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whats a really under rated pinball machine

By daddyxxx

8 years ago

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#301 6 years ago

Xmen...after having it in league its growing on me...good rule set....fun pin...

#302 6 years ago

gottlieb frank Thomas big hurt. not even a sports fan, but I love the ramps, and the lifting ramp in the back with the holes and the glove going back and forth is like an awesome mini pitch and bat

#303 6 years ago

My gut tells me Central Park.

Granted, I've never actually played the physical version of this, only playing it on PS2 and PC, but based on that this game is practically a tutorial on nudging and shot accuracy (especially timing. I've lost many a ball when it slips underneath my flipper due to flipping too early). And if it's anything like a lot of other tables I've played throughout my life (in arcades, laundromats, etc) you could practically breathe on it and you'd tilt the machine, which pretty much kills one of the most important aspects of this table. I can't help but think that someone who tries to play it becomes too intimidated by it to really give it a chance (especially if he breathes on it), so he gives up on it thinking it sucks. Too bad, they're really missing out.

#304 6 years ago

Gottlieb 80's stuff is super fun and gets no love. volcano, devils dare, etc.

#305 6 years ago

Anyone who hasn't played GoldenEye in a while (prob a lot since it's kinda rare) needs to give it a shot. Really fun and cool game!

9 months later
#306 5 years ago

Jungle lord.....what a great system 7 pin....rule set is on point...only negative to the pin is the art...

#307 5 years ago

A couple Gottliebs for your consideration: Surf N Safari and Class of 1812! SNS is a shooters game. Nice shots, cool rules, block off skillshot and game is completely fair. 1812 is just plain old fun. Awesome spinner, smooth ramps, cool hurry ups, and funny call outs. Both games don't take themselves too serious.

#308 5 years ago

I've said it once and I will say it again


#309 5 years ago

Lasercue. Backglass is strange, but gameplay makes me hit the start button over and over and over. Tons of shots you need to hit in sequence. A great shooters pin

3 months later
#310 5 years ago

Rollercoaster Tycoon, Party Zone, Gladiators, Black Rose, Genesis, and Rollergames come to mind!

#311 5 years ago

I am going with Nugent. Come play it and see why this weekend at the Pincinnati show!

#312 5 years ago

Meteor. In great shape with snappy flippers and jacked up in the back with a good working spinner? Pure pinball nirvana.

#313 5 years ago

Meteor is not underrated at all. It’s a great game and tons of people know so.

#314 5 years ago

In my opinion:

Last Act Hero
The Getaway

Most pins can be found for under 3k.



#315 5 years ago

Hit the showers

#316 5 years ago

Junk Yard

#317 5 years ago


#318 5 years ago

Austin Powers - Yea Baby!!

#320 5 years ago

X-Files, Designed by Robert Hurtado, who studied under Steve Ritchie and it shows. The best inner loop in pinball with a great ultra satisfying left ramp that does a swirl before bringing it back. Also has a fast orbit and the kickbacks even rocket back at you faster than normal. The machine is a speed demon that can be had at a bargain price.

#321 5 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

I am going with Nugent. Come play it and see why this weekend at the Pincinnati show!

I'll make sure to put some games on it.

1 year later
#322 3 years ago

Joker poker......i really like this pin......

#323 3 years ago
Quoted from daddyxxx:

Joker poker......i really like this pin......

EM or SS? The 2 play completely differently

#324 3 years ago

Data East Jurassic Park!

The layout and fun of Whrilwind with the best Mech ever thrown in a pinball machine!

#325 3 years ago
Quoted from Atreyu:

I don't know if it's underrated, but I wrote it off the first 10-15 or so times I played it.
Elvis. I'm not saying by any means that it is a perfect pin, but I can see how it would get overlooked. The theme is not that great (in my opinion. I am not an Elvis fan). But the gameplay, when you get it down, is pretty superb. Plenty of interesting shots with a pretty unique playfield layout. Once I got my shots down to open up Heart Break Hotel multiball, the game really opened up to me. It's a surprisingly fun pin.
I'd also have to put Hook on this list. I'm generally not a Data East fan, but the multiball start with two more skill shots is really satisfying. BANGARANG!!!

elvis is a great game

#326 3 years ago

Elvis could be underated as far as DMD machines run...
The other 3 games listed above those are NOT UNDERRATED. They are liked and even loved by a large chunk of the pinball community. Hell, in some circles Joker Poker is considered one of the best EMs ever created. Whirlwind is considered one of the BEST system 11s ever created... how the heck could that be "underrated"? Do people even know what this word means? DE JP is not underrated either. I personally hate that game but it's mostly because of the sound package and graphics. DE JP commands a lot more in price and demand over games like LAH and POTO. In my opinion, those are way better designed machines and both have way higher replay value than DE JP.

#327 3 years ago


#328 3 years ago

Indianapolis 500. Great game and it has Add A Ball.

#329 3 years ago

Space Station.... music score, green light multi ball.

#330 3 years ago

Last Action Hero has to be on the list....

7 ball multi-ball, magnets, shaker, the crane, the ripper, good rule-set etc.

If this thing table had a better license (something like Army of Darkness???), it would be a top 20 table for sure.

#331 3 years ago
Quoted from Scorch:

If this thing table had a better license (something like Army of Darkness???), it would be a top 20 table for sure.

It would still be a mess of a DE machine & not sniff the top 60

#333 3 years ago
Quoted from Scorch:

Last Action Hero has to be on the list....
7 ball multi-ball, magnets, shaker, the crane, the ripper, good rule-set etc.
If this thing table had a better license (something like Army of Darkness???), it would be a top 20 table for sure.

Funny thing about Last Action Hero... If it was made today people would eat it up. People love the "meta" stuff a lot more and that really was one of the first mainstream meta films where the star took the piss out of the whole action movie films.

Yes, some of the things in the movie could have been better... But, its actually quite a fun film. Enjoy it for what it is and its really not a dumpster fire or trainwreck. I've seen a lot worse movies new and old.

Plus veteron stunt man Al Leong who plays the Wing Chong Hatchet Man in Big Trouble In Little China gets killed by an ice cream cone in the back of the head... Yeah, its a bit silly and dumb. But, that was the point.
But, I do think the Translight is just a mess and not really good. But, can't blame the pinball, the poster for Last Action Hero kind of sucked too. Better Translight and maybe the game pops more.

As for the game. I've only played it digitally, but I enjoyed it. Wouldn't mind owning one. But, I do like data east games. I even like Laser War. Are Data East games the best pinball games out there... No, but I think they're fun. Love Tales From The Crypt myself!

#334 3 years ago

LAH. My first pin. Never leaving. Always fun to play.

#335 3 years ago

Still Mustang. Especially Premium/LE.

WAAAY underrated!

#336 3 years ago

Johnny Mnemonic is a very underrated game in my book. Never gave it the time of day then ended up with one in a trade. Great game. I will get it back one day.

#337 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Still Mustang. Especially Premium/LE.
WAAAY underrated!

miss mine, just hated the music, but such a fun shooter.

#338 3 years ago

I’m really digging the System 80b games recently. Solid, easy to grasp rules, no mystery awards, and some really daring layouts.

Bad Girls — hideous, but great music and a great homage to Eight Ball Deluxe
Robo-War — better than TX-Sector (but only by a hair!)
Gold Wings — Sirens and loops! Super unique playfield
Arena — skill shot takes up a ton of real estate, but the game shoots well. I always enjoy a game or two on it.

#339 3 years ago

I would say Rocky and Bullwinkle, NBA Fastbreak, and Nascar are all very underrated. In my opinion nbafb is a top 10 b/w pin at half the price many of those pins from that era go for.

#340 3 years ago

Another vote for NBA Fastbreak

#341 3 years ago

Stern Stars

1 week later
#342 3 years ago

Stern Hot Hand. I remember the Pinball Ninja trashing it in one post. The big rotating flipper at top is unique and adds a lot of randomness. One of the most important shots (left side kick-back for extra ball) resists any aiming attempts. BUT: It's very hard to achieve the Super Bonus; just flailing away will never get it done. I love the simple rapid-fire bonus count at the end of every ball.

2 months later
#343 3 years ago

Sorcerer, Alien Star, Dungeons And Dragons, Police Force, Pharaoh, just to name a very certain few.

#344 3 years ago

Independence Day.... kinda fitting for this month to eh?

1 year later
#345 2 years ago

Another Fast Break vote. Also No Fear. Both I think have picked up fans and steam....and price, but still overall I think under appreciated.

#346 2 years ago

I haven't seen Beat the Clock mentioned yet; it's a concept I haven't seen on many other tables and it has a few pretty decent shots

1 year later
#347 11 months ago

James bond stern.... Every code update it jus get better and better.... It's in my top 3 sterns for sure....

#348 11 months ago
Quoted from daddyxxx:

James bond stern.... Every code update it jus get better and better.... It's in my top 3 sterns for sure....

It was kind of a box of lights when it was released.. it has no where to go but up.

Stern nascar is an underrated one for sure. Deep code, fun fan layout and it’s just packed with things to do.

#349 11 months ago

NBA Fastbreak, World Poker Tour, High Roller Casino, and Ripley's Believe it or Not are all underrated in my opinion.
Outside of their super fun/unique layouts, each has a few things that make them good games.

FB has the satisfying basket and having a unique High Score for each team rather than just 1-5.
WPT is loaded with drop targets and the upper playfield is one of the best in pinball. This game flows. Theme and callouts are bleh.
RBION is a great shooter and with an interesting theme and fun sound package.

#350 11 months ago

Hollywood Heat is a very underrated game in my opinion. I love the heat bumper, sounds, multi-ball, hot shot ramp, in sync drop targets, and the super large bonus multiplier capabilities. A lot of Gottlieb’s are finally getting respect now, but some are still are not. This is a great game.

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