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What's For Sale In Indiana?

By seshpilot

4 years ago

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#270 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

The cost for liquor licenses in Indiana is incredibly high and there is a strict limit on their availability in the state as well. I looked into it but the start up cost would likely exceed $500,000 very quickly just to get the license and location, not including stocking it with either pins or beer/liquor. Unfortunately my teaching/coaching/serving checks won't cover that.

I have two people ready to invest, but not enough machines. They're pictured here:

3 weeks later
#335 3 years ago

Edit: Sold both my Simpsons Pinball Party and Getaway High Speed 2.

#338 3 years ago

Yes, the cabinet does have fade and there is an imperfection at the bottom on the front. Fortunately, the game is played inside of the cabinet which is pretty nice. Even a stickler for details like you admitted it was a nice game otherwise and didn't argue with my price range when seeing it in person. Feel free to PM dung for his assessment. Even better, list it here, sir!

Going further--here's the ad from the seller I bought it from--just to keep the price police happy. Folks like to be sure a nickel isn't made in the selling process! One of those pictures includes the cabinet defect dung didn't want to ding me about:


#339 3 years ago

TSPP is pending in a deal...

#342 3 years ago

It wasn't far from me, but I didn't even inquire. Probably a good deal for someone!

#344 3 years ago
Quoted from dung:

So the previous seller didn't post it but there is the chip on the front right of the cabinet that was filled with wood putty and hand painted. That is in addition to the chip missing on the front left of the cabinet the seller stated. This isn't price policing this is just being honest about the condition of the game. If someone drives 5 hours and finds out that there is a very obvious issue that wasn't disclosed they are not going to be happy.

Yet, in spite of the pile of rubble that is this TSPP, you stood next to it and didn't dispute my assessment that $4k was a reasonable price. Still pending!

2 months later
#501 3 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Guy was a collector. Didn't seem like it was his grail. Just a hard to find machine.
I am getting back BSD tonight though. The person I traded with is also a pinsider so not going to go into depth. The short is we exchanged pictures. Talked on the phone. Traded in a parking lot without opening the machines up. (Yes, dumb move.) Come home to find the machine was not in the condition I was led to believe.
In their defense they offered to trade back. They also offered to help with parts. On my end I feel I got a player's project machine when I was expecting an average machine that had no real issues. Just sucks because i will be out 8 hours in work to pull both trips and 60 in gas.

You take the condition of pinball machines very seriously and your attention to detail when evaluating a pin deal is the highest out of the handful of collectors I have met. Knowing that, I think a parking lot deal involving untested/barely seen pinball machines sounds like a bizarre way for such a collector to do business--and that's not a negative review of you, but you should let fellow collectors know that you are very passionate and strict in your assessments. I doubt he was trying to hide anything from you, but probably doesn't have as keen of an eye for details as you.

1 month later
#586 3 years ago

Interest check on my HUO Tron Pro with a lot of mods--about the only thing it doesn't have is the color DMD. Kinda similar to the one on the market from a month ago in Texas, so I'll start off with $6800 obo. No issues, just not getting any better at playing it and I'm not enjoying it as much as my Metallica.



#591 3 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

When you tire of that Metallica I know someone who is interested

I'd get tired really quick with an ambitious offer! Feel free to send one. That said, I do enjoy it a bit more than Tron. Not a lot, but it does make me want to play it more frequently and keep coming back for one more game each time I play it, at least compared to Tron, for me. They both look great and get tons of compliments from anyone who visits.

2 weeks later
#603 3 years ago

Listed my Tron Legacy Pro in the marketplace:


$6,300 obo/trades considered


#607 3 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Buzz has seen better days, but overall that is in pretty good shape. Price seems high to me though.


Good as new with these?

#610 3 years ago

Those who have owned it previously get credit for all of the mod work done on it, I know Bladefury and Hougie have both enjoyed having it before I acquired it recently. It really is a nice looking machine. Just reading about how involved the installation is for the Eli lighted ramp mod makes me glad I was able to just enjoy it already modded.

3 weeks later
#621 3 years ago

I've already had some good offers, but I'll cross-post my Game of Thrones pro here too:


I like it, but I'm also interested in seeing what's out there.

2 weeks later
#646 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

fortwayne.craigslist.org link
Here's a new business on CL or at least one I haven't seen. Ace Game Room Gallery from Fort Wayne
Monopoly by Stern
Hook by Data East
Dr. Dude by Bally
Star Trek Next Generation by Williams
Captain Fantastic By Bally
Lost in Space by Sega
I asked about the Lost in Space and sadly it was a little high. So normal dealer pricing. $4250

They've been around a while. They used to have a store near Fry's in Castleton probably 7-10 years ago. I visited it and remember they had a Baby Pac-Man and BSD. Seemed like they're target market was not the pinball deal seeker. I forget why they closed the location here, but I think they didn't find a ton of buyers for their stuff so they went back to having only their Fort Wayne location.

2 weeks later
#681 3 years ago

#683 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Something has come up and I will be leaving the hobby for a bit, selling off collection.
AMH and Rob Zombie like to sell as package $15,000
CFTBL super modded, ColorDMD, MikeD LCD, mirrored speaker panel, light up speaker panel, snack bar mod, new plastics. Ramps need replaced to be perfect, but they are fine as is. $5000 obo
Baywatch LED and sub added $2000
Tag Team $1000 players condition, but plays amazingly
James Bond 007 New boards, new backglass, was playing a few weeks ago and drops wouldn't reset, either fuse or connector $1200
Goldeneye nice condition, satellite motor isn't rotating, magnet still works for multiballs and ball save. $2000
WWF Royal Rumble players condition, slight playfield wear, cabinet just okay, full LED $1800
Flintstones cabinet has new decals but they were not applied greatly. Full LED, alternate family decal on playfield and translite, have original translite autographed as well. Includes full spare set of brand new ramps and apron $2900
Godzilla, players condition just torn down and shopped with flipper rebuilds about 2-3 months ago. Full LED, playfield is pretty nice, cabinet has planking on sides. New DMD. $3000
Congo, is currently at a friends for shop job but will be ready to go within the month, this one is in Missouri currently. Will be shopped with brand new plastic set and cliffys installed. Playfield is nice, cabinet is players with typical route wear. $3500
Space Station, very nice. Original display player 3 is not working, ordered rottendog replacement, works, but commas are not properly displaying on bottom so players 3 & 4. Working with them currently to get this resolved. Just shopped, fully mylar, playfield and cabinet both very nice. $1900

Nice games & good prices. Someone with more room than I will be getting some good games. Good luck with your exit from the hobby.

1 month later
#714 2 years ago
Quoted from KnoxPins:

That's great. I love it when someone gets a real score. I love it more when I do though.
I picked up Popeye on the cheap this weekend, similar story. Not as cheap as what you got R911 for though.
I know people either love or hate Popeye, but I love it. I love super pins. The kids are excited too....
Now, I need to trade a couple and we'll be good.

How many kids are you trading?

1 month later
#730 2 years ago

Big thumbs up to whomever offered more for the Comet. Might as well take the Hotdoggin too. Gotta go get 'em immediately or else someone else will pay more. Funny thing, I knew that would happen and offered to visit the guy ASAP, but he said he was busy...must've taken a sizable offer to change his mind.

Here ya go:
indianapolis.craigslist.org link

So know that when the flip is posted for a Comet, the original ad was $400 for the pair.

#731 2 years ago

Archived after 1 day
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Plays great, flippers make the garage shot (and all other shots) with ease. Itchy & Scratchy spot looks good, though the Itchy (the mouse) figurine's weapon is missing it's bl...”
Indianapolis, IN
4,000 (OBO)

Also have a Last Action Hero, $2,000 obo:
On the LAH, I replaced the coil stops, coil sleeves, and springs. Flippers make all shots with ease. Full LED's. Scoops have some wear and could use Cliffy's. Crane and shaker work fine. Subwoofer on the floor is not included.
LAH is running custom version 1.13 info here:
Trades considered, cash preferred.
While I'm here, I'll also list a few arcade games that I'd consider selling:
Punch-Out!: good condition all around, has side art ready to be applied - $1,500
House of the Dead 3: 50-inch screen deluxe unit. Second gun needs sensor work, but player 1's gun is fine - $1,000
Kixx bubble soccer: ICE's soccer version of their Chexx bubble hockey machines. Don't see many of these. -$1,500
players need to be painted, but electronics work fine.
Pictures of the arcade stuff on request.

Added over 3 years ago: Arcade stuff is still available, LAH is gone.

3 weeks later
#735 2 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for local powdercoating?

#738 2 years ago
Quoted from seshpilot:

I thought you already bought powder coated parts for your TSPP?

I might get some stuff done on my other games. Probably not the full treatment, but I was going to see about shooter housings and habitrails.

#741 2 years ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Not really local but close Steve at Pinball refinery!

Yeah, he did good work on my TSPP...and (I think) the Metallica too. I just looked up random businesses here in the city and wasn't sure if anyone had used one of them. I wouldn't bother just going in blindly with any of those companies, but didn't know if someone had used one of them previously. Probably better to just stick with the recommended companies that know the hobbyists and do it right. I was just looking over the habitrails and ramps on my other games and shipping them would cost quite a bit since they're so oddly shaped.

2 months later
#798 2 years ago

A Space Shuttle pin came up at an auction around here--backbox disconnected, at best it was all around player's condition 6/10. It went for about a grand. A quasi-working Hulk went for about $800 at a separate auction. Rabid pinball collectors around here. Gotta REALLY want either title to pay that much. Several tire-kickers were at both auctions looking to score it for probably half that price.

1 month later
#857 2 years ago

2 months later
#909 2 years ago
Quoted from comment23:

Hi everyone, hoping that it's OK if a Ohioan posts here. Willing to work out logistics if there is an interested party.
I'm selling my restored BTTF. The ad below says a lot about the machine. Happy to discuss anything further through PM.
Also interested in trading up/down, +/- cash, projects/players, etc.
Thanks and GO Hooisers, Boilermakers, Bulldogs, Fighting Irish and Cardinals(I think I got all of them?)

Machine - For Sale
FS/FT: Back to the Future: The PinballNew!Fully restored “Hi everyone,
Up for sale/trade is my fully restored Back to the Future.

You can see some of my restoration process (with a lot more pictures than this post) in the following thr...”
17 hours ago Cincinnati, OH 4,000 (OBO)

Sycamores, Aces, Mastodons, Crusaders, and Jaguars I think completes division 1 basketball in Indiana...

1 month later
#996 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Looking for a King Rex any condition (within reason, projects ok). King Rex is a pinball machine from 1970, manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co.

275 produced, according to the Pinside information page on it. Good luck in your search.

2 months later
#1091 1 year ago

Selling or trading my #Swords of Fury and Robo-War machines.

SoF needs shopped, but has new clear upper and lower right ramps from FreePlay40 ($200+) and fully repaired MPU from Chris Hibbler (it had battery corrosion, but he did good work getting it all cleaned up and also replaced the row of bridge rectifiers and a few other items he felt needed to be fixed on it). Issues currently are the trough switches are flaky and the upper playfield flipper is really weak. I have original and Rottendog/Pinscore replacement boards--what goes with the machine is negotiable based on how insultingly low your offer is.

Robo-War doesn't work, but seems to boot fine with lights, attract mode and sounds for attract mode but it won't start a game. I have installed a new Swemmer MPU.

$2,000 for either machine or open to trade offers. PM for pictures.

8 months later
#1280 1 year ago

Trade offers accepted too.

6 months later
#1346 5 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

My ACDC will be for sale in Louisville.
$6,666.66 no more no less.

That was at Pincinnati yeah? I played it, nice game! No trades?!

1 week later
#1356 5 months ago

5 months later
#1414 7 days ago
Quoted from joelbob:

Looking for MET, Deadpool, Shadow, and or Ghostbusters. I've got a super nice F14 I'd be happy to trade +cash. Otherwise I'm interest in straight cash deals as well. Thanks!


A Shadow popped up at an estate sale right in your back yard.

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