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What's For Sale In Indiana?

By seshpilot

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Who's got a game to sell? Feel free to post em here!

#5 7 years ago


#9 7 years ago

Indiana seems quite dry this time of year!!

#18 7 years ago

I may have a REALLY NICE Diner (the best of 2 machines actually) for trade. I'm looking for a TZ

#20 7 years ago

Selling your BSD?

1 week later
#30 7 years ago

I'm looking for a TSPP, TZ, or BOP. Anyone know of one close by for fair price?

#34 7 years ago

Just missed (barely!) out on a TSPP w LEDs for $3100

1 week later
#47 6 years ago

I've never played Genesis, but wow, it may be the ugliest game ever made!

2 months later
#77 6 years ago

Where's the Hoosiers with games to sell?

4 months later
#115 6 years ago

Apparently MI and OH have more Pinsiders with pins to sell!

#124 6 years ago

Somebody buy this! What a great price! Wish I would have seen this before buying mine for $4000, and then spending $1500 in parts, doing a full playfield swap and all that stuff. Same price but mine was like 120 hours of work added on!

2 weeks later
#134 6 years ago

Guys, now's our chance to get this thing going! The Michigan thread has completely derailed into a "what's CQ" debate. Let's get some games up on this list now!

1 week later
#146 6 years ago

I just picked up a Black Hole for $500...in Michigan

2 months later
#190 6 years ago

WTB: Super Mario Bros pin in or near Indiana

#192 6 years ago
Quoted from tonedef131:

I have a Dirty I would consider trading for another players DMD.

Cash price?

2 weeks later
#202 6 years ago

FYI: there is a Pink Panther for sale on eBay for $800 in Ft Wayne. Not in too. Ad of shape either (not mine).

2 weeks later
#205 6 years ago

Anybody got something? I've got cash and a D&D for trade.

2 weeks later
#211 6 years ago

Might have a project FH. Have 2 and only need 1. PM if interested

3 weeks later
#217 5 years ago
Quoted from indy5mike:

Looking for a Seawitch, if anyone has one for sale let me know.

You and me both.

#218 5 years ago

Price/pics or link to for sale ad?

2 weeks later
#236 5 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving! I've got something ready for sale after today: a completely refurbished Funhouse (not HEP but quite nice--have to say that around here) with a gorgeous, brand new final run IPB playfield cleared by HSA, brand new Phoenix decals installed, unhacked boards w/battery relocated, many new plastics, tasteful LEDs, new ramp, trap door light mod, cleaned and painted interior, new Rudy parts, rebuilt flippers, all new targets, new shooter & pop bumper parts, blah, blah.

Listing here first for $5700 and will come with a set of new pin footies and libation of your choice. Finished pictures coming after the holiday, but here's a teaser...

#237 5 years ago

Just threw a bunch of FREE parts up on the site: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/free-parts-for-the-taking

1 week later
#245 5 years ago

I have a project LW3 I may let go of

2 weeks later
#246 5 years ago

Seriously, we may be the lamest state in all the Midwest...

In an effort to resurrect this thread of pins for sale in Indiana, I put my LW3 up: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-lethal-weapon-3-data-east-1992-indiana-650

#253 5 years ago

LW3 sold

#268 5 years ago

I'm friends w the Tappers guys. It's happening but location has been tough to secure. I think we will it in 2016. Jacked up! Now back to pins available for sale...

#281 5 years ago

Personally, I think this game sucks, but here a "Freddy" for sale here in Indiana: ebay.com link: Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street pinball machine By Gottlieb

1 week later
#292 5 years ago

Gillian's is now selling for $800. Pass.

#296 5 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Darn. Craigslist buying can be extremely frustrating. I rarely do it, much prefer buying and selling to Pinsiders.
But on a side note, if any Pinsiders have a nicely priced Gilligan's, I may be interested

I know a good dude that would sell one, but he's in Wisconsin. PM me if you really want his info.

#298 5 years ago

Looking for either a classic Stern (Stargazer, Catacomb, or Nine Ball) or an Alvin G Mystery Castle

#300 5 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Dude I swear we have same taste in games.

Maybe we should combine our arcades into a super arcade?

1 week later
#307 5 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

Hard telling who got that pin...and at what price.

I know who got it (no it wasn't me). It went for $850.

In other news, I'm going to have a FULLY restored (like new everything) Whirlwind for sale very soon.

#309 5 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

You might want to check w/ RDReynolds, here on pinside.
I know Randy has been wanting a WW

Randy's a good friend. This one is a bit too nice for his budget currently

#317 5 years ago

No buyer yet. PM me your cell or email and I'll send over pics and description. Just dragging my feet getting it up for sale...

#324 5 years ago

Okay, I've gotten tons of interest in the Whirlwind via PM. Wasn't planning to list quite yet but guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag. PM me if interested and I'll send my cell number and a time when we can meet. Here's what's been done to it:

New CPR playfield (currently unobtanium)
New CPR plastics
New cabinet decals
Flame polished ramps
New translite
New topper cloud and decals (currently unobtanium)
New flipper parts (solenoids, sleeves, springs, etc...) and rebuilt
New pop bumper parts and rebuilt
New sling parts and rebuilt
New posts
New rubbers
New stand-up targets
New legs and levelers
New drop targets and decals
Rebuilt spinner mechs and new textured spinner decals
New flipper bats
New buttons and shooter parts
New power board
New alphanumeric display
New grounded plug
All metals polished (ball guides, posts, etc...)
Solid cab and clean coin door with mechs
Rebuilt fan motor
Clean boards w newest ROMs

Listing at $4950. It's loaded with new parts and has tons of TLC invested in it. It's probably got 400 plays on it since installing the new playfield. Why not charge over $5k? Because it was my 2nd restore job, and the cabinet isn't perfect. I've since gotten better at what I do (she's a beauty, but not HEP perfect (feel like this always has to be a disclaimer here on Pinside...))


#334 5 years ago

It appears that WW is sold pending payment.

#340 5 years ago

WW sold

#341 5 years ago

Who snagged the $250 Meteor on CL?

3 weeks later
#375 5 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

May be willing to trade my Flintstones in the not too distant future. I'll keep you in mind if I do.

He already nabbed one Collin.

#382 5 years ago

Those may be the worst fingers ever drawn. Ever.

#396 5 years ago
Quoted from e_lectro:

And I just got the wife convinced that JP would be a good game for dino loving kids!

And fans of Newman. And his mutated fingers.

#411 5 years ago

Looking for a Barracora. PM me if interested.

#415 5 years ago

Going to sell my LOTR as well (but in Fishers, IN). PM me if interested. I'm trying to get this "What's For Sale In Indiana" thread moving!!

#424 5 years ago

LOTR for sale pics coming this evening

#426 5 years ago

This game been SOLD.

Pics of my LOTR for sale. VERY clean. LOTR is one of those games where if it isn't dialed in, it's not a great game; this one is DIALED IN! PM me if interested

#434 5 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

SWEET looking machine.
If I hadn't just placed an order for the GBLE, I'd be all over this.

I'm coming over when you get that game! Looks dope!! For real.

3 weeks later
#495 5 years ago

Dung, tell him to sell his Flintstones. Then he'll have room for a better pin.

#529 5 years ago
Quoted from dung:

To date, every single headache I've had buying/trading was with a pinsider.

I've sold countless items and games here on Pinside and have yet to have a truly horrible interaction. No not everyone is cool, but I've found most Pinsiders to be some of the coolest and legit people around. Just sayin

1 week later
#537 5 years ago

Looking for a beater 80s pin to re-theme. PM me if you gots anything!

#548 5 years ago

A few odds and ends for sale locally:
1. Stern Seawitch backglass - $150
2. Williams coin box - $30
3. Classic Stern coin box - $30
4. A bunch of new 44/47 LEDs (multiple colors) - $.50 each
5. Atari Star Wars coin box - $75
6. Ms PacMan cocktail table (gorgeous w 60 day warranty and burn free CRT) - $1000
7. A bunch of new non-LED 555s - $.25 each

1 week later
#557 5 years ago

Can't believe it but I'm putting my completely restored and minty fresh 1980 Stern Seawitch up on the market. The full details with lots of sexy pictures can be found here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/ahoy-matey-there-be-a-seawitch-a-restoring

PM me if interested. Here's a few snapshots of the finished product:


And no, the Star Wars cockpit is not for sale

#561 5 years ago
Quoted from KnoxPins:

You do nice work

Thanks man. Just finished getting my Barracora up and running. LOVE that game. Also working on a Nine Ball (which I'm also really digging, though not quite as cool as Barracora).

#563 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

did you find a Barracora BG?

I did! I actually found 2 gorgeous ones and will be selling one of them.

1 week later
#565 5 years ago

I have a GORGEOUS Ms. Pac Man cocktail table for sale if anyone is interested. Monitor is CRT with zero burn. $800 for Pinsiders. PM me.

#567 5 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

Just Ms. PacMan or multicade?

Take your pick. I have both board sets.

1 week later
#576 5 years ago

Ms Pac is sold

2 weeks later
#612 5 years ago
1 month later
#640 5 years ago

WH2O is one of my absolutely favs (and my bride's). Nice looking example for sale there too! GLWS

1 week later
#664 5 years ago

Holy cow!! Nice TWD man. Gorgeous and GLWS

#669 5 years ago

Star Wars cockpit for sale!
Absolutely gorgeous example of this holy grail game.

-(2) complete cockpits were used to make this (1) example. The other game was sold off as a parts game. Thus, the best parts from both games were combined to make this! See my restore blog right here on Pinside at: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/1984-atari-star-wars-cockpit-restore
-Yes, it has the 25” Ampliphone monitor AND I’m also throwing in an extra 25” compatible tube!!! These are rare like hen’s teeth, but I managed to find 1 that I will include (though you certainly don’t need it).
-Brand new reproduction plexiglass canopy set from ThisOldGame.com.
-Brand new reproduction control panel overlay from ThisOldGame.com.
-The artwork has been meticulously gone over and fixed up where necessary (for example: all the black trim around the edges was repainted black). Though there may be a few knicks here and there, the artwork looks extremely good!
-The lighted marquee in the back is gorgeous. No flaking and colorful. Only a very small sliver missing from where the marquee rubs against the wood that really can only be seen when the marquee is removed.
-Coin door is gorgeous. For that matter, all metal pieces have been repainted black (even the screws!)
-Flight yoke is a smooth, consistent black and not worn down. All parts for controller have been cleaned and re-greased
-Includes a brand new reproduction monitor bezel with the reflective strips (again, something that is impossible to find)
-Boards have been meticulously gone over. Sound boards were sent out and bulletproofed, Ampliphone video boards were sent out and bulletproofed
-Power supply has been fully re-capped
-Brand new vector generator on the graphics board!
-Many new pieces (power cord, floor mat, bezel, etc…)

-The tube has a small dime-sized burn in the center. This does not affect gameplay and can only be seen during certain scenes as most of the game is a black starfield! This burn happened prior to my taking ownership and certainly occurred due to the “spot killer” not functioning properly. This however has been fixed and is properly working. Again, I’m also including another 25” compatible tube should you desire to ever replace the original tube (you’d need to swap the yoke and whatnot).
-While all of the cabinet is there and artwork has been touched up, it isn’t a perfect cab. There are a few cosmetic cracks you can see if you look closely. Not a big deal, but just sharing as much as possible.
-While the triggers on the controller work flawlessly, the thumb buttons currently only work every now and again. Doesn’t affect gameplay as all the buttons do the exact same thing (shoot), and honestly this shouldn’t be difficult to fix. It never bothered me enough to mess with it.
-It’s in my basement. I’ll provide ice cold beverages of your choice (beer, soda, water), but you’re going to need to bring a buddy with you to get it out of the basement cause she ain’t light or small!

Please feel free to PM me with any questions. $5200


#671 5 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I thought that was like a grail game to you.

It is. Then when you are thinking about quitting your job, grail video games fall farther back on the priority list.

4 months later
#737 4 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Anyone have a recommendation for local powdercoating?

I thought you already bought powder coated parts for your TSPP?

1 week later
#747 4 years ago

Somebody PLEASE sell something in Indiana...

1 week later
#758 4 years ago

Paulb, would be cool if you listed prices and pics. Would love to see

1 month later
#775 4 years ago

I have a project Fathom (with nice original back glass and decent playfield). I can't decide if I want to restore it or sell. Also have 2 sets of CPR plastics, a CPR gold pf, and an extra CPR back glass.
While not technically for sale, if someone is really looking for this game (or any of these parts), I might be talked into selling. Plus this thread is overdue for being kickstarted again.

Added over 5 years ago: Had a lot of interest in this...more than expected. That said, I'm going to wait to see what I'm going to do, and price if I decide to sell, until after I rebuild the Power Module and plug it in to see what works/what doesn't. Feel free to contact me regarding buying parts though (backglass, plastics)

3 weeks later
#788 4 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

I am looking for a Seawitch

Just sold mine. Good game. Not great, but good.

#792 4 years ago
Quoted from seshpilot:

I have a project Fathom

This appears to be sold pending payment

#795 4 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Just put my RFM up for sale.

RFM = best value in pinball hand's down. Let the hater's hate; that game rocks.

1 week later
#797 4 years ago

Indiana seems to have the lamest buying/selling crowd...

To help get the ball moving again, I'll mention that I've got several Fathom items for sale right now:

USED plastics (pick what you need): https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/46427
CPR NEW plastics: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/46426
Makrolon playfield protector: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/46425

Also have a brand new, unopened CPR Gold Fathom pf I may be willing to part with for the right offer. PM me if interested in any of this.

3 months later
#894 4 years ago

Bueller? Anyone?

3 weeks later
#914 4 years ago

Zach, how much for the T3?

#917 4 years ago

Thinking of letting my HUO Paragon go. PM me if interested.

3 weeks later
#932 4 years ago

Stay away from Doc Pinball. Inflated prices, crappy service quality. My two cents

#938 4 years ago
Quoted from doublestack:

It is taking everything I have to not buy this right now! Sesh that paragon looks beautiful! There has to be a sale pending on this....

It sold and it leaving tomorrow. It was a nice example, but that game is ridonkulously hard and I'm just not that great of a player yet!

1 week later
#959 4 years ago

I've got a nice original Frogger I think I'm gonna let go of if anyone is interested. PM me

2 weeks later
#997 4 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I have an 86 Corvette that I need to sell

I gots that Fireball

1 week later
#1015 4 years ago

I'm looking for a skee ball for the fam. Nothing over 12' long. PM me

1 week later
2 weeks later
#1051 4 years ago

I vote that ZMeny has to post pics in this thread for all of us to get in on the JJP action! Congrats Zach!

3 weeks later
#1064 3 years ago

Anybody got a game to sell?

1 week later
#1087 3 years ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

I have a Bride of Pinbot I'm thinking about selling or trading

PM sent.

Edit: he's interested in trades only. Or selling it on eBay.

1 week later
#1099 3 years ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Got one, contact me if your close by.

Do you actually find a lot of games like this? You usually look for rarer EM titles and aren't willing to travel far or ship. I see you constantly posting wanted ads, but never any for sale ads, nor are any games listed in your collection. Just curious.

3 weeks later
#1114 3 years ago

And then look for it to be available again in 2.13 hours.

1 week later
#1119 3 years ago
Quoted from joelbob:

’ve got a project Secret Service with second simi-populated playfield I’m selling. PM me if you want pics or a video.

Good seller and good deal here.

3 weeks later
#1123 3 years ago

I've got a gorgeous Dragon's Lair/Space Ace/Dragon's Lair 2 for sale right now. Not a pin obviously but thought someone may be interested.

Added over 4 years ago: SOLD

1 month later
#1134 3 years ago

Somebody put a game up for sale

2 weeks later
#1154 3 years ago

I have a Fireball EM if you want to come play. NFS

2 months later
#1241 3 years ago
1 week later
#1249 3 years ago

Yesh23 I've got a gorgeous Bride of Pinbot I may be convinced to trade

#1252 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

two should go to parties together.

Who says we don't?

1 year later
#1391 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Monster Bash Remake Special Edition for sale. Been on location for 6 months. Cleaned and maintained weekly. No issues. $6800. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Tommy is a great dude who takes CRAZY GOOD care of his pins. Buy with confidence.

1 week later
#1394 2 years ago
Quoted from joelbob:

I’m considering trading my Hobbit Smaug LE. PM me if interested. Thanks!

Joel is good people. Buy with confidence. Great game!

1 month later
#1423 2 years ago
Quoted from joelbob:

$2800. Overall it is in pretty great shape. The playfield was incredibly dirty but clean underneath. A little sanctum wear but not crazy. GI was out but easy fix once I replaced the plug and header pins. I have two mechs to fix and a bunch of bulbs to replace but should be fully working after that.

Wouldn't be a Shadow if it didn't have some! ;P Glad for you Joel.

3 weeks later
#1430 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

From the former choggard feel free to look him up before trying to make any deals on this machine

Thanks for the heads up Tommy! Buyer def beware

3 weeks later
#1435 2 years ago

In Birmingham at the moment, but could bring to Indiana when I come back in a few weeks. PM me

Archived after 20 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
Used, fair condition “VERY nice wall decor backglass, decent in-game backglass. Has some scratches (notice the one on the main girl's face) and whatnot, but really not that bad. Price does not include s...”
Birmingham, AL

Archived after 92 days
Not sold
Parts - For Sale
Used, good condition “I have a really nice Atlantis playfield here that I was going to use as wall art, but it is just too nice to not be in a game. If you're interested, hit me up! Willing to ship.”
Birmingham, AL
250 (OBO)

Archived after 7 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
Used, good condition “Nice wall hanger or in-game playfield replacement with much of the top of the playfield parts still intact. Price does not include shipping (prefer pickup!). Will also sell plastic...”
Birmingham, AL

4 months later
#1464 1 year ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Put my Goldeneye up for sale. Have a little wiggle room if anyone is interested.

Great seller. Buy with confidence.

1 week later
#1469 1 year ago

I know of a non-Pinsider trying to sell a nice Gottlieb Atlantis on the south side of Indianapolis for around $1200. PM me if you are interested (not mine)

1 year later
#1630 67 days ago
Quoted from pinzrfun:

Someone grabbed the Medusa that was listed for $500 this morning, i replied to it 27min after posting and it was already pending...

That was Tsskinne. He'll take good care of her though.

2 months later
#1661 5 days ago
Quoted from Pinball7:

Long Shot, but looking for a Gottlieb Robo-War.

NEVER! Mine is bolted to the floor. GL tho

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