if you are looking for someone.

Chris is a top notch guy

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