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What's For Sale In Indiana?

By seshpilot

4 years ago

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#136 4 years ago


Does this count ? Lol.
Feeling kinda spammy, so I'll only post this once.
Cars for pins never seems to fly, but there are only 3 of these for sale in 100 miles. Mine is the prettiest, has the least clicks (157k), and is the least expensive.
00 Lexus GS300. My baby for a long time. Have on CL for $5150 but will sell to Pinsider for 4.?k. She is a great running ride with lots o life left !

2 weeks later
#154 4 years ago

Anyone looking for Stones tix for July 4th at Indianapolis Motor Speedway ? Have 2 gold seats (adjacent to stage) that I will sell to a Pinsider for face value.

1 month later
#187 4 years ago

A pre-announcement to the announcement (cause here on Pinside we love those, right ?!). Will be putting my JP up next week. Players condition, t-rex has never had any problems.
Would rather trade +/- cash.
Looking for HRC, SOF, 72 Fireball, Flash Gordon, Space Shuttle, Sinbad. Will get pics up next week. Thanks.

#188 4 years ago

And that RBION is just stunning. Nice work !

4 months later
#271 3 years ago

Damn. Just saw yer post Hilton. Would've been cool to grab some lagers with ya. I heard the Slippery Noodle has a Monopoly. Havent been in years, but is always a good time and live blues every night. Was one of my favorite downtown spots as a young whippersnapper.

#273 3 years ago

Been casually looking for a 60-in-1 in a DK cab for years. Glad to finally get one, and extra glad to be getting it from a fellow Pinsider. Thanks Zorak ! Stoked !

1 month later
#371 3 years ago

Putting this up here before I make like Billy Gibbons and go nationwide :


I believe only 100 made compared to 500 of AG Soccer. Super rare and super fun ! Took me 2.5 years to find this one, and my girls won't play it, so it needs to go to one of you young cats with your homies over all the time...this is a party machine !
The bad : cabinet looks like absolute shit. Horrible. Needs a new cab like I need laid ; badly. Good news is it's just a 55*22 rectangular box-- find an Amish fella, and,...done.
The good : plastics are all complete, none broken, and look practically new. Has working marquee ! PF -- well, I don't have "the eye" that some of you veterans do, but looks damn good to me. No sign of raised or sunken inserts (Im sure one if you asses will correct me if Im wrong ) and looks like it was rarely played.
Is it worth 3k ? Probably not. But that's the magic number !
Let's make a deal !

Need more pics ? No problemo ! Will make a .25 cent donation to Pinside if this sells here.


#372 3 years ago

Also have a JP that Im currently trying to fix a few switches on, and actually enjoy, that I will sell for $1800. No leds, no pics, and at that price, no questions.

#380 3 years ago

Apologies for crappy cell phone pics. Come on down and play this bad boy !

#381 3 years ago

The not-so great : Damn coin box cut into cabinet--aargh.
Dmd works great during gameplay, but for some reason slightly rolls on very 1st "shoot the t-rex" start of game. Switch issues which Im working on...
Overall great players game. Cab is good, pf is pretty good, plastics are good. The horrible pf art on this machine (everytime I play it I always say "Hello Newmans fingers", makes it a cult classic to me....

#383 3 years ago

That funny m@therf@cker left the J and the K.

#391 3 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

Hahahaha. Gryszzz is the last person in the world I would want telling me what to do. (...it puts the lotion on the skin...)

Bout as funny as a dumb-ass Danish operator that cuts holes in cabinets...
Actually that was a good one Violent Steve...

#393 3 years ago

Both AG USA Football and JP are pending. Thank you all for your polite inquiries. Cheers, and hope to get shit-faced with y'all in Louisville !

#394 3 years ago

DMB, I'm not sure if Im going to see my Cincy buddies tomorrow or Sat. Gonna shoot for tomorrow, so I can take you over to ForensicD's bad ass gameroom on Sat. Just text me bud. See ya soon homeskillet.

#400 3 years ago

Alvin G.'s USA Football back up for sale. Works 100%, but power supply board is hacked. Honestly, I never lifted the playfield...didnt know how....
Really trying to get JP working solid before I sell, ...almost there.

#401 3 years ago

Anyone have a DE/JP power supply board for sale ? Fuse clips broke...

#403 3 years ago

Had no idea you could ! THANK YOU !

#405 3 years ago

Slowly figuring this out. Im afraid if I look at these damn clips the wrong way, they'll break. I barely touched the sumgum. Guessing if I cheap out and buy a used board, these clips are still gonna break ? Probably. Are these the piggyback fuse clips Im seeing on Marcos ? Thanks a million Bob...and...do you wanna buy this Alvin G USA Football ?
On sale !

#408 3 years ago

Alvin G's USA FOOTBALL back on the block...$2500 firm.

1 week later
#453 3 years ago

Not Chris'. I emailed guy too (like the other 700 of ya) at 9 am. I dont smell scam,...but somethings not quite right. Betting he got offered 5 and took it.

1 month later
#550 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

I don't mean to intrude

Too late, Intruder.

3 months later
#685 3 years ago

Yeah sorry to see ya go Tommy. Good luck with whatever yer pursuing.

4 months later
#771 2 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

Fish tales w new cab decals.


#772 2 years ago

You know yer Pops will smack you in the head Chris.

1 month later
#789 2 years ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Will have a WOZ ECLE for sale soon! Waiting on my Escalera

$5k down-yonder buddy special?? Sold!

2 weeks later
#818 2 years ago

Anybody know any good EM techs in southern Indiana? Thanks in advance.

#820 2 years ago

Not for me mang...wifes colleague has a Lawman with scoring reel issues. I told her the tech would probably be more than the machines worth, but he's a surgeon and dgaf. He's a nice guy, otherwise I wouldn't be asking... most surgeons are pompous fuckfaces. Brownie points buddy.

#822 2 years ago

Columbus, thanks for asking.
Cool dude extraordinaire Hollywoodbone recommended a guy from Louisville. Grazie.
Hoping to get somebody a wee bit closer to Columbus.

#823 2 years ago

Guess maybe I should just ask John Wart instead of hoggin up all this bandwith...

#832 2 years ago

Well I was just getting ready to pm you about it Jared. Ha. Only 70% though? Bet it was him. Lawman needs to call Junkyard. Thanks man.

2 weeks later
#838 2 years ago

Will be at Zanzabar in Louisville tomorrow night if anybody's around. Can't wait to get back there... awesome​ awesome bar and owner.
Let's party.

#839 2 years ago
Quoted from supermoot:

Carmel isn't super far away! I can come take a look. I am only currently fighting a jp on the bench, stripping a future spa playfield whilst poking the aux lamp driver board, shopping a monopoly and an sttng, and fixing some drop targets on bad girls.
pinvault league starts for reals next thursday.

Pinside break's over back to work.

#842 2 years ago

Not sure. Down here for my daughters dance competition. Soon as I can though...Guessing around 8 or so.

#843 2 years ago

Well the competition was running an hour ahead...So I have arrived. First rounds on me!

#844 2 years ago

If somebody could bring some Zig Zags that'd be great.

#845 2 years ago

Annnnd.....Just got kicked out. Might be a new track record for me...lol.
They don't open till 7.

#849 2 years ago

Well HB yer a righteous brother for the offer, but my girls are on stage @ 8am, so I'll happily take a raincheck, and thanks for the offer homie.
Some shitty millennial band playing a sold out show, so can't even go in to play ball. SUCKS. Just walked 3 miles back to the Marriott...On I65. Was that you honking?

2 weeks later
#859 2 years ago

Anyone have a beautiful red Mustang Pro for sale?

#864 2 years ago

Low play Mustang open for trades.
CP or STTNG top priority for me.

#865 2 years ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

You hear that bullshit Gryszzz? Great sellers HA. Mustang looks nice man

Thanks man. Trade ya for Aerosmith, with you paying me lol.

#867 2 years ago

Anybody have a nice Sinbad for sale?

#868 2 years ago

C'mon now... somebody round southern IN, Cincy, Louisville, somebody has a Sinbad to sell. Step right up!

#870 2 years ago

Hell those are everywhere, what's the hold up?

#873 2 years ago

Not looking for CQ example or a project machine.
Just a nice Sinbad.

4 months later
#972 2 years ago

I have an 86 Corvette that I need to sell, would trade for a TOTAN.
With a little love it's easily a 10k+ car.

#974 2 years ago

Oh Zach that's my annual "got this Vette to trade" post. Maybe this year I'll be sittin in the front row!

#975 2 years ago

Except for now it really needs to go.
Corvette peoples don't sleep on this rare pewter and black two tone. Purdue colors.

#977 2 years ago

That's Mr. Yuck to you.

#981 2 years ago

Yeah I tried to add my cutesy "Can you feel the love tonight" Grumpy the cat meme...but no pics in here.
I ain't mad at em...I despise Chevys myself. This was Dad's baby, and the only reason I've kept it since 08. Need it gone, just a shot in the dark.

#985 2 years ago
Quoted from dhard:

Now that we know the Mr puketrid color I have a kings of steel I'll trade for it and you might need to add some cash also

1 week later
#1009 2 years ago

What ya want on FG man?

#1010 2 years ago

I really want a FT if anyone has one with no insert issues.

1 month later
#1070 1 year ago

Original JP topper for sale, perfect condition. Can bring to Fountain Square Classic.

4 months later
#1140 1 year ago

WTB: Breakshot. Lemmy know if ya got a decent one please.

1 week later
#1146 1 year ago

No Breakshots anywhere round here? Gotta be! If I find one in here I will happily pay the Pinside finders fee.

#1148 1 year ago

Hey man! Bout 3 hours too far, but I can make it work if everything else falls into place. Thanks my PLParty buddy! Just Lemmy know.

#1150 1 year ago

Adam yer awesome bub! We came to an agreement and now I just gotta figure out when I can get it. Soon, I hope. As mentioned, I will be making a donation when I pick up machine. Probably a decent one too. I was just in Denver and hung all night with a couple great Pinsiders. If it weren't for Pinside, I wouldn't have met all the truly awesome folks nationwide, hell, worldwide even (RD!!), that I have become pretty good friends with.
Thanks Robin! Pinside peoples are the best peoples!

#1152 1 year ago

Anybody got a Fireball Classic up by chance?

#1155 1 year ago

Why yes, Sesh, I do. That was me drunk posting last night after Odin kept posting pics of his FB and FBC side by side (drool...). Just bought a Breakshot so I had >1500 to spend. Can't afford 2 AND Iron Maiden. Happy to be pickin up this Breakshot soon though.
We need to get together mang!

2 weeks later
#1174 1 year ago

Anyone from Indy/Lafayette,...heck anywhere in IN, going to MGC and has room to bring a machine back?

#1176 1 year ago

You sumbitch. If I'd have known you had a 1500 FB I woulda bought it!

#1177 1 year ago

Hilty too many MGC threads. Where is the actual location at this year? Got a website?
Are you giving reach arounds on TNA again this year? That might seal the deal for me.

#1180 1 year ago

Anyone have room to bring a machine back from MGC?

#1182 1 year ago

Right on bkfiv! Appreciate that! I might actually make it to Milwaukee, but I've got a Breakshot that I need to pick up in Chicago, and only 1 pin fits in my suv. So might rent a van, not sure yet, but I wanted to thank you for offering. Hopefully I'll meet you fellas in a week.

#1186 1 year ago

Anybody need picked up on my way to MGC?
Get on I-65 and get that thumb up, that's how I'll recognize ya.

3 weeks later
#1197 1 year ago

Just realized I hadn't donated like I said I would after scoring my Breakshot...done. Say whatever tf you want but Pinside made me some good friends. *slurp* thanks Robin!

#1198 1 year ago

Why is there a motherfucking coffee table in this thread?

#1199 1 year ago

Take that shit back to Kentucky.

4 weeks later
#1208 1 year ago

If anyone has any interest in a nice looking, better than average, players SFII, Lemmy know before I throw it on CL soon.
As always, if it sells on here I will pay the Pinside fees. Thanks.

#1211 1 year ago

Naw. That's a keeper for now. Ain't even got the sound working yet! Haven't played anything but Maiden since it got here.

#1212 1 year ago

It's a fun game, I just could use the cashk right now. Good weed ain't cheap.

#1214 1 year ago

An acronym.

#1217 1 year ago

Don't get smart with me green lantern. I'll turn you into blue lantern.

#1220 1 year ago

Sinestro you going to First Friday tomorrow?
I might, if you are.
Btw...Street Fighter II. Guessin you already figured that out. Fun machine...different, and wacky.

#1223 1 year ago

MF's 2 states away need to gourd head and gtf on out bye.
Sayonarie and shit.
*insert pic of Mr. Miyagi which I have tried and cannot and I don't understand but actually I do cause it's a for sale ad so

"Sayonara MF"
--Mr. Miyagi

#1226 1 year ago
Quoted from dhard:

Damn that must be some high octane shit your smoking these days whatever happened to a few puffs and mellowing out with the munchies

Hilton's my buddy Stonehenge..
Aren't you supposed to be doing pull ups right now?

#1232 1 year ago

Boggs great meeting you and George, you guys are awesome.
Thanks again to Pinside for the connections I've made. Donation sent.

2 weeks later
#1251 1 year ago

The Yesh likes the Sesh.
You two should go to parties together.

2 months later
#1289 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Machine - For Sale
AC/DC (Pro)Fully shopped/refurbished “Nice, near HUO, original AC/DC Pro. LEDs, shaker, pinball pro sub, swinging bell mod, metal cab protectors, new lightning bolt plastics. Looks great, plays great.”
7 days ago Highland, IN 4,750 (OBO)

Damn good deal right there.

5 months later
#1344 6 months ago

My ACDC will be for sale in Louisville.
$6,666.66 no more no less.

#1347 6 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

you won't take $6700 and a shot of the devils juice?

Alright. You convinced me.

Quoted from Agent_Hero:

That was at Pincinnati yeah? I played it, nice game! No trades?!

Yup....thanks man. I'd trade for a MBrLE, that be it.

#1348 6 months ago

Couple tire kickers that I had to kick to the curb but nothin solid.
My prized ACDC for sale...$6400 no color dmd. Y'all know I will donate to Pinside if sold here.

#1349 6 months ago

$6300, come and get it.

#1350 6 months ago

Forgot to mention the FF speakers. They really set this machine off.
Make me an offer, I need this gone.

#1352 6 months ago


#1353 6 months ago

Gonna bump this thread continuously until it's sold don't be gone shootin buy this pin.

#1354 6 months ago

Ain't no fun waitin round to be a thousandaire

2 months later
#1373 3 months ago

ACDC back on the block. Loaded with the must-have mods and extree nice. First $5800 takes it.

#1375 3 months ago

Sale pending to a MI Pinsider.
And of course I will pay the Pinside fees, this place has made me a lot of good friends.

#1378 3 months ago

Thanks J. I went back and forth and back on forth on sellin this one. Now that there's finally one on location near me, it's unfortunately gotta go.
Had my eye on MB for awhile now.

#1379 3 months ago

Anal ass buyer backed out over minor paint loss in shooter lane, without even seeing it, so back on the block. Hoosier discount 5800 everybody else 6066.

#1381 3 months ago

Naw, he had the money. Flipper. Not a player.

1 month later
#1396 54 days ago

Anybody got a SM they wanna trade?

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